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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Do-over Joe Lieberman

By HAL BROWN Like George W. Bush, Senator Joe Lieberman has a history of insisting on do-overs. These do-overs preceded his wanting one last military surge in Iraq. Sore loser Lieberman's egotistical comment after losing the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont says a great deal about his do-over character:
"For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot and will not let that result stand."


Like George W. Bush, Senator Joe Lieberman has a history of insisting on do-overs. These do-overs preceded his wanting one last military surge in Iraq.

Sore loser Lieberman’s egotistical comment after losing the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont says a great deal about his do-over character:

“For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot and will not let that result stand.”

So does the name of the party ticket he ran under, “Connecticut for Lieberman”. It should have been “Connecticut Conservatives and Gullible Democrats United”.

We get it, Joe, you’re a member of the Lieberman Party. You thought the man who beat you fair and square in the primary 52% to 48%, Ned Lamont, would destroy the America only you could save.

In his Senate race do-over won by getting a majority of the Republican votes . He received support from only 33% of Democrats but 70% of Republicans voted for him.

This reminds me of the young George Bush’s unembarrassed and desperate do-overs as reported by Gail Sheehy and recounted by Briggs and Briggs in Truthout * :

Sheehy interviewed friends from his (Bush’s) teenage years and college years. In basketball or tennis games he would insist points be played over because he wasn’t ready; he would force opponents who had beaten him to continue playing until he beat them.

Barring some way that disillusioned Connecticut voters can recall him for a being an embarrassment to the party he was elected to represent, he will spend the next six years playing the wink-wink game about switching parties in the Senate, another way of playing his do-over games.

His current do-over is one of life and death for American troops, although to hear him describe it he’s the one who wants to save American lives, rather than those Democrats and allied Republicans who want to extricate our troops from a hopeless war before more of them are killed and maimed.

Bush wants endless do-overs because he harbors unresolved feelings of inadequacy and can’t stand the blow to his self-esteem that being wrong would render. Joe Lieberman is just an egotistical blow-hard.

A brief history of do-over Joe

Lieberman was elected as a “reform Democrat” to the Connecticut Senate. In 1970 ran as an anti-Vietnam War candidate. Considering recent events I wonder if even then he was pandering to the majority of Connecticut voters who were anti-war at the time. After all (according to Wikipedia) when he ran for the U.S. Senate in 1988 he was supported by William F. Buckley, Jr. and did surprising well in conservative areas of the 5th District.

When Lieberman ran for vice president, and the Gore/Lieberman ticket won a plurality of the popular vote, but lost to Bush/Cheney in the electoral college thanks to dirty tricks in Florida and to the Supreme Court, through no fault of his own Lieberman missed his only chance for a righteous do-over.

But do-over Joe still hedged his bets, something many people have forgotten. Since his Senate term was due to expire he decided to run for the Senate at the same time as running for Vice President, so at least he’d remain in the Senate if the Democrats lost the presidential election. While this wasn’t unprecedented, it was typical Joe, since if he became vice president it would have left his vacant seat to be filled by a Republican governor. This sounds like a noble Democratic plan except that it gave do-over Joe a fallback position.

The bottom line

Strip away the know-it-all facade and I think you’ll find that Lieberman is a dogmatic man. He is a wretched man who is basking in the glory of self-deception that comes with thinking he”s the only Democrat that knows the truth.

* Bush and the Psychology of Incompetent Decisions, by John P. Briggs, MD, and J.P. Briggs II, PhD, thruthout, 18 January 2007.

(Hal Brown is a clinical social worker and former mental health center director who is mostly retired from his private psychotherapy practice. He writes on the psychopathology of public figures and other topics that pique his interest. He can be found online at

24 thoughts on “Do-over Joe Lieberman”

  1. Noble nations and allies do not spy on each other–that excludes both Israel and America and a good portion of the world’s nations.

    If you find my statements insulting, that says more about your frame of mind than it does my own. If facts strike you as insulting, do your level best to refute them but don’t try it with rhetoric which is also insulting to the public’s intelligence.

    The facts about Israel are well known to the world and with the exception of the United States of America and a very few sycophantic nations, it is seen as what it is; a rogue nation bent on land-grabbing to expand it’s own empire in the Middle East.

    It is the ultimate arrogance for Israel to assume that it can decide who can or should have nuclear weaponry when it is itself, in violation of the spirit of the Non-Proliferation Treaty regarding nuclear weapons, which is refuses to sign. Israel is in violation of many UN Resolutions while demanding that other nations abide by them.

