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Friday, April 12, 2024

Kucinich wants Cheney impeached

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a vocal critic of the Bush administration's war in Iraq, plans to introduce articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday.


Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a vocal critic of the Bush administration’s war in Iraq, plans to introduce articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday.

Kucinich, a Democrat who is again running for president, said Monday that he will hold a news conference in Washington to discuss his bid to oust Cheney. Kucinich spokeswoman Natalie Laber declined further comment.

Under the House impeachment process, Kucinich’s articles would be reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee, which would decide whether to conduct an impeachment inquiry. The committee would seek authority from the entire House before beginning an inquiry.

Cheney spokeswoman Megan McGinn responded to Kucinich’s announcement by saying that the vice president has served the nation honorably for almost 40 years.

"The vice president is focused on the serious issues facing our nation," McGinn said.

On his campaign Web site, Kucinich questions whether the Bush administration’s aggressive actions toward Iran already have raised concerns over impeachment.

"So I’m asking you, what do you think? Do you think it’s time?" Kucinich asks.

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23 thoughts on “Kucinich wants Cheney impeached”

  1. Well it can never be said that Bush sr and grandpa Bush ( Prescott ) were stupid men, just greedy and traitors. Prescott got rich during WWII by trading with the Nazis. He paid a million dollar fine, but never went to jail for the treason he commited. Bush sr made millions and still makes millions with his dope business he set up while working in the FBI and CIA. Guns for drugs did not exist before Bush set it all up. Now Boy Bush has not enough sense to pour piss out of a boot, but by his ancestors crime syndicate, was placed at the top of the worlds greatest and most powerful country with one objective. To enable the transfer of wealth from the majority into the pockets of the elites and at the same time dismantle the freedoms and rights of the people. He has accomplished much of his task at the cost of thousands and thousands of human lives with more to follow. It is no wonder that Bush sr has aquired the best water resource on earth on which to build the Bush Castle and water works and in my opinion to be the future center of rule for the new world order.

  2. From what I understand, the purchase of the land in Paraquay is in the neighborhood of 100,000 acres. What makes this purchase extremely interesting is that despite the Bush administration’s poo-pooing about global warming and the catastrophe awaiting the world – the land they purchased sits atop the world’s largest aquifer. I doubt anyone is surprised – and I’m sure the Bush crime family is looking-forward to the day when they can sell water at absurd prices much as they do oil today…

    “The Guaraní Aquifer, located beneath the surface of the original four Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay), is one of the world’s largest aquifer systems and an important source of fresh water for its people[1]. Named after the Guaraní tribe, it covers 1,200,000 km², with a volume of about 40,000 km³, a thickness of between 50 m and 800 m and a maximum depth of about 1,800 m. It is estimated to contain about 37,000 km³ of water (arguably the largest single body of groundwater in the world), with a total recharge rate of about 166 km³/year from precipitation. It is said that that this vast underground reservoir could suppy fresh drinking water to the world for 200 years. Due to an expected shortage of fresh water on a global scale, which environmentalists suggest will become critical in under 20 years, this important natural resource is rapidly becoming politicized, and the control of the resource becomes ever more controversial.

  3. Good insight on everybody’s part, however, please remember the United States is still a relatively young nation (less than 300 years old, don’t you know?). We’re still in the development phase and have not actually made our place in the world (in some ways we have, as an occupying force, go figure). Think of all the old European countries and the history that goes with them. Unless you were asleep in world history, you’d know, change is imminent. We The People need to take back the USA and give it back to the working class and send the ruling class packing…I hear Argentina is just LOVELY this time of year! LOL!!!!

  4. It’s about time someone on the hill talks about impeachment.
    Isolate Bush by removing the puppeteers and he will crumple on the floor when no one is pulling his strings. Dam, what a refreshing thought!

  5. History lesson: On 15 Jun 1215, King John Lackland was forced by the nobles of England to sign the Magna Charta, guaranteeing certain rights and limitations of powers. Legend has it that the enraged King John returned to his castle, and threw a three-day temper tantrum. Within 18 months he was dead. Stress does take its toll on human health.

    GW makes a very good case for the reincarnation of King John’s spirit, in attempting to negate our Constitution, which is the legal descendant of Magna Charta. I’d like to see the tantrum GW throws, if Congress “Magna-Charta-izes” him.

    MomCat, member, Magna Charta Dames & Barons

  6. see Bush during one of his probably obvious hissy fits.

    He probably stamps his feet and holds his breath, just like he probably did in front of Mommy Babs.

