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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pentagon ordered to prepare Iran bombing plan

Despite the Bush administration's insistence it has no plans to go to war with Iran, a Pentagon panel has been created to plan a bombing attack that could be implemented within 24 hours of getting the go-ahead from President George W. Bush, The New Yorker magazine reported in its latest issue.

Despite the Bush administration’s insistence it has no plans to go to war with Iran, a Pentagon panel has been created to plan a bombing attack that could be implemented within 24 hours of getting the go-ahead from President George W. Bush, The New Yorker magazine reported in its latest issue.

022507bombing.jpgThe special planning group was established within the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in recent months, according to an unidentified former U.S. intelligence official cited in the article by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh in the March 4 issue.

The panel initially focused on destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities and on regime change but has more recently been directed to identify targets in Iran that may be involved in supplying or aiding militants in Iraq, according to an Air Force adviser and a Pentagon consultant, who were not identified.

The consultant and a former senior intelligence official both said that U.S. military and special-operations teams had crossed the border from Iraq into Iran in pursuit of Iranian operatives, according to the article.

In response to the report, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said: “The United States is not planning to go to war with Iran. To suggest anything to the contrary is simply wrong, misleading and mischievous.

“The United States has been very clear with respect to its concerns regarding specific Iranian government activities. The president has repeatedly stated publicly that this country is going to work with allies in the region to address those concerns through diplomatic efforts,” Whitman said.

Pentagon officials say they maintain contingency plans for literally dozens of potential conflicts around the world and that all plans are subject to regular and ongoing review.

The article, citing unnamed current and former U.S. officials, also said the Bush administration received intelligence from Israel that Iran had developed an intercontinental missile capable of delivering several small warheads that could reach Europe. It added the validity of that intelligence was still being debated.

The article also included an interview conducted in December with Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who said that while he had no interest in initiating another war with Israel, he was anticipating and preparing for another Israeli attack sometime this year.

Israel launched a cross-border offensive against Hezbollah in Lebanon last July.

Nasrallah also said he was open to talks with Washington if such discussions “can be useful and influential in determining American policy in the region,” but they would be waste of time if the purpose was to impose policy.

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49 thoughts on “Pentagon ordered to prepare Iran bombing plan”

  1. Hey Jim Z, I still got a copy of Gary Allens book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy. Really is interesting to read again thirty years later. What’s incredible is that the same conspiracy is still going on, only much larger now and more obvious lately. This congressman wrote this book exposing these criminals in the late seventies and nothing has been done in all those years to stop it. Doesn’t give much faith in hoping it will stop anytime soon, does it? Just cause people read about it, doesn’t mean anyone will or can stop it. Like a big snowball rolling down the mountain piskin up speed and more fat cats all the time.

  2. Don’t you SEE, South Point?

    Black is white, and white is black in Bu$hworld. A grain of redneck logic in every bowl.

  3. The military boots out ordinary gay people who have done nothing wrong, yet is completely submissive to Bush who is a known deranged closet case.

    How come this doesn’t make any sense?

  4. Mr. Ludewig I hate to pop your bubble, but George Bush Sr. is not the great honorable man that you suggest. He is higher up the cabal ladder than Jr. is but he also has worked very hard to destroy this country. He announced the new world order back in 1991. He also is one major arms dealer that set up most the terrorist organizations including Alquida. Do some research on ol GHW and you’ll discover one powerful and evil man who is also a well none pedophile. One of his more profound statements was to a reporter during an interview when he said ” If the american people knew all the things we Bush’s have done to them, they would run us down and hang us”.

  5. For those wanting to know how long the “New World Order” has been in the works, you can check out the book by Gary Allen, “Say ‘NO’ To The New World Order”, written back in 1986. It’s getting hard to find but you can find it on Gary wrote an earlier book called “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, back in the 1970’s, which explores more of that period, such as the Trilateral Commission.

  6. ..this whole gang is a bunch of pathological liars lining their own war profiteering pockets…..why would this information surprise anyone ??

    they want the price of oil to rise…they bomb the piss out of Iran…create a constitutional crisis…Iran jacks up the price of oil…gas goes to 5 bucks a gallon…the public rebels…..bush delclares martial law….and proclaims him self emperor of the world as he suspends posse comitatus(sp?) , and habeus corpus…..and the 2008 election….and for good terrifying measure they use a tactical nuke in someplance like Bump Idaho…blame it on the terrorists……..and viola..we have an imperial presidency……and all the fat cats laugh all the way to their offshore numbered accounts in switzerland and the Camen Islands.

    nope; it’s not a conspiracy, boys and girls……’s a right wing business plan.

    gotta thank Osama for making all this possible. (I think, he’s probably in for a percentage.)

  7. SEAL – what you are saying sounds an awful lot like what the U.S. did to the Native Americans, what the British Empire did to Ireland, and what Spain did to the South American native peoples.

    For the Native Americans, we’ve already proven we are capable of obliterating a culture and their history.

  8. .

