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Sunday, September 24, 2023

A fake ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with Bush

According to a carefully-orchestrated campaign of planted news leaks by the Representatives who attended the meeting, a group of 11 "moderate" Republicans confronted President George W. Bush in a "come to Jesus" meeting Tuesday over his failed Iraq war.

They claim they told the President his credibility with the American people is "gone" when it comes to the Iraq war and that Republicans will bail on him if the war does not show "significant progress" by September 1.

Yeah, right.


According to a carefully-orchestrated campaign of planted news leaks by the Representatives who attended the meeting, a group of 11 "moderate" Republicans confronted President George W. Bush in a "come to Jesus" meeting Tuesday over his failed Iraq war.

They claim they told the President his credibility with the American people is "gone" when it comes to the Iraq war and that Republicans will bail on him if the war does not show "significant progress" by September 1.

Yeah, right.

While I believe a growing number of Republicans privately express their disgust with the scandal-scarred and ethically-challenged President, I don't for a second believe the 11 who visited the President Tuesday came anywhere close to telling him the truth about what a monumental failure he is for their party and the country.

"It was a tough meeting in terms of people being as frank as they possibly could about their districts and their feelings about where the American people are on the war," said Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois. "It was a no-holds-barred meeting."

I know Ray LaHood. We both worked as chiefs of staff for members of Congress in the early 1980s. If he told me to look for sunrises in the East I'd confirm it with a second source.

Others who know what really happened in the meeting with Bush say the Congresspeople couched their criticism with so many caveats that the gathering turned into little more than an exchange of pleasantries.

As reported in today's Washington Post:

Davis stressed that Republicans will remain united against the Democratic bill in the House today. But the search for an exit is almost inevitable. "The key for everybody is to try to find a way to declare victory and get out of there," he said.

Declare victory? What alternate universe claims these clueless pretenders to reality? Victory is an illusion. The United States cannot, and will not, win this war and any attempt to claim victory will make this country even more of a laughingstock on the world stage.

Tuesday's meeting was a "cover my ass with voters" meeting for the 11 members of Congresss. All face tough re-election campaigns next year because they have voted too many times to support Bush's war and his other causes. Rep. Tom Davis says Bush's job approval rating in some parts of his Northern Virginia district is only five percent. I'm surprised it's that high.

If these 11 political hypocrites really wanted to force the President's hand, they would have voted to support the House plan to set a firm timetable for withdrawal. They'd vote to override Bush's veto of the earlier bill.

But they didn't and they said after Tuesday's meeting that they will vote against the new House bill that puts time limits on funding and benchmarks on real progress in the war before additional funding will be approved.

"Come to Jesus" meeting my ass. Like the President they so blindly support, these so-called "moderates" helped crucify this country a long time ago.

21 thoughts on “A fake ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with Bush”

  1. Sandy,
    Just a tiny point of correction if I may be so bold.
    The name of the docco is “The Power of Nightmares”, by Adam Curtis. It has received little if any attention on this side of the pond, but it packs all the history and factual information into three small hours.
    This is not a hit piece, but rather a history lesson on both the Arab jihadist movement and the neoconservative movement, and it dovetails their incredible similarities with stunning accuracy.
    There is only one piece missing in this film, the arm that supplies the funding.
    None dare speak its name.

  2. Michael Ruppert wrote a well-documented book on the story of the planning, the motive and the whole 9/11 sequence of events. The book is named “Crossing the Rubicon” and was suggested by a member of Reader Rant right here at CHB. Several years after the release of the book, Michael set up an organization called “From the Wilderness” that was destroyed by our FBI and Michael escaped with his life. He fled to Venezuela where he lived until it was thought he was poisoned. He is now in Canada where he is trying to regain his health.

    Michael’s background was from the Los Angeles Police Department where H. Ross Perot put him in charge of his own security in 1992 when he ran for President. He has credentials that are solid.

    From there the 9/11 truth groups have grown all over the internet. We have one here in Phoenix Arizona.

    I ordered a DVD called “The Terror of Nightmares” that gives a history of how terrorism was perfected until the neoconservatives decided it should be part of our American government. It was made by the BBC and distributed all over the world. It was shown on the History channel except in America.

