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Monday, December 4, 2023

Madman or prophet of doom?

I've tried, believe me I have. I've stepped back, taken a second look and attempted to give the President of the United States a second chance to prove he's not nuts.

Won't work. Can't work. There's just too much evidence out there to show George W. Bush is out of his freaking mind.


I’ve tried, believe me I have. I’ve stepped back, taken a second look and attempted to give the President of the United States a second chance to prove he’s not nuts.

Won’t work. Can’t work. There’s just too much evidence out there to show George W. Bush is out of his freaking mind.

A statement last week during an appearance before the Associated General Contractors of America iced it as Bush tried for the umpteenth time to justify his escalation of his war in Iraq along with his continued refusal to accept any timetable for withdrawal:

Either we’ll succeed, or we won’t succeed. And the definition of success as I described is sectarian violence down. Success is not, no violence. There are parts of our own country that have got a certain level of violence to it. But success is a level of violence where the people feel comfortable about living their daily lives. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

Yep. That’s what the man said. The quote above comes off the official transcript on the White House web site.  He said "success is not, no violence" and followed that up with "there are parts of our own country that have got a certain level of violence to it. But success is a level of violence where the people feel comfortable about living their daily lives."

Listen closely to what the man said. Iraq can never be a safe place to live because we aren’t safe in our own country.

But we have learned to live with it.

Yet in a sad, insane way, Bush gave opponents of the war all they reasons they need to pull out of Iraq.

He admits Iraq will never be safe, that our goal now is to make it "relatively safe" and reach a level of acceptable violence based on the American model.

Hell, we’re already there.

Murderers kill 16,000 to 17,000 people in this country every year – an average of 43 to 46 people a day.  So far this year, Iraqis are dying at the rate of 20-30 a day.

Mission accomplished: An "acceptable" level of violence is achieved. Bring the troops home. Baghdad is now just like East St. Louis. We’ve brought all the fear and dread of violent American life to a new country. Democracy is served.

This, of course, is a crazy conclusion based on inaccurate statistics. The per capita death rate from violence in Iraq is far higher. We have more than 300 million Americans to serve as fodder for violent death. They have, give or take a few million refugees who have fled the country, about 27 million. Our per capita death rate is one-tenth of theirs.

But since Bush used inaccurate intelligence to justify his invasion of Iraq, why can’t we use inaccurate statistics to bolster a case for withdrawal. Maybe the best way to deal with a crazy man is to offer even crazier solutions.

After all, what is more crazy than the President of the United States telling the American people that we live in violent times in a violent place and we might as well just learn to live with it.

If what Bush says is true, then the efforts of terrorists are redundant. According to the President, we’re doing a damn good job of killing each other off our own and that’s OK because we must accept "a level of violence where the people feel comfortable about living their daily lives."

God, I hope he’s wrong.

Yet, in this crazy world, even a madman can be a prophet.

40 thoughts on “Madman or prophet of doom?”

  1. I don’t know why you thought twice, Bush is nothing but completely a freak. Otherwise no mentally stable person can ever say this kind of things –more over he was the president of United States of America! It’s horrible. Thanks to god we’ve got Obama as our president.
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  2. I don’t know why you thought twice, Bush is nothing but completely a freak. Otherwise no mentally stable person can ever say this kind of things –more over he was the president of United States of America! It’s horrible. Thanks to god we’ve got Obama as our president.
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  3. I don’t know why you thought twice, Bush is nothing but completely a freak. Otherwise no mentally stable person can ever say this kind of things –more over he was the president of United States of America! It’s horrible. Thanks to god we’ve got Obama as our president.
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  4. You break my heart, but I think you are right. When NAFTA was being passed with absolutely no input from labor representatives, when a close reading of the Contract On America showed what it was really about – just a few light examples here – I was an activist, and I tried to get people interested in what the hell was happening to us and what the repurcussions would be. 90% of the time I got a vacant stare.

    Now that the people are losing their jobs and their houses and they can’t eat and can’t afford medical care and they are realizing what a terrible drain fighting two wars has been on the economy, they are starting to get a little angry, a little awake. But this could have been avoided if our poor pathetic citizens had been mildly clued in. They let it happen, and I must admit to having more than a little contempt at this point.

    There either has to be a drastic change in the media and the policing of alternative outlets for news, or the US dies the rest of the way. I don’t see that changing short of cataclysm, sorry to say, when there will be nothing left to lose. Maybe that is what it is going to come down to.

