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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Global warming 2007

By SANDY PRICE Let’s get serious folks, we have a potential disaster on our hands and we need to discuss it. Vice President Al Gore is pointing his fickle finger at me for contaminating the planet earth with my f*cking fossil fuel fumes. Over the years my automobile has caused the glaciers to melt stranding a beautiful white polar bear looking at the camera with sad brown eyes. I can hardly stand before you and must confess.


Let’s get serious folks, we have a potential disaster on our hands and we need to discuss it. Vice President Al Gore is pointing his fickle finger at me for contaminating the planet earth with my f*cking fossil fuel fumes. Over the years my automobile has caused the glaciers to melt stranding a beautiful white polar bear looking at the camera with sad brown eyes. I can hardly stand before you and must confess.

I admit I spend a lot of time watching the science programs on my newly installed extended cable connections. I’m not that well educated and have little science background. I understand that when rain does not fall, our rivers dry up. Now you know all that I know. I also know that when ice melts, rivers rise. But what comes first? The ice storms that build the glaciers or the heat of the sun that melts them? I’m more concerned with the cycle of these mysterious actions and why I am to blame.

We are all aware of the various ice ages that our scientists have discovered through their coring of the old ice and it seems that since our planet formed into a solid rather than a gas orb, the sun seemed to ignore heating us enough to bring life. The ice melting rose up the seas and oceans and tons of interesting things wandered to dry land. The time line seems to indicate this was a cycle of hot and cold meaning the sun was showing an emotional reaction to our planets.. In looking back in my own genetic existence. I can’t remember if I started out as a single cell somethingorother but I do know that whatever form I wandered around in, I was in grave danger of the dinosaurs.

Whoever sent that meteor has my gratitude, it cleared out those ugly critters and allowed my cell to grow and develop over the years into what sits before you now. I learned that Venus has such a problem with green house gas that the ground cannot harden enough to support life as we know it. Okay Al Gore, where the hell did this green house gas come from as I swear I never drove to or from Venus.

In 2007 it seems that all of Washington D.C. has as line up of terrors just waiting to throw at all of us. If it isn’t Al Qaeda it is a load of guilt from Al Gore blaming us for everything! I refuse to live another day with this guilt that weighs me down. Must I always be afraid of anything named ”Al?”.

Everybody has an answer for our unsaintly morals and our abuse of our automobiles. The Federal Government spends millions of dollars and far too many hours looking at what we all are doing to ruin our environment. I want some honest scientific proof from scientists (not loser politicians) and I want it now before these idiots use it as a partisan issue in the next election.

I’m too old to take on the science of why we cycle from ice to heat. I’m also too old to learn how the American government went from protecting our American values into a force of evil dictatorship. I’m beginning to think none of us should live beyond the age of 60 because we tend to get skeptical of everything and learn to trust nobody. I reached 60, 14 years ago and I became a disgruntled old bitch when I realized nothing I valued in America was worth a damn.

So President Bush and V.P. Gore, put up or shut up!

(Sandy Price began her political activism after finally getting cable in her area of the central California coast. She watched two hours of C-SPAN and realized she needed to get involved immediately. That was in 1993 and once she found the internet, it was just the beginning. She is now retired from working as a technical writer and costume designer and lives in Sun City, AZ.)

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  1. As it’s been often said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

    I suspect that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

  2. Sandy, usually I agree with you, but this time you are WAY off base. How can you assume that human activity, which releases greenhouse gases, can have no effect on the climate? Not only has the world population expanded exponentially, but so have the effects of the industrial revolution.

    I would rather err on the side of caution. What’s wrong with cleaning up the atmosphere, anyway?

  3. your comparing this ridiculous theory with the Wright Brothers?

    I’ve got an “electric car” link for you also:

    I asked for something revolutionary that was suppressed.

    If it’s good enough, post the plans and a thousand people will be building them tomorrow, myself included.

  4. How can you believe anything these lying pieces of fill spew forth from the frothing mouths…tell Gore to give up his extra homes, suv’s, extra cars, boeing jets to fly to these so-called global warming conferences and perhaps shut-up more often as he is taking in oxygen and spewing out co2 just from running his yap…i will never by this theory as there only answer is to screw the rich nations, tax the people and plunder us with all their propoganda.

  5. Who profits from keeping our cars and homes running on oil? Who is raking in millions in investing in the oil companies? What is keeping us at war in the Middle East? Anyone familiar with “the Carlyle Group?”

