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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Extremes in the American Political Mind

By SANDY PRICE I can’t help but compare the political extremes we have in America at this time, to the years I worked in a small private school back in the 1970s. I substituted in on many classes, worked in the library and study hall and had my lunch with the kids and kept an eye on their actions. We were warned that 3rd and 4th graders often develop gangs (peer groups) and could be cruel in their treatment of other kids. We were told to stop this group gang attitude from starting and we were successful.


I can’t help but compare the political extremes we have in America at this time, to the years I worked in a small private school back in the 1970s. I substituted in on many classes, worked in the library and study hall and had my lunch with the kids and kept an eye on their actions. We were warned that 3rd and 4th graders often develop gangs (peer groups) and could be cruel in their treatment of other kids. We were told to stop this group gang attitude from starting and we were successful.

What are we going to do when gangs become voters fighting over the control of our White House and Congress? I was right here on Reader Rant during the time of Clinton’s mess with the blue dress and instead of trying to increase the agenda of the GOP, the movement was directed at

Clinton’s promiscuity and adultery. Robertson, Falwell and Dobson stepped into the GOP and insisted that they become the political arm of the organized Christian Coalition. Immediately any thought of limited government and individual freedoms were thrown away and plans to bring in a solid Christian President was formed.

Within the new Conservative movement there was a discussion of introducing a “Sin Amendment” that they felt would keep undesirables out of politics. It would make Adultery, Prostitution, Pornography, Gambling and Abortions against Federal Law. They came up with the Governor of Texas, the son of President Bush 41 and the Conservatives jumped on board and in 2000 America enjoyed a new political movement called the Conservatives.

The most extreme element of the religious right was now in charge of our government. It set new agendas for anyone running for any office in

America. I remembered this Sin Amendment and tried to warn everyone to be very careful or our Federal government would be heading for a police state that resembled the Inquisitions of Europe. The real problem of the Conservatives was soon found in the One World Order movement of building an American Empire. Somehow American Christians were now behind this move as they saw it as a powerful movement to bring all Americans under Christian doctrines.

No changes were discussed in the Bush 43 Administration except for social prohibitions and the Republican Party began to lap this up as the only way to save our Nation. However our Conservative leaders overlooked the need for honest and open government. Immediately they had plans to return to Iraq and get what was left of the oil and if they had to kill hundreds of thousands of Muslim, that was simply a plus.

So here we sit. We have Democrats who realize they can only win back the White House with an anti-war agenda. The search for leadership has been difficult as they all know that they may have to incorporate some of the prohibitions being pushed by the Conservatives. The Republicans will only promote and vote for a pro-life Candidates. There is a group of Republicans for Choice that has been around since this ridiculous new agenda was formed giving the federal government the last word in setting morals for all Americans. They have been labeled as RINOs and tightly controlled by the Bush Administration.

Is it just me, or is anyone else shocked at the corruption found in this Conservative movement? Do they really want a Dictator in the White House if it means that abortions will be the first social issue to make it into the Constitution? Do they not see the doors opening for all issues that they consider immoral? Will we give the federal government control over our personal lives because we trust them to know what is right? I don’t think so!!!

If the right and the left don’t stop this childish fighting and restore an honest and open debate about the mess

America is in, we deserve to lose our nation. What is driving the Conservatives to keep us into the slaughter in

Iraq to the point where all Americans are despised all over the world? Not one of our Conservative leaders or writers can define what victory is in this mess called Iraq. Will we sit back and watch the great diversion called Iran take us off the subject of Iraq? We can’t win in

Iraq and we can’t win in Iran!

CHB may be the only site where debate is possible. I think we are all adult enough to understand that neither side can solve anything. We need a combination of promised ethics, economics and a strong stand against corruption. We need to expand our readers and ask them to join in on the debate on all facets of improvement in Washington D.C. and in every State Capitol.

The list of what is wrong in America is growing daily. Things like who has the authority over our personal choices and how can we find the scientific proof of the threat of global warming? How can we get away from Middle Eastern oil supplies? How can we settle our energy crisis at home? How can we teach American kids to read?

I was thinking last night how badly we need a television news source for what we want in the way of news coverage. Our MSM is now in competition with each other lowering the standards of all of them. Ratings choose our political points of view and we are stuck with every bimbo who finds herself in court, dead or alive.

Let’s all get behind Doug’s CAMPAIGN FOR OUR AMERICA and work as a team to hash out how we all feel about the future of our nation. We have a great source of Ranters right here who understand the laws of the Constitution and the definition of right and wrong. Let’s get out of the two party fight ring and work for a new strength for

America on this dangerous planet.

(Sandy Price began her political activism after finally getting cable in her area of the central California coast. She watched two hours of C-SPAN and realized she needed to get involved immediately. That was in 1993 and once she found the internet, it was just the beginning. She is now retired from working as a technical writer and costume designer and lives in Sun City, AZ.)

