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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

‘I’m the President!’

President George W. Bush's paranoid megalomania is so rampant that close friends and supporters worry about the man's sanity and fear he has lost his tenuous grip on reality.

Bush, whose arrogant stubbornness knows no bounds, is so wrapped up in his obsession with being President and "commander-in-chief" that his behavior shocks his most ardent supporters.

President George W. Bush's paranoid megalomania is so rampant that close friends and supporters worry about the man's sanity and fear he has lost his tenuous grip on reality.

Bush, whose arrogant stubbornness knows no bounds, is so wrapped up in his obsession with being President and "commander-in-chief" that his behavior shocks his most ardent supporters.

Writes syndicated columnist Georgie Anne Geyer:

Friends of his from Texas were shocked recently to find him nearly wild-eyed, thumping himself on the chest three times while he repeated "I am the president!" He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of "our country's destiny."

Arnaud de Borchgrave, the rabid Bush supporter who edits the right-wing Washington Times and runs what is left of United Press International, also reports on the meeting:

The self-described "Decider" is the antithesis of self-doubt. Like an old seadog, he relishes the idea of plowing into rough seas.

When a recent visitor asked him what assurance he could give about his successor in 2009, President Bush replied, "we'll fix it so he'll be locked in." The visitor left perplexed and wondered whether that might mean the U.S. would be in a wider war in the region by then. In any event, it didn't sound like twilight time for Mr. Bush.

A Texan friend of longstanding called on him recently and confided to his Washington hosts that Mr. Bush had said three times, bringing a clenched fist to his chest, "I'm the president." Reminding visiting political opponents of this would be normal, but the close friend said he was a taken aback a bit as he had never before seen Mr. Bush in this mode.

What these close friends see is a madman on the edge, a delusional paranoid whose brain is fried by too many years of hard drinking and probably too much cocaine up his nose.

Compared to Bush, Richard M. Nixon appears sane and stone cold sober. Hell, history will probably cast legendary drunk Ulysses S. Grant as a President more in control of himself.

Not only is he wrapped up in the aura of "I'm the President," but he is now determined that anyone who follows him will have to live with his legacy of lies, deceit and despair – his failed war in Iraq, his cancer on "our country's destiny."

The fate of this nation – and indeed the fate of the world – may well depend on the deranged mind of a truly insane President of the United States.

62 thoughts on “‘I’m the President!’”

  1. If anyone has stumbled onto this page and read Rhett’s commentary about them US government controlling Zionists in regards to Israel and the Middle East as a whole, it might be helpful to understand a few historical facts:

    1. Most of the Middle East have nations that were built (as in, given boundaries) after World War I, just like in Africa. Among her direct neighbors, this includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and, I believe, Saudi Arabia. Modern day Israel’s borders were created with the same concept of nation building, alongside a Palestinian state as well as Transjordan (now Jordan).

    2. There was a war in 1948. It started as soon as the UN voted on this partition that included a State of Israel. The deciding vote in the UN? It wasn’t USA; it was the USSR.

    3. Israel didn’t get any American support until after the 1967 war. In fact, I believe she didn’t get any American support until the 1973 war, and that support had a lot to do with the Soviets supporting the Arab neighbors who went to war against Israel in 1973. And on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, which calls into question every Muslim who claims that the US shouldn’t fight them during Ramadan, because Ramadan is so darn holy.

    4. There are 22 Muslim states in the Middle East. Rhett is suggesting that there should be a 23rd. Rhett is also suggesting that there shouldn’t be an Israel (i.e. a Jewish state), which, when taken into historical context, further suggests that there were no Jews in the Middle East before the creation of Israel. This is false. There have always been Jews in the Middle East. There have always been Jews in Israel. Archaeology proves this; historical documents prove this. In the 1800s, there was a famous Dutch Jew who built up parts of Jerusalem whose windmills are still in place (as an example).

    5. The Dome of the Rock, the 3rd holiest site in Islam, sits ontop of the ruins of the Jewish Temple, from which stands only the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism. The Western Wall was under Jordanian control until 1967 and was pissed on regularly. Israel allows the WAQF to control the Dome of the Rock. All members of the WAQF are Arabs and Muslim.

    So, seriously, if you’re going to act like Rhett, and complain about the Jews in this country in order to find some peace with the Muslims of the world, think about it. Do some research. Nothing is clear cut and dry.

