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Friday, June 7, 2024

Gulf War illness will get ‘second look’

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki (AP)

Two decades after the Gulf War that left many Veterans with illnesses, the Veterans Affairs Department says it will finally take a look at those illnesses to see if they were related to the conflict.

The long-overdue decision comes far too late for many veterans who have died from a rash of illnesses but many others suffer from a variety of health problems, including sleep disorders, back pain and gastrointestinal problems.

Some medical experts say the problems stem from drugs given to soldiers to “protect” them from nerve agetns.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki admits his department had done little to help veterans of the Gulf War and says he hopes veterans will “be enthused” by his decision to take a second look at the issue.

After his appointment, Shinseki said publicly he was disturbed by the VA’s failure to deal with the issue.

“It’s past time to do so,” he said.

Steve Robertson, a Gulf war vet and lobbyist for the American Legion, suffers from chronic fatigue and joint problems and says he welcomes Shinseki’s decision.

“Gulf war veterans have been fighting this issue since 1991-92,” Robert said. “They are very, very upset that they’ve had to fight this battle.”

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4 thoughts on “Gulf War illness will get ‘second look’”

  1. This is a” international cover up” at the highest level.
    20 years of political bull and long winded promises have proved that to be fact.
    British and American Governments have NO intention whatsoever to make good to victims and veterans of G.W.S.
    With hindsight, it was like if the whole thing had been pre planed, even before Saddam invaded Kuwait !

  2. That second look will consist of the ever popular five gallons of whitewash applied liberally with a broom. Crimpols win, vets lose.

    My son was in Kuwait and Iraq and when it was time to stand down and refurbish equipment to be returned home was assigned to a Scandinavian depot where the cleaning process was completed. I worry to this day that some lingering latent harm will rear it’s ugly head.

    I can only say this, the orchestrator”s of these fiasco’s have in the end no where to hide from their base and evil conduct. That such armor no one can possess to shield from the voices of their own souls..Hack.

    • I’ve heard as much as well. Unfortunately both Big Pharm and the MIC won’t allow the use of either to be negatively impacted by their bought and paid for government. This will only end up exonerating any business from any liability and will force all costs onto us tax payers.

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