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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Lights! Camera! Inaction!


Thursday’s day-long, televised health care summit at Blair House in Washington may make good political theater but few expect anything substantial to emerge from the posturing by Democrats and Republicans.

President Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership of Congress need progress on health care to revive a stalled legislative agenda but they face steadfast opposition from Republicans and an American public that is far from sold on the proposed $1 trillion health care “reform” bill that provides little immediate relief from escalating costs for medical services.

The summit is high-risk drama for Obama, whose sky-high popularity from a year ago is rapidly disappearing into the political mist. Democrats need progress as well to try and salvage control of Congress. Republicans see the summit as a chance to cement recent political gains on a wave of public dissatisfaction.

Both sides appear unwilling to budge.

Democrat Chris Dodd challenges Republicans to “either join us or get out of the way.”

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McDonnell responds that “it’s nearly impossible to imagine a scenario under which we could reach an agreement.”

Which leads political strategists from both sides to shake their heads and wonder what their parties hope to accomplish.

“Health care reform is a runaway train looking for a place to derail,” says one Democratic consultant. “The crash is inevitable.”

Some say it is time to put up or shut up.

“It may involve hand-holding or holding of noses, but either you buy into the idea of health-care reform that transcends everything else you want to do, or you seal its fate,” Freshman Democratic Rep. Gerald Connolly told The Washington Post. “On our side, the time for haggling is over. The question is: Do you want this, or do you want nothing?”

The summit starts at 10 a.m. Eastern time and will be carried live on C-SPAN. Cable news channels will also feature coverage of the summit through the day.

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7 thoughts on “Lights! Camera! Inaction!”

  1. We are out of their demise, and far removed with little chance nor social fulcrum or surprise, for once a real thing , maybe we admit freedom hurts, but by now it’s too late, already, fore youth knows the song of conquest as we beat it so well.

    Selfless makes where you stand, should “what” bolster our resolve to protect the blood we’ve become ankle deep as if it were wine…………?

    Parched consumption, easy for me to say, I’m a geezer.

    Thirst for equality is the mightiest of endeavors.

  2. What stunned me the most about this televised conference is Obama’s juvenile response to John McCain when challenged as to why the healthcare bill hadn’t been televised publicly from its infancy, as promised on the campaign trail rather than having been mostly hammered out behind closed doors.

    Obama looked quite irritated that such a question would be proffered to him. He comes off with, “the campaign is over John”. Notice though he didn’t answer the man being as evasive as ever; ie., Obama, the “prevaricator in chief”. The way he handled John McCain’s question unequivocally told me he’s not a friend of the people.
    He’s simply one uv’em;ie., a “jive turkey” on the make and the take.

    This President is a dangerous wannabe dictator and given the right circumstances could become our worst nightmare making Bushco seem like a cakewalk. He does not like to be questioned by the press, Congressmen or us for that matter. It seems his attitude concerning healthcare is it’s my way or the highway.

    We shall see on this. I think he and his fellow party apparatchiks have had their first iceberg contact and don’t realize the consequences as yet.

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. As long as he fulfills his oath the man will be known as the black Jimmy Carter that didn’t hit the ball in lieu of rabbits that he perceived to have teeth chewing on his oar.

    Do something Jimmy didn’t DO?

    There I said it , there I mean it to every small minded right left wide open eyed blind man sitting in office that thinks his family bears significance o’er another.

    Be you Red White Blue, or, no multiple choice?

    If I were a black Gentleman in his place,
    I’d say look you honkies,

    NO multiple choice!

  4. The 3 Branches of Government are shameless and fearless. Televising and radio broadcasting the health summit places no pressure on those attending.

    As a result of the recent SCOTUS’s decision on campaign contributions:

    Major corporations will inflate or downplay the importances of issues by combining massive ad support or opposition for political figures and social issue. The political person or issue that will best serve the corporation’s political advantages and their pocket books…will win.

    • Oh heck, Gregg, after almost 221 years of reconcentrating power into the hands of the State and the government that represents it, what would these utterly corrupt pols have to fear? As for money flowing into politics, nothing new there, but much harder today to hide who is behind it. Here is the funny thing, with out the gleeful efforts of the statists of the ‘right’ and the ‘left’, our country would not be in the pickle it is in today. And here is something else that is funny — I have noticed the beginning of the whitening of Obama by ‘progressives’ (a.k.a. Marxists). They created the persona of the Great Progressive Black Messiah and now they need to undo it and refocus blame for everything on the “Angry Old White Male”. I suspect that when the left gets through with one of their own, Obama will be a ‘white’ racist, misogynist, Kansas hayseed straight off of the farm. Funny stuff.:-)

  5. I remember reading a story from England about a year ago in which an otherwise healthy elderly woman was admitted to a hospital with pnuemonia and was referred to the unit for “end of life” care, where she was starved and dehydrated for weeks before her daughter was able to extricate her from this grim situation.

    Lookin’ forward to your ‘final solution’ (historical reference intentional).

    More horror stories from England.

  6. I guess the majority of us that don’t have cable or satellite television will have to depend on all you propaganda drones to let us know what happened.

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