    The information is out there and available if we want to know the truth. The greatest and most fallible document found in America is the 9/11 Commission Report where it is impossible to follow a time line or follow the dots.

    We Americans are gullible and often too lazy to think.

  3. Kent and Kay win the truth award today. 911 was a full blown conspiracy involving many major leaders, military, and media. Those who still deny the facts that clearly show that the official story is nothing but skewed or omitted evidence and distorsion, are in denial of the obvious. Why has Osama not been arrested? Because he is not guilty. The FBI cannot issue an arrest warrant due to lack of evidence. Why are seven of the highjackers alive and well? Where are the video tapes of the plane hitting the pentagon? Why can’t we see them? Because we would see the truth of what actually hit the pentagon. 911 was a means used to rip our rights and freedoms from us and to instill fear and anger so we would support Bushes invasion and occupation of the middle east for oil and dominion. Its so dam obvious, especially in light of the events that have occured since 911.

    It has all become an illusion of propaganda produced through cooperation of major media to mind control the population and take our civil rights and future freedom away in the guise of national security. A huge sham. See it!

  4. …the biggest conspiracy ever in the history of our nation happened on 9/11, Kent. Bush is still referring to our enemies as living in caves. Suuuuuuuuuure they are Bush. Uh huh. Whatever you say…

    Here’s what I don’t get: Why is it al-Qaida is able to run a website online and why doesn’t our intelligence agencies track these guys down through this route just like they do the pedophiles or just like they’ve been illegally doing to the average American (reading our emails and tracking what we do online)? Oh that’s right! 9/11 was allowed to happen because the main goal of the Bush Regime prior to the 2000 election was to get into Iraq! They don’t care about al-Qaida. The End.

  5. nuQler: “And a bunch of arabs with box cutters changed everything.”

    Now THAT right there is QUITE the conspiracy theory. A bunch of mostly Saudis hijack four airliners and … well, you know the rest.

    Sure. That really happened. Sure it did. And I have great deals on bridges if anyone is interested.

  6. We learned yesterday that our decisions in the congress are still based on partisanship. Those brave Republicans are still behind Bush. They should be replaced in the next election. The power of Bush is still intimidating to the Congress which means the GOP is not listening to their constituents.

    All we can do is learn from our weak leadership and look for a stronger spine in our Congress. Our discussions and debate are just that. Nobody here has the answers as to why the voters continue to vote for the weakest in our elections.

    Doug Thompson writes a “Rant” for discussion. He has done this for years. It keeps the dialog open for all opinions. Do you have an opinion or just a negative reaction to the Rant? I have read “The Hill” for years as I assume others have too.

  7. My first read here and I’m really amazed. It’s a shame to read Dems so willing to drink another version of koolaide.

    This piece by Mr. Thompson is just speculation, and not especially good speculation. Dime a dozen kind of criticism, not worth much.

    It doesn’t take much to get a better view on what this meeting between Bush and the House Repubs was really about, but you might want to start here.

    Happy reading, and stay off the koolaide. Look what it did to Republicans.

  8. If he were alive today, I’d imagine he’d be pummeling that bunch of Neo-Clowns with any number of blunt objects: Baseball Bat, Pool Cue, Table Leg, or anything not nailed down that he can lift. Jesus Freaks would freak if they came face-to-face with the Almighty Himself brandishing one of the above-mentioned items!

  9. It’s all a made-for-TV-show.

    Like the phony Saddam statue incident. Like the Jessica Lynch rescue. Like the medal awarded to Pat Tillman.

    It’s all phony. Every bit of it.

    From the 2000 vote count in Florida to the Ohio vote tabulation in 2004, to the US Attorney purge to jigger the election in 2008.

    And a bunch of arabs with box cutters changed everything.

    Yeah, right!

  10. Sonorous pest

    Bush does not care about;
    the Iraqi people,
    the middle east,
    the Republicans in Congress,
    the Democrats in Congress,
    his wife,
    his children,
    the American people,
    his generals,
    his mind is on a one way track heading for disaster.
    His is a snow job,
    He listens to people with an empty head and his mind wanders to his legacy.
    I’ll tell Bush what his legacy will be, HIs legacy will be at the bottom of all the presidents who will ever hold the job for the next hundred years, providing the U.S. does not crumble before then, and I fear that the U.S. will fall to the communist of China before then.

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