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Friday, September 22, 2023

Senator John McCain sold his soul

By SANDY PRICE Senator John McCain sold his soul to the Evangelicals in his desire to win the nomination for President of the United States in 2008.


Senator John McCain sold his soul to the Evangelicals in his desire to win the nomination for President of the United States in 2008.

He has added the ultimate Big Government action to his list of his agenda items and therefore in my opinion is not a Conservative but a cheap Republican bending over to the religious right. I understand that most Republicans believe that social conservatives are the critical voting block for the primaries. I challenge this information as I believe the American voters are tired of the threats coming out of the Christian Coalition.

Are we not all tired of the Federal Government lying to us about too many things that affect us in our daily lives? I know I am furious at the entire action on this war in Iraq. I do not see Senator McCain checking out the bad information that was supposedly given to President Bush and passed on down the line to every American voter. Senator McCain has proven to be the greatest opportunist to be found in the Republican Party. He is exactly what we do not need as a leader.

He knows he failed to convince people to stay a strong force in

Iraq because he underestimated our ability to locate the truth of the war itself. He needs an enormous diversion to get people’s mind off of his war support and what else can cause the emotional reaction better than the subject of abortion? Nice try, Senator, but it won’t work!

So we go back to the fighting over women’s rights. Back to the threats of illegal procedures that will put many women in jeopardy of bleeding to death instead of a clean, sanitary procedure that would allow them to keep control over the size of their family. Has Senator McCain ever taken the time or made the effort to learn why so many abortions are done in America? Why should he? He doesn’t care! He needs a way to win votes. For a man who claims to be pro-life, we need to pin him down on the loss of lives of our own soldiers and his desire to sacrifice even more.

War is devastating enough when it is legal and justified but when it is a political ploy to strengthen the power of a leader, it is an abomination!

Senator McCain, you will not sacrifice the women of America in an effort to strengthen your voting numbers in any election. Those efforts sir, are the plans of a coward and I never would have labeled you as such knowing your brave actions in Vietnam. This removal of Roe versus Wade is nothing but an action to sell yourself to the voters and it will not work!

We need a leader who is a statesman who can sit down with all the documents that developed America and bring them all together for the good of all Americans, not just white, straight Christian men. We do not need a federal government that runs on force and unjust laws because some man made the decision to remove the freedoms of half the American people. If you want to win the election, try standing up firmly for individual freedoms and maybe even a small less intrusive government.

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(Sandy Price began her political activism after finally getting cable in her area of the central California coast. She watched two hours of C-SPAN and realized she needed to get involved immediately. That was in 1993 and once she found the internet, it was just the beginning. She is now retired from working as a technical writer and costume designer and lives in Sun City, AZ.)

27 thoughts on “Senator John McCain sold his soul”

  1. Rick, you are right! We need some new young brains in the White House. Someone said last night that in 2008 America has no room for errors. If Obama can get through the trashing he will receive by the Clintons, he might be the best man.

  2. “Bombing villages with Napalm”, Ray said.

    Iraq is just another Viet Nam, with innocent civlians dying.

    Sandy, How is he an American Hero? because he was caught killing? Do you think those at Gautonomo Bay killed innocent civilians? They’ve been there 5 years, most were farmers, turned over by warlords for money, saying they were the evil enemy.

    Viet Nam was a tragedy for everyone and a horific mistake, so is Iraq…neither country ever hurt the US of A.

    Michael “All churches should be taxed, amen to that.

    Sandy, you said most aren’t doing God’s work, well I have seen that first hand, they only care for their own denomination and not reaching out to give a hand to the those in need,(just the collection plate for THEIR own) which is what Christ said. Christ words fall on deaf ears. I wonder how many True Christians even know what he said. Obviosuly not many, or we wouldn’t be in Iraq. Most demoninations think that THEY are the only ones going to heaven. Heaven doesn’t accept warmongers, period! What a rude awakening they are all going to have fairly soon. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, soaked with the INNOCENT blood of our fellow human beings.



  3. No, John McCain didn’t SELL his soul. He LOST it in Vietnam. And if he has his way, he’ll be the first Manchurian Cantidate for President, something we should all fear…

  4. “RSW Says:

    February 21st, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    No, John McCain didn’t SELL his soul. He LOST it in Vietnam. And if he has his way, he’ll be the first Manchurian Candidate for President, something we should all fear…”


    Besides, isn’t McCain a bit “old” to be President anyway? How about someone at a young 44 years of age, vibrant, and articulate?

  5. For his stoicism in the Hanoi Hilton, McCain deserves a medal, but it does not qualify him for the WH. He does have a mean side to him that I became aware of living in AZ. Speaking at an R meeting he told a nasty joke about Chelsea Clinton. Asking why is Chelsea so ugly? His answer because Janet Reno was her father. He apologized to the Clintons, but I could never think well of him again. He was throwing red meat to the Rs, at the expense of an innocent teenager. Unfortunately, some Rs seem to think that is very funny.

