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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Onward Christian soldiers?

I have a theory that I would like to discuss and receive some feedback.

I have a theory that I would like to discuss and receive some feedback.

The subject of prohibitions (abortions, same sex marriages, death with dignity and stem cell research) are all in the minds of many Americans who are very involved in their Christian doctrines. They somehow feel that there is something wrong with being able to make these choices on their own without the government’s permission.

We all know that when the first social prohibition was put into the Constitution by way of the 18th Amendment, it took a new Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to enforce the new law and they failed to consider the crime cartel that developed within the American voters to drink anyway. It wasn’t the prohibition that failed but the enforcement.

So how can these Christians ever hope to get these prohibitions made into law when they know the enforcement will never work? We have seen our federal enforcement agencies fail to enforce the laws within the realm of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The A.T.F. flexed their gun power at Waco and did nothing but burn alive many Americans.

We have seen our Federal Agencies overpower the freedoms of many Americans and it is not a pretty picture. Our Internal Revenue can take Americans to trial when they do not pay their taxes. Many of these non-payers have their hands into the federal budget and will absolutely take what they need through welfare without putting anything back. That is called being a thief in my book, but that’s another commentary.

How are we as a Nation of Federal Laws, going to enforce the prohibitions being lined up by Christian America? In the past we saw armies of Christians go to battle with Islam in the Middle East by a private army called “The Crusaders.” Then followed a group of very religious knights who wandered all over the Middle East and they were called “The Knights Templars.” This combination of Christian warriors massacred many innocent people all over the Middle East and was considered “justified” as these murders were done in the name of Jesus Christ. We saw Spanish armies rape and pillage through North, Central and South America killing millions as they push their way to find gold.

Have we now seen the beginning of another Christian army this time in America?

Hal Brown did a wonderful commentary on Blackwater and I was so impressed by the information I bought the book and am reading about the development of a private army to protect our American people abroad and now at home.

I’ve been taught to follow the money when I see a new system in development and the money for this new private army comes from the billionaire Erik Prince.

Mr. Prince represents a massive movement of Evangelical/Christian groups who have in their agenda to pass all the prohibitions mentioned in my first paragraph. My first question was “how many Congressmen are involved in this movement and why are they allowing money to be spent on Blackwater instead of funding our soldie’rs safety equipment?” Is this part of the surge that Bush is pushing in Iraq?

There are too many questions as to why a Christian financed army is needed anywhere to represent America. When the war in Iraq is over, will these private warriors be brought home and put in the Homeland Security to enforce the new prohibitions passed by our federal government?

I’ve Googled “Blackwater” and have read all their good deeds and actions but under the Bush Administration in conjunction with the Christian Coalition, my doubts about the legality and ethics of this, stand out as just another cheap movement to get those prohibitions into our laws. They have the enforcement all lined up and it will put America in the arms of a police state run by Christians. Am I the only one who finds this dangerous? I’ve listened to a lot of comments about the massacre at V.T. and the words “Festering Anger” popped up several times.

Where does this festering anger come from? Some say the hypocrisy found in the corruption in the White House. I’m upset by it but am working to find solutions to stop the rage and, hopefully the corruption, in America. There is anger in all of us when our dreams of individual freedoms die in our government and then in our local laws and then in our schools and homes.

I have much more to research on this private army and I can only hope I’m on the wrong track. The thought of an armed Christian Crusade representing America abroad and at home would be the final straw in breaking down the Constitution for all Americans. No one American can act against such a movement but a team of active Americans can stop this utter nonsense from developing. I need help here folks………

29 thoughts on “Onward Christian soldiers?”

