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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

State of Dis-union


As State of the Union speeches go, President Barack Obama’s overwrought, overlong and over-hyped seventy-one minute lecture Wednesday night was not very spectacular, not very stirring and not in touch with reality.

Bill Clinton delivered much better State of the Union speeches. Clinton could speak for hours and keep people interested. Camers showed even Democrats dozing off during Obama’s long, boring lecture.

The President promised to create jobs. He’s promised that before. Hasn’t happened.

He promised to end discrimination against gays in the military. He’s promised that before. Hasn’t happened.

He promised to bring affordable health care to Americans. Been there, heard that, hasn’t happened.

He promised a bi-partisan approach to governing. Won’t happen. Neither party wants to work together with the other side. Doesn’t fit with their political agendas.

The clockers and watchers in Washington said Obama’s SOTU speech would be an opportunity to recapture the old magic.

If anything, the speech shows Obama’s magic is gone, kaput, missing in action.

To his credit, he took blame for some of his mistakes. He admitted failure, something you don’t usually hear from a politician.

But he President that many hoped would rise to the job is drowning in a sea of mistakes, missteps and miscalculations. He is the black Jimmy Carter, the George H.W. Bush of the Democratic Party, the President destined for one, failed term, squandering so much promise and so much hope.

The President who promised to divide America has — if anything — generated greater divisions. Last year, a Republican Congressman broke decorum and shouted “you lie” during Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress. This year, the chief justice of the Supreme Court mouthed “not true” when Obama discussed the court’s recent decision on allowing unlimited corporate contributions to campaigns. Such things didn’t happen before the Obama era. Even Democrats openly buck their President.

The Barack Obama who appeared before the nation Wednesday night is, if anything, a caricature of himself, a shell of the man who mesmerized a nation in 2008.

“I don’t quit,” Obama told us.

Too bad.

Maybe he should.

49 thoughts on “State of Dis-union”

  1. State of the Union
    It appears to me that the president addressed most of the important issues facing the country, and presented his position.
    Agree or disagree, there were no major points of concern that Mr. Obama avoided.

    “Even Democrats openly buck their President.” I would hope so.

    I wonder what Doug would have had the president say, besides apologizing for being a failure?

  2. I’ve always traded in rocks and beaver pelts, and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to stop me. I’ve never considered the District of Columbia to be part of the United States, and I’m not going to bedictated to by a foreign power.

  3. If the FED is not us, it is not part of this country, and the people of this country have not promised to pay it anything. So the FED is bankrupt and the people of this country can find a different form of currency to use. There you have it. Free at last. Wall Street kiss our grits.

  4. Many taped inaction’s,
    many more on display.
    Lever action Caliber below comprehension.
    Nice Harry died with Judge Roy Bean..

    P.S. Hillary wants to QUIT.

  5. Hey Carl –

    Yeah, I know. I’m kinda tired today and just didn’t have much snappy reparte’ in response. Kent’s point is well taken, though, as is yours.

    I was interested in your exchange with Griff about the home front and all… your’s is a nice part of the country. I’ve driven around up that way a couple of times – once took a motorcycle trip from OKC up thru Colorado, Wyoming, Montana to Lake Louise and back down thru the Okanagan before heading to the coast and down into Oregon, Cal, and back home. One of my favorite memories.


  6. Hi Almandine,

    I think Kent’s fecetious reference for doing a heckuva job is a take on G.W. Bush saying the same to Mike Brown concerning his performance as FEMA director during hurricane Katrina, later to be dumped by Bushco.

    “Yur doin a heckuva job “Brownie”…:))

    Unfortunately “We the people” can’t dump this presidential “Brownie” for three more years… : (

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. I couldn’t agree more… except for the doing a heck of a job part:(

    But then again, it’s so tough to go from beta version to full roll out.

  8. Your comments are frighteningly accurate in my opinion. Add the phrase ‘principal with interest’ everywhere in your comment after the word ‘owe’ and the extended amount is unbearable to consider. This can not end well.

  9. “Let me get this straight. Medicare and war profligacy brought on the crisis, and so we will “freeze” spending, except for Medicare and war—and also except for Social Security and Medicaid? Huh?”

    and then something magical happened

  10. “The Barack Obama who appeared before the nation Wednesday night is, if anything, a caricature of himself, a shell of the man who mesmerized a nation in 2008.”

    Precisely, a caricature of himself as President. It’s like the (our) minders haven’t reloaded his brain’s operating system from Candidate 1.0 to President 1.0 and Candidate 1.0 has no clue how to cope with the real world, a whole ‘nother world from the campaign trail. The software just keeps spitting out the same platitudes and the train remains hellbound.

