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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Should Congress initiate impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush?

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18 thoughts on “Should Congress initiate impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush?”

  1. I agree with bjiller, that impeaching Bush without
    impeaching Cheney would be useless. Cheney is really
    running things. Bush is just the mouthpiece. If
    Bush alone is impeached, nothing with change. Cheney
    and Bush are both war criminals and have subverted
    the Constitution since they were “selected” by the
    Supreme Court. They both must be impeached to restore
    our democracy.

    You should ask people to vote on whether to
    should impeach Bush AND Cheney. Nothing else
    makes sense. Nancy Pelosi would not be
    a perfect president, but she is not a criminal.

  2. I too felt like nottoolate when he or she says “Impeachment of Bush is a waste of time and taxpayer’s money.” I bought Pelosi’s argument that time would be better spent on other issues, and I hoped one was getting a democrat into office. BUT, then I watched Bill Moyer’s Journal on the subject, and I became an impeachment zealot. Please watch the clip

  3. I voted in favor of impeaching. Though I agree with others that it is necessary to impeach both. In fact, I think the best approach would be to impeach Cheney FIRST, then impeach Bush.

    I do certainly agree that there are MANY important issues for the Democratic Party to focus on, such as demanding an end to the war or electing a Democrat to office in 2008. I still would like to see at least an attempt at impeachment. To me, it is the principle of the matter. I would like to see the Bush administration be held accountable for their actions and be forced to answer many unanswered questions.

  4. The public has made it loud and clear that they no-longer care for the services of little boy Bush, so why the hell is it taking so-long to get impeachment underway…get rid of him so he can go insult the queen of Uzbekastan or some other country for that matter, just get rid of him.

    Impeach Bush Now & do not forget to take Cheney along for the ride also!!

  5. is all we seem to have to offer up if we don’t have the proper backing to impeach the chimp and his handler(s). The house and the Senate’s reluctance to aggressively act on what they have witnessed; the multitude of Constitutional slights, violations, and downright complete disregard of the laws set in place nearly 300 years ago makes them accomplices to the destruction of the American democracy. IMHO, they all need to be sent packing and suitable replacements elected by paper-vote; not those electronic abominations (Diebold) that got us into this mess to begin with!

  6. It is our duty as Americans to impeach. We have to show that we as a people are free to elect who we want in office but when breaking the laws of this country and the world they should be let go just as any one person doing something inexcusable at work.
    He is on the job right now and works for us!! You and me! Dont know about you but its pretty simple every day he is there conducting this job things seem to be getting worse by the minute.
    If you had an employee destroying your company in front of you what would you do?
    You wouldn’t keep that person for any length of time. Not even a day.
    By letting him go in office its showing this country and world that we really don’t care about the country we live. Its being seen every where in every country on earth. If we are not careful maybe another country might thing we need help here because we have lost control of our country. I don’t know about you but I sure don’t need or want the help like we gave Iraq. Think about it.


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