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Friday, June 21, 2024

When in doubt, blame Bush


When Democrats run out of ideas (a problem that happens often) they turn to their standard political tactic: Blame former President George W. Bush.

Record deficits? Bush’s fault.

Record unemployment? Bush’s fault.

Failing banks? Bush did it.

Failing war in Afghanistan? Bush put us in this mess.

One of these days, the party of the jackass needs to stop using Bush as a whipping boy and actually try to come up with an original idea.

Or maybe not.

Another standard Democratic mantra is to blame all of their failures on Republicans.

Democrats calim health care lies in intensive care because of Republican obstructionism.

Really? Did the Republicans cut backroom deals with the health care industry, deals that gutted the bill of any real reform?

Did Republicans cut deals with fellow Democrats like Ben Nelson, giving special breaks to his home state as payment for his vote?

I don’t think so.

Bush deserves a lot of blame for the mess that mires this nation in the worst recession since the great depression but it’s not all his fault. A Democratic-controlled congress came into power during the last two-years of his administration and they approved some fo the legislation that spurred the economic downfall. Democratic President Bill Clinton helped design the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that practically begged companies to send American jobs out of the country.

The problems that hold this country in a vice-grip of gridlock, economic meltdown and morale-sapping morass are not solely the fault of either Republicans or Democrats.

The problem is the system of government that turns control over to legislators from both parties who cater not to the desires or needs of the voters but to the fat checkbooks of the special interests who buy their supports and vote.

That problem will get worse because the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed corporations unlimited ability to dumps millions — and perhaps billions — into the political process.

America’s problems cannot, and will not, be changed by replacement of the political party that controls Congress or the White House.

The system must be replaced but as long as the system controls itself that change is impossible.

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