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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Today’s Democrats – no different than the corrupt GOP

Seven Heroes vs. many more culprits. So much for any hope that the Democrat Party will be an improvement over the Republic Party. It was a faint hope to start with; but even faint hopes in our political quagmire are a waste of time.


Seven Heroes vs. many more culprits. So much for any hope that the Democrat Party will be an improvement over the Republic Party. It was a faint hope to start with; but even faint hopes in our political quagmire are a waste of time.

First, the Heroes: Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Chris Murphy, Zack Space, Baron Hill, Paul Hodes, and Betty Sutton. They pushed forward to pass some ethics rules that would (SLIGHTLY) change the illegal and immoral behavior that permeates the House of Representatives. One aspect would limit how soon a congresscritter could stop pretending that he/she represents the people, and take their money directly as a lobbyist. Another would demand that lobbyists report each and every donation, and ban the "group" bribes they currently use to avoid disclosure.

I take my hat off to this group. Pity it is so small.

As weak and watered down as these proposed ethics rules were, too many DEMOCRATS in office think that they are too strong. Steny "Where's Mine" Hoyer leads his merry little band of greedy, money-grubbing, lobby-ist loving, paid political warriors for K-Street.

One of the arguments these scum-buckets have raised is that it is unfair to increase the time from congress to K-Street from one year to two. Another is that the "people" would not appreciate their ethics reform efforts, so why bother?


One thing is painfully clear. We have replaced one set of corrupt, greedy, small-minded criminal pols with another. Same behavior, different label. If ever there was a time for a new political party, a clean, ethical, unbribable, moral and constitutional protecting party, now is the time. It may be too late.

15 thoughts on “Today’s Democrats – no different than the corrupt GOP”

  1. Paolo,

    I happen to agree with you 100%. The system is flawed. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be where we are nationally.

    Debates about what is the best form of governance have been going on for 5000 years. One of the more interesting is benevolent emperors. They don’t last very long unfortunately.

    One of the problems with governance is the promotion of the elite to power. They always have a different agenda from the rest of the populace. There is always the problem with a form of governance that relies on majority voting. It always results in a minority being run over by policy. The majority is always easy to manipulate by elites, using promises that can never be delivered.

    Historically, as societies become more complex and increased in size, the governance becomes, always, more corrupted. Hmmm, gives one thoughts about the value of small tribal societies.

  2. The term “republicrat” has been around for a while. Unfortunately it’s a fact. When your locally elected pols hits D.C. they climb onboard the corportist/globalist band-wagon and forget about their hometown constituents other than to keep them well fed with “pulled pork” sandwiches courtesy of the U.S. Treasury “deli”. There’s more to the maintenance of our freedom and way of life than simply participating in the voting cycle. You have to keep a close eye on your elected officials while in D.C. If you discover they are hammering out their own agenda or supporting a corporatist/globalist one at the expense of America, our job markets and our freedoms then they do not need a second term in D.C. This is the ultimate term limitation mechanism that’s transcendental to any laws being passed.

    The key is watch them closely and if they show themselves to be askew relative to your personal needs and the community simply get rid of them at the next election cycle! I’ll provide a link titled that will allow folks to sign up for an email service that gives you updates concerning your elected officials’ voting performance in the House and the Senate. You will not get any SPAM associated with this service, just simply their current vote, along with upcoming legislation so you can possibly contact their offices and let them know what you think on the issues prior to their vote. If everyone became fiercely participative in their government’s processes, things would be a lot better than they are at this point in time.
    Freedom is not free! “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”…Thomas Jefferson

  3. Republicans and Democrats both inevitably fall to corruption. It’s built into the system. Let me illustrate from a libertarian’s perspective.

    Our masters in Washington believe they have the authority to intervene in virtually all aspects of life, economic, political, or social.

    Our masters in Washington need money–lots of it–in order to get re-elected. How do they raise that money? By doling out “favors” to special interest groups in exchange for political contributions. Oh, they make sure, usually, that they dot their i’s and cross their t’s to give the appearance that everything is above-board. But get real: we all know that politicians use their pull to get legislative favors passed for special interest groups, whether those groups are farmers, industrialists, hi-tech companies–you name it.

    The system is exactly analagous to Don Corleone handing out “favors” on his daughter’s wedding day, to loyal followers who may someday be called upon to return a “favor.” The mafia is much like the US government, though the mafia is far less dangerous and destructive.

    So we have the Republican “Corleone” family running candidates against the Democrat “Barzini” family. Of course they are both corrupt; they could not be otherwise, given the system we have, in which the government has the power to grant almost any wish a lobbyist can dream up.

    The solution is not to make more rules against lobbyists. The solution is to restrict the ability of the government to hand out these favors. A good place to start would be to declare unconstitutional any law not authorized in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

    But we’re not going to vote ourselves into freedom, folks. It’s going to take a revolution.

  4. I disagree with the author of the article. I think that the previous republican controlled congress was clearly more corrupt than anything we’ve seen from the current congress, at least so far.

    I am disapointed in the ability of the congress to perform and deliver, but I believe that they have been attempting to act in good faith and implement the mandate given them by the voters. It seems that they are blocked and intimidated at every juncture. It’s time for them to grow some thick skin and take a real stand.

  5. Rob,
    I agree with you as much as it is possible to agree with anyone. I have found the PDA, or they have found me, and I really believe they are the best hope for a revival of at least a modicum of honesty in government. I strongly urge you and all others, to examine their positions, endorsements and to get involved with them. The PDA is a growing faction within the Democratic Party. They are not in lockstep with either the DLC or the DNC though they do not automatically reject either. PDA Candidates were elected in the 2006 midterms in large numbers, most, but not all of them are at the bottom of the seniority lists, but they are exercising as much influence as possible. More support for the PDA will only improve the situation further.

    Home on the range, or in the oven. It does not get too hot for me. I grew up in Southern Arizona.

  6. Joe Sedlak

    Mr Kezelis raises some good points – and some good questions.

    Since the major corporations finance and dictate to both political parties and indirectly establish policy and oversight (or lack thereof), of course both parties are corrupt. It’s the system and it quickly devours anyone who comes to congress. It will take massive public pressure to change it – and who will lead?

    Instead we have to concentrate on the matter of degree of corruption. How much corruption can we lessen and how much will be tolerate?

    Can anyone imagine that all of the investigations and efforts to restore checks and balances going on now would occur under Republican control? Would there be the resignations and/or indictments of key officials that have already started and the corruption evidence piling up over great obstacles? Hardly!
    Would impeachment proceedings even be seriously considred by a Republic congress? Yes, it will have to come to that!

    Thanks goodness for at least a couple of leaders on the Democratic side of the aisle. And there are a couple of good Republicans in Congress who would work to straighten out the mess created by the White House gang.

    But none of the candidates for the republican nomination! What a bunch of wimps who will only continue what the Bushies started if one of them would win – but that seems very unlikely now that the America public is finally waking up! However, I can’t rule out that we could be fooled again!


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