    And as far as I know, it doesn’t take much for Muslims to not say anything about terrorism. In 1972, 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were massacred at the Munich Olympics, and they didn’t say anything. Muslims didn’t say anything during the 1980s, either, when Pan Am and TWA flights were being hijacked and/or bombed out of the sky, and Leon Klinghoffer, the lone Jew onboard the Achille Lauro, who happened to be in a wheelchair, was shot in the head and dumped overboard. And no one says anything these days as the qassam missiles are being shot into Israel on a daily basis.

    Thanks, Rhett, for you, too, said whole bunch of nothing.

  2. You asked if it would take a lone assassin.
    Aside from the fact that your statement is dangerous, the fact is that it simply would not accomplish anything beneficial, and if anything it would plunge this country into precisely the type of “national emergency” that the power elite want, hope and pray for in order to effect their ultimate logical plans for world government and the big brother nanny state. It would set the course for the death of freedom on its final destination and the epitaph would read that “freedom and liberty were grand American experiments that lasted 200 plus years, but 9-11 AND the assassination, changed EVERYTHING.”

    Besides, they’d simply hand pick another two CFR members or Bonesmen and install them under “national security” orders, possibly for life, or “the duration of the emergency”, whichever comes first.

    And to top it all off, we’d see tens of millions of numbed authoritarian worshippers slip into the type of mindless groupthink that would turn it all into a tripleheader of bumper stickers and abject fealty, replete with country songs, flag waving, brute force show trials of dissidents, martyrdom, media tributes with delightfully layered strata of faux emotionalism and red state angst.
    If you think the old barrel-chested thumpings of today’s “Confederate Supporters” are hard to take, wait till you get a load of what would come steaming out the pieholes of beligerent
    “told ya so!” Bushies and funnymentalists gathered at the coattails of assassination frenzy.

    The moral of the story was learned forty-four years ago…assassinations of sitting Presidents only work to benefit those already in power, when used AGAINST those who threaten those already in power. None dare speak their names.

  3. Moral courage lacking and money whores in abundance; I myself would never let any dirt (if there was any) on me prevent me from doing my job as an elected official; The would-be blackmailers could threaten to expose me for such fiction like procuring little boys for slashing the tires of those whom I dislike; I wouldn’t bat an eyelash and reply with; “Go ahead, make me look like some deranged highschooler. It only proves how far you’re willing to go to draw attention away from you and your loser-lackey’s…..voter-fuckers.”

  4. Upfront, Doug doesn’t agree with this.

    Bush’s recent behavior elevates my existing fear that Bush Co. may create another 9/11 disaster before the next elections, again for purpose of rallying the populace around the President.

    I ask you: To what lengths would a psychotic President go to insure that his policies are carried forward? Another 9/11, only nuclear this time?

    Martial law? Suspension of elections? All it takes is a terror alert level “red”. You didn’t forget, did you?

    Don’t think about this before bed.


  5. Dubya makes Nixon look good, really good. Nixon was nuts, but he was also intelligent and very well informed. While you may dislike some of the things he and Kissinger negotiated, they at least did have the ability to negotiate, to engage other world leaders. Bush 43 is not stupid, which is forgivable, but deliberately ignorant, which is not.

    Bush and the neocons, Osama and the militant Muslims are peas of the same pod. The neocons dream of establishing friendly democracies throughout the Middle East. Al Quaeda dream of reclaiming Andelucia and establishing a worldwide caliphate. Sounds like the mad ravings of a man in the higher stages of intoxication. (Perhaps religion exists to give people who don’t drink an equal opportunity to be a pain in the butt?)

    When Osama et al. call for holy war, do they realize what they are asking for? In a religious war, religious sites are no longer off the target list. Rather, they are prime targets. That’s why the Golden Mosque of Samarra is a heap of rubble. Does the possibility of the Kabbah being replaced by a radioactive crater never occur to them?

    The leaders of one side talk naive people into strapping on high explosives (never doing that themselves.) The leaders of the other side send patriots to die in a war neither they nor anyone they know will fight.

    The Kennedy Administration was called “Camelot.” Bush’s is a mixture of “Animal House” and “Man of La Mancha.” Dreaming of heroic struggle, but half-blind and completely insane, leading us through Hell for a “heavenly cause.”

