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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

More ethics problems for Rangel

Rep. Charles Rangel (AP)

The House Ethics Committee says 20-term Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel repeatedly violated ethics rules by accepting corporate money for lavish trips to the Caribbean.

Rangel, chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee, also faces investigations into his use of office resources to raise money for a college center bearing his name and his failure to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets and income.

Rangel’s mounting problems add to problems haunting Democrats as they head into the 2010 mid-term elections with the increasing prospect of losing seats and, possibly, control of Congress.

The Rangel affair also raises more questions about the leadership of the House by Speaker Nancy Pelosi who promised to “drain the swamp” of ethics-challenged members of Congress and then threw her support behind scandal-scarred representatives like the late John Murtha or looked the other way when other Democrats got into trouble.

Rangel’s unreported assets including a credit union account and Merrill Lynch account each containing more than $250,000, thousands of dollars worth of municipal bonds and up to $100,000 in rent from a brownstone he owns in New York.

Rangel may also have cheated on his income tax returns by not reporting the assets and income.

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8 thoughts on “More ethics problems for Rangel”

  1. I’m fairly certain Rangel also was one that took a nice trip to Davos, Sweden on our dime in an attempt to tax us for carbon emissions. There is no doubt he is a tool of the globalists and only looking out for himself and his contributors and not the good of the USA.

  2. Congressman Rangel has been under investigation for over a year. Is there no ethics oversight left on the hill?..or does it grind exceedingly slow? Without oversight, it does appear that most are on the take. With oversight it appears the same. Will Congressman Rangel be relected without questioning? We must throw the bastards out of office. Is there anyone here who will re-elect their Representative?

  3. So the purpose of spending all that time and taxpayer money on an investigation, among several others currently going on with him, would be what then? These clowns need to be held accountable for what they’re doing. All us serfs out here in their kingdoms are.

    Typical lawyered-up, blame everyone else kind of answer you’d expect to hear from a politician. How is it possible he can spend decades in Congress and not know the old qui-pro-quo system unless he’s incompetent? It’s insulting to me as a citizen that he’d provide an excuse like that.

    The only thing that saved his bacon is that he’s a Democrat, otherwise there’d be calls for his resignation, which HOPEFULLY, will be handed to him in the next election.

  4. “I’ll be with you ‘til I can’t be with you.”

    I found the above quote by Rangel. Amazing! Right now his main focus is deflection and tossing staff under the bus. His shelf life has expired. Just another in a long parade.

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