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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Was it good for you too?

Voters last November gave Democrats the keys to the kingdom of Washington because they wanted American soldiers out of George W. Bush's failed war in Iraq.

Instead, the Dems bent over, grabbed their ankles, let Dubya screw them into submission, and all they did to resist was scream "please sir, may I have some more?"


Voters last November gave Democrats the keys to the kingdom of Washington because they wanted American soldiers out of George W. Bush's failed war in Iraq.

Instead, the Dems bent over, grabbed their ankles, let Dubya screw them into submission, and all they did to resist was scream "please sir, may I have some more?"

On Tuesday, the last remaining whiff of fading Democratic integrity vanished as Congressional leaders in both the House and Senate backed down on demands for a withdrawal timetable and caved in to Bush's belief that he has absolute authority to wage war any damn way he pleases.

Amazingly, the party with a mandate from an electorate that overwhelmingly wants this country out of Iraq went head-to-head with the most unpopular President since Herbert Hoover – and lost.

Hell, they gave in to Bush's screwing with such ease that I think they enjoyed it.

Only a fool believes promises made in a political campaign and the voters who turned out the corrupt GOP leadership foolishly expected the Democrats to stop Bush's despotic rule and restore some accountability to government.

Silly rabbits. Tricks are for politicians and the joke is on us.

We should have known the fix was in as soon as incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi took impeachment of Bush off the table. She sealed the deal by abandoning her pledge to put ethics ahead of politics and backing corrupt old-boy politician John Murtha for Majority Leader – a stupid political move voted down by other Democrats.

And we already knew not to expect much from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a bribe-taking Nevada pol beholden to any special interest with a checkbook.

Tuesday's capitulation to Bush clearly shows the Democrats weren't ready for prime time. They lack the courage of their self-proclaimed convictions and haven't shown enough competence to lead a Cub Scout pack on an overnight camping trip in the backyard, much less a Congress.

As a result of their failure, Bush's war in Iraq continues as planned. His escalation continues as planned. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, more Americans will die. Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, more Iraqi civilians face death as well.

After five months of unremarkable control of Congress, Democrats have left America naked and vulnerable to the greatest threat to peace the world has ever known – an international terrorist named George W. Bush.

Let's hope the nation's drug stores stock up on an ample supply of KY lubricant.

We're going to need it.

Thanks to the Democrats, the rest of America will be screwed for at least another 18 months.

31 thoughts on “Was it good for you too?”

  1. When Danger Rears its Ugly head Nancy & Harry Turned and fled

    The Democrats have F*cked us, I think we have to be creative and one thing the Democrats would take note is Democratic constituents changing their party en masse; perhaps Republican posters at CHP would also do same from their party.
    It may be vain, but what is their to lose except mabye putting off
    getting a chocolate chip cookie or watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail tomorrow.
    The Democrats sure have taken to heart a famous phrase from
    Monty Python & the Holy Grail which is: ‘RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY”

    I have already changed my voter registration to ‘decline to state’.
    It can be done online, after you complete this on-line form, a typed registration form will be sent to you. After you receive the pre-typed form, just sign it and mail it to your county election official.

    This Link is just for California, but take the initiative and do a Google Online search for online voter registration in your state.

  2. Should by the subject of the e-mails angry registered voters all over the U.S. when they fire off angry correspondence to their respective elected orifices…Oops, I mean officials. Maybe this is a little over my head, but, how can people reneg on promises they make and live with themselves? Do these hacks lack a soul AND a conscience altogether?

    I have a friend who has been fighting for war veteran’s benefits for the last 15 years and he tells me there is always an ongoing back-stabbing match on The Hill to see who can best out who. What’s wrong with those folks, do they think they’re still in high school or something?

    Every stupid decision they make in Iraq and Afghanistan costs U.S. servicemembers’ lives and puts yet another blackmark on the U.S.’s handling of world affairs.

    Something’s gotta give, but, when? Looks like we’re going to have to call the Ghostbusters to bail us out of this mess, because our elected body can’t seem to find the intestinal fortitude to do it.

