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Monday, April 22, 2024

Cheney nabbed rushing to lie

Bush's lies to large audiences are more judiciously phrased. But Dick Cheney lies to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and his 15 million listeners. Cheney must be wearing an asbestos codpiece as tells his bald-faced lies to keep his manhood from being toasted with his pants afire. This week we had another highly credible debunking of a major Bush-Cheney lie about the reason for invading Iraq. (See "Pentagon report debunks prewar Iraq-Al Qaeda connection" Christain Science Monitor)

Bush’s lies to large audiences are more judiciously phrased. But Dick Cheney lies to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and his 15 million listeners. Cheney must be wearing an asbestos codpiece as tells his bald-faced lies to keep his manhood from being toasted with his pants afire.

This week we had another highly credible debunking of a major Bush-Cheney lie about the reason for invading Iraq. (See “Pentagon report debunks prewar Iraq-Al Qaeda connection” Christain Science Monitor)

The final proof that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s terrorist network operating out of northern Iraq wasn’t even initially part of al Qaeda, and never was sanctioned by Saddam Hussein was front page news.

This should finally lay to rest the lie about Saddam’s love affair with al-Qaeda, proving it was nothing but a neocon’s nocturnal emission.

Bush has refrained from consorting on air with the media’s rapid right wing. But his vice president apparently is free to make a fool of himself by jumping into the the cesspool of right-wing talk radio.

Dick Cheney has affection bordering on the perverse for the reprehensible hate-monger Rush Limbaugh and his fifteen million listeners.

There he is free to give invisible nods of agreement and approval while Rush lies his ass off and tells his slavering audience that liberals are selling out America.

On April 5th, on the heels of the release of a previously unknown Pentagon study laying out the facts which debunks the notion of a Saddam al Qaeda connection, Cheney upchucked the putrified lie about Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Saddam Hussein being in cahoots.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: … So those are very real problems, and to advocate withdrawal from Iraq at this point, it seems to me, simply would play right into the hands of Al-Qaeda.

RUSH: It may not just be Iraq. Yesterday I read that Ike Skelton, who chairs — I forget the name of the committee — in the next defense appropriations bill for fiscal ’08, is going to actually remove the phrase “global war on terror,” because they don’t think it’s applicable. They want to refer to conflicts as individual skirmishes, but they’re going to try to rid the defense appropriation bill, and thus official government language, of that term. Does that give any indication of their motivation, or what they think of the current plight in which the country finds itself?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Sure. Well, it’s just flawed thinking. I like Ike Skelton. I worked closely with Ike when I was secretary of defense. He’s chairman of the Armed Services Committee now. Ike’s a good man. He’s just dead wrong about this, though. Think about it. Just to give you one example, Rush. Remember Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian terrorist, an Al-Qaeda affiliate. He ran a training camp in Afghanistan for Al-Qaeda, then migrated after we went into Afghanistan and shut ’em down there, he went to Baghdad. He took up residence there before we ever launched into Iraq, organized the Al-Qaeda operations inside Iraq before we even arrived on the scene and then of course led the charge for Iraq until we killed him last June. He’s the guy who arranged the bombing of the Samarra mosque that precipitated the sectarian violence between Shi’a and Sunni. This is Al-Qaeda operating in Iraq, and as I say, they were present before we invaded Iraq. There’s no way you can segment out and say, “Well, we’ll fight the war on terror in Pakistan or Afghanistan but we can separate Iraq. That’s not really, in any way, shape, or form related.” It’s just dead wrong. Bin Laden has said this is the central battle in the war on terror.

Read entire interview from Rush’s website

As avid listeners hung onto his words and visualized their alter-ego Rush liplocking onto the veep’s mouth, Cheney pontificated about how withdrawing our troops would “play right into the hands of al-Qaeda.”

Those who have done a little reading know that the CIA suspected Osama wanted to Bush to win reelection in 2004 and that this is why he released a video condemning him just before the election.

How else could a rational observer take the timing of this release by the most hated man in America than as a calculated ploy to aid Bush in his bid for reelection?

There is certainly a good case for believing al Qaeda benefits from our staying in Iraq and continuing to inflame anti-American sentiment. Like many other controversial issues of the day, you won’t see such issues debated on Rush’s show.

Important questions challenging lies this aren’t even open for debate on the right wing media. Rush’s listeners will never ask probing questions of the liars like Cheney because Rush never does.

Bush’s lies are more temperate. For example he only suggests that the Democrats unpatriotic, and ignorant armchair generals trying to micromanage the war. But in fact Bush got rid of the generals who disagreed with him.

In their place he put generals like Petraeus who, for whatever reason, have decided to go along with his plan for a “surge”.

Bush now stylizes his lies for mass consumption because his audience is far larger. But to get the truth of what he really believes you have to pay attention to what Cheney says to the more limited audience on shows like Rush Limbaugh’s.

The good news is that media watchdogs, both on the internet and in the mainstream media, are now engaged in monitoring and reporting on what Cheney and others are saying to highly partisan audiences.

28 thoughts on “Cheney nabbed rushing to lie”

  1. Probably for the same reason the 2.3 trillion dollars that went missing from the pentagon has not been discussed. Or the 8 billion in cash unaccounted for in Iraq. Major major theft of taxpayers money by the powers that be.

