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Friday, February 23, 2024

Jesus Christ & Building 7

By SANDY PRICE Two news items that may shake the world we know appeared this week. The first one comes from a find in Jerusalem and has been called “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” The second one comes from London where a news bulletin on September 11, 2001 shows a reporter reading that Building 7 fell along side the Twin Towers, when the building was obvious still standing. Which story will take over our networks and minds? Let’s talk about it.


Two news items that may shake the world we know appeared this week. The first one comes from a find in Jerusalem and has been called “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” The second one comes from London where a news bulletin on September 11, 2001 shows a reporter reading that Building 7 fell along side the Twin Towers, when the building was obvious still standing.

Which story will take over our networks and minds? Let’s talk about it.

Catholics and Protestants have been taught and deeply believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God and died on a cross and ascended to heaven. He was born of a virgin and lived as a teacher explaining to all who would listen about the afterlife and how to make it into heaven. I learned it as a child and tended to not believe it. However, I did spend a lot of time learning about what Jesus said in his travels. Now that I was interested in!

He loved the poor, the infirm, all children and had the power to heal through his will and connection with God. He had little respect for authority and lived his short life as the ultimate individual. But how on earth did his words become so full of division within his own species? His words were interpreted by men who brought in their own bias regarding people who looked and acted differently from themselves. Very few “Christians” have followed the words that Jesus spoke. Many have made a monster of him with bigotry never repeated in such massive movements. Armies were formed to force His will on others and blood flowed from the streets of the Middle East. It has never let up and has divided even the closest families who refuse to forgive or over look the sins from their own family members.

Too many Christians have used their influence to gain power as we can clearly see today in our own government. They are more than willing to pray out loud for the salvation of their countrymen but for some reason cannot live by the doctrines they speak and quote from their bible. They made the word “Hypocrite” a common word that seems to describe themselves better than any other word in our dictionary.

I have rejected the concept of faith and have spent a lot of time searching for people who live, act and mean what they claim to be the truth. I remember all the lessons from Jesus but the members of his organized groups have ignored most of them. A quick trip through the history of His church would turn off the best of anyone who believed he was the son of God.

I saw a nation vote for a man who claimed to be a born-again Christian and watched him destroy much of our American values. The question should be asked whether this man, our President, set up or knew in advance about the 9/11 attacks. Did they somehow send a press release around the world that Building 7 fell on its own accord from the fires and debris falling from the Twin Towers?

Is America living on a false myth? Should we investigate further into 9/11 because 70% of us do not believe our current Administration to tell us the truth about anything? Is finding the truth about the tomb found in

Jerusalem going to destroy Christians in general? Is America not based on the laws in the U.S. Constitution? Do we need to be Christians to believe in the Constitution?

Will these two stories end up destroying our nation if it is, in fact, based on a myth? Can we not look into ourselves and love one another? Will Christianity turn out to be only skin deep? Our Gods still demand wars with the final war to determine which one wins the prize. Is the prize, whatever that means, worth the loss of our individuals?

(Sandy Price began her political activism after finally getting cable in her area of the central California coast. She watched two hours of C-SPAN and realized she needed to get involved immediately. That was in 1993 and once she found the internet, it was just the beginning. She is now retired from working as a technical writer and costume designer and lives in Sun City, AZ.)

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    Cashel Boylo: “If Flight 93 had crashed into Salemon Brothers Building, WTC7, the issued press-release would have been read at just about the right time.”




    I wish that had occurred to me.


  2. Damn I’m starting to get paranoid now ! who the hell is at the Controls of the USA and what are their objectives ?

  3. and the both have the BBC video clips for now. Some media have yanked the clips – for the obvious reasons – can’t have the “official” story discredited, now, can we?

  4. It fits with the small hole in the Pentagon and no real wreckage of Flight 77. In Pennsylvania, no real wreckage of Flight 93.

    If Flight 93 had crashed into Salemon Brothers Building, WTC7, the issued press-release would have been read at just about the right time.

    The on-air speculation about the weight of the planes — negligible — and the heat of the burning fuel — negligible, all burned off in a few seconds, and the likely collapse of the buildings — was no doubt contained in the same press release.

    I don’t want to get into the Jesus item, but a few points are worth making.

    If Jesus was (and therefore is) the Son of God, then He had existed in Paradise for countless billions of years before he lived 32 years on Earth without any recorded hardship, had one very rough day — much much less suffering than many of Rumsfeld’s victims who have been slowly tortured to death and/or insanity, in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and the CIA’s countless rendition torture and execution chambers.

    After a couple days lying at ease in the sepulchre, Jesus got an express elevator back home to lay about enjoying more countless billions of years in Paradise.

    Relatively light duty.