  3. How can Democrats be so afraid to stand up to a President with a 28 percent approval rating? I believe it is because the wiretapping was aimed at Democrats and Republicans to keep them in line. The Republicans went after a popular President with a high approval rating when the economy was doing well, because he had oral sex or in technical terms, Clinton got a blow job in the oval office. The Democrats will not go after a treasonous President that has spit on our constitution. The Bush Regime has done so much damage to this country that I would actually have to write a book just to name all of the high crimes and misdemeanors that Bush and his Regime have committed. Just what are the Democrats afraid of? The Republican congress rubber stamped everything bush did, the Democrats rubber stamp everything that Bush does but they rubber stamp it with sad face, a smile turned upside down.

  4. …she’s a wash – for what she’ll bring in, she’ll lose –

    …she’s too REALIST for the masses –

    …as ‘they’ say, you can’t handle the truth!


  5. My choice would be Rosie O’Donnel. She’s outspoken; i.e., constructively “mouthy”, seems to have the respect of many women etc. Somehow she conveys kinship with “everywoman” and to men she conveys everyman’s “take-charge” wife…:)) Unfortunately she’s leaving her show and going silent for abit. In recent times, she’s been the most outspoken critic; i.e., network female critic of the status quo, concerning the war, and what’s going on with the Bushistas! Any ideas on your part?

    Nemo… **==

  6. Now all we need is a well liked and admired celebrity to lead this pony show and we’re off to the races. Can you think of one?

  7. massive shopping boycotts would! After 9/11, airline executives were in a panic because people refused to fly, so they got so desperate they even had dubya on TV encouraging folks to fly again and “get out there and shop”; i.e, what America’s feedlot citizens do best.

    If we started having national no-show days to America’s malls, be they large or of the strip variety, businessmen and women would “freak out” and in short order possibly 6 months or less, especially if carried through a Christmas Holiday season, we’d hear a mighty “Gong”… the cane would come out and jerk the Bushista’s off the political stage, much to their chagrin. Think not, then you best think again. Businessmen and women are “buck-junkies”.

    Americans don’t realize it but they have incredible power over these pro-business mattoids by simply not playing their game. Organizing a boycott can be self-defeating because like anything it develops a life of it’s own and eventually rolls over with the organizers being bought off. Remember everyone has a price. I know that I don’t, but I march to the beat of a different drummer.

    I encourage folks to think of “losing weight” in a shopper’s sense. If you went shopping three days of seven then first cut back to two, then to one and finally one every other week etc. I always admire women because they seem to have a better attention span than men and once they make up their minds to doing something, they generally succeed. So I entreat the women of America who’ve had a bellyful of the Bushistas, the war in Iraq, and a host of other issues to go on a serious “shopping diet”. There’s an upside to this, you’ll have more money, you’ll use less gas, less wear and tear on vehicles, and in time you’ll actually wean yourselves from the compulsion to shop possibly creating a new American societal paradigm. In actuality, “we the consumer” control them and they not us! Shoppers simply aren’t organized. As they say…”just do it”…!

    I’m for stabbing these corporatist sob’s in the wallet; i.e, wrecking their bottom line and they’l be squealing like stuck hawgs in short order.

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. We simply have to work harder to make certain we have a majority majority by the time the next POTUS is installed. Don’t give up now! I trust Doug to keep on the Campaign for our America.

    We don’t have to march to D.C. to be heard we have our Representatives running for cover after this Immigration mess. We held them off firmly and we can do it again this time to pull our troops out quickly. I read somewhere Bush may turn to the United Nations to help him out. He is nothing but a coward unable to face each American with what he has done to us.

    Republican and Democrat Congressmen are shuddering with the response we pushed on them this week over the Amnesty. Let’s keep it going until they can’t breathe.


  9. Today I went down to the courthouse and changed my party affiliation to “pissed off.”

  10. If we could pull that off going to DC, we could just take over. How are they going to stop all 1,000,000 of us?


  11. As long as we have an American Idol to vote for who cares about what the government does?

    I mean, really …

    Whosoever: An Online Magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Christians

  12. George treats the US as his personal sandbox–just worthless junk to play with and do as he pleases. Doug is right that this guy is screwing everybody–and the thing is, everybody loves it. All the ranting and raving in the world isn’t going to change a thing. There is no sense of outrage or disgust out here anywhere. George makes Romania’s Ceaucescu look like a well-bred royal…

    Another beer, everyone? What’s on TV? Hey, what’s going on with the blonde bimbo going to jail?

