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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Winning campaign strategy: Bash Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Time-proven ploy of politics: Identify an enemy and then run against that enemy.

Many candidates run for Congress not by opposing the record of their opponent but by running against the President. Many Democrats who won House and Senate seats in 2006 won by running against then-President George W. Bush.

Republicans who hope to win elections this year have two enemies: President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

And bashing Pelosi seems to be paying off.

Just ask Jimmy Higdon, a Kentucky Republican who won a state Senate seat by ignoring local issues and turning his race into a referendum on Pelosi. His opponent outspend him 4-to-one and still lost.

Higdon used Pelosi’s pictures in most of his TV ads and campaign propaganda.

“It worked for me,” he told McClatchey Newspapers. “I’m really happy that I had a good team that recognized that, because that’s not something I would have dreamed up.”

Republican political pros plan to put the strategy to work in other races this year

“The strategists will try to make her the lightning rod who represents all that is wrong in Washington ,” says Jeffrey McCall, media studies professor at DePauw University in Indiana .

Pelosi, like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is in trouble back home as well. Her job approval rating in her district is an uber-low 39 percent and she is under fire not only from Republicans but also from Democrats.

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8 thoughts on “Winning campaign strategy: Bash Pelosi”

  1. Bryan’s Frankenstein comparison is more apt. She’s the lightning rod to awaken newer even more dangerous monsters without a brain. Now where did I leave my pitchfork and torch?

  2. Hi Carl, I used to be a dyed in the wool Democrat but after ten years of continually calling my Senators & Congressvolken, they continually tuck tail and run or do nothing. I never vote for my local D-Crapper congressfrau, Anna Eshoo, and one of the many reasons is she takes up her time bringing up a bill to prevent television stations from turning up the volume on TV during the commercial spots. D-Crappers: Verdammt und Zugenaht !$%#%&*

  3. The only way to win the majority and exchange Leader Pelosi for………thereby finds the rub. Is there anyone who could be Speaker of the House and stand for something? Not in my book of politicians. I had no respect for the previous Speakers followed by the leaders in the RNC. Republicans do not make leaders….they make preachers. Did anyone believe that either DeLay or Armey could lead anything other than a Sunday sermon or a group of Lobbyists? Both were crooks…Searching for a Republican with integrity will take a few more generations.

  4. Yo Griff, I think your understanding of lightning rods needs a tweak… and Nancy could fill the bill quite adequately.

  5. Klaus I’ve read your posts over time and I get the distinct impression you don’t like Democrats and what they refuse to stand for… :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. If Nancy Fancy Pants Pelosi actually stood up for anything at all she might garner a modicum of self respect but she was the No More Checks for Bush’s war politican who gave Smirk every thing he wanted as she is for O-Bomb-Uh’s continuation of Smirk’s policies.

    “Dum Dum D-Crapper she is” -Yoda

  7. It’s the Frankenstein ploy, Griff, no more no less.
    Trade one monster for it’s creator possessed with even greater power to deceive..

    Lambs, lemmings, take your pick, static rules the airwaves.

  8. Yeah, this time-proven ploy only serves to distract from the real issues and obscure one’s own positions on policy. Obama has proven that it’s easy to run – and win – using this tactic.

    I don’t understand the lightning rod analogy. The purpose of lightning rods is not to attract or absorb lightning; why would some one want to attract lightning? Lightning rods are used to dissipate the static electricity that otherwise would build up and actually cause lightning to strike.

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