    The real reason the Dems don’t want to impeach is that leaving Bush and Cheney in there just drags the GOP down further each day. When the Republicans realize that, (if they do,) there will be some action.

  6. To get Bush to do anything one must understand the mind of a control freak. All we need to do to get him to start withdrawing troops from Iraq is have the Democrats demand that he send more troops. He will do the opposite.

    The chest beating is typical of chimps. Obviously he is feeling more powerless than usual.

  7. I most definitely disagree with Al Gore (and others) that impeachment should be off the table; but I understand his reasoning. I also disagree with those who say that President Bush is preferable to President Cheney.

    I think the 25th Amendment should come into play here. Cheney needs to step up to the plate, and he, those mentioned below, as well as former presidents and mamma and papa Bush need to take this guy away in a strait jacket.

    4. Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

    Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office unless the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon Congress shall decide the issue, assembling within forty eight hours for that purpose if not in session. If the Congress, within twenty one days after receipt of the latter written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same as Acting President; otherwise, the President shall resume the powers and duties of his office.

  8. Dubya Shrub and “Dick” Cheney are oil men. Their greed for oil and their short-sightedness is bankrupting our Country. We need to move away from oil and make our own economical success in a future of renewable resource.

    I don’t understand why Bill Clinton and Al Gore didn’t get the ball rolling away from an oil based economy when they were in office. Had they, we wouldn’t be in this mess we are in today.

    Our next President needs to make the smart move into renewable resources economy early into his/her Presidency and our government needs to quit wasting time in doing so on this matter.

  9. Ken Hill writes:

    “Exactly–we must get away from it. This war is mainly about securing mid-east oil for western (US) interests…”

    This “war” is even bigger than that. The “war” is about denying China access to the mid-east oil. He who controls the oil, controls the Universe.

  10. Dear Rhett

    You miss my point, I’m afraid. Some terms become worse than useless, no matter how precise the original usage and definition was. Zionism is one of those terms, along with others like fascism and liberal.

    Have you ever read “Politics and the English Language” by George Orwell? Please, if you haven’t, take the time to do so because it’s the clearest, most eloquent practical piece of advice on persuasive communication ever written. You can find a copy at:


  11. Dear Browning,

    Zionist is a normal political term, not a slur. It describes a political ideology which states that Jews all over the world have the right to create a national homeland in Palestine. Those who hold this belief call themselves Zionists. Its not some “custom made term” I am using as an insult.

    The problem is that Zionism by definition means the expulsion of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. You cannot create a state where other people are living unless you get rid of them. Those who get kicked out because of this national ideology are not likely to be happy about it. Thus the current conflict in the Middle East. A conflict that we need to get out of ASAP.

  12. Rhett,

    Sorry buddy, but you started losing me the minute you start talking about Zionist. The term Zionist carries with it so much excess baggage of propaganda that it’s a worthless term. I’ll grant you that you’re a reasonable guy — you come across that way on the whole — but you need to stand back a little bit further and start looking at what response your going to get using certain terms.

    You don’t mention the Protocols of Zion, which gives me hope, but until you stop spouting custom made terms, you’ll not get very far with a lot of people.

    Look, I almost (ALMOST) wish somebody would force every bloody person out of the Holy Land and turn it into radioactive slag, because for all of it’s “holiness”, it produces nothing but hatred, death and insane fanaticism.


  13. This is the same site and the same writer that used unverified sources for the “constitution is a ** Piece of paper” article isnt it? Those turned out to be LIES didnt they, and the article was withdrawn wasnt it? Why should this article be given any credibility or for that matter its sources? You people are chasing your tails, wasting time, wasting effort.

    Look around you at whats real and tangiable. Your constitution is disregarded by the elected and the electors. YOur people and your government are using FORCE on each other and abroad, for even the smallest parts of a persons life. FORCE to make you wear a seat belt, FORCE to get your wages(labor) so that some little boys can hire Blackwater and halliburton to build the PAX AMERICANA. Your living in a socialist Police state, you have a socialist security number to prove it. You pledge allegience to a flag, and the pledge was written by a fabian socialist. Republican, Democrat, doesnt matter, ones a socialist, ones a fascist. Wake up, grow up, turn off your television, quit ingesting lies, learn to shoot your guns – Youre going to need them to get your freedom back.

