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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Dumb Dubya

George W. Bush (AFP Photo)

George W. Bush (AFP Photo)

Uh oh. Dubya’s back on the bottle. And Karl Rove is smoking a double-doobie and drinking the bong water.

Uh oh. Dubya’s back on the bottle.

And Karl Rove is smoking a double-doobie and drinking the bong water.

Nothing else can explain the incredible stupidity and insensitivity of using images of the World Trade Center attack in a new set of political ads for George W. Bush’s re-election campaign.

Only a drunk and a pothead could think using the images would not cause the uproar that has erupted over the ads.

Not long after the 9-11 tragedy, Bush promised to not exploit the event for political purposes. But, as usual, he lied, just like he lied about the reasons for invading Iraq and about having proof of a connection between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

George W. Bush (AFP Photo)

George W. Bush (AFP Photo)

Bush is a man with no shame, no compassion and no sensitivity for the feelings of others. Nothing is allowed to stand in the way of his desire to hold on to the Presidency and he doesn’t give a damn who gets hurt as long as he keeps the job.

The lackeys who support Bush and defend his every move claim the Democrats would do the same thing if Al Gore were President. Perhaps so, but that is a tired, shallow argument, the same groundless defense that Bill Clinton used to defend some of his actions.

Such insensitive, cynical political stunts are wrong, period, and offering lame excuses like “the other side would do it too” show George W. Bush is no better than the feeble excuse for a human being that preceded him in the White House.

Bill Clinton is a despicable man, a whorehound who brought disgrace to the office of the Presidency. George W. Bush is equally despicable, a power-mad despot who brought disgrace to the image and credibility of the United States.

Now Bush dishonors the memories of more than 3,000 Americans who died in the worst terrorist attack ever launched against this country.

Bush’s minions claim the ads showcase his leadership.

What leadership? An economy in the crapper? Millions of Americans out of work? Hundreds of Americans dead in a war waged under false pretenses? Billions wasted in a war against Iraq while Osama bin Laden, the man behind the death of more than 3,000 Americans remains at large? A goose-stepping attorney general who tramples on the privacy and rights of Americans and uses the Constitution to wipe his ass after he craps on all our freedoms?

The memory of Americans who died on 9-11 deserves better.

America deserves better.

America deserves far more than four more years of lies, deceit and mismanagement by George W. Bush and the idiots who follow him.