    In short, Israel is a rogue nation much like the United States of America and out of control by its people.

  2. Israel as a noble nation is the biggest pile of bullshit you’ve put out yet. It’s odd that the whole world sees Israel as a pariah and land-grabbing rogue nations bent on kicking Palestinians out of their homes and land by whatever means available. The only reason we aligned with Israel is because it is a foothold in the Middle East; that and the outsized influence of the jewish lobbies, of which there are too many.

    You speak of “unfair and negative statements” about Israel without identifying one statement that fits that description. You issue rhetoric only. You have no case.

    To say that Israel is only half the problem is to overlook the fact that Israel has invaded and occuppied Palestinian territory, pushed Palestinians out of their homes and bulldozed them, stole their land and in some cases relied on some rich jew in Florida to offer to buy their land for attractive sums which poor and destitute Palestinians will accept out of desperation. That isn’t rhetoric nor is it unfair, mean-spirited,or unbalanced–it is factual and if you’re going to respond at all, respond to that!

    A sizable portion of Israel’s population does not endorse their own government’s actions with regard to the Palestinians, nor does another sizable portion of American jews and those who do, have an entirely different aganda than most Americans

    If you don’t think our presidential candidates are genuflecting before AIPAC and by extension Israel, you either haven’t been paying any attention to their speeches or you are intentionally overlooking their content, which is so similar as to appear that AIPAC itself has written the bulk of it, as it writes much of our legislation concerning Israel. Such is the outsized power and influence of AIPAC and its satellite lobbies.

    And your claim that America has a long and proud history of supporting noble causes and nations is pure bullshit and doesn’t even come close to the facts of our history. We support when it is useful to our “empire building” and just as readily dump any former ally when it suits our purpose.

    And who are you to determine which government the Palestinians should have?

    Whether you find either Fatah or Hamas acceptable is not the criteria for the expression of democracy. The Palestinians may well take exception to the nature of the Israeli government but it is not their right to change it.

  3. American1, I take it you also oppose humanitarian aid for AIDS victims, US involvement in World War II, and the Peace Corp?

    Our country has a long, proud history of being a world leader and supporting worthy causes around the world.

    While I don’t place Israel on the moral level of an AIDS patient, a victim of Hitler or Imperial Japan, or a child taught how to read by a Peace Corp volunteer, Israel is still deserving of our support.

    Israel is a noble country that is a loyal ally of ours. It is the only real democracy, and by extension our only real friend in the Middle East. To cut Israel loose would be morally wrong, and would send a chilling message to our other embattled friends around the world.

  4. brady01:

    George Washington warned the US should avoid “foreign entanglements” which includes Israel and thier wars/fights.

    Washington knew what’s best for the USA.

  5. Why do you assume that a presidential candidate who supports Israel is “kneeling before AIPAC” as opposed to taking a principled stand on an issue they believe in?

    Your rhetoric is negative, mean-spirited, and insulting. I am a loyal patriotic American, and I happen to believe that Israel is a fundamentally good country made up of fundamentally good citizens who truly want a peaceful future for their children, and a stable moderate Palestinian counterpart to negociate with.

    Which brings me to my final point. By making negative and unbalanced statements about Israel, you forget that Israel is only half the equation to a lasting peace in the Middle East. The other half, of course, is the Palestinians. By placing no pressure whatsoever on the Palestinians, you give them no incentive to dump thier current government in favor of a government more conducive to peace. The current Palestinian government is a sad, cynical one, led by one uninspiring and corrupt party (Fatah) and one murderous one (Hamas.)

    So please, can the rhetoric and join the hundreds of millions of Americans, Israelis, and Palestinians who are tired of the current conflict, and are ready peace.

  6. Doubtom….right on. ALL of you who are making these points are not alone….many in America (except fundaMENTAList Christians) believe as you do.

    It’s time congress represented American interests first.

    Lieberman is Israels boy, and American imposter.

    AIPAC should be required to register as an agent of a foreign government operating on American soil.

    This can be done if the people would raise a stink about it.

    You wanna take back America?

    Then get Israel out of Washington DC.

  7. What “critical time” in Israel’s history are you referring to? And which specific nation in the Middle East is so formidable as to challenge Israel’s war machine, complete with nuclear weapons? Isreal as the “victim” is a worn out myth and not much of the world believes it.

    We are not joined at the hip with this rogue, land-grabbing nation, despite the best efforts of the sycophantic “Isreali-firsters” to claim otherwise. We are not in a “special relationship” nor do we enjoy an unbreakable bond” with these outlaws regardless of how many times these silly, unsupported claims are made by the propagandists. There is nothing to support either of the above claims. Nor is it Israel’s birthright to be forever on the receiving end our tax dollars each and every year.