    If born of a woman, Jesus could only have been a woman — unless the Holy Ghost carried or borrowed some male human chromosomes.

    There is nothing in any bible I have ever read that says Jesus “lives as a teacher.” Nor as a carpenter or fisherman or any sort of worker.

    My reading is that he disappeared from his presumably comfortable if not luxurious home in “The Holy Family” (few virtuous carpenters are every poverty-stricken) at about age twelve and turned up twenty years later for a very brief stint as a wandering guru, to respect and acclamation including a street parade — followed by one bad day.

    Son of God or mere mortal, his spirituality, morality, common sense, love for the poor, infirm, children, all mankind including his enemies other than the bankers, money-changers, money-lenders, land developers whom he castigated verbally and even took to with a whip, and his contempt and derision for established authority, are inspiring and might even one day form a basis for some sort of decent religion — if such a thing can exist.

    Lastly, thank you Susan for the reference to “Bush Funneling Money to al-Queda…” Do you have a link please?

    Thank you to Chris Rose for the YouTube link that reveals that CNN was reading from the same press release at the same time as the BBC.

    And thank you sfradia for Govern:control Ment:mind.

    Cashel Boylo

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    Mohammed Atta’s passport was found in the street shortly after the planes hit the twin towers. Wow. What a lucky break. What are the odds? But anyway, thank goodness for that because it helped immensely in the investigation.


  6. Does anyone know who George Bush ‘s grandfather is? The man who is considered the most evil man in modern times, Allester Crowley. A true Satanist and practicer of blood rituals. GW’s mom’s mother ran off for a few months to europe with Allester and a short while later she had Barbara Pierce who married GHW and they produced a bunch of evil little ones.

    So when you wonder where the evil came from, now you know. The world of the Elites is geared on occult beliefs and the satanic rituals. Modonna is a witch. No really, she is a bonified witch. If you saw the video of madonna, britney,and Loshan (I think ) Like a Virgin, then you witnessed a true satanic ritual performed in front of everyone. There is no doubt of it being for real as the actions of those mind controlled icons has been very bizaar lately. Britney looking and acting like a possessed soul. The conspiracy that is taking our country and the sheeples down the slippery slope is way ahead of the curve. By controlling the media it is easy to keep the people unaware and occupied while they steal the goods, including all freedoms. Trade Agreements were said to be the answer to bolster the commerce. All these agreements have done is cost us millions of jobs, but the corporations boom in profits. Just part of the neocon plan to enslave or destroy planet earth. Its much larger than most could even imagine and thats why it works for them. The bigger the lie, the easier to sell to the sheeple. People say, 911 was too eventfull to be a planned inside job, nobody could keep a secret so it could not have been our people involved. HA HA. If you are familiar with the higher levels of freemasonry, or skull & Bones, you know that secrecy can be kept secret. If your life and your family are threatened by those you know are serious, you’d keep quiet and or go along. The key is that only a few at the top of the pyrimid know the whole scheme. Players only are privy to what they need to know in order to complete thier mission, never knowing enough about the whole plan to jeopardize it. The FAA, Norad, and the pentagon all went stupid on 911. Arabs who couldn’t fly worth crap take four huge multi engine airplanes, fly around for an hour and then guide them at full throttle into two thin targets and the third executes a 270 degree turn while desending rapidly throttles on, precisely into the re-inforced wall and never ruffled the grass in front. Punches a little hole through three more concrete walls. Nothing is found that is bigger than three square feet. One turbine part is found that isn’t a part from the motors used on that plane.

    Those arabs who were identified within hours by the FBI could not have flown those planes as precisely done. The remote control technology was perfected long ago and many of the newer airliners and maybe all of em are built with that capability installed. Why did Cheney put himself in charge of Norad that day. Who can believe that the most technologically protected area in the world just went fishing? No way. The Arabs were just other Tim McViegh’s or Oswalds, just patsy’s to pin the crime on. Osama had nothing to do with 911 and thats why we have never found him and Bush don’t even care to look anymore. Well, after all Bin Laudins and Bushes are old business and social buddies. The war on terror is a charade to bring in martial law and total control of you workers. Now take the mark and be a good obedient slave and you will get american idol, football, nascar, and taxed to death.

    I don’t care if Bush says he is born again and he talks with god and says he protecting americans from terrorists and by god he’s gonna do it. Bullshit.

    George dont give a rip about anyone. Satan worshipers love all the killing and maiming. George hung more inmates than any other governor while he screwed Texas. Barbara Pierce Bush’s father was a Satan Worshipper. Crowley was pure evil. Look him up and you’ll have a little insight as to why GW is so blood thirsty. The dots begin to connect.

