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Saturday, March 2, 2024

We will bomb the Moon tomorrow

America is bombing the Moon Friday at 7:30 ET and 4:30 PT, NASA will send a rocket (unmanned, I hope) to the moon to blow the crap out of an area that may show a level of ice. The purpose is to check the possibility of ice which means water; which could mean life! Yahoo! I chuckle at this because I believe in Evolution and finding life (even single cell thingies) might shoot a hole in Genesis. Maybe an ugly slimy pulsing little green amoeba was formed in the image of………..I can’t say it.!

America is bombing the Moon

Friday at 7:30 ET and 4:30 PT, NASA will send a rocket (unmanned, I hope) to the moon to blow the crap out of an area that may show a level of ice. The purpose is to check the possibility of ice which means water; which could mean life! Yahoo!

I chuckle at this because I believe in Evolution and finding life (even single cell thingies) might shoot a hole in Genesis. Maybe an ugly slimy pulsing little green amoeba was formed in the image of………..I can’t say it.!

I read this morning at Reader Rant that they have discovered a site where earthquakes are reported several times a day. I received those reports when I worked Disasters in California. We can understand the reason for this earth movement if we understand the plates that we live on do move and will shake on many occasions. One poster added “And We Do Nothing About It.” I knew for many years I lived on the San Andreas Fault and saw the results of this horror and learned how to protect my family from the damage.

The end of times will not reach us tomorrow morning. If it does, I apologize today….

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  1. Accepted. I have said many times that I respect your opinions and never ever wished I could agree with them. My life is filled with space exploration and my son does models for the movie industry and the government. His Apollo model is given to all visitors from other nations to the White House. I spent many years reading movie scripts for my son to send him ideas of my own. He is “Wonder Works” and has a list of his ships and other things used in the industry.

    The family is very artistic but only my husband Ray had the scientific background. Our younger girl had the ability to understand the science but she chose the law.

    Good luck with your water well. I lived on carted water delivered into a cistern and then piped into the house. Couldn’t see through it but it kept us clean until a water line came into our area of Malibu. We turned the cistern into a pool.

    Remember Carl I am from another generation before yours and the gap hits on many occasions.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    I offer my sincere apologies for evidently hurting your feelings. It wasn’t my intention, but that’s what happened concerning my thoughts on space exploration and other things.

    My well pump went out last evening so I’m involved with getting water back to the house etc. I’m having a company do it, but you’ve got to watch tradesmen like a hawk nowadays so they don’t cause even more havoc then what you are paying them to fix. Luckily my well is only 144 feet deep and we don’t have to pull 500 plus feet of pipe as in some areas of the county.

    So I’ll fade my lengthy rhetoric to the site other than to discuss the issues at hand.

    Peace! : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Carl, I was married to a nuclear physicist for years and remember his lectures to his class at Caltech filled with the future of the potential of science. He did the basic work on the accelerator at Livermore and was an expert on magnetic forces within the atoms. He was with Dr. Feynmann when he won the Nobel prize for physics. He never spoke in such rude tones as you enjoy with me. He knew I could not follow the information but I had great children. Dr. Price died several months ago. We all do not share your education but that does not mean we cannot learn from you.

  4. Sorry to report that my adversary Ron G died last month in Texas. But there is always someone in line to take on others. I’m posting this here for you and Issodhos to know if he doesn’t already.


  5. Carl, I have great respect for you and Issodhos. I could be a great meeting of the minds to have you both on the same track. Whether you agree has nothing to do with it.

    You needn’t be polite to me as I’m not used to that. I believe we come from different backgrounds and our end games are different. No need to be rude. I do not understand why we all should be the same. Does your mother believe as you do about culture and politics?

  6. Ms. Price, I like issodhos along with his thought processes. I can’t imagine the two of us engaged in a “smackdown” on this site.

    You seem to be haughty, somewhat uppity and confrontational.

    Maybe it’s because you are delusional concerning your conservative roots and the glories of the past.

    As Griff said in a recent post, “you are all over the map”. I tend to agree.

    Others evidently, like myself don’t have the foggiest as to what you stand for.

    When we interface with you we are mostly being “polite”.

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. Ms Price you are living in la la land. / : |

    You are confusing pure science with technology gone wild.

