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Sunday, June 16, 2024

The End of Obama

Wow. That was fast. From boy wonder, full of hope, audacity, and smarts, to a lame duck unwilling to get his hands dirty, and unable to stand up to the slightest bit of opposition - unless it comes from the center or the left. No, make that the moderates or the left. When the Center (Lincoln, Lieberman, and others) tell Obama to squat, he politely asks what color. 


Wow. That was fast. From boy wonder, full of hope, audacity, and smarts, to a lame duck unwilling to get his hands dirty, and unable to stand up to the slightest bit of opposition – unless it comes from the center or the left. No, make that the moderates or the left. When the Center (Lincoln, Lieberman, and others) tell Obama to squat, he politely asks what color. 

My only problem was how long it took for the wrapping to be removed, allowing us to see the real Obama. And what we see ain’t pretty. The list is bad, and getting longer. Worst of all, there really is no sign that the White House gurus even have a clue how angry and restless we natives are. They seriously misread how easily they could bamboozle and lie to Americans, hoping it would be too late for us to do anything about it. To their chagrin, the American people caught on too fast. 

Nope, it is clear. As of today, Obama has created such a mess for himself, that we seriously need to start hunting for some primary candidates to oppose him. Mr. Obama is clearly not up to the task of governing. 


How embarrassing. How unseemly. How easily the boy wonder in the Oval Office was put in his place. He “invites” Wall Street and other professional thieves to come to DC for a serious talk. His glamor and power are so diminished that the three most important guests don’t even bother coming. FOG? My ass. The private jets that they own could have easily landed, even if a commercial flight had been delayed. And the best operated, fastest, and easily accessed US-based train system runs where?  From New York to the Bloatway. 

His response? Obama was sure to pull a campaign move from the mess he created. On video, he APOLOGIZED for the fog. 


We have plenty of evidence of war crimes. We have way too much evidence of torture by the US military and our CIA. The president’s campaign promise was noble. These things were not American, and could not go on. 

My, how his tune has changed. His DOJ is now coddling and protecting the very people who were behind these heinous acts. Instead of doing what is moral, ethical, and most importantly, LEGAL, Obama refuses to allow investigations, and even worse, he has adopted almost every Bush era policy that led to these crimes. Photos? Memos? Investigations? Not on his watch. Even worse, Obama has let it be known that illegal renditions will continue. 

Not exactly the change America voted for. 


A land-locked country of 25,000,000, mainly tribal, and mainly centered in three large cities, or through some of the most treacherous mountains on this planet, Afghanistan has 

i. no military (to speak of. We keep training folks, they keep going AWOL and joining the insurgents. With our guns) 

ii. no air force

iii. no rail roads

iv. no air ports (except ours controlled by our military)

v. no missiles, WMD, nukes, germ laboratories, or other methods to deliver anything harmful to America

By any rational standard, Afghanistan poses absolutely no threat to us or its neighbors. There are, according to the US DOD, 100 Al Qaida left in the country. Mainly on Pakistan’s border. Their presence means we have to send 30,000 more targets into hostile territory? Plus another 57,000 Blackwater mercenaries and contractors? THIS MAKES AFHGANISTAN A NATIONAL SECURITY RISK? My ass. 

Yes, this is a troubled region. Pakistan has serious issues in its adjoining mountain regions. bin Laden, if alive is hiding there. And Iran has responded to Israel’s and our threats by testing missiles. Iraq continues to fall apart. Other countries also suffer greatly. 

The worst part about Afghanistan is that our DOD and Commander in Chief forget their history lessons. The one overwhelming fact is that Afghans hate intruders and occupiers. It matters not who they are; they are all bad and need to be exterminated or removed. We will never win in this country, no matter how badly you bent, fold, spindle, mutilate, tear, or mangle the definition of “victory.” But what is saddest is that Obama has caved on this issue for political reasons. He hopes to pacify the GOP, the DOD, and the neocons by expanding Bush’s surge into a country that wants us gone. All we do by adding more troops is to create more strife, more targets, and more anger among the locals. But at least the Bush neocons are happy. Endless war is precisely what their clients want. The profits are just too good to pass up. 



Here are some direct quotes from Obama’s own party members in both the house and senate: 


Congressional Democrats are starting to voice their anger at President Obama over the way health care legislation has been compromised, blaming him for not fighting harder.

“The president keeps listening to Rahm Emanuel,” said Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.). “No public option, no extending Medicare to 55, no nothing, an excise tax, God!” he exclaimed about the Senate health care bill to Roll Call. “The insurance lobby is taking over.”

Rep. Dave Obey (D-Wis.), told Politico of Senate delays, “It’s ridiculous, and the Obama administration is sitting on the sidelines. That’s nonsense.”


Remember, these are his friends and supporters. In May and June, some people were asking where the White House was? Why the absence? the silence? the lack of leadership? Obama answered with a toothless demand: “Pass a health care bill by August recess.”  And then he left for his version of an undisclosed location, never to dirty his hands with health care again. At least not this summer. 

July was filled with angry town hall meetings, and Obama’s closest allies were left hanging. Without a plan, without even an outline, they had to deal with the fear stoked by Big Insurance, and the lies carefully crafted by K-Street. Still, the WH was completely silent. These meetings caused even more strain and stress, and reinforced the idea that the allegations were true. A real leader would have responded quickly. Obama was no real leader. 

