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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Modern morality: How times have changed

Morality used to be “doing the right thing.” Apparently, the definition has changed. Here's a recent line-up:

Morality used to be “doing the right thing.” Apparently, the definition has changed. Here’s a recent line-up:

James Dobson – he believes that women’s rights are subservient to a frozen zygote’s.

George Bush – According to him, a bill requiring that he bring troops home instead of giving him unlimited power, is somehow anti-troop.

Condi Rice – Our top diplomat believes that talking to Iran and Syria is immoral. So, Israel is now talking to Syria, and reportedly has private discussions with Iran.

Dick Cheney – he continues to spew falsehoods (WMD, the surge, so discredited that school kids caught writing this kind of stuff would be subject to arrest.

Alberto Gonzales – He equates questions about his integrity, honesty, testimony and his managerial abilities to an immoral attack on the 93 US Attorneys that he has done so much to destroy.

Randall Tobias – (Bush’s abstinence policy chief) He believes that his policies only apply to others, each time he speed dials hookers for those special “massages”.

Heather Wilson – (R- congresscritter) She was on the intel committee in 2003 and claimed that the intel clearly showed the danger the Saddam posed with his newly gathered WMD.

Tom Feeney – (R- congresscritter) he joins Reps. Jerry Lewis (R-CA), Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Ken Calvert (R-CA), Katherine Harris (R-FL), and possibly others, as well as former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) as targets stemming from the Duke Cunningham convictions.

Of course, Abu Gonzales has some problems, too. The most recent DOJ documents point out that US Attorney Lam’s firing slowed down, if not stopped, her investigations of corruption.

Monica Goodling – the former top aide to Abu Gonzales and a self-proclaimed christian warrior, authored an e-mail instructing the DOJ and others to destroy all incriminating documents and e-mails, even though they had been demanded by congress.

Ah, what passes for morality these days.

The moral majority is no longer. The party of family values is running people for office that are notable for how many families they destroyed and started. Is it any wonder that the GOP is beginning to run scared? Bush’s support has fallen to the Nixonian level of 28%. Yet, on Iraq, with the notable exception of Chuck Hagel, the GOP has no place to go. They dug themselves a hole so deep that they can’t even look out of it. Their answer is to find a larger shovel.

The best thing that the GOP has going for it is embodied by Wil Rogers’ accurate assessment: “I belong to no organized party, I’m a Democrat.” If there was any way to screw up their many advantages, the Democrats will be sure to find it.

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