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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The O’Hare UFO

By LESLIE KEAN The Providence Journal On Nov. 7, during the late-afternoon rush at Chicago's bustling O'Hare International Airport, something truly astonishing happened. Pilots, managers and mechanics looked up from their ground positions at the United Airlines terminal and saw an odd, disc-shaped object hovering silently overhead, just below the overcast.


The Providence Journal

On Nov. 7, during the late-afternoon rush at Chicago’s bustling O’Hare International Airport, something truly astonishing happened. Pilots, managers and mechanics looked up from their ground positions at the United Airlines terminal and saw an odd, disc-shaped object hovering silently overhead, just below the overcast.

Some minutes later, with many eyes now fixated on it, the wingless vehicle shot straight up at an incredible speed and was gone, leaving a crisp hole through the clouds with blue sky visible at the top.

It was definitely not an airplane, or any known craft, witnesses said, many of them shaken by what they saw.

“I immediately called our operations center to confirm the sighting and the Federal Aviation Administration was contacted while I drove to the other concourse to talk to the witnesses,” a United management employee wrote for a National Unidentified Flying Object Reporting Center (NUFORC) investigation.

With NUFORC’s input, Chicago Tribune transportation reporter Jon Hilkevitch broke the story in January, which then leapt onto national television news. “The witness credibility is beyond question,” says Hilkevitch, who has spoken to dozens of witnesses.

The FAA and United Airlines initially denied knowing anything about the incident, but taped calls and other evidence revealed their communications about it when it occurred.

The FAA then attributed the incident to a “weather phenomenon” and United Airlines advised employees not to talk about it, according to the Tribune.

“The safety implications of any vehicle operating at low altitude over a major airport outside the authority of air-traffic control are obvious,” says NASA aviation expert Brian E. Smith, a former manager in the agency’s Aviation Safety and Security Program. “Managers should want to hear about such vehicle operations before they become accidents or disasters.”

Instead, United witnesses have been disregarded and left to ponder their unsettling observations.

FAA spokesman Tony Molinaro said in January that the “absence of any kind of factual evidence” precludes an investigation. “No FAA controller saw anything. There was nothing on radar either.”

Nonetheless, he offered his best “guess”: Witnesses could have seen a “hole-punch cloud” in “a perfect circular shape like a round disc” with “vapor going up into it.”

In fact, these natural cloud holes — with ice crystals falling down through them, not up — can only form at below-freezing temperatures. It was 48 degrees Fahrenheit in the O’Hare cloudbank that afternoon.

A hole could also form in a cloud from rapid evaporation by heat or very dry air, scientists say. This explanation, unlike Molinaro’s, fits witness descriptions of a high-energy, round object likely emitting intense heat or other radiation while ascending.

Some experts say radar cannot pick up unrecognizable objects with bizarre behaviors. John Callahan, division chief of accidents and investigations for the FAA during the 1980s, says it’s not at all surprising that the O’Hare UFO was undetected on radar — but that doesn’t mean that there was nothing there.

Radar technology cannot always capture extremely high-speed UFOs. A hovering object wouldn’t necessarily show up, either.

Callahan speaks from direct experience that makes him an authority on the FAA’s handling of UFO incidents. In 1986 he reviewed extensive data generated by a Japan Airlines cargo B747 encounter with a gigantic, walnut-shaped UFO over Alaska.

Later, the FAA declared the radar faulty, ignored the three pilot eyewitness accounts, and called the incident “unconfirmed.”

To this day, Callahan fervently disputes these findings based on data still in his possession. “I observed a primary radar target in the position reported by the Japanese pilot,” the former official says, which, although intermittent, synchronized with the 30-minute taped interchange between pilots and controllers.

Official policy actually spells out FAA lack of interest in reports of anomalies, even if the unidentified craft is potentially life-threatening. The FAA Aeronautical Information Manual, providing the fundamentals required for flying in U.S. airspace, states that “persons wanting to report UFO/Unexplained Phenomena activity” should contact an organization such as NUFORC.

If “concern is expressed that life or property might be endangered,” the manual says, “report the activity to the local law-enforcement department.”

Smith takes issue with this approach. “We need to encourage reporting of all incidents regardless of biases against particular categories of occurrences,” he says.