    Let’s take it one step further; who wants to see the end of free enterprise? Who is moving us all into the direction of socialism? I think it is all part of the destruction of our American values.

    We are all cynics here RLewis.

  6. Sandy Price. I can empathize with you on the MBE or whatever they named it. I don’t believe in additives or chemicals fixing our polution problems. It’s like spraying perfume on cat urine… doesn’t work. We need to address the problem, not cover it up. As far as tobacco smoke, in my opinion smokers have been scape-goated for all the ills of society long enough. It’s the smoke & mirrors trick… if everyone focuses on smokers, they won’t notice all the toxic smoke chugging out of tail pipes! Hell, the automobile industry & the oil barons probably paid for all those ads against the tobacco industry just to keep everyone from focusing on them. Whoops… my cynicism is showing!

  7. Increased solar activity may be the cause of global warming. Or, the burning of fossil fuels might be. Or cow farts. Who knows? But the one thing I think everyone can agree on is that dumping billions of pounds of pollutants into the air can’t be good. Forget the politics. We probably shouldn’t be dumping crap into landfills or pumping it into the skies, because we’re all going to have to drink, eat, or breath it sooner or later afterwards. If the U.S. government can spend $450 billion (or 2 trillion, depending on your source) on the Iraq war, wouldn’t it be a good investment to mandate and subsidize fuel efficiency standards and other methods of reducing pollution? It would ultimately save money and improve the general health and well being of not just Americans, but everyone.

  8. Hey Sandy & R Lewis,

    Today’s forecast in Southeastern Ohio is snow. Yesterday, as usual, chem-trails criss-crossed my house. I looked up and said you damn f*ckers. I always do, have done this for many years! Pull up chemtrails on Google…tons of people see them & then some become ill.

    Think of what HARRP has been doing to our planet! And what of the DU dust flying into the air and then circling this globe! We breath it, we eat it.

    As you said Sandy on another rant…”We’re screwed” & unfortunately you’re right.

    On the subject of “water”, didn’t the Bible say that it would be more precious than gold. Oil=Gold! You can’t drink it, you can’t eat it. We’re screwed by the neocons, the Bushes, the Bin Ladens, the Cheneys and all of the corporations these men own, lock, stock & barrel. They are ALL in it together, Brothers in Arms (double meaning).

    Store food, store water (with 1 drop of unscented bleach) & watch with your own eyes this civilzation go to pieces. But some of us will survive all this madness, all this evil. Then I’ll have a smoke & maybe a beer with Ray.



  9. “What is the political advantage in supporting Global Warming?”

    Who’s paying?

    Aside from this, do you have anything useful to offer?

  10. “I may not be a scientist but I have been around politicians longer that most here and I can spot political ploy in about 3 minutes.”

    Its time to clean your glasses or update your prescription. Political ploy? To what end? What is the political advantage in supporting Global Warming? The political and short-term monetary advantage in opposing it, however, is very clear. Energy companies and automakers benefit dramatically by leaving the status quo unchanged. With no investment in R&D or new technologies, there’s more profit and no risk.

    With regard to sciencentific studies, let’s see your contrary data! Show us the peer-reviewed articles published in refereed science journals that demonstrate non-anthropogenic climate change.

  11. Sandy, you’re giving these goofballs too much credit.

    I maintain and operate s shop which refurbishes hydraulic power equipment and the electronics to operate it. The “DIY EFI” list I read and post to consists of automotive and fuel injection enthusiasts across the globe.

    I’m a former pro engine and transmission builder, as well as an amateur electrical engineer.

    Believe me, if you post the specifics to this “electric car” which was so totally efficient that it was shut down by stealth.. and it works, I’ll have people building it within minutes.

    Fact is, such things don’t exist.

    Even Hybrids, including the Pirus, consume more total energy from conception to destruction than the Hummer.

    There is no free ride..

    If you think you’ve found one, then get the specifics and post it.. Please!

    Millions like me will be building one in the garage tomorrow. Speaking for myself, I’ve got the machine tools and resources in place to do so.

  12. Even my CIA relative considered Global Warming from human activity, a much greater threat to civilization then the threat of nuclear holocaust since the early 1970’s. He calculated what shorelines would ve flooded and how much farm land would be saved and thus what population could be supported for the US government. The thought of suppressing this knowledge from the public has long been a coverup perpetuated by our government, and many are so under educated in science, (also as a part of the conspiracy), that they can not grasp that they are being had.

