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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Saving America

George W. Bush is an international war criminal who should be arrested, shackled and led to the World Court to stand trial for his many crimes against humanity.


George W. Bush is an international war criminal who should be arrested, shackled and led to the World Court to stand trial for his many crimes against humanity.

So should be any member of Congress who continues to support the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and whose actions contributed to the unnecessary deaths of 2,500 American military men and women along with the thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilians.

The pathetic, partisan attempt by the Republican leadership in Congress to tie support for the Iraq debacle to the so-called “war on terrorism” is just another sad example of how far this nation has plunged into a immoral and unethical morass that cannot be erased by spin, rhetoric or lame attempts at justification.

The United States of America, a country that once stood for freedom, justice and human rights is now an international bully, a source of worldwide terrorism that poses a far greater threat to world peace than any Islam-spouting prophet hiding in a cave in Afghanistan.

The upcoming mid-term elections in November should not be a battle between Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, right or left. It must be a battle for the survival of our nation. As citizens we can no longer stand by while this cabal of corrupt, power-mad despots destroys what little is left of the America we once respected and loved.

I’m convinced George W. Bush is a madman, a brain-damaged dry drunk whose insanity and megalomania threaten the very existence of America. He represents a clear and present danger to the peace and security of this nation and must be treated as a traitor to the very Constitution he swore to uphold in two inaugurations.

I believe he and Vice President Dick Cheney conspired to undermine the Constitution by illegally increasing the power of the executive branch, using the events of September 11, 2001, to advance personal political agendas.  Neither man gives a damn about this country. They care only about their own power, their own desires and using both to reward those who bought them with financial and political support.

Bush disregards the law as a matter of course, appending “signing statements” to legislation that he plans to ignore because it infringes on his view of absolute power and divine right from God Almighty.

Cheney sees the Vice Presidency as a means to two ends: Pad his own financial portfolio and enrich his friends in the military-industrial complex.

Both men are aided in their criminal enterprise by a corrupt Republican-led Congress, a governing body so riddled with criminals, con-artists and thieves that the Mafia or Columbian drug gangs pale by comparison.

In the best of times, we could count on the checks and balances of the system to save the Constitution but those checks were neutered by single-party governance and a Supreme Court packed with compliant justices.

That’s why Bush and his cronies should be led, handcuffed and shackled, to the World Court, a body not controlled by the right-wing jihad that has hijacked the Constitution and put America in danger.

Since that won’t happen, our other option lies at the ballot box and enough voter anger to throw out every single one of the bitches and bastards who have helped in the overthrow of our government. I’m not talking about just Republicans. I mean every one who still votes for and supports the illegal war in Iraq; every one who still lives large at lobbyists’ expense; every one who sells his or her vote for a campaign contribution and every one who supports the status quo in Washington.

Then, maybe, we can return control of this country to the people. Then, maybe, we can hold a corrupt, immoral President and his legions accountable for their vile acts.

Maybe there’s still time to save this thing called America.