Richard Haines, a former NASA official and now director of the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, has collected over a hundred reports from pilots documenting a range of safety hazards caused by proximity to unfamiliar flying objects or inexplicable brilliant lights.

How could our government not be interested in an unknown, highly technological object hovering over a major airport, as reported by competent airline personnel? What about passenger safety? Or national security? Or just plain scientific curiosity?

Unless the FAA and other federal agencies shift gears, this mind-boggling incident at O’Hare will be left to haunt us — until the next time, when something even more alarming could happen.

(Leslie Kean is a New York investigative journalist and co-founder of the Washington-based Coalition for Freedom of Information. Reach her at lkean(at)

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  1. Along the lines of being limited by what we are taught from birth, people also have to take into consideration that we are also limited by the elements available to earth. If some of these crafts are extraterrestrial in nature, there is the possibility (at least in my mind) that they are made up of and/or run on fuels that simply do not exist on earth. If this is true, it truely would take some form of interjection by an alien race to bestow space travel capabilities to us.

    Also, taking more into consideration that we obviosly only know what we are capable of knowing, for lack of a better explanation, who’s to say there isn’t some sort of alliance kinda of like you see in some Sci-Fi games, books, and movies, that are a collection of higher intelligent beings who are prohibited from interfearing with lesser developed planets? We would never know about it for sure, and it sounds stupid and a fantasy to most people, but the universe has existed for billions of years, yet humans only can account for thousands of those years. There could be countless advanced civilizations that have come ang gone, some that still exist, and some that are less developed than us, and we would never know. Think about this…if we eventually become capable of intergalactic space travel and discover intelligent life, would we land and try to study it, give them technology, try to form treaties? Or would we scout around, take samples, and leave them to wonder WTF just happened?

    I often think about what things will be like in 100 years, 1000 years, etc. I mean, take a simple battery operated TV and DVD player back to the 15th century. Those people would have no concept of what they were seeing…they wouldn’t even be able to enterain the thought of TV back then…the same applies to us now. Until we are informed of exactly what is going on, and people start to understand these things, we can only speculate…but in 50 years it is likely that craft like this could be commonplace and we think back to “haha remember back in the early 2000s when we had no idea WTF these were!”

    All I can suggest is to keep thinking outside the box 🙂

  2. We are taught in school about parallel lines, then we go out and walk along the railroad tracks, and sure enough, in our limited child view, parallel lines never meet. Then someone without blinders on points out that all “parallel” lines DO meet, and “parallel” is just an abstract construct. Not earth shaking, no riots in the street, but you get the point. We are homo-roboto, programmed from birth, mere sleep walkers. Imagine how horrible to wake up by chance, and have to spend your adult life among the living dead.

  3. Jules is on the right track. Objectivity is key. Exactly how do these ufo’s navigate the mind boggling time/space vastness of the entire Milky Way galaxy let alone the distance between galaxies. Of course I understand we are slaves to our limited physiology, but talk about That and how it relates to the rest of these questions, surely these aliens are bright enough as not to depend on us for answers to their inquiries.

  4. I am very impressed by the comments of all those who have contributed their thoughts, opinions etc. regarding the sighting of UFOs and the possible explanation of their origin and purpose.

    In 1978, I had the privilege of being part of a selected group on people who were invited to form a committee in New York to draft an Official Resolution to put before the General Assembly of the United Nations regarding the “Spiritual Nature and Intent of UFOs”. This Committee was spear-headed by the then Prime Minister of Greneda, Sir Eric Gairey, and included such prominent experts as Gordon Cooper (the late NASA Astronaut), Dr.J.Allen Hynek (advisor to Steven Speilberg on ‘Close Encounters of The Third Kind’, Claude Poher from France, Jacques Valle – and many other researchers from around the world.

    My involvement resulted from a private meeting between Sir Eric Gairey and Dr. George King, the Founder of The Aetherius Society, who for many years acted as a Yogic Channel for Cosmic Intelligences, who used him as a communications vessel for vital information relating to Extra-Terrestrial activity on and around our Planet.

    The physical phenomenon of UFO activity is but the surface reflection of a much deeper Cosmic activity involving many aspects of Their Agents on Earth.