  13. Oh yeah, anthny, I told a co-worker of mine that something will happen to “force” the president to declare martial law before the 2008 election. He’s already setting it up with his presidential directive about how he’ll be the one solely in charge of “constitutional” government should such a thing be necessary.

    When have we had a constitutional government in the past six or so years?

    Whosoever: An Online Magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Christians

  14. After Tuesday’s vote in Congress, all the Demowusses: Pelosi, Murtha, Clinton, Obama, Schumer, Conyers, Kennedy, Kerry, Biden, Reid, Richardson, Edwards, et. al. can go to hell. Even the DNC has a link to Republican presidential candidates on it’s web site! Check it out for yourself:

    I’m convinced more than ever the only thing that will bring about change in DC at this point is a full-blown revolution.

    Call me when it begins.

  15. anthny:
    Anybody that thinks this was not planed from the beginning of Bush’s term is an idiot.
    @Stevo, you got it right because when watching Gore as president of the senate during the movie Fahrenheit 9/11, it was all there for everyone to see that the fix was in and a police state was planned.
    @Revtheodyke your theory is fact and I have thought this through many times, Rove has something on the Senate through wire taps and spying.
    There will be another televised attack on the US and Little Georgie the Decider will be Big Bad Georgie the Dictator, it’s part of the plan of The New American Century, and so is the North American Union that is in the planing stage and on the table by 2010 the latest. I almost forgot AIPAC, they are in on the whole dam mess.
    So everybody bend over and spread your cheeks, then kiss your ass goodbye.

  16. Great Rant Doug, but to tell you the truth I had a miserable night, thinking about the grave danger America and it’s people are in at this point in history.

    Based on what’s happened to this nation post 9/11 with these duly elected disappointments rushing the Patriot Act through without even having access to a copy, later followed-up with many other freedom robbing laws, such as the Military Commissions Act, and now watching these Democrats; i.e, “republicrats” roll-over so easily concerning this war-funding issue in light of the fact that it was started based on cooked intelligence, courtesy of the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney pipline; I’d say we are now looking “tyranny” squarely in it’s yellow, feral eyes, it’s mighty jaws slathering and “we the people” now hearing it’s deadly, guttural pant as it stalks us for the kill!

    I firmly believe at this point they are all working together to turn America into AmeriKa and they know Bush isn’t leaving at the end of his term. Get ready down below…martial law is on the way. These dirtbags that currently do not represent the American people as demonstrated by their actions will instantly be rendered mute with the stroke of dubya’s pen. They’l all line up like toady-sycophants pandering to their new fuhrer, notice I said theirs, but not “we the people”. Little do they realize they will become victims of Bushco’s “night of the long knives” immediately if not sooner.

    In the end they will fail and in the process will destroy the world’s capital markets. When martial law is declared, assets will leave the U.S. in an electronic eyeblink. Trillions can be moved simply with “enter” on a keyboard. If they refuse to service Chinese debt, then they’l no doubt instantly take back Taiwan, saying tough to us and will also possibly serve up the U.S. mainland with a nuclear entree’. The value of the U.S. dollar still the world’s reserve currency will implode to it’s current “true” value;
    i.e., 8.7×10 to the -14th power cents! : |

  17. Then al gore refused to stand up and be counted, he knew full well, that something was not right the votes counted, but wanting to spare the country? Yeah….right.

    The writing is on the wall, while those evil republicans have been out of the picture for 40 years, they were not out of sight, installing the machinery needed to garner their evil beliefs. America has become a corporate cess pool and will continue to be so. Until the people of America have had enough, because those kings and phoney kings have been beat’en down before, blood and guts is what it takes to keep America in the hands of the people and the corporations out of our lives.

    Ever notice…..when one of the favorite sons/daughters of a community is elected to do the bidding for their constituants and once they get into that office, they just forget all about those promises? Both political sides do that now and it has to stop, if the middle class is going to have a life in America. If not, then 3rd world living… we come.

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