    And any one of our presidential candidates who kneels before AIPAC and makes those statements of unqualified support for Israel(in our name) is a traitor to his/her constituency because he/she certainly wasn’t sent to Washington to represent Israel.

  8. “At this critical time in the Middle East, I believe that when Israel’s security is threatened, the United States must unambiguously stand with our ally to be sure that it is safe and secure. On this principle, Americans are united.”

    -Ned Lamont’s website (

    Since Ned is also an AIPAC puppet, I think he should be deported back to Israel along with Lieberman and Obama, his co-conspirators.

  9. “I don’t think there is any nation that would not have reacted the way Israel did after two soldiers had been snatched. I support Israel’s response to take some action in protecting themselves.”

    -Barack Obama on Israel’s operations in Lebanon last summer. You can read his Israel statements in full at

    So is Barack Obama an “Israeli with American citizenship” too?

  10. I stand by what I said. I don’t see Skyguy or SEAL opposing the many non-Jewish senators and congressman of both parties who support Israel.

    Almost every single member of Congress supports the state of Israel, not because of some diabolical AIPAC scheme but because Israel is the only real democracy, and by extension our only real friend in the Middle East.

  11. brady01, instead of trotting out that tired old anti-semitic smear why not instead spend some time in refuting what these critics of Lieberman are saying about him and his devotion to Israel? Many have pro-Israel tendencies due to the money that flows from the many jewish lobbies and others, like Lieberman, have the same tendency due to allegiance to Israel. That’s the simple truth and try refuting that instead of name calling.

    Lieberman is simply a toned down Alan Dershowitz who himself is a rabid Israel “firster”.

  12. Brady01 is completely incorrect; the statements are not examples of anti-Semitism or even anti-Jewish sentiments. They are merely the truth, but anytime anyone legitimately speaks out against a person of Jewish ancestry it is labeled as anti-Semitism.

    Shame on the accuser.

  13. “[Lieberman is] an Israeli with American citizenship and will support what Isreal wants which is for the US to dominate or blow the hell out of Iran in particular and every other Muslim nation in the Middle East.”


    “Joe is simply another AIPAC socket puppet who will say and do whatever it takes to keep those laundered-through-Israel taxpayer dollars coming in.”


    Skyguy and SEAL,

    In this country, all people are judged fairly on their merits as individuals, not on their race, ethnicity, or heritage.

    Don’t tell me you would say this about Lieberman if he wasn’t Jewish. There are many senators (of both parties and many religions) who have equally pro-Israel voting records.

    There is no need to let legitimate policy discussions get bogged down by flagrant anti-Semetism.

    Shame on you.

  14. .

    It seems kind of hypocritical for me as an American to criticize Israel for moving into a geographical area and employing genocide to secure their existence. After all thats what “we” did with the North American Natives and the Spaniards who had previously done the same in Mexico and what is now the southwestern U.S. and California. At least the Israelis have the excuse of moving back to the promised land of God’s Chosen People. By Israeli standards, in fact, “we” should give back the whole continent to the North American Natives and let those of Spanish heritage decide to do as they will with the natives of what is now Mexico. It looks like Israel is counting on the United States, a country with a long proud heritage of genocide to re-enact their conquest throughout the Middle East for the sake of Israel. I can’t think of two more hated nations on the face of the earth. At some point they will undoubtedly face their comeuppance, probably sooner than later if they don’t both just fucking BACK THE HELL OFF. Their bullshit will continue until they both get a God Damned Good Asskicking. I hate to see it happen but we HAVE BEEN “asking for it” with our interventionist foreign policy since the 1800’s. “We” think “we” are exceptional but I’m here to tell you “we ain’t”. Just a matter of time, folks. Just a matter of time. Of course we are unconquerable as long as we are willing to use nuclear weapons… AGAIN. The future is dim. Quite dim.


  15. This threat of switching parties is laughable. Joe is neither a democrat or a republican or an American and never has been. He’s an Israeli with American citizenship and will support what Isreal wants which is for the US to dominate or blow the hell out of Iran in particular and every other Muslim nation in the Middle East. He wants Bush to complete the plan of conquering Iraq, establishing permanent military bases in Iraq and Afganistan with our guns and rockets pointed down everyone’s throats so that Israel can dictate what goes on in the entire region. Isreal is the most aggressive and dangerous country in the Middle East. Everyone but us seems to know that.

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