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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Walter Reed General sacked over shoddy conditions

The head of the U.S. Army's top hospital was removed from his post on Thursday after troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan were found to be living in shoddy conditions and struggling with a complex bureaucracy. An Army statement said top officials had lost confidence in Maj. Gen. George Weightman's ability "to address needed solutions for soldier outpatient care" at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

The head of the U.S. Army’s top hospital was removed from his post on Thursday after troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan were found to be living in shoddy conditions and struggling with a complex bureaucracy.

An Army statement said top officials had lost confidence in Maj. Gen. George Weightman’s ability “to address needed solutions for soldier outpatient care” at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

“The care and welfare of our wounded men and women in uniform demand the highest standard of excellence and commitment that we can muster as a government,” said Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

“When this standard is not met, I will insist on swift and direct corrective action and, where appropriate, accountability up the chain of command,” he said in a statement.

Problems at the hospital were brought to light by a Washington Post investigation published last month. It found that recuperating soldiers were living in a dilapidated building infested with mice, mold and cockroaches.

The newspaper also found wounded troops forced to untangle a web of bureaucratic red tape to obtain benefits and treatment as they coped with physical and psychological trauma.

Government investigators found the typical soldier must file 22 documents with eight different commands to enter and exit the medical processing system, the Post reported.

The Army has said it has already fixed many of the problems with the substandard building and is working to quickly improve its administrative procedures.


But Gates pledged last week that commanders would be held accountable for failings at the hospital. He also ordered an independent review into outpatient care of wounded troops.

The Army said Weightman had been relieved of command at 10 a.m. and its surgeon-general, Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley, would take temporary charge of Walter Reed.

Several lower-ranking people at the hospital have also been relieved of their duties, Gates said last week.

President George W. Bush’s administration has frequently praised U.S. troops for their sacrifices and insisted they will have the best possible treatment. But Democrats said the government had failed to provide adequate care.

“This administration has consistently underestimated the resources that are needed to support our veterans,” said presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, who has introduced legislation to improve care for wounded soldiers.

Sen. Jack Reed, who served as a captain in the U.S. Army, said after a closed-door meeting of senators with Gates that Weightman’s removal was not enough on its own.

“I think they have to go further in terms of establishing responsibility,” said Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat. “It’s not just about firing individuals, its about fixing the problem.”

Outpatients at Walter Reed are mainly troops who have received initial medical care but require further treatment before they can go home or return to duty. The average outpatient stay lasts 10 months, the Washington Post said.

More than 10,000 U.S. troops in the Iraq war and more than 600 involved in the Afghan conflict have been wounded so seriously that they were not able to return to duty within 72 hours, according to Pentagon statistics.

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14 thoughts on “Walter Reed General sacked over shoddy conditions”

  1. “Gates said Harvey had resigned, but senior defense officials speaking on condition of anonymity said Gates had privately demanded that Harvey leave. Gates was displeased that the officer Harvey had chosen as interim commander of Walter Reed — Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley, the current Army surgeon general and a former commander of Walter Reed — has been accused by critics of long knowing about the problems there and not improving outpatient care.”… Courtesy of Yahoo News


    I’m impressed with Dr. Gate’s performance concerning the hospital debacle. He didn’t take the expedient way out by letting the good ol’ boys quickly plug the holes and then go on business as usual. He didn’t care for Kiley’s track record so it reflected upon Harvey’s decision making ability; ergo he gave him his marching orders. Good move and it indicates to me he has “the right stuff”! It also means he isn’t clearing “everything” with the Bushistas. He seems to be responsible conerning his back-tracking on the Iranian nuclear intelligence debacle too. Who knows he may not last long since he doesn’t seem to fit the ugly Bushista mold that we’ve witnessed for the past 6+ years. I’ll supply some links concerning Dr. Gates background etc. He did a stint in the Air Force so at least he’s paid his military dues. Everyone doesn’t have to have an M16 in their hands slugging it out in the triple canopy or the urban jungle to be considered a bonafide veteran. For every active combat person, there’s at least 10 support personnel. So to me he’s well-balanced and superbly qualified for Secretary of Defense.

    Btw, I’m well aware that he’s CFR, connected, and linked to Iran/Contra, but we can’t have everything folks. He may just represent a crack in the PNAC, neocon monolith that’s shadowed this once great nation for the past 6+ years. God forbid, they may have a principled man in their midst…! :0

  2. Randy Rhodes Air America stated yesterday that Rumsfeld himself knew about the conditions for quite a while, possibly back to 2003. A volunteer who knows Rumsfeld’s wife asked her to visit the hospital because she was very disgusted. Mrs. Rumsfeld went, saw the conditions for herself, and asked her husband if he was cherry-picking disabled vets. for photo-ops. “Yes” was his reply. You know what happened to the volunteer? She was told her services were no longer needed and she was not to step foot in the hospital again.

  3. What was the purpose of firing Maj Gen Weightman, who had only been on the job for six months. What has Bush accomplsihed during the past five years he’s been in office???? Gen. Weightman was used as a scapgoat.

  4. Are Vets deserve the very best care WE can give them, right Bush? Then why in the hell are you cutting the vets benefits? You are one horse’s Ass. I for one can’t wait until your ass is out of work.

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