  5. Some people attribute Bush’s actions to arrogance, stupidity, his belief that “God speaks to him” – among a host of other equally disturbing qualities that have been open to speculation for a long time.

    Is he a “madman?” Based on what I’ve read, that answer is yes to the extent that he exhibits many of those qualities that are normally associated with mental illness.

    I remember reading a post last year that stated President Bush was suffering from a severe “Narcissistic Disorder” – however this assessment of his mental condition was rendered by medical personnel who had been monitoring his behavior via public appearances and rumor, but DID NOT include a first-hand medical diagnosis that only a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist could render after extensive testing and personal interviews with the President himself – which we all know he would never allow.

    To me, the most telling evidence we have is his own father going over his head and attempting to influence his decisions by and through the Iraq Study Group, which for all practical purposes, he ignored – and only chose those segments of the report that agreed with his ideology. There has been other evidence – again important because some of it came from his own family, and THAT is significant to me – as these observations were made by those who know him best, and are in a better position to sense and become alarmed at changes they witness themselves. When your own family begin worrying about your mental stability, that in itself is a warning sign none of us should ignore or underestimate, especially considering the degree of secrecy that Bush attempts to keep in regard everything he does that isn’t in the public domain.

    There have been some serious accusations, most which appear to ring true – but have been effectively buried by the MSM:

    Bush Sr., Psychiatrists worry President is having Mental Breakdown! Updated!


  6. I did sumbit a comment of thanks to you, Doug and Sandy Price, but again something happened and it didn’t get posted.
    Your comments to me meant a great deal. I have been speaking for 11 years about about the horrible things done to our brothers & sisters around the world….we are all related. Man’s inhumanity to man will cease soon.
    Stay safe my friend.
    My e-mail is….hope you get this.

  7. Congress just sent Dumbass a second funding bill for Iraq. This one is for two months. If Congress can’t set a withdrawal date for troops, it will set a withdrawal date for funding.

    Dumbass will veto it.

    Seems like when disapproval runs above 67% (It’s running 72% these days.) we should be able to have a recall election.

    Should be automatic.

    NRA Distinguished Life Member

  8. Let’s see, dyslexic, ADHD, megalomaniac sociopath is how one psychaitrist analyzed him in “Bush on the Couch” Bush is fucking bonkers, out of reality, mental hospital eligable, excpet that he and other insane repugs destroyed America’s mental health programs. Maybe that’s why they did! You can’t put someone in a mental hospital if there is no mental hospital.

  9. I apologize to you Doug. I love your web-site and love to read like-mined people voice their opinons, on truly important subjects that matter to us all and the rest of the world.
    Sandy you are brilliant.
    Welcome back Kent Shaw.
    And again, thank you Carl Nemo for your nice comments to me.
    We’re all in this together, friends…WE NEED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD..together WE WIN.

  10. the callers were praying for Bush “because he was their Commander in Chief.” I would bet that none of these people had ever voted before 2000.

    In my many years of supporting candidates, it was a great unmentioned secret not to tap into the religious right. Well Rove did and that is our problem.

    thank you….

  11. Since you lived around here once, thought you might like this. For those who do not know, Granite City is not too far from East St. Louis. This article was taken from ‘The Telegraph’ in Alton, IL.

    Man, 19, charged with first-degree murder


    May 7, 2007 – 9:40AM

    EDWARDSVILLE — Two neighbors argued over the telephone, then fought in the street, leading to the death of one man and a first-degree murder charge against the other, authorities said Monday.

    Justin S. Feldmann, 19, of the 3100 block of West Chain of Rocks Road in Granite City, was charged Monday in Madison County Circuit Court with first-degree murder in the death of Ronnie W. Stephan, 50, also of the 3100 block of West Chain of Rocks Road.

    The two reportedly were arguing over the phone just before 7 p.m. Sunday; then, they both left their homes and met along the roadside, where the argument continued and developed into a fight, Lt. Brad Wells of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department said.

    Wells said a group of people having a backyard barbecue watched as the two met. Feldmann allegedly knocked Stephan to the ground quickly and continued to beat him.

    “Feldmann beat the victim very badly. An autopsy showed Stephan died of blunt trauma to the head,” Wells said.