  14. We cannot rely on our government to do what has to be done. The Democrats were supposed to end the war if we gave them the power, we did, they didn’t. They worried more about how they would look, rather then do the right thing. There was loud talk of Impeaching bush, gives us the power and we will weigh the possibilities. They wasted no time taking it off the table. The Dems wanted their revenge first, on their counterparts. It seems the Dems want to know first, what the outcome will be, if they ended the war. They want to know first, if they will succeed in Impeaching bush. Nobody can give either. The Dems are afraid to take the risk, in fear of failure or not turning out the way they want, exactly.
    Many of us made the telephone calls, wrote letters, sent faxes and E-mails to our Senators, to our Congressmen and women, it didn’t help, convince or scare them, even if it meant losing votes, the next time around.
    Will it take a lone assassin to end bush and cheney, does it have to come to that? Is the picture that bleak, where violence is the next step?
    It is so sad that we have those thoughts.

    Taking One Day at a Time

  15. Our president is a failed goofus who was plucked from obscurity and put in place by unseen handlers with a dark agenda. According to plan, many, many rich people have become many times wealthier in the environment thus has created. That was the purpose. I don’t believe they foresaw the downside, and the NeoCon driven debacle which our foreign policy has wrought. Even when they gave him an out, through the bipartisan commission report on Iraq, he ignored it. He is also a (purportedly) dry drunk who abstains (purportedly) by white knuckling and immersing himself in religion. This, of course, is way different than an honest recovery program. Hence, you get the addict behaviors without the fun. This makes him intractable and probably dangerous when he is left to his own designs. He kept Rumsfeld about 5 years too long. He refuses to do anything about Gonzales, no matter how increasingly stupid he proves himself to be. Many true conservatives have long ago left this overspending, big government promoting sinking ship of state. Increasingly, George’s base erodes, and support from the minority party he created in Congress. There is no good news. If a guy ever needed a drink, this is it. The question would then become, whaddya do with this?

  16. when I spoke about the terrorism in Europe and America. I have many wonderful Muslim friends in California and Arizona. That is not the problem. The problem is Islam using suicidal men, women and children to destroy Jews and Christians. I am not stirring up trouble for Muslims and had hoped since the 9/11 attacks that all Muslims would stand up and declare their allegiance to America. They did not!

    We have here in Arizona one of the largest Mosques built in America. We waited for some kind of statement from the membership and received none. I am not one of those people who refer to Muslims as towel heads. I made a point to read many of the books written by Muslims on the subject of 9/11. I tried to get others to do the same.

    We have had a number of cases where peaceful Muslims will suddenly bomb the London trains and in Spain be responsible for hundreds of deaths. We had a group from New York and New Jersey that we were able to stop the kind of terrorism that we all fear. Had we been smarter we might have been able to stop 9/11 itself. Do you criticize me for trying to warn people about terrorism?

    I resent people for blaming Zionist Israel for our problems. I would take you on for your statements but I am only a simple blogger here at CHB. This is not the place to do it anyway. We can and should be working together to try to get more competent leadership in our government.

  17. The problems of this nation are not the fault of any fundamentalists – the problems of this nation are the result of an apathetic population that doesn’t get involved in politics – either as candidates or voters.

    We excuse ourselves from the process, leaving a void, which is filled by people who care about their particular cause or point of view – twisted and self centered though it may be.

    This is why corprations have so much power within the halls of congress, it’s why lobbiests run roughshod, it’s how Bush got into office.

    A large number of American people have, for whatever reason, decided to distance themselves from their government. Somewhow we need to reverse this trend, to encourage more folks to become involved, to vote, to campaign, even to run. The greater number of individuals involved in the process, the greater the diversity, the greater the choices –

    So it goes


  18. he said he wanted to spend more time with his family – could be translated as a desire to spend a LOT of time away from Bush –

    So the faithful flee –


  19. I have lived in this country since 1977. For thirty years I have watched Muslims speak out against terrorism and extremism, and it is never mentioned in the media. That’s because our media is sympathetic to Zionism and is afraid of giving Americans the truth, that their Muslim neighbors are their friends and allies. It is easier for Zionist propaganda if Muslims are all evil, or least silently complacent on terrorism. The truth will unravel American support for Israel.

