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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The truth about terror and terra

By ROB KEZELIS If asked, an experienced world traveler will eagerly describe the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations. The ancient parts of Europe, the incredible ruins of Ur (Iraq), China, the walled cities of Bangkok, the ruins of the Maya and Aztec, just to name a few. At each site, what we really see are monuments to man’s inhumanity to man.


If asked, an experienced world traveler will eagerly describe the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations. The ancient parts of Europe, the incredible ruins of Ur (Iraq), China, the walled cities of Bangkok, the ruins of the Maya and Aztec, just to name a few. At each site, what we really see are monuments to man’s inhumanity to man.

The walled city of Vilnius, with its beautiful Ausros Vartai city gate, the moats and city walls surrounding the gorgeous city of Vienna, Strassburg, Budapest, The Great Wall, old Tibetan cities, castles and ancient walled cities near Bangkok, the original Edo of Japan, the walls protecting Aztec and Mayan ruins, moats around British and Scotish castles, – in fact, every single place where man has resided since historical times, you still see huge monuments to science, industry, and labor aimed solely at war and self-protection. War and terror – both have always been with us, regardless of how you define them.

That is precisely why the myths of 9/11 and the lies of the Bush administration are so deliberately misguiding and false.

Take any collection of historical tales (including the Christian instruction manual) and you find stories about roving gangs of thieves, of bandits, or highwaymen ready to pillage, rape and murder those they catch unprotected, and of course, of war. City-states were more often at war with one another than not. If water, food or money became scarce, or if some disease threatened one area, it was often easier and more profitable to attack someone else and take it from them, rather than to come up with a cure or a fix.

To put it simply, humanity’s history has always been filled with war and violence, of attacks and defense, of blood and taking. There is not one time in history when some armed conflict was not taking place. Not one. No wonder aliens find us captivating, but too dangerous to contact.

War and terror have always been part of humanity. those elements have shaped who and what we are today. There have been occasional, nay, RARE signs of civilization. Egypt ruled for thousands of years, until outside attacks and internal politics sapped its strength. Greece was famous for creating democracy, until it fell upon hard times. Roman roads were built for trade as much as for conquest. Once lands were taken over, their captives were incorporated into Roman society, with just laws and fair representation being the rule, not the exception. Even Western society has trifled with this “civilization” experiment. The League of Nations, the UN, and even NATO were efforts to stop war, to secure existing borders and to promote peace. And before this day, we used to think that America was different.

With this backdrop we have 9/11, the event that according to Bush, ‘changed everything’. Hardly, sir. To the contrary. It changed nothing. It only gave him cover to act.

A curious person should be struck by one glaring inconsistancy. The root cause of 9/11 has gone un-investigated. There has been no official research or investigation into what history, what events and what circumstances led us to such a painful and bloody event. Our MSM concentrates on missing blond bimbettes and the testamentary wills of dead silica-augmented playboy models. Even worse, President Bush stopped every effort to discuss or investigate the root causes. He even did his utmost to quash the 9/11 commission’s efforts into 9/11, as limited as they were. Bush and his cronies did everything possible to put legal, and possibly illegal roadblocks into the commission’s efforts.

Recently, we learned that Mr. Cheney led the effort to stymie an investigation by threatening Senator L. Graham and dropping all collaborative efforts and exchange of information with the senate committee. Given Cheney’s unbelievably seedy actions surrounding 9/11, the worst that we can imagine is probably inaccurate simply for not going far enough.

The truth is out there, and we can find it. In fact, all it takes is a little sitting back and thinking. The cause of 9/11 is not what Bush says. It is not some PR-framed pithy truism like, “They hate us for our freedoms.” That non-sensical statement collapses with the slightest rational analysis. In one sense, “They hate us for our freedoms” is actually brilliant – it is simple enough for your standard moronic Fox News watcher to grasp, it flows off the tongue easily, and it blunts any thinking person’s response, for the response is bound to be filled with facts, examples, proofs and logic – you know: All things that the Bush administration cannot stand.