    So many prophecies and speculation relating to the future of our civilisation relate to the changes which are beginning to happen before our very eyes. The question is – what should mankind be doing about this?

    After spending 47 years studying the information given through Dr. George King by Cosmic Masters, and having the privilege of working with him until his passing in 1997 – I sincerely believe the answer to this question has been given to mankind over and over again.


  5. Gee, I guess that Anna Nicole Smith’s story is just so much more compelling. 😉

    One definition of Kali Yuga (the time period we’re in before 2012) is that it can be quite a struggle to bring truth into public view.

    I’d consider the lack of media attention an example. What can we do? From my perspective, it’s vital to develop deeper perception (face reading, aura reading, skills for empaths) in order to evaluate reality on one’s own.

  6. Hi All,

    My thanks to Leslie Kean for this article, she has written several excellent articles and at least one paper on this topic of UAP and deserves some credit for her efforts.

    I am the Executive Director of and we study the relationship between unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP and aviation safety. We have an extensive staff of aviation professionals, safety experts, human factors and perceptual psychologists, etc. as well as volunteer support from public as well as private and government agencies. Some of our documents on UAP appear in the Dept of Transportation Nat. Transportation Library as a resource for aviation accident investigations…

    The issue here, quite simply, is that the FAA doesn’t accept the idea that there are UAP – poorly documented phenomena – and that they represent a hazard to aviation. To them, UFO means alien spacecraft so trying to discuss it from that perspective leads them into a denial loop. There are clearly a number of different phenomena, several of them poorly documented, that are contributing to these reports. It is our position that it doesn’t matter what they are or where they come from, they deserve attention because they are causing problems for aviation.

    We changed the moniker from UFO to UAP because it is more accurate – not all UAP are objects, some appear to be simply balls of light with various qualities. Take a look at the work at and keep in mind that about %5 of these unusual balls of light reflect radar… so there may be some natural phenomena that are accountable for some UAP sightings. So UAP is NOT synonomous with UFO yet, to the aviation community they are all the same and discussing it, much less investigating it, is considered a statement of incompetency and a threat to job security.

    One of the most significant developments in UAP studies, along with good instrumented science by Massimo Teodorani, Erling Strand and others, involves the UK Ministry of Defense report on UFOs “UAP in British Airspace” or the “Condign” report of 2000. The British report states under no uncertain terms that “UAP undoubtedly exist…. and are a hazard to aviation”, though their conclusions about what they might be are a little weak.

    Additionally the French Space Agency CNES has revamped and expanded its program on the advice of its former director JJ Valesco and the excellent paper that he refereed called the “COMETA” report. This is an excellent review on the state of UAP research and includes alot of aviation data.

    My group has also authored several studies and reports, some of which are available on our website. These include examinations of the aviation safety issue with respect to UAP incidents, a review of the bias against reporting UAP in the US aviation community, a host of supporting docs and research papers, etc..

    The NARCAP investigation into the OHare matter is continuing. We have brought the most qualified members of our team together, all of them experts in various aspects of aviation science. We have received some materials through FOIA and are examining them for relevence. We will be issuing our findings in the coming weeks, and will do so with a press release.

    If you examine my paper on bias and UAP on our website…NARCAP Technical Report 8 you will see that events like Ohare do occur from time-to-time and you can better understand the commentary arising from official sources around the incident. I think the public stance of the facility and the FAA is the result of a deeply entrenched bias that equates UAP incidents with a lack of job security and a bona fide reason to question competence.

    Aviation facilities and the FAA have no protocols in place to engage incidents that have a UAP profile. There is no education on UAP that is offered to aviation professionals so managers and staff are unprepared to address the many issues that arise from these incidents. The investigation of these incidents calls for specific considerations that are not found in the normal course of investigating “normal” aviation incidents and accidents.

    It is interesting that there is no investigation being done, officially, yet there is plenty of conjecture coming from the officials that is designed to make us think the matter isn’t worthy of investigation. Certainly the NASA administrated Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) is prepared to take confidential reports from all witnesses. They have been briefed on UAP incident profiles and are ready to receive UAP reports. Mr. Smith has some of the highest credentials in the aviation safety field and he has spoken rather clearly on this matter of UAP…One would think that the surest way to resolve the issue and soothe the public concern would be to have an investigation. Of course, NARCAP is acting proactively in this regard.