    “The two know each other; they are not close,” he said.

    Wells said Feldmann fled the scene on foot before the people at the barbecue could intervene to break up the fight or render aid to the victim.

    Sheriff’s deputies arrived after someone dialed 911. They found Stephan along the side of the road, bleeding badly. He was taken to Gateway Regional Medical Center in Granite City, where he was pronounced dead at 7:39 p.m.

    Wells said the argument originally was between Stephan, who was calling from his house, and a woman who was at Feldmann’s house.

    Feldmann then got involved in the argument, which resulted in the alleged beating, Wells said.

    Stephan’s daughter was aware her father was leaving the house to meet Feldmann and urged him not to go, Wells said.

    She told deputies her father had been arguing with Feldmann, so police were able to develop him as a suspect almost immediately; they went to his house and arrested him without incident, Wells said.

    Wells declined to say what the argument was about or to identify the female involved or her relationship to Feldmann and Stephan.

    Feldmann was held Monday in lieu of $500,000 bond.

    Now, according to dubya, this is an acceptable level of violence. Tell that to the survivors.


  12. And I must say I agree wholeheartedly with the remainder of Sandy’s post. Very aptly put.

  13. Sandy Price wrote: “Whether his decisions were right or even moral had nothing to do with it because he is our Commander in Chief.”

    I know that Sandy is reporting on the prayer meeting and that she does not necessarily support that statement.

    I would just like to say that George W. Bush is NOT MY Commander-In-Chief. He is the PRESIDENT of my country and he is at the same time the Commander-In-Chief of the military of the United States. As CIC his word is law to the military. As President his word is NOT law.

    I think Bush himself has trouble separating these two responsibilities. I believe he thinks he is “Commander-In-Chief” of the United States and that his word should be law. If so, he is sadly mistaken, and needs to be brought up short by a reality check.

  14. We Americans only had to wait four years for our President to define “success” in his terms. Better late, than never. (I was actually expecting Mr. Bush to never give us his definition of “success” in Iraq).

  15. If we apply our own definition of an acceptable level of violence, then all we need to do is get the number of deaths down below 100 per day AND make sure that no more than 2 of them are part of the same incident. In order to achieve that goal the truck/car bombings will have to be stopped and I don’t see any evidence that the current “surge” strategy can do it.

  16. The subject was what this thread is discussing. But what I picked up was the religious right stating that all we can do is pray. They had some kind of prayer day Sunday to support Bush in his decisions.

    Whether his decisions were right or even moral had nothing to do with it because he is our Commander in Chief. I couldn’t believe this movement has no rational thoughts over the morality of Bush’s actions. Then a Jewish caller mentioned that his group was behind Bush because Christians and Jews are focused on keeping Israel free from wars as the end of our times are based on a free Israel.

    It seems as if American sovereignty is non-existant and our freedoms are overlooked based on the combined association of Christians and Jews to anticipate the end of times.

    There is no place for non-believers in American politics at this time and we feel completely disenfranchised as American citizens.

    The insanity and lack of morality is being forced on us and is keeping us in Iraq and possibly Iran unless we stop this madness. American values are so diluted under the last 3 presidents that I personally can find no movement to get them back.

    Our government has been so susceptible to every unAmerican force and nobody in either party is looking to the Constitution for our actions and reactions. Our wars are not waged to try to destroy any religion and the representation of American Christians is a sad substitute for morals and ethics.

    We are being destroyed from within; our current government and the religious right support is killing our American values. Until we stand up for our values and independence, America will die. We may be too late. Our enemies are lining up on our borders and our government is talking amnesty. Our government is wrong! It is not Democrats versus Republicans but government itself is killing our soldiers and our future as a free nation. The future of America does not ride on whether abortions are legal but you would never know it from the political discussions of the American people.

  17. …by the fascists in the White House to make America unsafe and vulnerable to our outside enemies, because that way they can guarantee themselves more bullying, killing, and nation building across the planet. We are their pawns in their game. Sad. We could end this attitude if we could just get close enough to them to grab their feet and drag them down the stairs one by one so their head bashes on each step. See? Might knock some “I love America the way she was before 2000!” attitude back in them. Sadly, the current occupants of the White House have conspired since Nixon to make the American government useless and into a totalitarian dictatorship. *sigh*

  18. Thanks for posting Jennifer. It sounds to me like you have “fire in your spirit” and are dedicated to making a difference in a suffering world. I’m sorry to hear mention that you’ve had a stroke. Take care of yourself first and don’t push too hard. The world will be a lesser place without you.

