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Monday, July 22, 2024

Nancy Pelosi: Stands by her crooked men

Nancy Pelosi: The crook at the top

When Nancy Pelosi took over the Speaker’s job following the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2006 she promised to “drain the swamp,” referring to the scandal-ridden leadership of the House during Republican rule.

GOP leaders Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay and Bob Livingston gave up their leadership jobs and left Congress under ethical clouds.

Pelosi promised things would be different.

She lied.

Pelosi, daughter of one of the most corrupt mayors in the history of her home town of Baltimore — a city known for political malfeasance — learned at her daddy’s knee and learned well.

She proved her true political mettle early on by backing scandal-ridden Pennsylvania John Murtha for the number two leadership job in the House, a move that so angered fellow Democrats that they rejected Murtha and handed their new speaker a defeat right out of the box.

Pelosi looked the other way when Louisiana Democrat William Jefferson got caught with bribe money in his freezer.

Now she’s protecting her own again, standing by House Ways & Means Chairman Charlie Rangel, a corrupt, old-school political hack who lied on his disclosure reports, tried to hide assets from the IRS and took lavish trips with lobbyists footing the bill.

Pelosi, incredibly, claims “the jury is still out” on Rangel and his many ethical problems.

Hell, the jury is out only because it finished its judgment of Rangel long ago and went home.

Pelosi, as Speaker, has proven herself just another political hack who lies without guilt and protects her own at all costs.

Like Rangel, Murtha, Jefferson, et. al, she is a disgrace to the Speaker’s Office, the Democratic Party and the Congress.

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5 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: Stands by her crooked men”

  1. NANCY! NANCY! Control yourself! Stop Whipping Charlie with that feather for his scamming, hasn’t he suffered enough! Have you no mercy Nancy!

  2. I think you got it right the first time, Griff. Cockrackes is a much more creative description.

  3. Didn’t I see her in ‘Life After People’ on Discovery Channel? After a nuclear holocaust the only things to survive would be cockrackes and Nancy Pelosi.

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