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Monday, June 10, 2024

Toyota’s boss gets a Congressional grilling

Rep. Marcy Kaptur questions Toyota CEO at hearing (AFP)

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda had his come-to-Jesus session with Congress Wednesday but problems for he and his embattled company are far from over.

The world’s largest automaker still faces investigations by federal prosecutors in New York and the Securities and Exchange Commission plus lawsuits and backlash from angry consumers.

Dealers must repair millions of cars and the company’s once-proud reputation for quality is in tatters.

Toyoda apologized several times in his three-hour Congressional appearance Wednesday but continued to claim the complex electronic systems were not at fault for the unintended acceleration problems that had led to sticking gas pedals, accidents and death on the highways.

But the company’s own documents show the company tried to save money by avoiding a broad recall and delayed taking action for economic reasons.

“There is still a very large bull’s-eye pinned to Toyota right now,” auto industry analyst Aaron Bragman told The Associated Press.

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2 thoughts on “Toyota’s boss gets a Congressional grilling”

  1. Such high theatre! Oh Congress, how you serve our interests so dutifully and responsibly. How on earth would we survive without your tireless work on our behalf?

    Yes folks, the de-volution will be televised.

    • While the past administrations treasonous and murderous policies run amok to the four corners of the earth with the blessing of the present puppet regime, our brave and dutiful corporate shills make whoopee by browbeating one of the last manufacturers on earth with at least some semblance of quality and integrity.

      Lookout Toyota, you are next to be outsourced to the Chinese..

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