  13. RLewis. I happen to agree with you but let’s not mix our subjects here due to some threat by some fool who wants to get elected.

    I come from California where every possible clean up has been promoted right down to trying to keep people from burning wood in their wood burning stoves. We put in an additive called MBE something or other which was to clear our cars of toxic fumes. The problem was that it got into our water sources. I lived in an area on the central coast of California where our water came from wells. These great cleaners of our environment never thought about the millions of people who were to be made sick by MCBE or whatever the hell it was called.

    We don’t think ahead enough of the time, and it seems quick fixes tend to run the programs. As far as smoking goes; I smoked for easily 30 years. I was working 2 jobs to keep my kids in private school and my nerves were shot from the tension and stress and those cigarettes were my calming sticks. I finally quit. I was in perfect health with a weight of about 114 for my 5’4″ height. Within 2 years I was heading for 150 pounds. My kids were in the University and I was down to one job where I ran and operated a book store. I had to fast to get the weight off and became completely anemic. I have fought off the extra weight now for nearly 20 years and I have never regained my health. But know this, I do respect your desire to inhale clean air. I just think some necessary intelligence must go with it.

    I am more than willing to see a young corporation find a solution to the fossil fuel that is running our cars and the war. I had an old friend in Santa Monica who did design an electric car but was closed down by the government for no good reason. That man was Bill Lear whose dream was to build airplanes and cars that would run on clean fuel. Our government is against any such invention and again it sits in the laps of the politicians. It is not a partisan problem but a power problem found in D.C. We might be able to change the way our government operates if we act as a team.

  14. Inasmuch as Jhoffa has begun using personal insults, having, apparently, run out of real argument, I will skip over any further posts from him/her.

    I, for one, will not contribute to that approach.

  15. After reading this article & all the responses, my question is – how many of you believe tobacco smoke is dangerous to your health? The very same a**holes that swear cigarette smoke is surely killing them are swearing that all that smoke belching out chimneys & automobiles is surely harmless. Again, I say that arguing about the value of whether or not to clean up our air is a moot question. If the air I breath & all other living beings & plants on this earth can be cleaned up, why not!? What the hell is the argument against it… it doesn’t hold water as far as I am concerned!

    I recall 40 years ago news articles regarding a man who had invented a car that ran on some alternative source….. the oil cartel threatened his life & as the story unfolded he was allowed to keep his invention for his own personal use ONLY. So, for at least 40 years there has been other sources of automobile power, but supporting the oil barons of this world

    was more important in spite of its pollution.

    As far as politicians are concerned… they will grab on to anything… right, wrong, or indifferent if they think it will get them elected. And, I don’t need no damn scientist to tell me when I am sitting stuck in traffic, breathing in all those toxic fumes from miles of cars, & unable to breathe that it’s bad for me!!! If I have to sit there, I’d rather sit there with some source of clean energy that allows me to breathe while I’m waiting!

    To hell with arguing over global warming, there is enough cause to stop the pollution without even considering whether or not the polar caps are melting.

    When considering the history of the earth, remember there has never been a time in earth’s history when it was supporting the mass of humanity & humanity’s bi-products that it is today.

    I just believe that there is enough cause to support clean fuels/energy without arguing over whether or not there is global warming. It’s stupid. I can’t breathe… that’s reason enough!

  16. More power to you Sandy!

    Does anyone believe that the scientists know half of what there is to know about the climate? I don’t.

    Does anyone believe that humans has the capability to uphold a permanent status quo for the envirnment on the entire planet, in an everchanging world? I don’t.

    Do we have a divine obligation to uphold status quo ? No.

    Do we have moral obligation to uphold sq? No.

    Do we have a legal obligation uphold sq? No.

    What did Darwin say? Survival of the fittest. Homo Sapiens is the most innovative, resourceful and opportunist species on the planet. There is real possibility that we will be able to adapt to what ever comes our way. We should focus on how to take advantage of the change. Not waste our breath (and money) fighting it.

    All the land in the world is occupied by people and states. Infringing on others may lead to war. War is highly impopuplar with most people. But leaders need outside threats and enemies to jusitfy the infractions on liberty they wish to impose on their people. Global warming is the best outside threat anyone has come up with so far. Leaders all over the world realizes this opportunity for totalitarian changes.

