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Sunday, May 26, 2024

The debate that wasn’t

The great debate - the first of the never ending Presidential campaign season - came and went Thursday night in South Carolina and it was, for all practical purposes, a yawner.

The great debate – the first of the never ending Presidential campaign season – came and went Thursday night in South Carolina and it was, for all practical purposes, a yawner.

So cautious, so careful, so calculated, so scripted were the eight Democratic candidates that journalists could have written the debate story from the talking points put out by each campaign long before the 90-minute snoozer broadcast on MSNBC.

Not that many noticed: Overnight ratings from major television markets show the talkfest – that began at 7 p.m. EDT – lagged far behind syndicated entertainment gossip shows along with Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune for the first hour and CBS’s Survivor for the last 30 minutes.

And why not? Even the latest tawdry news about Britney, Kevin, Alec and Anna Nicole’s love child provided far more fodder for coffee shop gossip this morning than anything spewing out of the mouths of the candidates for public office.

I’ll take boredom for $500 Alex.

In a pre-packaged, consultant-driven, focus-group shaped political world campaign debates are anything but. Every word spoken by each of the candidates had been rehearsed so many times and uttered so often before that the audience could have finished it off in a responsive reading. Heck, even Dennis Kucinich, the madman of Ohio, seemed subdued.

Instead of a substantive discussion of the issues we got an hour-and-a-half of pabulum delivered by handler-controlled mannequins straight out of central casting. Not one of these uber-cautious Presidential wannabes showed an ounce of courage, a drab of leadership or a nanosecond of independent thought.

At the debate’s end, the lemmings who masquerade today as working journalists marched in formation to each candidate’s spokesmen so they could spoon-feed the pre-prepared spin that claims each of their candidates won.

Like so much of the glitz of modern politics, the debate resulted in much ado about nothing. I saw nothing on that stage Thursday night that would make me want to vote for a single one of the candidates for office.

This wasn’t a debate. It was just another episode of the long-running political soap opera that should be called As the Stomach Churns.

It left me wishing that federal election ballots included “none of the above” as an option.

It would win in a landslide.

13 thoughts on “The debate that wasn’t”

  1. Thats true Seal. Surely these candidates know what americans want but do they have the ability or desire to provide those things? Is there a over shadowing power that rules from the dark and is never spoken of by the ones in public? I, personaly think there is. Its the cabal who are behind the one world government or new world order movement. The unionization of europe was the start and that same push is being done to the americas. There are plans of having all countries placed in zones of five or six and the united nations are to be the police force that will control any rogues or uprisings. In the meantime the political show boating continues and we all are led to believe that nothing is going on behind the scenes of normal operations. If one looks beyond the picture presented by the mass media, one can see that there is a rhyme and a reason for all this chaos and disharmony around the globe. “order from chaos” Words written in greek that are printed on our money. I believe zionism is behind the new world order and is the real enemy of all free nations in the near future. Its no secret that that cult seeks domination of the entire world. Its the religion of the elites who believe they are above most all others by virtue of thier bloodline.

  2. The problem is that we will never know what any of them will actually do until theyare elected because they are so concerned with not saying anything wrong. “Yeah, look at me, I’m everybody’s candidate.”

    It’s always been that way. In my lifetime, Kennedy was the only presidential candidate that had the ability to inspire people. But I believe they are making a mistake this time. The nation is hungry for a legitimate candidate to open up and say the things that we all truly feel. Those things we know that no one talks about. How people’s rights have been stolen by power mad despots. How we have been lied to and spied upon. How our money has been stolen. And so on. I think the people are ready for that and one of these candidates could run away with it if they did it right.

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