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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

What did you expect?

In reality, did anyone expect the Republican voters in Tom DeLay's district to send him packing in Tuesday's Texas primary?

In reality, did anyone expect the Republican voters in Tom DeLay’s district to send him packing in Tuesday’s Texas primary?

Get real. These are the same people who sent the Houston exterminator to Congress in the first place and keep returning him to Washington even though they know he’s a crook whose ethics stink like a Texas swamp.

But the problems that plague voters in Texas are not limited to the Lone Star State. Ask the average voter in this country if Congress is corrupt and they will usually say “yeah, they’re a bunch of crooks up there.”

But ask the same voter is their Congressman is a crook and they will respond “no, he’s the only honest one in Washington.”

That’s always been the paradox of Congressional politics. People think Congress as an institution is a collection of crooks, con-men (and women) and swindlers. The only exception is the man or woman who represents them on Capitol Hill.

As long as that member of Congress brings home the bacon (as in political pork), provides help when a member of the family has trouble with Social Security or the Veterans’ Administration and shows up for the Fourth of July parade, the voters will keep sending him or her back to Washington to inflict whatever damage they can on the nation.

Anyone who steps back and takes a serious look at Tom DeLay knows he’s a slimeball – a bribe-taking for-sale-to-the-highest-bidder politician who uses the power of office to live large at the expense of others and fatten his own bank account.

He engineered a Texas redistricting plan that favors not only himself but his GOP cronies, laps up special interest money like mother’s milk and spreads sleaze wherever he goes.  But sixty-one percent of the GOP faithful voted Tuesday to keep his criminal butt right where it is – in the halls of power – and not in jail where he belongs.

Same is true on the Democratic side of the fence. The dumb ass voters of Ohio returned bribe-taking Jim Traficant to office again and again.  Traficant was a criminal when he served as sheriff and everyone in town knew it but that didn’t stop him from getting elected to Congress and re-elected in each election.

So any real chance of cleaning up the mess in Washington is doomed as long as the cretins who put local pork barrel ahead of the nation keep sending their own personal bad boys and girls off to Congress with a pat on the back and tacit approval to screw the country anyway they can.

Voters are selfish bitches and bastards. They want all the federal money that their member of Congress can deliver to the district and they don’t give a damn what happens to the rest of the country as long as they get a bigger slice of the pie.
That’s why sleazebags win re-election year after year and the system never really changes. It cannot change as long as those who benefit most from the system are the ones who can change it.

And it will never change as long as voters sit on their fat, lazy asses and keep sending their own personal crooks to Washington.

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