    NARCAP encourages any aviation professional who wants to confidentially report an observation or incident involving what might be an unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP to contact us through our website Additionally, any aviation professional that wants to confidentially report an aviation safety related incident involving UAP – either Near Midair Collision, onboard electrical systems failure, etc should make a report to both the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) and

  7. I thought I’d pass on some superb links concerning recommended books and also an active paleomap link to help folks understand what I mean by “deep time” concerning the possible evolution of cognitive species long prior to the emergence of hominids as ourselves. The first is a link to the book “The Dragons of Eden” by Carl Sagan which discusses the evolution of human intelligence. The second is a link to

    “The Origin of Consciousness in the

    Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes” an impressive dissertation concerning the evolution of human “self-consciousness”. Even our sense of “self” has evolved over time. Lastly is a link supplying an active paleomap showing how our earth is changing through out great lengths of geologic time; i.e., “deep time” through the mechanism of plate tectonics. So one has to think. Has 4.5 billion years of earth history only given rise to one group of sapient beings; i.e., mankind or have others arisen to supreme technological heigths, most to perish, while some still co-habitate this planet with us…”The Dragons of Eden” our saucer friends, the watchers…!

    The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan

    The Origin of Consciousness in the

    Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes “for the appreciation of deep time”

  8. Thanks Rob M. for the positive feedback and also Nick for the superb link/s. I plan watching them tomorrow.:-)

  9. There are plenty of answers to the questions in the above post if you muck about with nonlocality and entanglement theory, general relativity…

    I would rather work on the mystery of why institutionalized responses to UAP events always fail to engage the idea that UAP are real and undocumented phenomena. It isn’t a conspiracy, this is deeper and more fundamental, this reason for bias against acknowleging and examining UAP incidents.

    I have worked on locations where UAP manifest daily… the papers are in the public domain but nobody seems to know about them. Instrumented studies of very unusual light phenomena but nobody takes it seriously.. As someone who has seen it, all I can say is that we all probably should take it seriously.

    We deal with aviation professionals all the time who have seen these things but when you try to convince the system that there is something amiss the opinions are bandied about but the ability to formulate an appropriate response is lacking.

    Here we have an issue, an object that didn’t belong there was seen in Class B restricted airspace. It was seen by multiple witnesses including facility and FAA staff.

    All we have heard from them is that there is no need for an investigation, it was probably…….whatever.

    One would think that the surest and most proactive aproach would be to pay attention to these events and document them and start collecting data.

    So why is the system so closed? The bias is image related… conservative,responsible airmen and ATC don’t see unusual things. If they do, the FAA and aviation system might feel that such reports will erode public confidence in the system.

    It is the same reason that the aviation system is introducing the digital equivalant of a strip search – won’t really protect us from anything but it will make it look like the system is paying attention. So,in truth, it doesn’t work – why are we doing it?

    The bottom line is that these cases deserve alot of attention, and you will notice that the NASA Aviation Safety Program Office director seems to agree… that is a step in the right direction. The NASA ASRS group is ready to hear about any safety related incident whether it involves UAP or not.. and that also is a step in the right direction. Now we just need to tell the FAA, the airlines, aircrews and ground support and management…

  10. Personally, I am less interested in knowing whether or not advanced technological craft are indeed visiting our planet. I find much more interesting the way in which we develop mythologies surrounding UFO phenomena, often in order to strengthen a sense of belonging to one’s preferred community. When faced with an utterly mysterious personal experience, we do what comes naturally to our species: we create a story. We create narratives based on past experience, ingrained biases and learned assumptions. We then (unconsciously) shape these stories to conform to the perceived expectations of our preferred audience. In this respect, the story functions as an expression of the desire for affirmation. The personal experience is not “real” until shared. Once shared, different groups try to fit the formerly individual personal narrative into competing, group-defining collective narratives and mythologies. If one is a hardcore believer, versed in the community-building folklore of the UFO subculture, he or she fits the story within the evolved myths. Creation myths of alien astronauts seeding the primordial planet with designed DNA. Redemption myths of superior beings delivering salvation from self-inflicted ecological devastation and nuclear-annihilation. Paranoia-infused myths of secret alien-government pacts, underground ufo bases, and DOD black projects which help the believer get a neurological grip on an increasingly secretive, powerful, and corrupt national security state. Alternately, the hardcore skeptic incorporates the story into perceived consensual scientific narratives in which the speed of light forms an eternal barrier to interstellar travel. Nothing exists until quantified, measured, categorized, and peer reviewed. Occam’s razor is universal fact rather than accepted wisdom. Subjective experience is an irrelevant nuisance without hard proof (whatever that may be). Nothing is “real” without the perceived acceptance of one’s superiorly rational peers. To conform to the like-minded skeptics one must brand all believers and even those who would leave the question open as irrational loonies, weak-minded fools fallen prey to wish fulfillment and magical thinking. In other words consensual reality is obvious fact, rather than immaterial sets of neurologically-based assumptions formed by personal experience and a lifetime of complex social relationships. In my mind we would do well to examine our folklore, mythologies, individual and corporate consensual narratives. UFO phenomena, whatever they may be, and the attending cultural dialogues would be a fascinating place to start.

