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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Cheney: Obama is a one-termer

Cheney wows 'em at CPAC (AP)

George W. Bush’s Prince of Darkness is predicting the political demise of Barack Obama.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney told right-wing political activists this week he thinks Barack Obama is a “one-term president.”

Appearing, without advance notice, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Cheney predicted 2010 will be a big year for Republicans, citing GOP victories in the Massachusetts Senate race last month and in New Jersey and Virginia governor’s races last year as signs that the party of the elephant is one the rebound.

Cheney accompanied his daughter, Liz Cheney, to the conference as “arm candy,” he said, because she needed a date.

Fresh from a public pissing contest with Vice President Joe Biden over Obama’s handling of terrorism and national security issues, Cheney preached to the choir at the CPAC gathering — the largest in years with many new, young faces bolstering conservative ranks.

Cheney’s rhetoric added to GOP optimism coming out of the conference as Republicans hope to capitalize on Obama’s falling fortunes and mounting failures by the Democratic leadership of Congress.

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3 thoughts on “Cheney: Obama is a one-termer”

  1. If the Neo-Klowns could, they’d build an animatronic robot, cut Cheney’s brain out of his body and install it in a

  2. Phallus Cheney is probabaly right and I don’t care. The D-Crappers never put up a fight. D-Crappers are just the same as the Neo-Klowns in that they take all the requisite bribes, but they differ from the Neo-Klowns in specializing in habitual strategic retreats. Even when the D-Crappers had a veto proof majority in the senate, they still tuck tail and run, and yet again and again, I see my neighbors who I love dearly keep voting D-Crap over & over again.
    D-Crappers are just as willing to be led by the nose as Neo-Klowns are.

    Stupid D-Crappers

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