    So disgusting is the fact that if all the stolen and misappropriated money taken during the past six years were spent on domestic projects in this country, there would be no health care problems, and most would be employed. But for that to happen there has to be honest men in government who practice integrity and honor.

    Fat chance of that becoming reality any time soon.

  2. Everyone with a grain of insight knows the man is a pathological liar. But, what happened to all that evidence that was uncovered clearly showing Cheny had a direct hand in insuring that Halliburton got that multi-billion dollar, sole source (no competition) contract? There were emails, several contracting officers that came forward, abundant evidence of fraudulent claims/payments, etc., etc., yet nothing more has been said or done. The contract was in contravention of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the contract management was sloppy (if not steeped in fraud), and Cheny’s participation in its award was clearly a conflict of interest if not criminal. The Democrat controlled congress would do well to delve into how Halliburton got that lucrative contract and Cheny’s participation in its award. One only has to look at the increase in Halliburton’s stock value since this war fiasco started to see how that company, which Cheny managed, has profited.

  3. The fact that Cheney “The Dick” ALWAYS lies, is not news! The fact that Cheney along with his frontman Bush have still not been charged with crimes against America is amazing! The fact that anyone would still believe anything he says, is not only sad, but pathetic!

  4. To me, the scariest part is the thought of Rush Humbug having 15 million listeners. Are Americans really that stupid?

  5. (Steve Horn:)

    I hope you don’t think this. I meant exactly what I said, that Bush’s lies are more temperate (i.e., showing moderation or self-restraint). This is because he addresses a wider audience, and his words are likely to receive much more media attention than Cheney’s.

    Bush is a lying wolf often who dresses in sheep’s clothing. Cheney is a nasty naked rapid wolf whose fans eat up his lies. I have little doubt that in private Bush is as nasty as Cheney and just as willing to lie to the American people.

    I think Bush’s words are more temperate because they are carefully scripted by Rove, while Cheney doesn’t mediate his words. But I think Cheney says what the president believes, and is more willing to make outragiously false statements.

    Fortunately the media is now covering Cheney when he plays in the right wing media cesspool, as this example of his Limbaugh lie-a-thon shows.

  6. I’d forgotten that song. It subliminally or subconsciously was written about Cheney.

    Who knew???

  7. Insanity can be defined as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Before you start consulting the neighborhood shrinks, though, it is a joke. I once visited an ex-fiance’ three years after we broke up and he had this sign on his desk. Maybe if he had had it on his desk when we first got together, we would still BE together.

    Cheney is a very dangerous man and I am very afraid. Did anyone see the video of him lurking in the bushes in the Rose garden while Bu$h was spewing a speech? Caught by none other than C-Span. Check it out on YouTube.

  8. I love that term “Bush’s lies are more temperate” – doesn’t matter if they’re temperate or not – they are lies. Is one type of lie more acceptable than another? I think not – I know the “white lie/black lie” argument didn’t fly with my parents, and doesn’t fly with me.

    This administration has somehow constructed itself on a foundation of lies – there are no shades of truth – there is truth – based on facts – which can be proven – anything less is a lie.

    Cheney? He wouldn’t know the truth if it greeted him behind prison doors – Dog willing, someday that will happen.



  9. “Cheney will resign for health reasons.”
    I’m terribly afraid you are right.
    Cheney resigns, Bush appoints Rice Vice-president, she then runs for president and gets nominated.
    The certifiable thirty percent that will swallow anything Republican vote for her plus a lot of blacks and a lot of women.
    Lieberman, and Nader run and split the anti-republican vote and Svengala ConDoll wins easily, nukes Iran etc etc…

  10. Cheney feels free to lie because the political base of the Republican party is not “political”, but “subversive”. The Republican party got it’s start getting rich from the Civil War. Now, everything about it is false from its corporatism to its funda-nazi religions and its bone headed ideas about education and the military. It is a solid marriage between the criminal rich and the lower middle class.

    You don’t have to love the Democrats to hate the Republicans. But, most Democrats are not out and out supremacist crooks and traitors.

  11. There wouldn’t be a codpiece small enough for Cheney; he has to cover his fat ass, and that’s the real challenge.

    The poor man needs help.

  12. I wondered about that myself. I am convinced that when the time comes that he knows it will all fall apart for them very soon, Cheney will resign for health reasons. “I was just going by the information they handed me.” “I really believe we could have won in Iraq if we had enough time.” He may be laying the ground work for that, now. He’s just arranging another deferment. Medical, this time. Avoiding responsibility is what he does best. Besides, Bush was set up to be the fall guy from the beginning. And Cheney is still pissed at Bush for canning his bed buddy, Rumsfeld.

  13. As I look around for a reason, any reason, that Cheney continues to tell these stories, it has occured to me that he might be doing so because it is preferable to look stupid and dense than to expose oneself as a traitor. If he created or used these fabrications knowing they were false to get us into war, he would be a traitor to this country. At this point, it’s probably better from his point of view to appear stupid than be labeled a traitor. I have the sense he’s trying to avoid the latter by making such an effort to appear the former.

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