Besides, Muslims do not hate us for our freedoms. To the contrary, US-based Muslims love America and its freedom of and from religion as much as any likker-drinkin, NASCAR lovin, redneck in Georgia or Alabama. They love the fact that they can worship as they choose, although some towns in Kansas, South Carolina, Texas and Miseri threaten to change that.

The problem is not our freedom or democracy. Rather, it revolves around the long-standing policies, the unstated, unpublicized and unfortunate policies regarding hegemony, oil and global power that are the problems. It is the unbridled greed of the military industrial complex that only thrives on disaster and war – and would pay dearly to keep was as the status quo. These policies have never been a topic in a national debate, mainly because the powers that try to run the US don’t want their goals to be trumpted in public. The Bush family, in particular, realize that the last thing they want to see is an honest national discussion about our foreign policies and actions.

That explains this latest gambit promoted heavily by Bush and Cheney. A surge, or in the infamous words of their brilliant spokesman, Condi Rice, the augmentation, is nothing more and nothing less than an attempt to maintain the status quo. How many times has the administration actually come out and “defined” victory or “explained” our goals in IraqNam? Bush often mentions a plan, but never has he stated what that plan is. He bandies about terms like democracy and the Iraqnam Constitution and millions of voters – but does he explain why we are there? Hardly.

Given humanity’s war-mongering history, it should surprise no one that the world is at war, not again, but rather, still. Instead of longbows, we have Apache choppers and air to ground missiles. Instead of links of iron turned into shirts, we have kevlar and armored humvees. Instead of moats and castle walls, we have intercontinental ballistic nuclear-tipped missiles and cruise missiles. Instead of the Maginot line, we have untested, unrpoven anti-missile systems in Alaska.

Our foreign policy is the problem. It is the cause of war, poverty, Walmart-based pseudo-slavery, and worse. It is no wonder that the world begins to hate us. What is incredible is that so many here remain in the dark about our real goals and actions – actions which have directly led to 9/11 and will lead to even worse problems in the future.

The realization that our policies are the root of war, and not a result of outside threats is a troubling concept. Most Americans have been brought up believing in apple pie, the American way, peace, a strong defense and in this post Viet Nam era, “Support the Troops”. Most Americans believe that we only strike out when attacked, that we only fight as the last resort, that we are the upholders of peace and democracy. It is a very hard lesson indeed to realize that our domestic propoganda has been false. It is painful to look at this administration and realize that we were lied into an invasion of a country that never attacked us, that posed no threat, and that in fact, that our CIA created and supported many times since the 1950s. We even profited from the Iraq-Iran war, we supplied Hussein with weapons, including the poison gasses he used with our tacit permission. And we gladly bought his oil.

We in America used to believe in our destiny, our past and our system of government and in justice. We believed that we were a force for good in the world. We believed that our leaders practiced what we preached. And until 5 years ago, a lot of the world believed that, too. Except, in the hidden recesses of the world, others saw first hand that our policies were not intended to create peace, but to create profit.

The blunt, unhappy truth: We invaded Iraq without any justification except global power and profit. In a historical context, we are the Huns, we are the ancient invaders of Egypt, we are the Nazis attacking France, we are the Napoleons and the Alexanders. We are the invaders and makers of war. And worse yet, when future historians look closely at these terrible times, they will conclude that it was our global policies that were the proximate cause of the 9/11 attacks, which in turn were used to justify our invasion of a country innocent of any connection with 9/11.

This invasion of IraqNam will go down in history as one of the worse mistakes ever made by the US. As a developing tragedy of regional, possibly global proportions, no good can come of it. The only ones who profit or gain from it are those who sell the arms, and sell the repairs of damage we cause, and those who feed and cloth our troops. The war-makers. The corporations owned, operated and controlled by Carlyle and others. Who in turn rely on Gearge HW Bush and his cronies.

As for the rest of us, the poor and unemployed continue to send their boys and girls to join the military, where they spill their blood, lose their legs, and destroy their brains. The middle class continues to get squeezed, and social benefits that aided all are being cut and eradicated. All of this to support this insane war. As a side benefit, the rest of the world now views George Bush as a larger threat to peace and prosperity than Osama Bin Ladin. Now, there is a mission accomplished.