  1. Seems to me that the correct and best analysis of any system of government or ruling body is in the overall intent or results. Blackwater is not of the nation as a whole, but is a private corporation of wealthy influential families that have socalled christian values. But the reality as so easily can be seen is that they are hired killers with owners that brag of thier christian goodness. Does it take rocket science to see the evil in this arrangement? Is it so difficult to see where this will take us? As Sandy and other commenters point out, this organization has close ties with the bush cabal and seems to be destined to provide civilian enforcement at a future time. Oddly like orwells vision of big brother. Can anyone deny that our society has evolved along the orwellian vision? We have a gutted constitution, we have a stacked supreme court, we have ever growing agencies that spy on americans when it is not neccessary. We will soon be forced to micro chip our bodies so we will have NO freedom. It is the INTENT disguised as Religion, or Terrorist Threat, or coming Pandemania, etc. I think americans would be amazed at how peaceful things would be if the churches and the government were to leave us alone. It is all about conquer and control over people and money which includes all people, foriegn and domestic.

    The forces of evil are alive and well. Satan is the master of deciet and falsehood.

    America is so dependent on the media to do thier thinking, is it no wonder we all look stupid to the rest of the world. The rest of the world who do not depend on our controlled media for thier thoughts and opinions. We need way less government and free press, truely free press. Just look at the overall picture of current events and it is clear that this is not the right way to live and therefore we are wrong in the countries direction and its leaders who lead for evil self enrichment.

  2. What can we say…Blackwater is just a war contractor…who trains and supplies mercenaries for Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Bush loves’ em. Bush hired them. We need all the help we can get…according to Bush. This is a private corporate army.

    Blackwater doesn’t care who, what, where, or when the conflict is. After all, as they make claim …they are the world’s largest peacekeeping and stabilization operations company…and Bush loves’ em.

    In fact, I read months back that their participation is so top secret that very few WAY HIGH UP in our government have privy to mission status and they don’t have to operate under the laws that the U.S. Military have to.

    Blackwater —- Christian Army? Why not?
    If anybody could orchestrate some type of overthrow, I guess Blackwater might be a candidate…at least they might claim to be that powerful. I don’t know how large their force is and probably not many know that for sure.

    In most cases it could be said, “follow the money”, but in the case of Blackwater…that might be really difficult to do…at least for anybody outside the loop.

    I didn’t really know that they existed until the battle at Fallujah, Iraq. I’m not for sure, but I think that some of their mercenaries were killed.

    Apparently their mostly a covert organization, but I doubt we’d ever get at the real nuts and bolts.

    I didn’t read Hal’s article, apparently he accumualate info on this ….whatever they are.

  3. I have the book Blackwater in front of me and this commentary is about the information found in the book. My concerns are based on a very obvious attempt to bring prohibitions into our government. Those prohibitions were mentioned in the first part of the book. As I got further into the book I discovered a Christian coalition based on the Pat Robertson University that has trained 150 of Bush’s appointees. That is worthy mentioning whether you like it or not!

    I realize you still think Bush is a good President and that I’m being overly critical of his actions. You do not see what I see and that Bush is wasting our manpower and our soldier’s lives trying to protect his many mistakes. Going into the war was bad enough but having Bremer fire the Iraqi police cause 400,000 enemies of America to be set loose in Baghdad. You are willing to leave Bush alone and do whatever he wishes with America’s reputation.

    You claim that Blackwater is being trashed. Funny I’m read good reviews of the book and was thrilled when Hal Brown brought the story here. Of course I ordered the book and discovered it contained many plans to promote the very prohibitions that I have written about since 1999. I’m finding many other sources for this attempt to rewrite our Constitution.

    I presented this commentary welcoming opinions on what I have discovered. You came here to try to downgrade my words. I would have much more respect for your words had you read the damn book! If you can’t keep this on the subject at hand, I ask you to leave. If you want to trash my reputation you know where you can continue to do it. This is simply a cheap trick and it won’t work. Go away, read the book and come back.

    I welcome diverse opinions of everything I write but this is not a place to take me on personally. You know my politifcal opinions and this should not be a suprise that I find Blackwater unethical and immoral. Just the number of innocent people they slaughtered for no good reason is enough to flag me down that this is the work of fascism not anything our founders would have approved of. But you will never know until you read the book.