    Here is a link about Muslim public rejection of terrorism, including fatwas by major clerics against this scourge:

    And Muslim political groups suchas Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Council on American Islamic Relations have been vocal and active on Darfur (both sides in the conflict are Muslim, it is an ethnic conflict, not religious).

    The question is — why are you all not listening?

  20. Rhett, I take you at your word. I am not a person given to any organized religion, but I happen to know several practicing Muslims. While most are Sunni, a few are Shiite. What is true about ALL of them is that they do not speak out, in any meaningful way, in condemnation of the actions of their crazier fellow believers who practice various forms of terror. They all are, though, quick to bitch about “Muslim profiling,” and all are quite vocal about U.S. support for Israel being at the root of all Muslim discontent. Additionally, ‘Darfur’ is not on their radar.

    It is all well and good to be against things, but one must be FOR something positive.

    Yes, I have become suspicious of my Muslim friends, just as I have become suspicious of my Republican, Democratic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist and Mormon friends. It seems NO ONE wants to take responsibility for the extremist actions of their fellows, but EVERYONE wants their little slice of the pie to be the officially approved flavor for everyone else.

    Me? I don’t even like pie, so they all have me to hate these days.

    Joe Lawrence

  21. but I have a bigger problem with people, regardless of what they call themselves or which god they kneel to and that is those like the Islamists who will not assimilate within our culture and insist that we respect theirs.
    It should be obvious to any thinking person that we can’t possibly accept a group of people whose culture and dress differ so drastically from our own. These people who insist on covering themselves from head to toe and whose culture forbids their females to even speak to strange men cannot possibly exist among our citizens in any meaningful way. Hence we are setting ourselves up for ghettos where these people will band together and forever produce a “we” and “they” mindset.

    This is not what America is about. This is a recipe for disaster!
    We should have one rule for anyone, ANYONE desiring to come to America and that is full assimilation. If your religion disallows this compliance, then either park your damn religion or go elsewhere. We have no extra room for little enclaves of people so drastically different that any contact will prove abrasive.
    There’s something insufferably arrogant about a people unwilling to accept the culture into which they willingly impose themselves, while expecting the host country to unquestionably accept their transported culture.

  22. Dear Sandra Price:

    I am a Muslim and an American citizen. There are millions of us living here prospering and enjoying the freedom we could not find in the Muslim world. We are conservative, family values, low taxes people. America needs to work with us to defeat the very small but dangerous group of jihadist radicals. But if you spread paranoia and hatred about Islam in general, you only make those extremists stronger while alienating people like me who share your values and goals.

    Part of that process of working with the mainstream Muslim community in tackling the scourge of terrorism is listening to us and understanding that we have valid grievances. America’s blind support for Israel is one of them. Most American support Israel because they don’t know how the Zionists invaded the Holy Land and brutally expelled its indigenous population, including Arab Christians. If Americans saw the misery of the refugee camps that these people have been pushed into by Israelis, or the daily humiliations of life under occupation, they would not support Israel.

    America gets nothing from backing Israel except a whole lot of enemies. For Muslims and Arab Christians, Palestine is sacred land that was stolen by European colonialists. That is the underlying grievance. If someone came to your house with a gun and said “get out, God gave me your property, even though my ancestors haven’t lived here for 2000 years” you would have a grievance, and you would be angry at people who supported the theft of your home.

    So it is time for my fellow Americans to wake up and realize we have backed the wrong horse for 60 years and change our foreign policy. Then the jihadists will lose their major recruting tool and we can all work together to crush Al-Qaeda and protect this wonderful country.

  23. Same here. Can we expect a public announcement? Say something like the usual “need to spend more time with the family”? Or has he also bought land in Paraguay?

    I’m still looking for a good reason why IdiotBush would buy extensive land in Paraguay. Any answers?

  24. You don’t have to Steve, I relieve you of the responsibility. Let me call them “simple” as I have many times before and that’s when I’m feeling charitable. I much prefer ignorant however,,

  25. Bush Must Hang

    There is no sensible, no moral alternative.
    The monster must be punished, and an example must be posted for every politician in the world who might otherwise dare to tread the same path.
    Later, we can, and must, go after and string up Blair, Berlusconi, Howard and all of the other sycophantic poodle war criminals.
    But, right now, today, we must charge, try, convict and hang the greatest war criminal in human history.
    George W Bush must hang. Now.