Each day when our boys and girls put on their desert boots and personal armor, and become moving targets for Iraqis fighting other Iraqis, I can only hope that a few of them will realize that they are not fighting for democracy, but for GE, Boeing, Haliburton, Exxon and Carlyle. I can only hope that Walmart’s profits and General Dynamic’s weapons sales are far more important than the loss of a limb, one’s eyesight or one’s life. I can only hope that some day, America will hold an honest, informed discussion about what our government has been doing around the world without telling us.

But it is a faint hope indeed. It is time to stop this war. Now.

(Robert Kezelis is a lawyer, sculptor and writing curmudgeon based south of Chicago.)

17 thoughts on “The truth about terror and terra”

  1. It is because they like living and they know thier story wouldn’t get past the editors desk. If reporters write the truth, they are black balled or suicided or thier families are harmed. I think its pretty much the same with the congressmen and senators. If you buck the powers, you are done for

  2. Pastor Agnostic – Thank you. I try daily to educate, warn others of what is/was REALLY happening. This is my path in this lifetime.

    Ray,as usual, you know & speak TRUTH, thank you, too.


  3. Another thing Phil. You talk about expansionism by the Islamic. Is it not obvious who the expansionists are in the Middle East? It is Israel who constantly encroaches and kills randomly. It is Israel who keeps egging on the US to attack Iran. It is Israel who illegally has nukes. It is AIPAC who rules congress. They are the expansionists.

  4. By the way Phil. It was not those arabs that killed 3000 people. It was the executive branch, the pentagon, norad, and the Zionists. The sooner you realize that Osama did not plan and pull off that attack from his cave, the sooner you can help expose the real killers.

  5. Those who somehow can suceed in bringing the truth about 911 to the masses will go down in history as the savior of america. If the american people could just see what actually took place and were informed of why, how, and who benefited, the powers that be would fall. That is the key that will change the course we are now doomed with. But as long as controlled media witholds truth and proper discussion about the false flag operation that gave the cabal the power to take control and to execute the crap that is termed war on terrorism. The mass are totally fooled into beleiving what they are told to be truth. These are the basic truths that need to be understood before any change will occur.

    1. The neocons wrote the Plan for a New American Century, which clearly states that thier objective is military buildup, middle east aggression for resources and military bases. More control over personal freedoms.

    2. They state that the american people will not accept these objectives or support them unless there was a shocking event, ” like a new pearl harbor”

    3. Operation Northwoods was a false flag operation planned by the pentagon in the 60’s to start an invasion of Cuba by shooting down a US Plane and blaming Cubans. This document was signed by all but the top commander before it was put to rest. This document proves what our government is capable of doing

    4. Since the false flag attack on the twin towers, we have invaded two countries illegally, murdered hundreds of thousands innocent people, destroyed infrastructure that will never be rebuilt, Shredded the constitution of the united states, commenced spying and wire tapping of american citizens, created homeland security which is just another SS Corps like Hitler had. Increased military spending to new highs that have bankrupt the nation. Wasted thousands of soldiers, poisoned thousands more. Earned the most hated nation on earth award. On and On.

    But as long as Ruppert Murdoch and his cronies control the media, the truth will never be known if people keep watching TV and reading the major papers. They wrote the plan in 1997 and they created thier new pearl harbor event to shock americans into allowing thier own enslavement and ruin. That is the TRUTH of what is taking place and the bastards are winning, if any of you have’nt noticed. We are not leaving Iraq, we will attack Iran and Syria and the rest of Isreals nieghbors. The united states of America was highjacked on sept 11 2001. The only salvation is for the american people to extract thier heads from the sand and realize that this has been all by the design of the pnac group. You can form all the political action groups, elect all the god sent blow hards you want, but the cold hard facts are untill the mass mind controlled people see how they have been fleeced, not a goddam thing is going to change, NOTHING!