  7. On 9/11, like everyone else I was mortified. However, that very day, I questioned the way those towers collapsed. I’ve watched buildings being imploded when they were destroyed on purpose – & those towers imploded. I wondered… could airplanes crashing into buildings cause them to implode… both of them? Then, I’ve read about Building 7 going down the same way, several hours later & with NO PLANE hitting it! I decided right then… something smelled to high heaven!! Speaking of heaven, if asked, I say I am spiritual – not religious. I believe in God & I believe Jesus was the Son of God. I guess that means I am a Christian. However, I don’t go to church because there are too many hypocrites(not truely Christians). I pray/speak directly to the Father – however, unlike Bush, God does not talk to me. But if He did – & He told me to go destroy a country, I would probably question whether or not the message was truly from God… or if I needed to be delivered from demons. *BEG*

  8. I downloaded the BBC clip to my hard drive and have been watching it over and over. It looks pretty damn real to me. I can see no fakery or doctoring. It’s definitely real.

    It is bizarre beyond belief. The reporters are babbling on and on in real time interaction to each other how WTC7 has collapsed, and yet, there it is in the background, not collapsed. The correspondent in NYC even steps aside for a moment to show the viewers the scene outside the window of whatever building she was at the moment, and there’s the WTC7 building plain as anything. Bee-zarre. The reporters obviously had no idea at the moment which was WTC7.

    Will the psychic at BBC please contact me ASAP? I need to know the winning numbers to the next lotto drawing. I could sure use the money. And the current jackpot will make for a very fine nestegg. At last, I will be able to afford to get that Lamborghini Diabolo I’ve lusted for years for. Vroom, vroom!


    Since I’m not christian, the bone boxes found don’t mean anything to me. However, if it turns out that Jesus and Mary did have children, it would put a dampener on those snide rumors that Jesus was gay. Maybe. Although Ted Haggerd could probably explain things better.

  9. I haven’t believed anything the government has told us since the CIA assassinated Jack Kennedy and the Warren Report covered it up.

    There are, among our political leaders today, individuals who were direct participants in that treasonous crime. George H. W. Bush, a CIA agent at the time, is one who comes to mind.

    It should surprise no one that that his son and the neo-con cabal were complicit in September 11th. It was a perfect fit in their grand strategy to deceive and mobilize the American public, a true “Pearl Harbor-type event.”

    Thanks to these traitors, we are now a million miles away from Camelot. Our Constitution is disregarded and disrespected by those who have sworn to defend it. Our treasured Bill of Rights is comatose and near death.

    No president in our history has done anything to rival the high crimes and treachery of this one. No president has ever brought us this close to ruin. No president has ever done more to deserve impeachment.

    We cannot afford as a society to allow this one and his cohorts to resign their offices and slip away into their lives of luxury and ease. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be tried for treason and hanged.

  10. All religions have the Jesus story. Born of a virgin. Escaped in a boat. performed miracles. Ascended from death.

    Its the story theme that is the message, not the physical realm in history. Any dummy should know that good is better than bad and that people should try and be good verses bad. This wise knowledge is told in different religions but is basically the same meaning. It was never meant to be used as the church has used it since the church of Rome thought of a way to control humanity. That funny hat the pope wears is nothing more than a pegan symbol of the fish people. Thats why it resembles a fish head. The swastika is an ancient religious symble. The freeman perspective is a good site that explains the meaning of symbals that surround us and influences our thoughts

  11. There are MANY evidences which point to the truth of God’s Word and His Son, Jesus. You* (Sandy Price) are among them.

    2 Tim. 3:1-5

    But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People* will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them*.

    I beg of you to consider your ways and repent (Prov. 18:6-7). You will be held accountable. As one who will also be held accountable, I say this out of a loving concern for your soul.

    Isaiah 5:20-21

    Woe to those* who call evil good

           and good evil,

           who put darkness for light

           and light for darkness,

           who put bitter for sweet

           and sweet for bitter.

    Woe to those* who are wise in their own eyes

           and clever in their own sight.

    Any who reads your writings should acquaint themselves with Prov. 14:5-9. Because, quite frankly, your words are full of the “abundant harvest” mentioned in verse 4 of that same chapter.

  12. This is a very good question for the Main Stream Media to answer. I think they need to ask the BBC about this report and all the details. I do know Sandy that, the big P.R. firms frequently pass stories (as in propaganda) outside of the U.S.A. to avoid prosecution. Was a P.R. firm involved? Who wrote this story? What is the reporter’s background? I just really wonder. A very good point by Webster Tarply in his book Synthetic Terror was, who set up that date, Sept 11, 2001 for all those Military drills? Tarply suggests that, there might be a “Mole” there. Thanks for your courage to consider these two subjects.