    This book has convinced me that we must clear out of Iraq before our own government is accused of being made up of war criminals. It was a war based on lies by a man who had no business trying to lead America. It is not the first book I’ve read on the horrors of war under Bush; and grandpa, it won’t be the last.

    Wait until I get into the 9/11 reports. So go home and wait for me there and we can take this up out of CHB.

  4. When I was young, I found myself with an unwanted, unexpected pregnancy – at a time when abortions were illegal. I lived in a western state where some of the hospitals were performing abortions, if the woman could provide 2 letters signed by licensed physicians stating mental incompetency. Unfortunatly, my state’s Capitol threatened to close down the hospitals performing abortions (not all were) before my “legal” abortion could be performed, so I had to consider alternative venues: both Sweden and Japan were reviewed – and reluctantly rejected, for reasons of cost. I researched back-alley abortionists here in the States. These were also rejected because though there were probably some good practitioners, there were also many who were incompetent – and I had no way of determining who was which! Mexico was closer, and I disccovered a local physician who had contacts there. Though the country is deeply Catholic – and abortions are illegal – now as it was there then, there was a “consideration” to be paid – to the police. I had my abortion, by a young man who was paying his tuition to med school by doing abortions!

    This last week 5 Supremes outlawed ALL partial birth abortions (DAMN THE WOMEN, save the fetus!) ALL 5 OF THE SUPREMES ARE MEN – AND EVERY DAMNED ONE OF THEM A CATHOLIC!

    It has been my contention that where there’s a will, there’s a way. AND WHEN THERE ARE BAD LAWS, THESE LAW MUST BE DISREGARDED, IGNORED. We also have a duty to make every best effort to do whatever we can to change the law! In the meantime, I expect some Mexican physicians are considering the value/risk factors in re-opening some abortion clinics along the US/Mexico border – at least I hope so! elgee

  5. The doublethink which people indulge in needs to be rebutted in the framework in which it is posited.
    Islamofascism is one of the funniest bits of blatant bullshit I have come across in quite a while.
    Let’s recap another ‘scarecrow’ used to stampede the stupid. Communism was an unsophisticated idea which didn’t survive the transition into reality. The original Twelve Disciples had their property on common.
    Like the hippies in 60’s communes, the societies didn’t survive. What happened in the U.S.S.R. was old conquest in the rags of the day.
    Fascism used Satanism as a front in Germany: a name change into Christianity is dead simple. Jesus told a story about a helping Samaritan – two guesses what religion he followed ? ( Hint : he wouldn’t have been Jewish or Christian ! )
    The rule followers were always harassing him – the Pharisees were the leaders of the temple ( read church, does it seem much different ? ) Maybe he wasn’t so nuts about preaching hate and calling it good.
    Islam ? It’s been around a long while. Like not knowing the difference between Shiite or Sunni, or refusing to attack Iraq over actions of renegade Saudis whose trainers fled to Afghanistan, the biggest problem is people who won’t take the time to learn anything about the situation before charging in.
    America’s intelligence agencies unanimously briefed the President that U.S. presence in Iraq was doing more harm than good. This was as wargamed in Desert Crossing.
    False faith and media control : America is still mostly comtose. A cannon is not the best tool for killing mosquitos : unless you think the expense and collateral damage are bonuses.

  6. Senator McCarthy’s crusade against communists in America was mostly self-serving hysteria.

    In a 1951 dissent to a Supreme Court decision, Judge William O. Douglas stated that if anyone read the four books the defendants were convicted of using to teach Marxist theory they would understand that communism contained the seeds of its own destruction and probably couldn’t survive.

    When I worked at the National Security Agency in the late 1950s and early 1960s protecting this nation from communism, I took Marxist theory classes at Georgetown University Graduate School of Government. The students were of almost universal conclusion that communism had to radically change or it would destroy itself. When Gorbachev attempted the radical reforms, communism collapsed.