    There is a conspiracy. It has been in our faces for six years. It can be drawn on paper for those who have trouble with comprehension. That conspiracy is about to end this nation, and probably will, because people in this country have become stupid, ignorant, and lazy. My Dad always said, Never believe what you hear and only beleive half of what you see. And never never trust a politician. America is about to roll over and sink. The treasury is beyond bankrupt according to the US Comptroller. Our leadership is a bunch of liars and fakers. Corporate greed dictates the futures of nations. There ain’t nothing that can change anything except knowledge of the plan and that our government is responsible for the carnage. Then maybe the masses will wake up and attempt to save something, otherwise its over.

  6. 9/11 was not “blowback.” Journalists like to join in the debunking of the 9/11 truth movement, but they desperately avoid looking into the exercises (at least six held on that morning), insider trading, the money trail, the connections with drugs and oil, and the many, many parts of Bush’s story that just don’t make sense, starting with the timeline. Resolving these questions satisfactority inevitably requires that one point back at the US government itself. If journalists are really investigative truth-seekers, why do they studiously shy away from looking closely at these matters?

    The “war on terror” is as phony as the “war on poverty” and “war on drugs.” The only thing we’ve gotten out of them are more terror, more poverty, and more drugs. Plus a lot of oppression and a huge prison population. Government policy creates poverty, for which the government announces a “war on poverty.” The CIA and elites run drugs for fun and profit, and the government announces a “war on drugs.” The elites who control the US stage “terror attacks” like 9/11 and then the government announces a “war on terror.” Am I the only one who sees a pattern here? Why don’t mainstream journalists write about this stuff?

  7. Thank you Rob, it took me some time to finally read your commentary through to the end. My phone has not stopped ringing in the last couple of days and this morning, come hell or high water (yes it is raining in Arizona) I managed to take it all in.

    I agree with Phil and we do need to discuss the whole picture of 9/11 and how we can change our ways to keep from seeing a repeat of this hatred for America.

    In my research the terrorism against America started after WW2. It built up due to great win that America pulled off by having strong leadership and very strong military leaders. The fear of Communism did not play well with Americans and when Christianity tried to replace Communism as directed by our government, the real trouble started.

    Hundreds of books have been written on why Islam began attacking America before 9/11 and yet no interest in D.C. was found that would open up the debate within or without our political groups. I wondered if the next step would be so humongous that it would indeed get our attention and then 9/11 appeared and the neoconservatives were all ready with their explanations.

    The American people were treated like idiots with comments about how we are perceived in other countries. No mention was ever made that our armies were sitting on holy land after the first Iraqi war and we were asked to move them. We refused and all hell broke loose.

    What stunned many of us was that Bush was prepared to bring up what we knew as “The Patriot’s Bill” which was a rewrite of Clinton’s Executive Order when they thought Americans would march on the White House during the Millennium. We had a lot of discussions on this terrible plan right here on CHB on Reader Rant. It was a plan to remove most American freedoms and keep them identified, and under the control of the federal government.

    9/11 was a terrible shock to all of us but the quick reaction to it by the Bush Administration was too fast and too determined to remove our freedoms. It caused a lot of writers to stop what they were doing and take a closer look at the time line of 9/11.

    Most of us older folks have been digusted with the government and how they refuse to discuss UFOs. They treat all of us like idiots unworthy of discussing the truth about UFOs, JFK’s death and now 9/ll.

    We must not let the Federal government get away with treating any of us like dirt. We pay their salaries and they work for us. We need a total change of attitude when it comes to the Federal government getting away with torture, lies, murdering innocent people and pushing us away like drunken relatives.

    If we do nothing else in 2008 we must demand that our questions be answered. I will not look at Islam as a killer religion until the heads of the Christian sects are also are identified as a long line of killers of innocent people. We must not continue to label each other and other nations in ways that we are also guilty as hell.

    We cannot push ourselves into other nations until we establish our own morals. We need some open dialog with every candidate who will run in 2008 and we need a commitment from them that the secret party is over. America is either a free nation for everybody or it is not.

    Thank you Rob for starting a much needed subject. We all have much to contribute and learn from each other.

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