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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Democrats retreat again, scrap privacy protections


Democrats continued their political agenda of retreating under fire Wednesday by agreeing to back down on proposals to implement new privacy protections in the controversial USA Patriot Act, choosing instead to extend the current law for another year without change.

Senate Democratic Leaders scrapped new curbs on privacy abuse and caved in to Republican pressure to keep the law as it is even though privacy experts say the Patriot Act allows the government to snoop at will into the lives of Americans.

“The Democratic retreat is an important political victory for Republicans, who gained new ammunition for their election theme that the GOP can better protect America,” writes Larry Margasak of the Associated Press.

The USA Patriot Act was passed in haste by a shell-shocked Congress in the weeks following the 9/11 terror attacks and has come under fire from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for failing to protect the privacy of Americans while giving the government broad powers to spy on its citizens.

In October 2009 the Senate Judiciary Committee approved new restrictions and increased oversight but those curbs were ignored in the voice vote to extend the act. With the current law expiring Sunday, the bill goes to the House with little chance for change.

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16 thoughts on “Democrats retreat again, scrap privacy protections”

  1. I just recently met up with some good friends of mine who were tooting their horns about O-Bomb-Uh’s closing down of Gitmo and when I mentioned to them about O-Bomb-Uh’s extraordinary renditions to other countries my friends were surprised and in a state of denial about this but I’m working on them. I’m just astounded at some of my Democratic friends that have a Pavlov sort of knee jerk reaction and the Sir Galahad of Camelot type of image of O-Bomb-Uh they have of him. I still have vivid memories of the closing of election eve Obama celebration and the way he was presented was like Jesus Christ just became president of the United States.

    I have to say that I do like Dennis Kucinich but he’s just one guy out of so many, he is also marginalized by mainstream D-Crappers as a kook. They kid Kucinich about his looks and how short he is but if you’ve ever seen his wife which I have in person -She is a Botticelli Angel and highly intelligent and these nasty quips that the pundits make about Kucinich doesn’t detract her devotion to him one bit.

    • Cognitive dissonance, my friend. Personally I like Kucinich because he’s genuine and honest. I can respect that. Politically I don’t care for his socialist tendencies. He gets the same kind of treatment that Paul gets from the Republicans.

      • I met Dennis at a rally in Columbus. Every election he makes a lot of noise and every time he backs down without much of a whimper. He has no spine and is just like the rest, more worried about staying in office than creating any change and fixing this country.

  2. He’s surrounded himself with retreads from past administrations that can be directly linked to many of our current national crises. In addition compared to other presidents he’s ‘Czar’ crazy, appointing 30 plus shadowy characters that haven’t been vetted by Congress and more than likely don’t even have security clearances; ie., if they can even get one?

    To me he’s the son of the Father of Lies: “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” …John 8:44 Christian Bible

    It’s tragic that we will have to suffer three more years of his faux indecisiveness while behind the scenes he and his coterie of traitors to the Republic are frenzedly troweling in the remaining bricks of our NWO concentration camp, once known as the United States of America. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. And we thought Bush was bad. The Obama administration now reserves the right to assassinate American citizens that they deem to be a threat, and already has a list of potential targets.

    No need to worry about the loss of the writ of Habaeus Corpus. To hell with indefinite detention and Miranda. We’ll just kill any one that we consider dangerous. It’s easier that way.

  4. I guess “swing low, sweet chariot” will have to wait for the end result of health insurance reform or martial law, as the case may be.

  5. Wow! The Choir is all here and in a very creative mood. Great clip on the link of Paul Robeson Carl, thanks. I enjoyed seeing Robeson in James Whale’s ‘Showboat’. Paul Robeson was a real great man of conviction and he had guts. In Ken Burn’s Jazz documentary they featured a segment on Robeson, I’ve got to revisit that segment again since you mentioned Robeson.

    • Thanks Klaus for the feedback. I chose Paul Robeson intentionally due to his lifelong activism that finally led to his possible assassination by our CIA and British MI5. I thought I’d supply a Wiki link concerning this amazing, talented man covering his life as an entertainer as well as a world class activist.

      What readers should get from his biography is that our government has been stalking people for a long, long time. If anyone gets too far out of line they’ll neutralize them, even presidents with JFK being an example.

      In closing I will supply a YouTube presentation of one of the songs he sang to a standing ovation in Moscow in 1949. This song is commemorating the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising against the Nazi’s occupation of Poland. Only a handful of resistors armed with pistols were able to hold off the Germans for almost a month. This was the largest single uprising against the Nazi war machine by Jews during WWII. As the slides pass by I want people to think, just think what a monster our government has become with it’s trashing of our rights, torture and the MIC being utilized to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Somalia, Panama and a host of other places on earth on the simple whim and fancy of our corrupt crimpols we have in Congress and our Executive branch at the dawn of the 21st century.

      “We the People” and the world at large deserve better than this. It was only 65 years ago that the conflagration of WWII came to an end at the hands of a madman and his corporate enablers spanning the globe from Wall Street to Berlin. Today its hard to believe, but we ourselves, a once a free people have been taken out by their cunning incrementalism enabled through an apathetic populace. Are we going to wait until we end up as these abject Jews in the slideshow? Who will be singing to commemorate our demise as once free nation…? : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  6. Democrats and Republicans – modern day grooms of the stool.

    How about one from System of a Down…

    We’re going down
    Like a spiral to the ground
    No one’s gonna save us now.
    Not even God.

  7. How about “Lonesome Valley” by The Fairfield Four?
    Courtesy of “O Brother, where art thou”?

    The sooner these fools learn they can’t take it with them,
    to the extent that leaving us alone to stand against the machine
    will in turn cause us to stand in opposition to them,
    at their peril,
    The more willingly,
    we will go peacefully,
    to our next dimension,
    as will they.

  8. Thanks Klaus for the invitation to the chorus. Then I thought folks need to listen to the words of “Old Man River” as sung by Paul Robeson closely so they can identify their plight in these times as slaves of yore; since the middle to lower class white man has slipped slowly, but surely into grim financial bondage in our times.

    We have no Lincoln to free us, although President Obama seems to take pride in being a student of Lincoln and his legacy. Evidently Barack Obama is an example of “anti-Lincoln”, just as there’s antimatter.

    Our “massas” on Wall Street, the megabanks and insurers along with their paid overseers in Congress and the White House evidently want us to simply learn who our betters are in an unquestioning, obedient fashion…no?!

    Just the same…”Old man river just keeps rolling along”; ie., business as usual. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. AHHH…YES…True to form, the D-Crappers are making another ‘strategic retreat’.

    I will sing a song about the Democrat sung to the tune to “Ol’ Man River”

    “Ol Man D-Crapper, Ol’ Man D-Crapper -He Keeps On Backing Down”…

    Come On Woody, Griff, Carl & Bryan -Let Us All Sing In Chorus…

    “Ol Man D-Crapper, Ol’ Man D-Crapper -He Keeps On Backing Down”…

  10. Democrats sure talked a good game, but seriously, did anyone really think they would roll back provisions of the PATRIOT Act while Obama has been busy expanding those warrant-less wiretapping, rendition, and now even asserts that his powers include summary execution via Predator drone?

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