    We’re flat-assed dead broke as a nation with everything we do 24/7/365 supported by “debt bucks”.

    I’m not anti-science since my background is linked to the principles of science, engineering and applied mathematics.

    It’s the mentally unarmed citizen who becomes enamoured with the parlor tricks of technology gone wild that say they are willing to support this soon to fail paradigm of a science community who’ve become subservient to the needs of the MIC.

    I, on the otherhand want to use our scientific and engineering expertise to create massive solar farms in the the American Southwest, along with solar powered de-salinization plants in southern California, the South Texas coast, Florida etc. to help stem the fresh water shortage that is soon to befall this nation. I’m for Fischer-Tropsch coal gasification/liquifaction plants that turn dirty coal into both clean, liquid and gas energy resources for the U.S. Also solar arrays can generate hydrogen gas along with atmospheric oxygen as a bi-product for fueling such powered vehicles in a clean fashion as opposed to solely generating such from natural gas and coal resources.

    But no, it’s a bunch of hand-clapping simps who are more impressed with the cheap parlor tricks of zero sum, zero return space exploration that prevents such a push for real, earthbased returns on their science based tax debt dollar investment.

    I’m not your enemy in thought, but you’ve been duped by the cheap chemical rocket parlor tricks of Cape Canaveral’s launching of another orbiter who’s main mission is to serve the needs of the MIC; ie., “spies in the sky” along with many other uber expensive government supported programs that will deliver little real return for the “tax-debts” incurred or practical application to our crisis enveloped earth.

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. Btw, you implied that the 79 million dollars wasted on the moon bombing run should be handed out as foreign aid whereas my reference to the money as being simply disbursed to any of our states’ medical care programs. Charity begins at home dear lady…no!?

  8. Well, I guess we could take all those 79 million dollars and hand it out around the world and not bother to think in terms of the future. To me that would be building a collective people who could have one Big Mack. That’s part of the animal world of sharing a huge bloody kill.

    Somehow I thought homo sapiens were the species of future plans. If we truly were thinking of beneficial future health, we might grow healthier bodies. Those of us who know what health involves, could share with others at no cost whatsoever. I want the moon to be researched for future use. It would be the stepping stone to the universe.

    Can you just imagine a world without the conspiracy of our limited human existence? I see no reason we cannot communicate with others even without the etherzone.

    Many of us plan extensive academics for our children which includes (I hope) healthy bodies as well as strong brains. The heavy weight of this complexity of god holding us to a limited time on earth and a future of salvation costing thousands of promises and dollars to a church. I stepped out of this conspiracy over 65 years ago and I went searching for another reason for our atoms developing breeding bodies. What is the end game?

    I see it in science. Many of you see the end game as becoming heroes for stopping scientific research and giving money to the poor. What if this scientific research could lead to stem cell research giving the bodies of the scientists stronger body parts including the brain and we might even be able to clean up the sewage we leave everywhere we go.

    Humans no longer have the desire to help each other so we look to stars for broader areas with which to work.

    Carl you gave me a bad time for my political agenda that would downsize the government to give individuals their choices of survival. I still believe that humans can survive without big daddy telling them what to do and the sky daddy telling them what not to do.

    I’m not alone Carl. My Secular groups grow daily and want to open a new world of thinking for the next generation. You tend to step on many others here for not following your pattern of thinking. It must be difficult for you to meet so many on these forums who do have different end games in mind.

    Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see two of my adversaries have at it on a site where no holds would be found. You and Issodhos each explaining what they do believe not simply knocking what the other claims. That is impossible on the internet.

  9. Hi Woody188,

    It’s even a greater disappointment for the taxpayer. The moon bombing run cost $79 million bucks!

    Granted it’s not the billion word, but rest assured if any state had that $79 million bucks on its books to support state supported medical care it would represent a serious boost to their bottom line for such.

    It all adds up. Millions become billions to trillions to hyperinflation…then its time for an earthbased BOOM of another kind! : |

    Carl Nemo

    p.s. My apologies to readers in that a fairly stale post of mine should pop up on the recent post list. I’m a stickler for spelling and awkward grammatic expression. So when I spot them even if some time back in time, I correct them. This posting hierarchy is a function of CHB site management protocol.

  10. Just had to add, what a huge disappointment. Don’t know if it was media hype, but the event was not what it was billed to be. Oh well…

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