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Friday, June 14, 2024

GOP’s message to unemployed: ‘Get a job’

Sen. Jon Kyl

Republicans in the Senate aren’t winning any friends among the ever-increasing ranks of the unemployed.

First Republican Jim Bunning of Kentucky pulls off a single-handed shutdown of federal transportation programs, idling 2,000 federal employees without pay, and — in the process — stalling extension of unemployment benefits for 400,000 Americans whose benefits are running out.

Now Arizona GOP Sen. John Kyl says — in effect — that those drawing unemployment don’t want to get a job.

Kyl claims unemployment creates a new welfare class of non-workers who have no desire to look for work.

Kyl claims “continuing to pay people to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work…you can’t argue that it’s a job enhancer. If anything, it’s a disincentive.”

Those struggling to pay bills and buy food on the meager amounts paid under unemployment insurance probably disagree with Kyl and Bunning and the Republicans who back them.

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11 thoughts on “GOP’s message to unemployed: ‘Get a job’”

  1. For those of you who really need an extension of unemployment benefits to support yourself and your family during these trying times; I would like to share a conversation I overheard yesterday. These two guys said “they have no intention of getting a job. This is the best vacation they’ve had in years”. They said it is a lot easier to get unemployment now, that “instead of needing to actually go out a apply for a job, you only need to fill out a fake report of job attempts from home”. I think there are many people who could get a job; they just arn’t. So, if you are one of those families that really are hurting, don’t defend those sucking your benifits up their lazy asses.

    • I know some on that job, er vacation, program, and one other point to be made is that here in my state – don’t know about others – a person on unemployment “compensation” doesn’t even have to take an offered job to maintain benefits if the offered job doesn’t pay as much as the person was making before.

  2. So lazy, never mind all the jobs go overseas or to VISA workers that both parties support coming into our country. No, they are just lazy, it’s not Congress’s policy of exploiting labor at all.

  3. Senators…I want your job! That’s a certain fix for life’s little financial woes.

  4. As a civilized society we have an obligation to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.
    We have no obligation to take care of those who will not take care of themselves.
    I am tired of the dependants I have who do not live with me.
    To: notashamedtobeg: you’ve got a computer evidently, so get off your lazy, sorry 4th point of contact, grasp yourself firmly by both ears, jerk rapidly and extract your head from your rectum. Nobody promised you crap. NO WORKEE, NO EATEE….NO WORKEE, NO LEXUS…..GET A JOB, AND QUIT WAITING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO SATISFY YOUR LUSTS…

  5. Yes, let them get a job (sarc) although they’ll have to move to China to find one!

    Let’s stop calling then our elected “representatives.”

    How many of you on here are actually being “represented” by any of these tax usurping vultures we ignorantly call “representatives?”

    My money (what money I have left) is on the checked box that reads “not I.”

  6. What a joke. Another ‘let them eat cake’ moment from our Ruling Class. Enable the corporate/banking looting of the country and then blame the lazy unemployed.

  7. The Republicans-The Party of Jesus

    Industry Revolutionizing Manufacturing Engineer
    Master CNC Programmer

    P.S We have been had by the worst 535 criminals on this planet.

    BTW When a sociopath is told by those he is hurting (via the election booth) that what he is doing is okay what does he do? Stop or continue? 30 years of Reagan/Clintonomics and there are no third party members of the house and Senate. The top 1% have more wealth than the bottom 99% yet have only 1% of the votes. How did that happen????????

    • “Who’s responsible”

      Hawkeye Pierce in a telegram to Harry “Inventor of War For Profit” Truman

      “No one can take advantage of you without your permission”

      Eleonore Roosevelt


  8. I am not ashamed to admit that yes I sit on my butt sometimes and surf the Internet while living off of unemployment benefits but it is not my fault. The government has gotten me dependent on these payments and to all of a sudden stop them would be inhumane. Plus sometimes you get down (depressed) and your will to look takes a dip for a few weeks before getting up enough energy to try again. Also, how do they expect me to find a job now in only a couple of days in this economy with no advanced notice? They promised us this money so they better deliver my money ASAP! Please get the word out to Congress like I am trying to do. Thanks.

  9. I would love to see the outcome should these fools stand before my past and present outsourced Apprentice students and accuse them of laziness. Hack.

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