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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Our missing media

Tired of bad news, day in and day out, coming out of IraqNam? Not to worry! Things are changing for the better!


Tired of bad news, day in and day out, coming out of IraqNam? Not to worry! Things are changing for the better!

This weekend, Darth Cheney made a surprise stop in IraqNam. He had two goals, first to force the Iraqi legislators to pass a hideous petro-law that would insure Haliburton's and US Oil's future supplies for a generation. He also met with the Iraqi military leadership. The very next day, the same Iraqi military leaders placed a ban on all photos and video of any insurgent bomb blast. Their purported reason is that shooting the scene on film or in digital format, will somehow destroy forensic evidence and interfere with their "investigations".


And did I tell you that I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn? Cheap, yet strong!

What surprises me most is how the US media has responded to this obvious attack on a free media (mainly ours). The silence is deafening. I am at a loss for words to explain the lack of reaction. It was bad enough to make an illegal ban on photos of US soldiers' caskets and funerals (allegedly for privacy reasons) but this is almost beyond belief.

So, we now know that Cheney's instructions were to Iraq – we need GOOD NEWS, even if you have to manufacture it, and hide the truth.

I am so proud of our news organizations. Sanjaya, Anna Nicole, and end of school pranks are far more important than our invasion and deadly occupation of another country.

11 thoughts on “Our missing media”

  1. Major news channels now are becoming little more than drivel designed to barely hold the endless string of ads together.

    Ironically, most Americans are getting their news from John Stewart’s “Daily Show.” The real irony is that it’s probably more news in 30 minutes than CNN and Faux News combined put out in 24 hrs.

  2. I too would love to have a channel available that discussed and reported the news 24/7. I thought we had it in Fox News but the personalities who reported this stuff made me sick. News reporting should not bring with it arrogance. CNN is very slanted and tends to go off subject at every chance. I thought we had it when MSNBC opened and I found a good variation of news and entertainment. Now it is all tabloid with those awful Anna Nichol and Paris Hilton stories and since they fired Imus, I have no reason to go there.

    Talk radio bores me to tears and I pretty much stay on satellite classical music stations. What is sad is that I received 300 television channels and not one decent news channel. I get more news here from the home page than from anywhere. I love it when we all reply to the commentaries and news stories. This is what the internet should be.

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