    Our anti-communism crusades were mostly hysteria.

  7. I am not a Christian of any kind, but my husband was a born and raised in Sweden Swedish Lutheran of the old school. He always said more people were killed in the name of Christ in the Western World than for any other reason.

    When I was a girl, a long time ago, there were Catholics; Eastern Orthodox; Mormons; and Protestants (who identified themselves by particular beliefs, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Evangelicals, etc.). The people you are all calling Christians are “Radical Evangelical Christians.” These are the people who say “I am a Christian” in quotes and with a special kind of emphasis on the word Christian. All of you are mixing them up with people who believe in Christ as Savior. If you don’t come up with a correct way of referring to them, the conversation is fairly insulting to a lot of people.

    “Radical Evangelical Christians” are just as dangerous, in my mind, as Radical Muslims, and Radical amost-anything-elses. The problem with radical religion is the view that they are right, everyone else is wrong, and they must impose their religious correctness on the rest of civilization; they Crusade, to use the old word… We need Christian Soldier-Crusaders just about as much as we need Muslim Soldier-Crusaders, which is to say NOT AT ALL. The essay is right on.


  8. Coming from many years of being a Republican I tend to lean to the right. But I never leaned far enough to fall into the koolAde.

    Kiki I worked in the Hollywood Studios during the Communist threat and we were very aware of the their influence in our scripts, props being destroyed and the studios themslves being attacked by the Commies. You must remember that Hollywood was the center of the Republican movement. We were attacked on many levels from the Communists.

    McCarthy was appointed by the Congress to be an investigator for the many Communist problems in America. He did not represent the Right but simply hired as an investigator. I did not have a televion at that time because I was raising my kids but I read the L.A. Times, Examiner and two local Valley papers to follow the investigation. This is one activity that must not be a partisan problem as America was at war with Communism. When Communism was defeated I remember asking my husband what would be next?

    It came from the religious right which would do as much damage to America’s sovereignty as Communism. Our children are no longer being taught American values and the religious right is right there to fill in the empty space.

    I thought America was dead as far as values would go and when I discovered the internet I knew there would be a place to discuss the issues bothering so many of us.

    Doug has opened his home to all opinions here; even mine!

    My whole point in bringing more information to Hal’s orginal commentary was to warn that Blackwater in peace time could be the Christian Army working against all Americans. I wrote this as an opinion and hoped for replies one way or another.

  9. Cailleach
    The last two posts were especially good, articulate, coherent, and accurate. I am a gnostic Wiccan whose ancestors fought in the American Revolution. I believe that God is the energy of the Universe and all-encompassing. That means that we are all God and part of the divine whole. Any harm we do to others we do to ourselves. I am very frightened of the “Christian”–NOT!–right. Blackwater is a real threat. Will we have another civil war in this country in our lifetimes?

  10. It appears to me that the Christians are so diluted in their infrastructure that the only real connection in their faith is that somewhere mixed into the equation is the name, Jesus Christ.

    There is incredible diversity within any given faith. An example of inter-diversity: The Baptist faith has somewhere in the vicinity 216,000 members in the U.S. and within that population is about 22,000 somewhat different versions of that denomination. I can almost wager that of those 216,000 folks, there are 216,000 belief systems. But, doesn’t the same hold true with all religious faiths?

    The common thread among all religions seems to be disseminating a doctrine that is fear based which in reality is a social control mechanism.

    Most religions would totally deny any social control element in the meaning and intent by which it sustains its existence.

    If a religion wants to gather its flock for a specific purpose…whether for religious or even political reasons, marketing more prolific fear is the key ingredient to create a movement.

    Major religious figures in the world know their own power…simply by creating the notion that they have some link to their respective God…and include with that that they are privileged to receive special knowledge from that respective God…well, that can establish a powerful base to get the attention of a lot of people. Not only can they get attention, but begin to construct a seat of authority among their followers.