    Paselo… Carl Nemo **==

  19. … since registration became necessary to comment immediately after articles, not just for the forums. Thanks to Doug Thompson, today, I have finally been able to get re-connected to CHB after some failed registration attempts. I would say bear with Doug and the sysops and I think all will smooth out in awhile. Thanks again, Doug.


  20. Niyawa (I thank you in Shawnee). I felt I was been censored, when I only tell the truth.
    Saturday, I was the History Speaker for the 100th year of the Boy Scoutss, One World, One Peace…I educated over 6000 boy scouts..lots of us have good hearts.

  21. I had a stroke two weeks ago, so I hope I can remember.
    Helen Thomas was on MSNBC with Phil Donahue, right before our rape, invasion of Iraq. She stated that Sadumn was no treat and didn’t have WMD. She said that he (Bush) couldn’t pass 101 English. Right after this Phil was fired and every time Helen was at a press conference, that bastard told her to SHUT UP. She knows the whole story, it’s amazing that she isn’t dead, like others (Wellstone). But, I quess that they think she’s old and no one’s listening. I listen & hear the lies.
    I give talks all over Ohio and on radio. People know…people are finally seeing what is truly happening to us, this country and our world. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of us yet, but there will be.
    The more we preach about the hoaxs (911, anthrax,duct tape, red alerts) and give proof, the more there will be a taking back of this country into the hands of the common man…look at gas prices (no Katrina now, no explanation now, just more greed). Look at wages, look at benifits, look at retirement…they’re all gone.
    There will be no worry whether you have to vote for Hillary (Bush in women’s clothing). Our King is not stepping down. Most educated, people I know have been saying since bush stole the last two elections, there won’t be another one. He’s going to declare marshal law, which suspends elections, and God help us all.
    Again, the Mayan prophecy stated 3000 years ago, that this would be the stupidest civization and we would be our own undoing. Thanks to the man who reads childrens’ books upside down when the WTC is imploded and has absolutely no shock expression on his face. He feels he talks to God, and God tells him to touture, kill, and enslave humanity for their oil & profit for his friends…he’s right on course. Chavas was right, I smell the sulfur, too. Again, God help us all!
    Stay safe me friends. Watch your back.

  22. Yo Jennifer,

    Nothing happened to your post. I did the same thing about a week ago. I thought I sent the post, but had a UPS package delivery. I was destracted, came back and resent the msg which created a double-post. It’s not the same situation, but at first I thought my post was dissed, deleted or some other psycho-nonsense on my part so I resent the msg. In my case it had been posted but had migrated to the “second” page of listed posts. Doug or someone took care of my double post and I also apologized for doing such. So maybe if you just simply re-posted your comment we could all enjoy what you had to say. 🙂

  23. What post? There’s nothing in the moderation queue. Perhaps you didn’t hit the "submit" button after the preview? We haven’t deleted or blocked or deleted anything from this end. Or it might be a system error.

    Rather than accuse us of something we didnt’ do, why not just ask first?

  24. What was wrong with my post? Have you noticed
    that most aren’t.We won’t comment anymore…Please explain why mine wasn’t, I only speak the truth. Who bought you?

  25. Yes Bush is a idiot but a smart idiot/asshole. This jerk face knows what he is all about and his gang of butt sucking ass kissing lovers know as well. No matter how you sum all this up its over for this nation and the amazing thing about all this is that most americans are brain dead clueness idiots themselves.

  26. Bush isn’t mad, a prophet of doom, nor stupid for that matter. Bush is an elitist just like his father and everyone else that is part of the NWO, “thousand points of light” cabal. As he said on his first campaign trail to a citizen/reporter asking him some pointed questions, he replied…”who cares what you think” ; i.e., Mr. Snarky’s reply to the man’s questions. When he found out the guy worked for a media service, he then quipped…”just get it right”; i.e., the story and as to what happened ?!

    Bush Sr. once referred to “we the people” as “groundlings”, evidently meaning we be their prey, and they and their Bilderberger/NWO, “thousand points of light” organizations as the planetary predators! We evidently exist for their pleasure…!