    Cashel Boylo

  26. Thanks Doug for this information concerning “little boots” instability. It seems that dubya doesn’t have a clue as to how a constitutional, representative based republic is supposed to work. In his mind he’s evidently transformed himself into “dictator”, although a delusional one. I thought I’d post along with this a short piece that’s inline with Bush’s aforementioned megalomania titled:

    Rome redux…

    We’ve all seen Hollywood productions with ancient Rome as being the background for the plot. I’m sure many if not most can remember scenes showing an old, corrupt satyr like Tiberius, a much younger, maniacly raving Caligula, or a plumpish Nero all holding council in the Senate. They didn’t have a House of Reps per se but no big deal it would have been as worthless as our current house.

    In these movies the wealthy Senators, most quite fat, along with besotted brains and over-stuffed bellies sit in terror as they wonder who will be next having their estates confiscated; they offered a sword to fall upon, if not, their throats cut, their wives and daughters raped and the family sold into slavery?! But they must sit in silence and witness the ravings of their Emperor. When the Emperor demands support from his fearful toadies, they always unanimously say “aye” great Caesar…mumble…mumble…:))

    Well folks it’s no different now then it was then. J. Edgar Hoover managed to survive through many presidencies because he had constructed a massive collection of dossiers filled with incriminating dirt on Washington’s leaders. Based on how the House and Senate recently rolled over on continuing the Iraqi debacle that they all know was started based on cooked intelligence courtesy of the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney pipline, and in the face of over-whelming support from their constituents they all rolled over like the aforementioned terrified Senators of ancient Rome, evidently fearing what “little boots” might do. My suspicion is Rove and other Bushco operatives have serious dirt on leaders of the opposition.

    Visualize you are sitting in your Senate or House office with a major vote coming your way; not just any old issue, but something that represents the possible loss of big bucks to the MIC and the “oil patch”. You have a stack of mail on your desk along with a large brown envelope. You are curious of course because it catches your eye. You open the envelope and inside are some compromising photo’s of you engaged in either illicit hetero, homo, or over-the-top sexual activities, or worse yet a list of numbers all with your Swiss, Cayman Island, Isle of Mann, and Lichtenstein offshore account numbers with the amounts shown! Your heart almost explodes from your chest, cold sweat runs down your forehead as you see a few simple words that simply say “you best vote on the right side of the issue”…! You grab for your bottle of “nitro tabs”…:))

    If you think this type of action can’t happen, wouldn’t happen, then you best think again! When Congressmen such as William Jefferson, Louisiana-D have $90,000 bucks in their home freezer it will give you an idea the kind of movers and shakers that reside in the Halls of Congress and the Senate. His case is still pending and we’ll presume he’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law…? :))

    In summation, modern day D.C. isn’t far removed from ancient Rome. The only thing we are missing is bloody gladiatorial games…no?! I guess Iraq and “cage fighting” serves that purpose for those that enjoy witnessing violence. A Circus Maximus with chariot races is needed too; American’s do have NASCAR races along with many other motorized racing events. The leaders of ancient Rome both knew and made sure their people had bread and circuses, allowing them to do whatever they wanted with minimal opposition, as so too our leaders. Modern day America also has thousands of shopping malls to keep our shopaholic population distracted with the acquisition of more “stuff” that they really don’t need. Pass the plastic please…swipe, ka-ching, another day older and deeper in debt so goes the tune…:))

    So visualize “little boots”; i.e, Caligula redux, madly signing bills, all the while modifying them with presidential signing notes, stamping them with his Emperor’s seal; bam, bam, bam shouting maniacly SPQA Senatus Populusque Americanus, “for the Senate and People of America”…yeah right?! 😐

    [note: SPQR are the capitals for the Roman Senate and the People of Rome (Romanus), representing vested power being granted to the Emperor through them;i.e., his authority]

    Tyranny is soon to rear it’s ugly head no different than what you’ve witnessed in the aforementioned movie scripts. Get ready down below. I’ll provide the duty links so people can hopefully get motived and call their reps. It’s really quite painless and I urge all citizen/patriots to start excercising their right and duty as citizens; i.e., to start controlling their elected reps rather then they controlling you. They really work for us, it’s just that they’ve forgotten so. It’s time for them to receive a wakeup call!

