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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Health summit: Much ado about nothing

President Obama: Low hopes, no expectations (AP)

Here’s a moment of rare Washington bipartisanship for you: Republicans and Democrats agree that President Barack Obama‘s much-ballyhooed publicly-televised summit on health care will be much ado about nothing because nothing will come out of it.

“We’re happy to be there, but I’m not sure what the purpose is,” says Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. “It seems to me the President’s already made up his mind.”

Republicans want to scrap the existing health care bill and start over. Democrats say that ain’t gonna happen.

“The idea we have to start with a blank sheet of paper is ridiculous,” retorts Democratic Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania.

Bottom line: Lots of posturing, lots of contentious debate and little substance or accomplishment.

Both sides say compromise is out of the question. Each side tells the other to “do it it my way or else.”

Neither side will budge.

Call it “mission unaccomplished.”

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5 thoughts on “Health summit: Much ado about nothing”

  1. Sure, let’s have the government farm out our healthcare to the lowest bidder. It does it with everything else, so let them do it with this also. Why bother with what the voters want, we are all TOO ignorant to understand it, right?? That’s what the Dems are saying…(The republicans say it too…but the Dems are in charge this week, so they don’t say it out loud)

  2. Call it “same old,same old” When the Republicans controlled congress and the House, they rammed anything they wanted to do down the Nations throats. Personally, I think it’s past time for the Dems to do the same. Give us Medicare for everyone, even at the cost of higher taxes. Make Medicare over so it covers all the benefits of the best (HAH!) health care out there. And frankly, I would nationalize every health care company. Why? Because all they do is deny you your services so their higher-ups can have multi million dollar “bonuses”.


    • Maybe you should take a look at what Greece and other socialist European countries are enduring before you espouse such ideas. How much more taxation do you think the dwindling ranks of the working poor in this country can handle?

      I’m curious as to how you would explain how the Republicans, with a smaller majority than the Democrats enjoy now, were able to ram their agenda down our throats while the ‘obstructionist’ Republicans are able to block the Democrat agenda now?

      Can it possibly be that the Democrats didn’t lift a finger those many years so they could play the victim card – as they do so well – to win this last election? Let us remember that the Democrats had a majority in both houses of the Congress since January, 2007 and sat there wringing their hands and whining about how they had no power to stop Bush.

      Are you aware that Obama’s budget freezes spending on domestic programs while increasing military spending? Are you aware that this budget also increases spending on nuclear weapons and funding for a new uranium enrichment facility to the tune of more than three billion dollars?

      Are you aware that prior to the government creating the HMO system and mandating employers cover their workers, 96 percent of Americans had low-cost health indurance?

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