    His is a classic cheap paperback novel story of the meteoric rise of a heretofore unknown politician as well, looking back, rising out of nowhere to the US Senate, and then to challenge for the presidency after one term, right out of the Classic Chicago Democratic Political Party Machine for pete’s sake (red flags anyone, I mean come on, that’s Daley country), proclaiming presidential campaign promises the oppositie of his votes for all military spending bills and authorizations to use military force and repressive actions like the patriot act in the senate, the military commissions act (anyone inside of or outside of the US can be branded ‘terrorist’ by the president and subsequently be arrested and held without charges for an indeterminate amount of time without any right to see the government’s evidence, if it exists, and without trial), amnesty for the illegal spying by phone companies at the request of our many alphabet spy agencies, ad infinitum.

    Not that I’m complaining. You’re doing a heck of a job, Barack O.

  11. For one, we owe the FED. They are not “us”. They just give us paper “money” that we promise to make good on when they want it paid back.

    Two, we owe those who hold T-bills and US bonds, which includes you and me, as well as a boatload of foreign govts. China has a trillion bucks worth, or so. Japan close to that. We owe more to Britain, Germany, Saudi, pick one.

    Three, we’ve guaranteed to pay a ton of loans, mortgages, etc., should the debtors fail to pay.

    It ain’t pretty.

  12. I’m still trying to figure out who we are in debt to? If Washington or Wall Street needs more money, the Federal Reserve prints it. It is our money. How can we be in debt to ourselves? So we borrowed some from the Chinese. Where did the Chinese get it? From us. It all sounds like bullshit to me. A vast plot to maintain power over the masses and keep them as wage slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation freed the Negros. How about a bill to free us White Folks.

  13. Good analysis on your part Griff, but I’m so burnt out by the lies that issue from politicians’ mouths that all I equate it too is soap bubbles popping in short order after leaving their lying lips.

    Yep; e.g.,a “change we can believe in” bubble, then in short order~~~”pop”~! 😕

    Carl Nemo **==

  14. I would urge every one to read Anthony Gregory’s take on the Address.

    An excerpt…

    Here’s another thing that doesn’t add up for me. Obama says, with some validity: “By the time I took office, we had a one-year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program.”

    Let me get this straight. Medicare and war profligacy brought on the crisis, and so we will “freeze” spending, except for Medicare and war—and also except for Social Security and Medicaid? Huh?

    Obama touts his escalation of war in Afghanistan, a war the U.S. should have never waged and should have in any event ended some time in 2001 or 2002, once it was clear Osama bin Laden had escaped. This war, of course, is being vastly expanded beyond what Bush indicated he would do with it, and it’s just as much a fiscal nightmare as Bush’s warmaking. As for Iraq, Obama is sticking by his promise to adhere to the time table set by the Status of Forces Agreement acceded to by Bush in late 2008. No sign of change there. And by avoiding the issues of contractors, the permanent military bases, what exactly non-combat soldiers are supposed to be doing there, he is taking credit for the status quo that he inherited.”

  15. Here’s the rub… I can’t decide whose rhetoric is emptiest. I am not in disagreement on your assessments of the situation. But when the dust of hard blowing from all directions settles, I’m still the same monkey in a cage with all of you guys.

    I consider the macro issues well identified but haven’t a clue as to what anyone is proposing as an action item re: a “zoo break”. My old friend Robert (and his trusty rules of order, reviled by anarchists everywhere) suggests that someone put a motion on the table for discussion, proposing a next step.

    I, for one, haven’t eaten well for some time, and alimentary logic dictates that I’m running low on quality throwing-turds.

  16. “So, what I don’t get is, when the disappointingly milquetoast Obama stands up and gives a “show some sack” speech, why does everyone want to throw shit at him?”…extract from post

    I’ve given some thought to your question logroll and I think I have the answer.

    Why are people so eager to throw dung at our leaders is simply the fact that they all “talk the talk, but never walk the walk”.

    This guy has had a year to show us his stuff, but invariably he takes the same course as those before him.

    Since I have a military background I can tell you as “Commander in Chief” he has the sole power to summarily end the hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan without having to answer to any of the ands, ifs, or buts from his General staff or the MIC toadies on the National Security Council.

    Generals have a vested interest in maintaining conflicts and are also beholding to the MIC in hopes of nailing down cush executive level jobs post retirement from the military. So there’s an inherent conflict of interest on their part.

    Instead they will advise him every which way imagineable as to why we must continue to stay in Iraq and slog around Afghanistan looking for terrorists in order to continue the obscene moneyflow to the MIC.

    Has Obama done so…nope! Instead he foolishly listens to their continual complex screed and analysis as to why we must continue on.