    Carl Nemo **==

  27. Bush is probably nuts, if this story about the chest-thumping is true.

    But let’s take a larger view. Both liberals and conservatives say they support a powerful central government in which a single executive has the power to order airstrikes against any perceived enemy, or even start a full-scale war if he feels like it.

    But, both liberals and conservatives say, this system would be okay so long as “our people” are running the show.

    We know Bush is probably a dry-drunk, paranoid megalomaniac. But do we know for a fact, that (let us say) John McCain would be any better?

    Heck, McCain might be more dangerous than Bush.

    Do we know, for a fact, that any of the candidates are entirely sound, mentally? Romney, Clinton, Giuliani, Obama–I don’t think any of them should be trusted with such power.

    The power of the central government needs to be curtailed, and drastically. This goes especially for war-making powers. I also am not comfortable with the idea of a single person being in charge of the Executive Branch. I think a triumvirate, with agreement by all three required to take military action, would be much better.

    Otherwise, the system guarantees we’ll eventually get a pea-brain with his finger on the pretty little red button.

  28. Everyone seems to be focused on Bush, and those that surround him, and that is understandable, but I don’t think it addresses the larger problem. I see the larger problem as the inordinate influence of corporate America in the politics of our country.

    This affects both parties equally, in my opinion, and until we as a people are willing to address this ogre that colors everything, we’ll be blessed with one set of “dysfunctional leaders” after another. We, as a people have abdicated our responsibility to “drive” this democracy, and we pay the price daily.

  29. Now more than ever we need the power of recall.Used sensibly and without animosity it would be a tool for the greater good.D.C. is not listening so lets turn up the volume.Alas my writing skills are bare at best, any ideas out there as to how to frame the argument so the politicians and judges can’t avoid the debate?

  30. Heck, he was able to make sure his successors at the companies that he headed were left with bankruptcy as their only option…

    Bush is the type that believes it’s better to destroy something than risk someone coming in and fixing what he couldn’t. His fragile ego can’t let that happen.


  31. It is time for impeachment processes to begin. Obviously the insulating bubble that the President has been reported to be inside for 6 years is actual and still there.

    With his longest serving aide suddenly bailing today it is another example that those that can leave are running away as fast as they can before they are sucked into the growing implosion of this presidency.

    There will be more of these ‘leaving for the private sector’ announcements as we get closer and closer to Labor Day. Unfortunately the replacements are going to be hired to strengthen the bubble as the White House continues to circle the wagons in defense.

    Waiting for 2008 elections and a 2009 inauguration is looking more and more suicidal for the country…and absolutely fatal for our military.

    Only the sharp point of impeachment can possibly burst that bubble around the White House.

  32. Ms – a “higher authority” allows an individual to deal with that which they cannot grasp. The universe seems to be orderly if there’s someone or something running things –

    If you can’t deal with the potential of your own species extinction, for example, you buy into creationism. Especially helpful if your particular creator put your species at the top of the heap. So long as you’re faithful to your creator, it assures you that you won’t be wiped out. (isn’t the rainbow supposed to remind of us that promise?).

    I don’t feel intellectually superior to those who hold a belief in a higher being, logically superior, perhaps, and I may see my sense of ethics (or, if you will, morality) as being better tuned into the world, as I’m the one responsible for my behavior, not some mythic, mystic “being”. I can neither blame nor praise someone else for my actions, I am responsible for them. This can, at times, make life rather difficult, but far from impossible or uncomfortable.

    I will say that a strong belief in some God would allow a simpleton to better deal with day to day life, but I won’t classify all who believe as being simple.


  33. Sorry if this is a bit off topic – but I felt it was post-worthy:

    Dan Bartlett – who started his career with Karl Rove and then, 14 years ago, began his tenure with W has decided to leave the whitehouse –

    He had the longest tenure as advisor to GW – I wonder why he’s leaving?


  34. In my limited experience, people professing a strong belief in God and/or Jesus usually have a distorted sense of reality. These beliefs seem to make them less anxious as individuals but less capable of dealing effectively with real life situations.

    I think Mr. Bush–God rest his soul!!!–is in way over his head, his only remaining anchor his fuzzy religious beliefs. It is indeed of some concern that he can’t confront the Iraq Mistake in any way that minimizes the damage.

    Not only does Mr. Bush make ALL Republicans look bad. He makes all religious people look bad

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