  11. I certainly hope this story doesn’t go away, because I think the number and credibility of the witnesses is too crucial to ignore. I also think that the FAA would want to be interested in any foreign objects occupying airspace over a busy international airport.

    But, sadly, all too often these events die because we let them die. The government is fully content to let us just forget about it and move on with our lives. I think it’s time to stop being so apathetic when it comes to occasions such as this where we have an opportunity to expose crucial misinformation operations through demanding an investigation, and then scrutinizing the results closely.

  12. I’ll add my two cents to this debate. There are numerous alien races, numerous craft for that reason. Also, shapes of craft change because in many cases, these are inter-dimensional vehicles. There is strong evidence out of Mexico from UFO researchers that some craft use a type of cloaking field to hide, but with infrared lenses, craft instantly appear to the naked eye. An amazing video of over 45 minutes of stunning footage can be found at

    This video was narrated by the Mexican version of Dan Rather. Hoax or not, you be the judge. It is amazing footage. Whatever you believe, doesn’t it seem clear that this phenomenon is becoming more and more commonplace, the events witnessed–not by single people anymore in swamps out in the middle of nowhere, but by dozens and sometimes hundreds of people in major cities… and the naysayers becoming more and more absurd?

  13. I gota give you credit Carl Nemo…You really opened my mind as well. I’m very much into everything about UFOs, extraterrestrial life, and seemingly wacky theories, but I’ve never really thought about what could have taken place in the 65 million year gap between the dinosaur “extinction” (yes I use quotes, because I find it possible that an actual extinction mayb not have taken place as written in history books, especially after reading your theories) and the beginning of the homo- species. I have always found it odd how ancient civilizations depicted dragon-like deities and beings in their art, and it’s interesting to nots that back in those times they were reguarded as benevolent beings, whereas in today’s times the general public would be terrified if such creatures existed. I highly recommend you read the Annonymous Rex book series, or at least rent the movie (It’s low budget but an excellent movie IMO with theories similar to your own) Also, to clerify, I’m not some loon that walks around sporting the tinfoil hat…I just like to open my brain and think outside the box because I am an avid believer that all is not what it seems…we are force fed what the “higher ups” want us to know and believe, and shunned as kids when we have fantastical idea and beliefs. I have never seen a UFO, but I believe they exist, and that at least SOME of the pictures and videos I’ve seen are authentic. If you think about it hard enough, you will realize that we are all tought to think “inside the box” from day 1, and I believe that the human mind is capable of unlimited things if we could only break that box and free ourselves from what is believed to be true.

    I also agree with the statements that these otherworldly beings probably do not have any malicious intent or they would have acted upon it long ago. I believe there is at least SOME truth weather it is accidental or not to movies like Aliens Vs Predator (which was a pretty terrible movie as a whole before skeptics start to rip into me for using this as an example) that there have been alien visitations that helped our ancestors with different things, possibly to warn us of other, non-benevolent beings that may want to harm us eventually, and may have provided us with devices that the government knows about that are meant to stave off such invasions. If the Mayans really did know something about these helpful “watchers” coming back in 2012 to check up on us and provide more advanced technology and ways of thinking, I for one will welcome it with open arms…Glad to read some arguments from people that think along the same lines as I do 🙂

  14. Carl – No apology necessary. An interesting read! I never really thought of them being from here so much (except perhaps a US gov’t craft), but you have opened my brain up a bit.