    Good informed comment, Rice Farmer. It makes total sense. Of course it is not often reported, also, that the true power in Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, diplomatically offered just about anything this administration could ask for, AND assisted the U.S. in its Afghanistan efforts, but was rejected out of hand. It seems that the Straussian concept of “creative destruction” must be followed to the bitter end. No diplomacy. Not us. We are the big kid on the block, and diplomacy is for wimps.


  9. True, we have contingency plans for just about every senario imaginable. The difference is that this one is the top priority of the thugs in the White House. As I have stated before, they are seeking an excuse to demonstrate our ability to obliterate a nation’s or a peoples ideological history, to invalidate their existence, to remove all evidence of it. They need to show that we are more powerful than the muslim religion. One gigantic mushroom cloud should do it. That’s how demented they are.

  10. Let’s not forget all the deals China and India will get for Venezuelan oil since Chimpy boy keeps poking them in the eyes.

    Hugo Chavez can have a heyday playing despot in his country. He’ll have the money AND have plenty of ammunition to use for word bombs at the U.S., and use the threat of the U.S. for his own devices.

    We best be getting off of oil if we continue to screw over all the oil nations.

  11. This is clearly saber rattling and more manipulation of the press by this administration. Unnamed sources recycling old news to inflame the masses and maybe make the Iranians hesitate. Plans for bombing Iran? Now that’s news! Iranians supplying Iraqi insurgents? Wow! Our mainstream media seems to be incapable of true investigative reporting or critical editing. Are we going to attack Iran? No, Bush has screwed that pooch, his poor handling of the afterwar in Iraq has dashed the neocon dream of regime change and world domination by the U.S. This administration is simply in survival mode, it’s philosophical underpinnings have collapsed, it’s approach to diplomacy has failed dismally and it’s domestic agenda is an embarrassment. They’re just trying to salvage anything they can, make it through 2 more years and maybe get 1 more Supreme Court nomination.

  12. I Won’t Be Rushed

    to the tune of:-

    Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out

    I won’t be rushed, there’s plenty of time

    I’m gonna be here till two thousand an’ nine

    Why should I hurry? Why should I worry?

    I’m War President, Deciden’ th’ best for the c’untry

    I’m doin’ God’s work, spreadin’ Freedom all round

    A better Decider just could not be found

    I unnerstan’ war’s tough, that’s why I dodged ‘Nam

    An’ was wounded by a dentist’s drill in Alabam’

    I reject all ideas that would lead to defeat

    People gotta unnerstan’ victory must be complete

    At th’ ‘propriate time, I’ll say where we’re headed

    I’ll present My New Way Forward with Iraqis embedded

    I’m weighin’ my options for Iraq

    We’re goin’ forward, we ain’t goin’ back

    I got a better plan, a bran’ new scam

    I think I just might nuke Iran

  13. There is one last hope to save our Republic.. When George Bush was DCI, he was generally like and more importantly,

    respected as a person of some honor and

    integrity by employees of the Agency..

    Former President Bush is the only person

    I can think of that might have the means and opportunity to remove both his son and Vice President Cheney from office in a most expedient and direct fashion..

    It would be a great service to the people of the United States..

  14. If you peruse the sites of oil and gas journals, and of business news services, you will see the reason for Bush’s desperation. Despite the best efforts of the US to keep foreign capital out of Iran and strangle its economy, countries and companies around the world are making oil and gas deals with Iran. Which means they are going to get Iran’s oil instead of the US. The Empire is desperate.

  15. .

    There are multiple video security tapes available of the “airplane” that hit the Pentagon. Some come from a nearby gas station, others from a nearby hotel. Yet they have been confiscated and cannot be shown for reasons of national security. Yeah. Sure. I guess it would give aid and comfort to those Saudi Arabs who attacked us that day to show them their direct hit. Yeah. Thats the ticket. That must be it. Yeah.


  16. As I was reviewing the posts, the first response from Chris, he makes the point that the military has to make all kinds of contingency plans, just in case. This is true. This point should drive home another point that needs attention. That is how did four highjacked airliners wander around the most protected airspace in the world for quite some time reaching thier targets without confronting at least one of the many contingency plans that the military always has in place. Think about that. The Pentagon has anti-aircraft missles, but automatic alert response? Just another little fact that tells us that 911 was not what they tell you.

  17. George won’t be happy until World War III has started. He is a nightmare and should be incarcerated….

    He preaches family values and you can’t do stem cell research and is against abortion but he had no problem as Gov. killing people in his home state, even the mentally challanged, and he has no problem sending Americans on a death march or for that matter the innocent civilians that are hurt by our actions in these other countries.

    He has no respect for anyone or anything. If he was a dog they would have put him to sleep by now…

  18. .

    Ray wrote: “Terrorists are nothing more than CIA property used specifically to stir up designed chaos wherever the controllers want to change governments.”


    The neocons blatantly and bluntly state this in their policy papers. They call it “creative destruction.”


  19. .

    Ray wrote: “You see, by the use of suggestion and slow but steady enactment, affirmed by treasonist false flag events and media spin, Thier goals will be attained as planned. pnac is on schedule.”


