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Friday, March 1, 2024

Obama courts uneasy Democrats on health care ‘reform’

Obama huddles with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Reuters)

President Barack Obama hopes he can convince reluctant Democrats who voted against his health care “reform” plan on its first trip through the House of Representatives.

The vote counters in the Democratic whip’s office say nine of the 39 Democrats who voted against the health care bill have softened their opposition and might be convinced to support the bill on its second trip through Congress.

So Obama will call them in for a White House version of “Let’s Make a Deal” to see what it will take to buy their support.

It’s a long shot and a risky move because nervous Democrats read the polls that say the American public thinks the current health care bills are a crock. The wavering Democrats are also unhappy with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi‘s comments that they should vote for the health care fill even if it costs them re-election in November.

To make matters worse, those who change their vote face being tagged as a “flip-flopper” by their opponents.

Obama is releasing a revised health care proposal Wednesday, the latest revision in a string of revamps that have failed to ignite any public passion for the bill or change anyone’s mind in Congress.

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    You’d swear you were witnessing Steny “what’s in it for me” Hoyer being propositioned by a “silver-tongued” devil for his very soul. No problem and all for just a few dollars more…: |

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