    I wonder if these beings would have any relation to the “mothman” phenomenon? You know, warning us about impending disaster, or something.

    I’ve worked around classified areas before, and I can tell you as classified as the ones are I’ve worked around, they “arn’t shit” compared to what else is out there.

    It is convenient for governments to keep such things secret from the people, because such things will make people question religion, and as we all know, governments LOVE to use religion to manipulate the masses (and get elected). Makes a wonderful tool to start wars and kill masses of people you don’t like, too.

    It just irks me to see how our species treats our planet. Too bad the mainstream of our species could not adapt the Native American ideals of not defiling the land you live in. Continuing as we are, sooner or later most of our planet will be too toxic to safely live in. The wealthy will by then own the only inhabitable parts, and for the rest of us, it’s OMEGA MAN! (like the old movie)

  15. The real mystery about UFOs is that in spite of the overwhelming number of unexplained sightings and eyewitness accounts from extremely credible observers, all very similar to the Chicago UFO incident, the skeptics, and the government continue to deny their existence. To “explain” away these as anamplous weather phenomena, or the planet venus or even marsh gas (yes, incredibly marsh gas) as the FAA, and the skpetics, “respectable scientists”, and government funded researchers have claimed for the last 60 years is dishonest, insulting and deceitful.

    Makes you wonder who the real loonies are here 🙂

  16. The government knows what the saucers are. The know that the technology is so far advanced that there is nothing we can do about it. We cannot out fly the saucers. The saucers are extra-terrestrial. The government does not want to reveal what it knows. It is afraid of a mass panic. I believe the government did recover some crashed saucers, but still has not been able to perfect the system that causes the saucers to fly. I do not belive that any alien life lives currently on Earth. However it is possible that they could land. The sad thing is, we would kill them immediately due to fear and panic. Instead of trying to learn from them. Sad. Sad indeed!

  17. What are UFO’s…who’s piloting them?

    I’ve done extensive research and cross-referencing on this subject, including USO’s (unidentified submersible objects). The UFO’s are not from “out there” they, the occupants, are co-habitating our planet. Most people don’t understand the concept of “deep time” a term coined by Stephen J. Gould a Harvard based paleontologist.

    In some of his writings he tried to impress upon his readers the meaning of deep time; i.e., the age of the earth, the origin of species from bacteria to higher lifeforms etc. When I study the alien grey physiology that’s most commonly witnessed you’ll notice they have a reptilian/insectoid look about them. Mankind, our species first emerged from the muck of deeptime about 5 million years ago. The dinosaurs disappeared via a mass-extinction 65 million years ago. What if, just what if, a sapient, dinosauria class of beings evolved in those times and survived?! They didn’t extinct themselves but rose up as a highly advanced civilizaton and didn’t falter due to the meddling of religion, statist inefficienies, and a host of other baggage that we as humans have to suffer. They had the luck of an unpunctuated ascendancy to a high-order scientifically based paradigm. If you think about it most of the great marvels of our age have come about since WWII. Granted the foundations for much of science were laid out from the 18th century onward, but the quantum leap in our technology and science has basically occurred in the past 50+ years. The Romans were quite advanced as a culture, but then the “barbarians at the gate” overthrew this once great empire that stood for a thousand years. Then the dark ages came upon us, lasting about 600 years. The Catholic church was building it’s power base and suppressed all knowledge up to and including that of Galileo and somewhat beyond. Visualize a society of beings of the dinosauria class. They would be bi-bedal like us and the winner of this sub-species race would have been those dinosaurs that had the benefit of the opposing thumb-like appendages for hands, a rapidly evolving brain and excellent binocular vision. Their civilization advanced in an uninterrupted fashion by a fluke of nature and circumstance. They managed to move from simple science to very high science including nanotechological skills allowing them to excel in strength of materials technology, propulsion, including super-cavitating underwater propulsion systems as witnessed with USO’s. They managed to perfect a manufacturing base that’s very low impact being able to manufacture materials one atom at a time. Electronic control assemblies are virtually integrated into the structure themselves and the ability to control devices without any visible instrumentalities. They’ve re-engineered themselves via highly advanced genetic engineering into beings that no longer need food as we need it, nor sexual coupling to reproduce. They live for a long time and their numbers are intentionally limited, unlike humans who are virtually reproducing themselves to oblivion. They reached the pinnacle of their scientific accomplishment “millions” of years before homo sapiens crawled out of the muck of deep-time. They’ve witnessed our evolution, our advancement, and our periodic regression. They are “watching” us. They are probably hoping that we eventually “do ourselves” and give the planet a rest from our mindless exploitation. I think of them as the watchers. They sample our DNA, they intervene on occasion, try their best to help us, but evidently to no avail. Our biological imperative to compete, to make war upon ourselves is something that is quite difficult to change. It’s our link to our basic animal nature, no different than the leopard, the cheetah, the jaguar etc. We as a species, are highly competitive, territorial, warmongering predators. They the “watchers” are simply witnessing our self-demise. Bush/Cheney seem as neanderthals or less to them; Bushco dragging their MIC clubs in the mud, their squinting predatory lear as they plan their next acquisition;i.e., busienss coup or whatever, all at the peril of their brethren;i.e.,humanity of which they feel no kinship. So have no fear of mysterious flying craft. They are simply witnessing our ongoing species specific stupidity…:))