Actually, Team Obama did do something during these months. They crafted a secret agreement with Big Pharma, a deal they denied ever existed, until they had to admit that they lied. And now, when we tried to lower drug costs by allowing a weird capitalistic approach like competition, (through drug imports or even re-imports of US made drugs) the White House screamed bloody murder. At the progressives. At those working hard to help the poor and middle class. 

The only ones that Obama’s enforcer, Rahm Emanuel,  ever targets are those on the left, plus, the moderates who mistakenly believed that they had someone honorable in the White House. Joe Lieberman has become Obama’s best friend, taking away ever more positive parts of the HCR bill, until all that is truly left is a mandate to make Big Insurance companies more profitable. Those limits on payments that were erased? Gone. Yearly limits? Back in force. A public option? Gone. Fines for failure to pay overpriced insurance premiums? Present, front and center. Single Payer? Don’t make me laugh . . . . or rather, cry.  Taxes on truly high premiums? Gone. Buy ins into Medicare for those 50 or 55? Gone. Family planning and abortion? Ha. 

At this rate, I expect Obama to demand a loophole for pre-existing conditions, and then, the whole bill will be a conservative Republican’s wet dream. With Obama providing any services requests to make their orgasms that much more enjoyable. 


This is not the change that America voted for. This is that weird point in time to which historians will point, and say, “Here is where the first african american president lost control, and ultimately, lost his office.”  Even used car salesmen could not accomplish a Bait and Switch as devastating as what Obama has done in one short year. 


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  1. GREAT piece, Rob…… and nice post-game wrapup, Carl.   Couldn’t agree more with you both and can’t top either post.   But here’s a Merry Holiday to you both and to hoping the American Taliban (judeochristian right) either wakes up or grows a conscience and/or a brain FAST.

  2. Truly well said, both the article and the reader comments. I salute you all for your ability to see the truth and speak it.

  3. Hi Senegoid…

    “Personally I’m not too bright”…extract from commentary

    Never, ever, diminish yourself my friend in thought from “down under”…!  I’m impressed with your observations and commentary to this site. 

    We all have something to say and add to the mix.  I consider it an honor that his site has one of our British Commonwealth friends and allies making commentary based on your offshore observations. 

    Everything you’ve written to date on CHB impresses me…! : )

    Carl Nemo **==


  4. I have read quite a few opinions about President Obama and based on those opinions the President appears to be lacking in two things: leadership and balls.

    It is easy to agree with the former, however when you think about it he must have balls as big as two planets.

    Who amongst us would have the nuts to stand up and address the globe with poignant promises that we never intended to keep? Who would have the guts to betray millions of decent peace loving people who adored you? Not many ordinary people could do that to their fellow man. That is a job for a cynic, or a sociopath, and an arrogant one at that.

    Of course, such behaviour is the lot of a politician – and there is the rub.

    Based on what I have observed over the years it has become somewhat obvious that those who are ambitious enough to seek political office (and power) are in general not fit and proper people to be leading anyone or administering the finances and security of a nation.

    The seductive nature of power too often overrides reason, common sense and curiosity, even if they existed in the first place – power acts like a drug and like all drugs desensitises the user to the real world.

    In short those who seek political office should be immediately disqualified from such a position.

    Unfortunately those who would be most capable/honest/transparent in governing a nation would find the world of politics (as it is today) a far too repugnant “service” to even consider.

    Personally I’m not too bright, but I do know human beings, ordinary people who are far brighter than moi, who are far more capable of governing and protecting the interests of a nation than any of the clowns we have in power today.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we could change the face of power so that capable, ordinary, sincere, peace loving folk are attracted to being of service to the people, the nation and what could be a truly wonderful world.  


  5. Now that my views are going mainstream I know were are in deep doo doo!

    So how long now until you guys see how voting is sham?

  6. Last Fall I warned my sister that if she voted for McCain, we would find ourselves with another administration beholden to the corporate aristocracy,, as opposed to capitalists, as there is a big difference.  I admonished her that we would wind up with another Bush-like presidency that would lead us (with increasing momentum) over the cliff and into feudalism.

    Well, she voted for McCain and looked what happened!

    When W.B. Yeats wrote “The center will not hold,” and “what beast is this, slouching its way towards Bethlehem?”…he put into words what has been happening for decades, and apparently will continue.

    MY vote for Obama last year was more of an “anti-mandate.”  it was to stop the degeneration of our form of so-called government.  A very well done piece, yet i wished you had included one of Obama’s first acts was in taxing the  hell out of the least affluent with the SCHIP bill.  Health arguments notwithstanding, it remains a fact that when confronted with Obama’s pledge of no one under the income of $250,000 would not see a tax increase, Robert Gibbs glibly retorted that they meant income taxes.

    Sure, so those who supported and voted for this guy can see that not only has he assumed the trappings of an emperor, but that he has  no clothes.

    Mr. Obama, I’d like my vote back please.

  7. I’m hoping he will face enough opposition from within the Dems and they will choose to force a primary. From here he has no chance to recoup any credibility  even as a dog catcher.

    Jim Webb, Al Franken, adopt Ron Paul, hell, I’d vote for Zippy the Pinhead over the audacity of nope.

    P.S. Hang in there Sandra…..

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