    Yes. It all becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Oh, well, we can’t stop now because we’ve come so far. We can’t dishonor the troops already killed by stopping now. Of course none of this had to happen in the first place. But, OH, we can’t stop now. Insanity.


  20. .

    Sandy Price wrote: “If we do go into Iran, will it be from the air or more of our ground troop ill-prepared?”


    I believe the 21,500 troop “surge”, along with the existing troops in Iraq, will be positioned to invade and occupy the oil fields in the south of Iran while the rest of the country will be subject to massive bombing.


    I do not believe the U.S. will at first use nuclear weapons. But if the Iranians mount a successful response and manage to sink one or more aircraft carriers and some of carrier group support ships, at that point I believe the U.S. will go nuclear.


    If the U.S. does go nuclear I do not believe Russia and China will sit idly by without a nuclear response of some kind. This does not necessarily mean they would attack the U.S. mainland but that they may decide to finish off the remaining U.S. forces in Iraq. Both of those countries were heavily invested in Iraq and both are heavily invested in Iran, which supplies much of China’s oil.


    Just my humble opinion, which of course is worth every cent you just paid for it.

  21. You are correct Skyguy. The whole thing is a sham to extract all the money from working class americans. The end goal is Global Enslavement. Many people scoff at such a suggestion, but those who do, should really look closer at what is going on and ask themselves why. But there is the lying ass media to tell them what reality is and to discredit anyone with a different explaination of the insanity that rules the planet now. Terrorists are nothing more than CIA property used specifically to stir up designed chaos wherever the controllers want to change governments. And in the end it is american troops who are used as the crusaders to capture the terrain. It is a very disgusting and evil truth of todays world. And it is likely to escalate rapidly in the next few months as Bush is running out of time and Hillary is not too popular. They will enact martial law, attack Iran and Syria. Enact the new north american union and life as we know it will change radically. Unless, everyone wakes up and sees the true reality upon us

  22. The checks and balances of our once great Republic have failed to halt an out of control executive branch. The Senate and the House best get off their dead butts asap and do whatever is necessary to reign-in King George. What happens if a president along with his closest adivors aren’t operating with a “full deck” as in this case. Who’s to stop them?! Most of the military guys are only interested in their next star or what kind of cush job they’l land in the M.I. Complex post retirement. I personally “know” this is the case. They’l be safe in the bunker and very few will resign rather than follow an illegal order that’s tantamount to international criminality. That was the hopeful escape mantra of lower level Nazis post WWII in that “they were only following orders” as they gassed jews, gypsies, Catholics, and others that were classed as enemies of the state. The gas chambers were not exclusive to the jews. So here we are folks, the dawn of the 21st century and America, once the land of the free and home of the brave has now turned into an out of control aggressor, hell-bent on establishing the shadow of militaristic hegemony over the people’s of the earth.

    “All” of Iran’s weaponry and technology has been purchased from Russia, China, France and Germany. Their uranium oxide was supplied courtesy of Pakistan supposedly an ally of the U.S. They were even supplied plans on how to build a nuke courtesy of our CIA…?! I’ll supply a link concerning this. Even their uranium enrichment equipment has been supplied by our “free world” friends. “We the People” and the people’s of the world are being taken for a ride by the shadowy controllers that have taken over this once great Republic. My only suggestion at this point is for all citizen/patriots to get motivated and to contact their elected reps this coming week and demand de-escalation, de-funding, and re-deployment of our troops. Inform your elected officials they best get moving before Bushco starts the ramp-up for WWIII. This next WW could start out as a theatre-based engagement such as in Iran and just might become a wrap with ICBM’s incoming on CONUS. Guess what; the smug sob’s in the bunker could care less if “we the people” are barbecued. They’l be partying hearty on their 10+ years of supplies, along with hot n’ cold running hookers, watching an endless supply of first run films. I can assure you they are well-stocked for the end times. If and when they crawl out of their holes they’l be sorely disppointed because there will be no one left rule nor tax into oblivion. The politicians and the “high command”;i.e., our “fearless” leaders will be out of a job…! :)),12858,1678220,00.html

  23. Folks, IMHO the entire “War on Terrorism” (what a vague term) scam is nothing but a money-laundering scheme. We supposedly pump billions of our hard-earned tax dollars into the Middle East in the name of beefing up our military presence in order to force Freedom down the throats of everyone there whether they want it or not. And all the while, our ground troops are driving around in equipment with so little shielding/plating/armament around them that they aren’t protected from a BB entering.

    In truth, those billions of dollars are going elsewhere – in the form of mainly paper transactions ’cause no real money gets to its’ intended destinations – to pay off everyone who is being used in the set-up and establishment of the NWO. The ‘war’ is a sideshow, a principle distraction. And many corporations are reaping the staggering benefits of those laundered dollars/Euros/Francs/Deutsch Marks/Lira/Yuan/HK Dollars, etc.

    The real goal? I believe it will manifest itself through the ‘banksters’ and the globalists, and it will be “cold.” And, through the CFR, the Bilderbergers and the Council of 13 as well. Money, money, money – it’s the only thing any of those cowardly thugs understand. And Bush and Cheney are getting their share of the raid, on that you can bet.

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