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Friday, June 14, 2024

Evan says Bayh Bayh

Sen. Evan Bayh (AP)

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh‘s decision to leave Congress is hardly a surprise to those who see political moderates as an increasingly disaffected bunch who have had it with the bitter partisanship that rules Congress nowadays.

Bayh correctly calls the American political system “dysfunctional” and says our governmental system is overrun with “brain-dead partisanship” where the political agenda of extremes overtake the needs of a nation.

His exit opens the door for Republicans to pick up another seat in their quest to regain control of the Senate. It’s still a long shot but the defection of moderates like Bayh and an angry electorate spell trouble for the Democrats and embattled President Barack Obama.

In the year since Obama’s historic election and ascension to the Presidency on the illusion of “change,” the political center has come to realize it’s been had by a Chicago politics-schooled homeboy whose only change is skin color.

Obama surfed into the White House on a wave of political fantasy to join a Congress led by business-as-usual Democratic hacks. After a year of missteps, broken promises and closer examination, voters want real change and that change means taking a big broom to the whole, rotten mess.

No wonder Bayh is splitting. He isn’t the first. He won’t be the last. Those who seek to govern through consensus and coalition-building find they have no place in a partisan, divided Washington. Those who put country above party have no home in a political system where special interests and personal agendas dominate the debate.

Bayh says voters need to throw out the incumbents and replace them with new leaders genuinely interested in “reforming the process” and “governing for the good of the people” instead of kowtowing to special interest groups.

He’s right but reforming the process won’t be easy, even with mass revolt in the voting booth. The corrupt system that controls our government is firmly entrenched and controlled not by elected officials but by political appointees who have spent a lifetime crafting a criminal enterprise that serves their needs and not the needs of the American people.

Reforming the process requires more than changing the names and faces. It demands real, fundamental change in the system itself — fundamental change requires more drastic action than simply pulling the lever of a voting machine.

It’s time for a new American revolution.

It’s time to take our country back.

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