    Just like in political leaders who realize their power of authority of the citizens of this country…so do the religious leaders.

    Consequently, one could only surmise that sooner or later a religious leader will begin to be overwhelmed with their sense of power and start to exercise that power to fulfill what they believe to be within the realm of a higher moral ground and to ultimately seek to assure their respective God’s will and all of the divinely inspired prophets messages to the human race. Uh huh…that’s how it appears on the surface. But in the end, it’s just about personal power and control over other peoples lives.

    Christian militias (and other names for the like) aren’t anything new. They have a history of being very deadly at times.

    But, isn’t “violence” synonymous with “religion”?

  11. I agree with the above named, but have a few comments I want to add.

    I completely concur about the difference between “prohibition” and “trying to legislate morality”. Some may think it’s semantics but there is a distinction.

    I used to be a practicing Christian; in fact, I was an elder. The far right has so subverted religion to their own ends, I quit the church in disgust, declare myself as having no religion and practice none.

    Sandy, you covered a LOT of ground, but I’d like to comment on two points.

    Regarding Blackwater-if we ever get out of this war ( which I doubt ), Blackwater is perfectly positioned to be an American version of the SS or Brownshirts. You may think I’m being alarmist, but wait and see.

    Regarding your thinking on the communists “trying to infiltrate/take over” the government, entertainment industry, etc. Sandy, do you not realise that McCarthyism was the genesis of the far right movement we have today ? Reagan made it slicker and W and his evil cabal picked it up and ran with it.

    The “Red Menace” didn’t exist ( at least in the sense they scared us with it ). McCarthy used it as his bogeyman just as Reagan used Gorbachov and W uses Osama Bin Laden and all Muslims. They frighten the public into agreeing with their insane military spending ( which profits them ) and their endless pre-emptive wars ( which are also enriching them ).

    Think about it…

  12. Morals should play a part in our lawmaking, to be sure, but only the morals upon which we can ALL agree. Morality is not the exclusive province of religion. If it were, that would only create the problem of which religion. As a nation, we draw upon differentiated sources to inspire our laws and it’s no coincidence that many religious ideals are, also, enforceable law. However, any one religion cannot be the guiding influence in government and the decisions that affect ALL members of a society. Because we are such a diverse nation, there are certain issues that must be left to a more subjective nature when dealing with morals. Our laws must be made in an objective manner, discriminating against no one, and only serving as rules and establishing punishment if those rules are broken.

    “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” *George Washington*

    The separation of church and state doctrine is emphatic in our law. Our founding fathers were determined to keep holy wars from enslaving this continent. They declared their independence not only from a cruel and stupid king, but also from centuries of religious warfare. Christian hierarchs and their prelates had turned Europe into a battleground. They fought against knowledge and free expression of ideas, persecuted nonconformists, and justified the oppression that spawned the exodus to the new world and the American Revolution. America was to be a land of freedom, not religious turf wars. The rights of citizens were to be kept separate from religion’s self-serving claims of certainty and sanctity. Now it is our time to take up their noble cause.

    The Holy War in America — Onward Christian Soldiers!

    Christian demagogues have declared a holy war that they claim to be for the soul of America, the sanctity of life, and the future of Christian faith as synonymic with patriotism, democracy, and family values. They stifle intelligent discourse by badgering us into fixation on two issues — Scripture and sex — as if only those two issues will determine the future of all civilization.

    The mission of the segregationists who enlist religious morality is to handcuff the judiciary and override the separation of powers, the system of checks and balances so wisely built into our Constitution. Through voter referendums, legislation, and amendments they seek to restrict the courts ability to enforce our constitutional protections. On November 2, 2004 lynch mob voting succeeded in writing segregation into law in eleven more states by denying homosexuals the same rights as heterosexuals. Legislatures are allowing medical doctors to refuse treatment to people on moral grounds alone. And, pharmacists can refuse to fill prescriptions (such as birth control) if their moral ideology conflicts with the purpose of the prescribed medication. If allowed to continue and be successful, they will re-create the very conditions that caused Europeans to flee their homes and send America back into a pre-Constitution Puritan age where simply being different is not only a sin, but a CRIME. If we don’t wake up, our nation will be legislatively segregated according to Puritan morality with moral outlaws in a very short period of time.

    CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, SEC. 202. “All persons shall be entitled to be free, at any establishment or place, from discrimination or segregation of any kind on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin, if such discrimination or segregation is or purports to be required by any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, rule, or order of a State or any agency or political subdivision thereof.”

    Sex and gender identification and marriage and abortion and pornography are issues that certainly require objectivity, but in the eyes of the law — not in the eyes of a religion. Law must protect free thought and equality — both of which religion denies by defining marriage as a holy sacrament and anything sex a restricted entitlement instead of the individual right of free choice. We don’t need any one “religious body politic” re-defining or re-interpreting anything for our own good or for the good of society or its values, as expressed by a few chosen ones we should listen to. We don’t need laws requiring judges to turn out court decisions limiting our personal freedoms or an administration that wishes to introduce a moral or religious compass for all to follow.

    Civil rights are insular and may not be abdicated to the preference of a moral majority if we are truly to have individual liberty. In Lawrence v Texas, the court held that the constitution’s definition of liberty includes the right of adults to conduct consensual personal relationships “in the confines of their homes and their own private lives.” And it underlined that that is true even when those relationships’ “overt expression” is through “intimate conduct.” In short, liberty includes the liberty to have sexual relations according to ones own conscience.

    Today’s Bible warriors are only engaged in the pursuit of power. They play to prejudices and fears. They trespass on people’s yearnings. They distort goodness and magnanimity. They make common cause with greed and privilege. But it’s nothing but a power grab cloaked as religion and as politicians exploit this holy war for campaign funds, membership lists and votes, they are playing with the divisive fire that has destroyed civilizations.

    It is time for people and politics to stop being bullied by religious demagogues. There is no basis whatsoever for thinking that sexuality is exclusively a religious concern or that any one religious ideology should set the standards for all of humanity. Sex may be a human concern – even an obsession — but it cannot be foisted off onto any God if we are to truly have freedom of thought and expression because religion relies on obedience to faith, e.g. denial of free thought or expression. And, it’s especially dangerous when arguments about sex provide safe cover for denying the rights of the individual by paradoxically seeking special consideration in law for any one moral ideology.

    Religion and law are two separate entities and must be treated as such by the people and their government, not allowing one to influence the other. Not every American owns a Bible or believes in the teachings of Judeo-Christian religions, so it is not fair and equitable to impose those beliefs upon members of a society who don’t share the same beliefs. It is, in fact, constitutionally prohibited in the United States of America.

  13. An earlier comment in this thread reads: “in fact the Bible treats homosexuality on a par with wearing cotton and wool clothing at the same time.”

    This comparison seems a bit exagerated, since the Old Testament enjoins us to put to death practicing homosexuals, while there is no such injunction concerning those who would mix wool and linen in their raiment.

    And while Christ came to replace the forbidding and jealous God of the Old Testament with a God of love, he did not put away the Law, and did not say that those actions the the Law forbade (and punished with death) were now to be considered Good Things.

  14. Marching for The Prince of Peace?

    How strange is that?

    Madam, I share your concerns. I must say that out of all that has become apparent since 9/11/01, the rise of the christian reconstructionists, Dominionists, whatever they are calling themselves these days, is the most terrifying.

    We have dealt with corrupt, greedy, self-aggrandizing politicians before. They all know that they are doing wrong, on some level. But the ones who do what they do, no matter how appalling, for “God” are not reasonable people. They are what I refer to as “religiously insane.”

    The religiously insane come in all flavors, I’m afraid, especially the Abra mic types.