    Yes, at some point we are going to need other fuels for our cars. But we do not need to stop driving.

  17. “I’m not that well educated and have little science background.” – this much is obvious. Educate yourself and start reading the NOAA reports, and the various other real reports out there. Your age is irrelevant, your lack of motivation to educate yourself is. This article is a complete waste of bandwidth.

  18. From the general tone, I take that to mean Israel is the subject?

    That’s correct.

    And the rest of your remarks are completely without merit.

    It’s really interesting to see all the fifth grade arguments here berating the woman for her “lack of education”

    Anyone can run around like chicken little and scream “You’ll be sorry!” Fact is, there’s no proof of that.

    Fact is, there’s plenty of research which doesn’t establish a link between man and global warming.

  19. My air is fine, Mr. RLewis.

    Sounds like your problem is population density. It’s causing problem with power distribution, water consumption, crime and every other damned thing.

    Maybe we should outlaw giant cities?

    It seems to me that you guys are causing more grief than you’re worth.

    We don’t NEED giant hubs now. Get used to it.

  20. Mark says there are 2500 ‘consensus’ opinion (sic) and Teleri says there are no dissenting opinions. I hate to have to break the news to you both, but there are as many studies and scientific opinions that there is no global warming as there are that there is.

    The basic problem is that the lack of a ‘crisis’ can’t be used to force a political agenda onto people.

    If you wish to read about some of those other studies that you pretend to believe don’t exist you can go to global warming .org or to CEI’s global warming pages or many other places if you want to look for them.

    People who are actually interested in the subject will, those who are only interested in politically motivated scare mongering won’t.

  21. You want programs for salvation? OK, here goes:

    1) How to save the planet: Do nothing. Eventually humanity will go extinct, and Earth will proceed without us.

    2) How to save humanity off-planet: Same as (1) above, except that when things get bad enough, technologically advanced folks will leave and colonize the universe.

    3) How to save humanity on-planet: Get off the petroleum budget, and recycle wastes. Hydrocarbons are too useful as chemical feedstocks to waste by burning them. For about the cost of Dubya’s big tax cut, we could put photovoltaic (solar electric) systems on every US rooftop, and tell oil-state dictators to go f*ck themselves. For less than our military budget, we could start building alternative fission plants that don’t produce massive wastes and aren’t amenable to weapons-making. And we can promote actual social-economic development in the 3rd world — prosperous peoples breed less. Et cetera.

  22. Well, then I will just have to find the dissenting opinions and list them here. But will it convince you that this is not a political ploy? No matter which side of the aisle you may be planted there is no honest and true side to this argument. There is no honest and true side to anything in America if we listen to men like Bush and Gore. I don’t have to have a Ph.D in Physics like my husband to comment on the horrors of our political leaders.

    We want easy solutions and we refuse to search for them and for that reason we all are victims of our leaders.

    NPR is financed by the government and that is all I have to comment on that! I am in full agreement that we may indeed be facing global warming.

    Okay what should we do? My money is on locating inexpensive de-sal plants because the oceans and seas may be our only source of water. We may need a lot of water if we continue to have agriculture to feed us.

    Look at the money and resources we have wasted in the Middle East. If global warming is in our future, we had better get off this neoconservative world power that Bush is forcing on us. Do we have any idea of the amount of water under our land? Can we stop drilling for oil for 5 minutes and look for water?

    Before anyone else slams my commentary, please come up with a solution to save what is left of this sick world. Okay?

    We are highly developed humans and need to fix what is wrong with our world. We first have to clean up the corruption in our government and get down to honest science.

  23. Sandy, I just listened to a news item on NPR (oh, Goddess, those evil liberals….) citing NO dissenting opinions from the scientific community on global warming or on there being a human factor. Only the NEWS media have presented this with both so-called sides.

    Scientists disagree on the extent that human activity has contributed to global warming, and how bad the warming will get. Not on whether it is happening.

    Check out the links given you.

    I will agree that you don’t seem to know much about science…

  24. Thank you, Sandy. Here I am thinking the same. There’s politics in the global warming debate, too! If you’re not in, then any theory shown other causes is shut out.

    Please, global warming fanatics, put Chicken Little back in his cage. When you can count to ten and calm down and listen to debate, I will gladly weigh your opinions, too.

    Besides, science is subjective.

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