    In addition to being elitists, many if not most are also sociopaths. They’ve gotten their way for so long and beaten the odds of being brought to justice that the world is nothing but their toilet bowl plain and simple! When they look at us, their fellow citizens, all they see is “meat on the hoof”; i.e., groundlings to be exploited. Think I’m wrong, then you best think again! They consider themselves to be “Supermen” with zero kinship to ordinary folks.

    Kissinger a bright man in his own right, with a horrible track record for facilitating human rights abuses in South America and elsewhere refers to the starving masses in Africa as “useless eaters”…?! As we know he still is one of the respected Republican cognoscenti that’s always called upon to pontificate as to “how the world turns” according to Henry…! They are surrounded by a host of these highly paid intellectuals who write books, and crank out pseudo-intellectual screed to support their “one world order” sponsor’s paradigm. For those that read this and think that this plan for the few to rule the many is nothing but the ravings of a “conspiracy theory nut”, then you do so at your own risk. It’s taken them a hundred years to trowel in the bricks of our future planetary prison, and rest assured they won’t give up easily!

    What’s my point? Do not underestimate these Republican “monsters” for it will be your collective undoing. The Dems leadership isn’t much better, but they are basically nothing but the “relief” party when the republicans aren’t in office ripping-off the nation’s treasury. Most of the trillions of dollars of our 8.7 trillion deficit was created courtesy of Republican presidencies, the two worst being Reagan and now dubya; i.e., about 60 percent of the existing deficit. I thought they were fiscal conservatives…?! : |

    I urge all citizen patriots to keep a close eye on their elected “republicrats”. Right now as I write this, they are scheming on how to back off on a timetable concerning our extrication from the treasury draining/destroying Iraqi debacle. So I urge all citizen patriots to contact their reps and let them know we need to get out of Iraq, with a hard and fast “timetable”. If Bushco doesn’t want a timetable then evidently they don’t need the money either! Congress has what Bushco wants and needs badly; i.e., more money to feed the every-hungry maw of the MIC and a host of camp-following free-booters that are thriving on this nation-destroying debacle…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  27. Yep, it is true…

    From The Family by Kitty Kelley, p., 253:

    George’s first English assignment was to write an essay about an emotional experience. He chose his sister’s death. He struggled to find the right words. He wanted to write “and the tears ran down my cheeks,” but he had already used the word “tears” several times. So he turned to the thesaurus his mother had given him when he left home. He searched for another word for “tears.” He wrote: “And the lacerates ran down my cheeks.”

  28. Imagine that in his lucid moments, Bush realizes that Iraq has been destroyed by his invasion, and that all his horses and men cannot put it back together. If Bush were to withdraw his troops now, or even de-escalate, that failure would be clear for the world to see, even for the American electorate.

    So he has only one option. Bush must play for time and push for ever greater escalations until January 2009. Then the Democrats take over, and they can be blamed for the entire disaster. Can’t you hear it now? The surge was just beginning to work when the Democrats pulled the plug! Victory was right around the corner!

    Republican apologists said it about Vietnam. They’ll say it about Iraq, too, if Americans can’t stop this president in his tracks.

    Even though most people realize it is criminally insane to throw more lives and more money into the Iraqi volcano, Bush has to justify it nevertheless. Those justifications can not and will not make any sense, but he must make them even so.

    It is the policy that is insane. The president himself doesn’t have to be insane to promote it, but it helps.

  29. Just suppose he is right, not withstanding any questions regarding his sanity. If he is correct and there are places in the United States that have comparable levels of violence to those in Iraq, then as the President of the United States wouldn’t it be incumbent on him to try to solve the problems HERE before we go dictating to others how they should or shouldn’t live?
    My suggestion is to bring all the troops home and then impeach Cheney and Bush. To my past charges I would add: “Neglecting the welfare and safety of the American People by beginning false wars in foreign lands while ignoring imminent dangers at home.”
    Our real danger comes from leaving those two maniacs in the Executive Branch of our government any longer than it takes to file Bills of Impeachment and get them out of office.
    Perhaps that could be a new mantra: “Make the world safe for democracy, impeach Bush & Cheney.”

  30. and they did it by working day and night to keep their grades up and learning all they could. My son in law is a Stanford Grad with his law degree from Harvard. He does not fit the descriptions that many of you write about here. My kids worked to get in and stay in those institutions and have had successful professions. Let’s not get carried away with these labels.

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