    I don’t know what the answer is. I think liberals go too far when they refuse to allow any religious symbols on pubic property. As long as tax payers do not have to pay for a star of David, a manger scene or whatever, I don’t care.

    The Right is way over the edge when they yap on about a liberal war on Christmas. I’ve seen no evidence of any such thing.

    I have always been a live and let live kind of person, but I will not be forced to bow down to the nutty, twisted beliefs of the people who seem to be running this country.

    If war is what they want, war is what they will get, I’m afraid, right here at home.

    Their perverted preachers will continue to be outed, their financial shenanigans will be revealed and their political corruption will be known to all. Count on it!

    As a born and raised Southerner, I can tell you that we cannot legislate morality. We have tried many times, and we have failed, in that only the poor are burdened by such laws.

    I, for one, cannot imagine a Christian Soldier, but then some folks can rationalize anything, can’t they?

  15. Abortion, same-sex marriage, death with dignity, and stem cell research shouldn’t even be discussed or considered in the realm of federal government operations or business. We, the American people, have allowed these issues to become subjects of argument in Congress, introduced by pyschochristian fanatics.

    Considering the mess that has developed in DC, there is now only one solution to the problem. Call me when the revolution starts.

  16. stewart

    I agree with a vast majority of the comments made thus far but want to interject a bit of balance here as well. There are may Democrat Christians who also would like to see restrictions on abortion and other “christian” issues.

    The crusades and the knights templar were not promoted by Republicans, since there were no such thing. They were primarily Christians supported and promoted by Rome. So to try to couple them with the evangelicals or the Republican or for that matter the Democratic parties of today I think is not quite right.

    Various administrations in the recent past have made questionable decisions when it comes to politics and the support of partisan issues, but that unfortunately is part of the game of politics.

    At what point do we all, as Americans, start looking at Those inside the beltway as being screwed up as a group…..isnt it high time to blame Washington elites in both parties for the growing rancour? Think about it

  17. I am discussing the Blackwater contracting company currently raking in millions of dollars in Iraq and in the United States. There is nothing wrong with making money but are they driving America into a continuing war?

    I’m hoping that the non-aggressive Christians will stand up for our American values and I believe it would be a winning agenda for anyone from any party to be elected in 2008. The current Christians in power are using threats of the prohibitions and they won the white house twice.

    The Republican Party does not want the moderate Republicans to be in any way associated with them and have made it clear that unless the prohibitions are top of the list, they (meaning me) are no longer welcomed in the party.

    I remember just after WW2, when the Communists tried to infiltrate all over our American industries, entertainment studios and it took a rational population of Americans to run them out of town. I began to think years ago that the Christian coalition was also a threat to American freedoms and President Bush 43 proved I was right.

    After WW2, our Constitution was strong and we all looked at it with pride and knew all of us were protected from our Government through the Bill of Rights.

    Another subversive movement is now trying to destroy our freedoms and this time they are using their churches.

  18. Please stop lumping all Christians together. There are plenty of Christians who don’t support Dubya or the policies of the Kooky Christians.

    I agree with the guy above. Those people are religious and therefore think its their duty to impose their views on the rest of us in the name of their religion.

    This has been going on for millenniums. Fortunately for us, in the past, the President hasn’t been on of them.

  19. You seem somewhat beset with these evil Christians. Do none on the Left see a reason for concern with the Left current dance with Islamofascists? Why are the islamists right to pray OK in schools but not the Christians. And yes they are,,,in Dearborn and Detroit…the schools say well…”its their culture” So Im guessing the Christians would be rounded up by the ACLU.

    Why is the Left so enamored with Islam to provide its own banking methods, even in the US now. Not only in the UK.

    Will the Left be happier in the soon to be (20 years) Islamic France…? Will the Socialist there be happier without their heads? How about the Gays, will they be happier in the Islamic France, Britain, Dearbornistan…??

    I’m guessing not.

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