  13. Both stories will be aired and buried almost as quickly. Jesus hated block heads and phonies, so Bush can’t expect much. I thought 911 was a possible false flag attack on the afternoon of 9/11. I didn’t think that Jesus rose form the dead either, especially since I learned that it was a burial convention.

  14. P.s. Attn: BBC psychic…

    If you’ll just help me out on the winning lotto numbers, with my winnings I’ll cover whatever how much more is needed for News Gathering and Reporting Personage Thompson’s Campaign for Our America. Why, hell, why be a piker? I’ll double the amount needed and make it $50,000. No. Scratch that. That’s too whimpy. I’ll TRIPLE the amount and make it $75,000. And it doesn’t even have to be tax deductible.

    So, come on, BBC psychic, help me out, will ya? I needs the cash pronto.

  15. What the heck was this article about? That seemed more like a long rant about the crappiness of Christianity with a little spice of 9/11 thrown in for some odd reason

  16. Religion has turned me off to Religion.

    They all have gone commercial, it is more important then prayer. The Jewish religion is the worse od all. To have a choice of how religious you want to be, seems desparete at best. To me religion is a state of mind. If it makes you feel better, then by all means follow one.

    As for 9/11, I am convinenced that it was a planned event with our government involved. There are too many unanswered questions and too many coincidencses that are to be believed. Someday the truth will be told, those involved will probably be dead and buried, escaping the punishment they deserve.

  17. This story was actually “broken” by 911Veritas at

    Since then, another curious video has popped onto the scene. Explain this one if you will:

    BTW, I’m glad to see Capitol Hill Blue cover this. The shills at have deleted every article posted thus far concerning the issue of Building 7 being reported as collapsed on BBC before the fact. Go figure?

  18. Actually these two stories are smoke screens. The story that has probably shaken the world but has gone virtually unnoticed here in the MSM is; Hersh: Bush Funneling Money to al Qaeda-Related Groups.

  19. Jenn. The tomb was discovered in the 1980s and I doubt it has anything to do with the reality of Jesus Christ or the DaVinci Code. Hollywood Director Cameron did so well with his rendition of the Titanic that he did another film. It is not the wide screen concept but one done as a documentary for Discovery Channel.

    My point was that if it is determined that Jesus was a mere mortal, why not use his message anyway? I see so little of what I remember in my own bible these days as everyone seems to want to use and abuse His name.

    The truth about 9/11 will surface in time and when it does we will all understand why President Bush reacted as he did. You can either appreciate the truth or ignore it.

  20. It’s funny how this just HAPPENED to COINCIDENTALLY come up exactly like the fictional DaVinci Code said. So we’re believing stuff as fictional as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings over the truth now? Hmmm, interesting… Just to get a sense of the blogger and the people commenting, did anyone go and maybe perhaps look into both sides of the story? Google is a wonderful site and it comes up with all kinds of articles on ANYTHING you want to know! I’m not even gonna touch the 9/11 thing… I lived through it in NYC on that day. That is how I can say that no matter what coincidences may suggest the opposite, no matter how many people may call me names, I will continue to believe that God does exist and will continue to protect us in His divine will.

  21. Jesus was the ultimate radical. He pissed of the establishment so much that they killed him for it. I’m a firm believer that if he were to re-appear today, he’d be so angry at what the Christian Church has become, they’d be the ones to kill him this time around. I look at all these mega-churches with all their white-bread congregations driving their SUVs and doing brunch after the service. How come they aren’t out helping to alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings like Jesus did. I’m reminded of an incident that resulted in me being asked to leave the Baptist church. There was an anti-abortion rally the church was gearing up for and I showed up with a big sign saying, “We Would Love to Adopt All the Bi-racial, Unwanted Drug-addicted Babies.” The minister’s wife told me I could carry that sign. “We don’t want to give them any ideas,” is what she said to me. I can’t print here what I said back to her. Today, when someone has to publicly announce to me that they are a born-again Christian, I know I’m about to get ripped off or screwed over.

  22. .

    Theologies that promise an eternal afterlife give human beings license to do all kinds of dastardly things to each other and to the planet. After all, if we are acting in the name of God, justifying all the horrible things we do, then we, the righteous, will be rewarded with eternal life at God’s right hand. In fact, the gift of life is not such a big deal assuming we attain the everlasting afterlife.


    However, if we do not adhere to one of those religions that promise everlasting life, then this one lifetime is all we have and this one precious planet is all we have and we might do better to accept one another, love one another, and do everything we can to preserve this precious jewel for our children and those others who will come after us. If this is all there is then it is much more precious by orders of magnitude than it is to those devout religious killers, those devout plunderers of natural resources.


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