    Now he’s considering a freeze on spending, but rest assured there’s no freeze intended for the MIC with it’s now obscenely bloated 700 plus billion per annum budget. Our MIC and active military forces spend more than 44 other nations on earth combined including Russia and China. We’re flat, dead broke as a nation, but he refuses to change course. Why so, because he’s just more of the same; ie, a “team player” and a also deadly hazard to the well-being of the United States of America.

    It takes Congress to authorize or declare war, but the Commander in Chief can end it with the stroke of pen without their permission. This act alone would save hundreds of billions of dollars, but again it will not be done.

    The healthcare bill has turned out to be a medical corporatists dream come true with the entire bill to be administered in a punitive fashion if citizens don’t fork over huge premiums along with high deductibles to a cabal of medical insurers who’ve greased the palms of their patrons in Congress and also massaged this President to play ball with them on this evil piece of legislative garbage.

    The mega-insurers and bankers have skinned this nation of almost a 100 billion bucks of taxpayer money and they still arrogantly continue business as usual. Believe it or not the president has the power to implement emergency Executive Orders that can virtually seize control of the banking and insurance industries with the stroke of a pen…period! Possibly not forever, but just long enough for the FBI, SEC and forensic accountants to tear them a new butthole as to their business practices etc. Then to round up the criminals, bring them to justice, reorganize the banks under new draconian statutes then to be turned loose again to provide safe, sound banking and insurance for the citizens of this country.

    Will this President do so. Nah, why so, because he too has been compromised by their activities and ‘grease’ that migrates it’s way into party coffers.

    So logtroll et al. in answer to your question, that’s why us frustrated citizen/monkeys throw poop at the guy as we did Bush/Cheney because it’s always business as usual with no light at the end of the tunnel for “We the people” regardless of their feelgood rhetoric to the contrary…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  17. Dear reluctant participants, It’s always been plan A, no plan B….
    “Laughter”, subsides into category.
    The least of effort, desire, commitment, sustains purgatory..

    There are worse amongst than any name able to label just one more instance of our mis-placed insistence, bored them again… Til we must say…
    Lately down the barrel , that ain’t right….Hack

  18. Hmmm…Now you got me thinking. If I were to give a State of the Union Address I would make it short and simple so as not to embarrass my apparently sleep-deprived colleagues. A couple of lines would suffice.

    Dear Americans,

    As your President, I am well aware of your unhappiness with your government. You have been screwed over and over. I stand before you tonight to deliver this important message…

    You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  19. Okay, Griff and Nemo,

    We all are in substantial agreement of the Big Picture. So, what I don’t get is, when the disappointingly milquetoast Obama stands up and gives a “show some sack” speech, why does everyone want to throw shit at him? Sure, it’s a lot of speechifying. Yeah,it’s political. But it’s politics, ain’t it? What I heard in that speech is, the Supremes don’t understand that a piece of paper does not make a person, the R’s are a bunch of pouting babies, and the D’s are spineless wimps. I agree with that.

    Can he be Obama the Messiah and change all that? Ha ha! But at least he said it. If the audience didn’t find it sobering, then I guess they are too damn drunk to care.

    Just curious, what would you have said in a SOTU speech if it was your job to make one?

    One thing I’ve learned over the past twenty years (the little guy on my shoulder is heckling me, “Idiot, you haven’t learned much of anything”) is that I NEVER make any progress against the machine when I resort to yelling at it.

    When the machine is broke, you can either hitch up your pants and get the tools out, or you can pour diesel on it and strike a match. Diesel and a match is guaranteed to get you change but it will also put you out of business.

    I think the basic idea of democracy is to work on it, no matter how frustrating it might be.

    Hang in there, guys.

  20. Rest assured logtroll, I’m perceptive enough to know that you are not an enemy of this site or its posters. I have a steeltrap memory and recall other posts you’ve made. I like your thought processes. : )

    My summation is that you are a standup, “good guy” that I could depend upon in a pinch; ie., combat or otherwise. : )

    Just get it in in your head that this nation “is toast” and there’s to be no redemption whatsoever.

    As to what I do to ‘fix things’ is to email, snail mail, call their offices and attend ‘town hall’ meetings of my reps; ie., all three, my district rep, Brian Baird and my two state Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell all three democrats Washington State.

    Guess what, they aren’t listening to guys like me or you within your respective state! These three have never met a U.S. tax dollar that they couldn’t say no to and as to how these “tasty” pulled pork sandwiches might be consumed, courtesy of the ~U.S.Treasury “deli”! /: |

    I may sound like the cynic’s cynic, but Obama’s calling out the Supreme Court was all for grand theater, nothing more, nothing less! It makes us feel like our ‘dear leader’ is a friend of “We the people” and the Republic; but rest assured, he’s not. He’s one uv’em…period!

    Carl Nemo **==

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