    Maybe the floor of the oval office will have to be repaired after this one.

    I hope so.

  7. my idea has been that ok, Georgie boy pulls out his veto pen and scrawls his name, sending the bill back to the congress – who takes the SAME BILL – not changing ONE FRICKIN’ WORD and hands it back to him. Put the son of a bitch in his place – no compromise –

  8. Wow! I never agreed with so many comments in my history of writing comments to this letter! Impeaching Cheney is the way to start–cut off the head and the tail will wag uselessly. Next impeach Bush before he can pardon Cheney. Then try them BOTH for treason. Hang em high boys! Hang em High! They murdered innocent American Soldiers in their greedy pursuits of wealth and power and they deserve nothing less than hanging. I would love to see if they could exhibit one tenth of the guts that Sadaam Hussein did as he stood on the platform with the noose around his neck. I would take bets that both Bush and Cheney soil themselves BEFORE they are hung.
    Hang em high boys, hang em high!!!

  9. What if the democrats told Bush to either sign the war funding bill with the witdrawal deadlines or there will be no war funding bill. What would Bush do?

    George W. Bush has never been denied anything in his life or had to take responsibility for anything. He is so arrogant that his reaction to not being able to have his way for the first time in his life would be total rage. No one could predict what he would do. That is the fear that prevents the democrats from doing anything, such as impeachment, that would be denying the arrogant Bush from having his own way.

    It is the Bush arrogance that scares them. It is entirely possible that he would try to literally take over the country by creating some condition that would justify [in his mind] Marshall Law and we could wind up with the people of America being at war with our own president. A president with millions of fanatical christians behind him willing to make him the KING of America who will prepare the world for the second coming.

    He is so damned arrogant he might order the arrest of the democrats in congress. We would see the real Dick Cheney if that happens. He would be the head of Bush’s Blackwater gestapo. What would the military do?

    It all sounds farfetched? Maybe. But maybe not. Bush is the most arrogant person on the planet. He would do something, for sure. Who wants to risk it? Not the democrats in congress. They have chosen to just keep him from doing any more damage until 2008 and use the time to insure a democratic sweep in the elections.

  10. Just got back from a 2 month sojourn across country and back. It gave me a chance to talk to lots of people in every state between the coast of Georgia and the coast of California.

    I can tell you that there are many people who believe that the Republicans have no intention of giving up the White House. However they must accomplish one party rule, they intend to, and they certainly have no intention of turning over the almost total power of the “unitary executive” to a Democrat, unless that Democrat can be trusted not to burn them for their many crimes, both domestic and international, and can be trusted to, in some way, keep their programs on life support until they can be re-elected.

    Is there such a Democrat? I sure as hell hope not. But I really cannot be sure of anything anymore.

    These past 6 years or so have been the strangest of my 58 year lifetime.

    Yep, I will vote for the Democrat, in every race in 2008, but I’m not so sure I trust some of them either.

    As a matter of fact, I have lost trust in our institutions and in our leaders.

    God, how I would be awe-struck if someone would just call a press briefing and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    Put the whole rotten story of the last two Bush administrations out there for the whole world to hear, and don’t forget Reagan/Bush, when this particular pile of crap started.

    We must clean up our country! Seems Vice is a good place to start. Gonzales too. Need not settle for one.

    But what if Pelosi and others on Capitol Hill know more than we do. Could it be that they know very well that the guys at the top are as pathological as we all think they are?

    How does one deal with a Nut? Sometimes it is not a real good idea to back him or her into a corner.

    I don’t know. I hope that the Democrats are doing what is in the nation’s best interests and that of her people.

    I hope!

  11. Why give Bush the opportunity to install someone else, say Jeb, in the Veep job in time to build a resume for the elections?

    Impeach Gonzales, and the truth will come out under sworn, public testimony, then there will be enough information to impeach both Bush and Cheney.

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I guess I believe the Dems are not really serious about anything except stagecraft.

    Joe Lawrence

  12. What great posts..I feel the same. I can’t imagine what Georgie might do if ever denied anything..but it could be drastic. He has proven that he has no problems in lying, deceiving and only God knows what else. I just wrote Pelosi and told her to re think her stand on impeachment to at least START the impeachment investigation befor this term was up..I hope others will do the same. As we’ve seen in the Don Imus case recently..that a bombardment of letters, and the pull out of sponsors (in this case our votes)will work. (FYI…I did not want Imus fired) LETS BOMBARD CONGRESS WITH OUT LETTERS AND GET RID OF THIS DICTATOR AND HIS BUNCH !

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