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Friday, March 1, 2024

Obama’s new health plan already DOA

Obama's health plan: Been there, done that

A desperate President Barack Obama is pulling out all the stops in a last-ditch effort to salvage his $950 billion health care plan but critics of this latest move from the White House call it more of the same and more hyperbole than reality.

Been there, done that say Republicans.

“Deja vu all over again,” says Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire.

Democrats aren’t happy with Obama’s latest proposal either because it once again lacks a public option. Democrats in both the House and Senate say Obama didn’t consult them before announcing his “new” plan on Monday. Requests for a preview last week went unanswered.

“More of the same,” one Democratic Congressional staffer told Capitol Hill Blue Monday. “More of the same means less of a chance of getting anything passed.”

Political insiders say the plan does nothing to improve chances of passage of any meaningful health care reform this year and puts even more strain on relations between Democrats on the Hill and Obama.

Republicans, however, privately welcomed Obama’s plan, seeing another opportunity to gain ground on faltering Democrats.

“Americans want the administration to scrap its massive government scheme in favor of an incremental approach to health care reform,” Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said in a prepared statement. “Unfortunately, the White House still seems unwilling to do the one thing Americans want most. It’s still clinging to a massive bill that Americans have overwhelmingly rejected, again and again, for months.”

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11 thoughts on “Obama’s new health plan already DOA”

  1. Yes, paulb, you are correct. To have the “common man” to have control over the nomination process would mean America would become a Democracy or to extend it to 2010; it would be a Theocracy. Starting 12 years ago there was a separation of church and state law that was set aside when the religious right took over the media and the religious leaders began to mark the ballots of their congregations. This upset the balance of independent voters. We have seen such an increase in these independent voters that it is time they drew up their own agenda and ran on it. The GOP has given away their agenda of limited government and individual freedoms to bring in the religious independent voters.

    I have been severely criticized for my comments but they only are a problem during the elections. I have no interest in any God directing any Americans until they focus on the elections in our federal government. The damage has been done and the religious right is firmly inbedded in the GOP. That leaves only a third party to vote for.

    Had America followed your desire to scrub the Electoral system, would we be in better shape than today? Not in my corner of the results! If America had better education academics and more rational voters, you might be right; but I do not want the current voters to have any more advantage until they learn to recognize right from wrong.

    It starts with the Census. From there it goes to the RNC or DNC depending on which party rules the next major election. The redistricting of Congressional Districts has shown to be divided depending on which party rules the chicken coop. The chicken coop is chosen by the media and corporations leaving the American voters wondering why it is possible for anyone to label our leader as “liar in chief.”

    46 years ago the American people learned that the best candidates do not always win over the candidate who promises handouts. We did not learn from that election and we never will. I am constantly infuriated with my own age group who are fighting to keep Medicare coverage for Viagra, Acupuncture, Chiropractic and freebies from the federal government. We have Insurance Companies buying free dinners for seniors to buy their Supplemental coverage. I know of many who accept the free dinners without reason except they are over 65. I raged at my own Congressman Trent Frank who was the single man left who put over the Prescription Drug Unfunded addition to Medicare. These damn seniors are raping our government dry and pleading poor mouth while driving their Caddies and SUVs. At 77, I do not believe the federal government owes me a damn thing. I paid into S.S. for 60 years to be able to retire when age brought me down.

    America needs a new attitude to survive. I am very unpopular on this site and you can see why. So we whine for another 46 years or do we work together to change what we despise? I’m tired of whining, bitching and losing.

  2. Sandune
    Unfortunately the constitution answers your question. When it was in convention in Philly they did not want the common man to have much hand in the nomination process for any candidate. Thats where the clause mandating the electorial college system came from. Until we repeal that clause we will never have true representation of our selection.

    • paulb, I would tend to agree with you, but I think it has more to do with the implementation of the electoral system than the idea of it. The winner-take-all method of awarding electoral votes needs to go, for one. You can win a state by a 51 – 49 margin and take all the votes – not very representative. That’s more akin to a democracy than a republic.

      The primary and caucus systems could use some tweaking as well. The two party establishments maintain a stranglehold on these.

      Paper ballots.

  3. Carl, we have the President who was elected by the American voters. I tend to look back and see whether another contender would have been preferable. I saw nobody running on the ballot for President who was anywhere near my agenda. I often have stated that the American voters would be better off not using Hollywood casting directors’ choices.

    I’m always saddened to see so many people spend so much time in running down the elected White House winners instead of searching for a candidate who stands up for what we really want. I learned in 1964, the thinking voters never win. Would Secretary Clinton or Senator McCain been any better? Is there ever a chance for a time out to debate what it is we want? It is more government control? Waiting three more years will fix nothing. Nothing has improved even with the internet as a tool.

    I will not vote again. I will never call my President “Liar in Chief.”

  4. This President has become an absolute cipher at least to me. When he speaks all I see is big zeros; ie, soon to pop “lie bubbles” coming from his mouth.

    He has no substance or credence because unequivocally he’s the duty “Liar in Chief”.

    It’s tragic we have to wait three more years. Myself, no doubt as others want him gone from my vision field. : |

    I wouldn’t buy ‘barsoap’ from this guy.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. But let’s not forget who is really in charge. Just follow the money.

    Q: Who has crafted this bill?

    A: The insurance, medical and pharmaceutical industries. By their own lobbyists.

    Q: Who is pretty much guaranteed tidy profits by its passage?

    A: Let me guess…

    Q: Who contributes vast sums to our senators and congressmen?

    A: Oh, them?

    Q: Who will vote on it in congress?

    A: Uhh, our senators and congressmen?

    Q: Will it pass?

    A: Gee, I have no idea…


    • to warren
      For the sake of the country I wish your statement were wrong, however neither party truly cares about us. They are slaves to the large corporations and their concern is only two fold. First is to get reelected, with second being how much may I enrich myself at anyones expense so I can financially weathy. Have you ever noticed that any answer from them can usually be vewied either way, mistake, hardly.

  6. Barack has so much political capital invested in this one that he cannot have it fail. It would be his signature piece shot down in flames. So, all stops out to win this one.

    What worries me is, what if he wins? What abominations are next? It would inflate the egos in this administration to a point where nothing is safe.


  7. If at first you don’t succeed, wait a couple of months and push the same garbage. Rinse and repeat, if necessary. This government is so bass-ackwards it would be comical if not for the seriousness of our fiscal predicament.

    Is incompetence and ignorance grounds for impeachment?

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