  6. I’m not certain that Senator McCain is disgusting but is simply using the religious community to get elected. I just received an email from my group in California who stated that McCain simply did not learn anything from the November election. The American people do not want to get their moral direction from the federal government. With all the crap sitting on Americans at this time, abortion should not be the leading edge of any campaign. Our Congress has spent entirely too much time on social issues while we ignore the lives of our Armed Services heroes.

    Prohibitions failed before because people have little respect for the morals of our government and we will never give in to any social prohibition again. I’m no supporter of abortions but with education and consistent birth control we can bring the numbers down.

    McCain is an American hero and it is a shame he has to cater to any religious group but Bush introduced the religious right into power and it will put a hex on anyone running as a Republican. I’m no longer a member of the party basically because it lost its agenda of freedom.

  7. McCain spent his term of service sitting in the Hanoi Hilton.He knows zilch about war and death.He is the most disgusting of creatures.FOR SALE TO HIGHEST VOTERS.You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.I dont think McCain has a prayer.

  8. Me thinks those who want to mix religion and politics should read the passage in the bible where Jesus stated, and I quote from Memory, “Give unto God that which is Gods and to Caeser that which is Caesers”. Seperate Church and State. Not compassion or help to the poor, needy and helpless.

  9. Joseph. At this time, I am only concerned with keeping the evangelicals out of our Constitution. I have written about the prohibitions that these religious people want as part of the Amendment procedures. I am hardly on the left of center as I have been a working part of the Fiscal Conservatives since the early 1950s.

    I’ve never met a Zionist or Jew for that matter who ever tried to introduce any prohibitions into our government. I’m concerned only with any group, religious or not, who wants to remove the rights of any minority whether women or gays. The only way to have total equality in our nation is to keep religious out of our Constitution. I’m sorry you misunderstood my comments.

    I am a reader of literature and used the term “sold his soul” thinking in terms of Faust or the 3rd act of The Tales of Hoffman.

    Joe, nice analogy. We were horse owners for many years and never put our horses away without a cooldown walk around the corral before rubbing them down and their evening meal.

  10. SANDY;


    Michael. Supposedly there is to be a “Seperation of Church and State”

    Once upon a time there was. Today their isn’t.

    I believe that ANY, ANY religious organization that involves itself in polotics in ANY WAY be immediately removed from tax exempt status.

    Politicians are about pandering and money as so eloquently said above. Churches are in one form or another about MONEY. Religion is a business almost exactly like any other.

    If they want to be involved in the political spectrum then they should be taxed just like everyone else.

    You know when I first started posting on CHB I wrote a piece about McCain that I believed he had sold out. That was nearly two years ago.. Now many more are seeing it too and believeing it.

    Here’s a bet for you. ANY TAKERS


    Barack Obama vs. Rudy Guliani.

    EWveryone in both parties POLOTICS will be unhappy, but THEY are the clear choices.

    Hillary only has a whisper of a chance if Rock Star Bill gets heavily involved. Frankly, I expect he will be right there when needed.

  11. Sandy, the evangelicals have not bought McCain’s soul. Rather, they are only renting it, much as you or I might rent a trail horse to enjoy a pleasant ride through some nice woods. When they are done with it, they will return it….tired and thirsty, and it will be put away wet.

    AustinRanter’s notion of a “baby draft” is a very logical extension of the anti-abortion crowd, and should be seriously considered by both houses of our Congress ASAP.

  12. Why can’t anyone to the left of the political center ever bother to look up a loaded term like “evangelical” before hurling it as an epithet?

    Surely Price doesn’t mean that McCain “sold his soul” (what odd terminology) to the United Methodist Church or the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, both evangelical denominations loathed by the neocons.

    And an article focusing on American religion as a catalyst for Mideast conflict without mentioning Zionism ranks along Michael Moore’s unhealthy obsession with the Saudis and apparent ignorance that Israel exists as too silly to accuse of deception.

  13. I do not belive that the Christian right cares who they back as long as they say no abortions and guy marriages.

    All they want to do is control what you think, say and do. Whats next putting a hood over my wife’s head?? Making her walk 5 feet behind her husbands?? If the Christian Right want to have a say in who is president then ALL churches should have to start paying tax’s.

  14. “Pandering 101” has got to be the top pre-requisite course for becoming a politician – pander to corporations which fund your re-elections, pander to the President to gain access and power, pander to the religious right for their support, pander to some of your colleagues no matter how hair-brained their schemes, pander by voting lock-step with the Party, pander…….

  15. Good article, Sandy.

    The blogs and the press are finally getting it right on St. John McCain. He seems to be neither straight-talking nor principled.

    I wish we’d have more Republicans like John Danforth, who I often disagree with, but really is both straight-talking and principled.


  16. It should be fun to watch the formerly stoic McCain become more desperate as the right wingers ponder whether it’s to be Jumpy John, Mushy Mitt, Lightweight Mike or Sad Sam.

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