14 thoughts on “Extremes in the American Political Mind”

  1. As National Chair of Republicans for Choice I take issue with Sandy’s comments about our group and also about some of her comments about Conservatives.

    Our group was formed in reaction to the Webster decision in 1989 when for the first time a large segment of the GOP started voting against the Party on this issue…that was a wake up call. George Jr. has told others that he in part blames our group as one of the reasons that his dad lost in ’92.

    Neither he nor the Party controls our group. They worry about us since they know from their own polling that in fact a majority of the Party is pro-choice which should not be a surprise since the central thrust of the GOP message has always been (as Goldwater believed) minimizing if not eliminating government interference in our lives.

    I always tell my friends in NOW, NARAL, PPFA and others that only wimps who believe in a woman’s right to choose choose a party other than Republican…its easy to be a Dem or Green or whatever and be pro-choice …it takes guts to be a Republican and be pro-choice even though the majority of our Party is…the leadership in many areas (not all) of the country are not and they can get vicious….

    Now we have Rudy and have a chance to take back the Party ….you all should hope he wins…!!

    And speaking of mischaracterizing conservatives…you should have seen the conservatives cheer Rudy who gave a last minute unadvertised speech to a standing room only…standing ovation from conservatives who are willing to overlook his pro-choice, pro-gay social positions!!

  2. This discussion was part of the Goldwater agenda to stay out of personal positions. This was long before R v W and Goldwater was 100% behind individual freedoms. My wording may have been wrong but the intent of my words were heard in person with my years working for the Goldwater Campaign and then with the founding of the Libertarian Party.

    The Conservatives also tried to get Ronald Reagan into repealing R v W and he refused. The Conservatives that I have run into want R v W repealed at any cost. They cannot tolerate the condition that any American has a choice on the subject of abortion.

    They want nothing less than a federal police state over the authority of banning all abortions.

    Bush and his Conservatives have been working on a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting abortions and gay marriages. I have serious doubts that any Conservative gives a flying fig what the Constitution says. They want only to amend it and stop allowing women and gays to have a choice in their personal lives. I have never met anyone within the Conservative movement who does not want a federal prohibition on both. The Conservatives are also working to prohibit death with dignity. They can’t keep their hands off our individual freedoms. Look how they tried to stop the morning after pill.

    I believe most of these people are the bottom of the barrel of American sinners and feel they need to prohibit what they themselves cannot control. This is as old as organized religion and is why we must return to the separation of church and state. I’ve been trying to tell these wackos that they would be much better off being good examples and stop getting caught on their way to the abortion clinic and gay whore houses. Surely you must realize the Constitution should be redesigned around the bible. This is their only desire. I had no idea how much impact these evil people had on the American voter until I went on line and met up with the whole rotten group. Somewhere in their background they were told to take on the sinners of America and explain that there is no room for them in America. They just happened to fall into the Republican Party and destroyed it.

  3. Sorry to disagree with you, Sandy, but you were mistaken in writing:

    “He (Senator Barry Goldwater )wanted nothing to do with any personal actions by any American. He understood that the States had the authority over things like homosexuality and abortions.”

    No government has authority over homosexuality and abortions; these are matters best left to the individual. They are not to be regulated in any way by any government.

    We should know that from the US Constitution that says in Article I, Section 8, paragraph 18, that government laws are to be based only on the powers the Constitution places with government. There is no power over either.

    The 14th Amendment says no state can intrude on our national “privileges and immunities” and since the Constitution is silent on homosexuality and abortion, they are “immunities” that states cannot touch.

    Conservatives have long wanted the states to intrude into our personal lives; they were only opposed to the national government doing it.

  4. what you say, Hal. A third party is the best solution.

    The differences between the D and R parties are so slight, that people begin to lose interest and trust.

    Great article Sandy, yet again.

  5. Absolutely Hal! I have always been on the side of a good balance between liberally open minded people with the pocket book under the control of conservatives. A good balance means that both sides have to present their plans and prove they are are good ones.

    I have been raked over the coals on these forums for my being from California in general and my years in Hollywood in particular. I am the first to admit that much of our entertainment, art and music is vulgar. We are given what we demand! No one loves a dirty movie more than a Christian and Hollywood knows it! What the extremists demand is based on hypocrisy.

    One of the greatest Liberals in the history of our political campaigns was Senator Barry Goldwater. He wanted nothing to do with any personal actions by any American. He understood that the States had the authority over things like homosexuality and abortions.

    Conservatives got their movie ratings and they still flock to R and X rated movies. I believe these new Conservatives are simply a back lash of the religious right wanting to set up prohibitions to keep men like Clinton from ever getting into office. They have missed the whole corruption surrounding the Bush Administration as that side of their brain no longer works.

    We must work for a balance and only a third party can do it!


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