  18. It’s difficult to take the whole UFO thing seriously when the loonies consistently talk about secret underground meetings and anal probes. One might wonder if some of these loonies could be government plants, just to discourage any serious discourse on the subject. It certainly works for me. And if there are so many spaceships populating our skies, why is there no credible documentation, in the form of video? Still, the fact that so many non-loonies such as John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter have witnessed this phenomenon tell us that something we know nothing about is going on. If only we could see serious investigation based solely on fact, and forget about Gerald Ford shaking hands with E.T. while Elvis looks on.

  19. Mr Brock and Mr. Harry. You closed minded individuals are certainly gonna crap your pants when the day comes when the announcement will be made. The reason for the secrecy is so the military or government has the ace in the whole card. They can use this info in so many ways to take the advantage over the general populace. Try doing some research before you spout off about loonies. Project Disclosure has been aquiring quite a lot of technical data plus has over 200 witnesses from scientists, Colonels, Pilots, Scholars, who have testified before congress of thier experiences with UFO’s. President Carter tried to open a new study after having a close encounter. Eisenhower saw the first captured aliens from Roswell. So, I have to laugh at guys like you who think that we humans have the galaxies to ourselves. That is really stupid when the scientists say there can be millions of earth like environments out there. You probably think the government tells us everything, even the truth! LOL.

  20. If you read through the sightings reports at the NUFORC website or at, you have to realize something is going on.

    However, the whole alien race agreement thing is SO far out there, I have to wonder if the writer walks around with tin foil on his head for better reception with the mother ship.

  21. I know two different people that have claimed to have seen UFO’s. Both of these guys are very responsible, sane, well-educated guys.

    One guy has a DOD Top Secret security clearance. He saw a UFO hovering over Carswell Air Force Base on the edge of Ft. Worth, TX! It was a flying saucer-type object right over the main runway of the base, and kept going invisible, then re-showing itself. A cloaker. He DID report it, but nothing came of it in the media, or anything.

    We know there are hoaxes but whether they are from outer space or rural Nevada is up for debate. I believe these two guys saw SOMETHING.

    If you want to see something cool, go out to Marfa, TX, way out west. The “Marfa Light” phenomenon is pretty cool to see, right off the interstate highway. It goes on most of, but not all days of the year. The Air Force has supposedly studied it but claims it must be some sort of “desert gas” or something like that. I’ve seen it myself; it is pretty cool/creepy.

  22. Mr. Brock.

    What ‘physical evidence’, pray tell, WOULD there be for what was seen? Of course, all those professionals are lying, or else must have seen some aerial phenomena caused by weather, and of course it must be hushed up. THAT’s sane.

    Yes, all you sceptics are VERY happy that this sort of thing brings out the loonies. Because it obscures the fact that there are a lot of NON loonies who have seen UNIDENTIFIED things in the sky, which NONE of our accredited geniuses can satisfactorily explain.

    And why the constant refusal to even try? That’s what I’d like to know.

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