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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Michael Jackson’s Murder a Conspiracy?

When Michael Jackson died, his sister La Toya and his father were complaining of a murder conspiracy to kill him which rang a special bell in me because I was systematically prevented from saving a friend’s life which I will discuss later.


When Michael Jackson died, his sister La Toya and his father were complaining of a murder conspiracy to kill him which rang a special bell in me because I was systematically prevented from saving a friend’s life which I will discuss later.

Now the entire conspiracy is being put on the lap of only one incompetent, or more than incompetent, doctor. People on this blog want politics, not gossip, but cracking down on this kind of murder would make Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, more cautious in trying to end all state aid to those with disabilities, to get them to die quickly to save the state and individuals from having to care for them. Also, the question of, “What help do others have to give someone who in dire need”, haunts around the edges of this issue, as well as many elder care decisions.

Michael Jackson’s relatives suddenly had extreme difficulty in meeting with him. Suspicions characters surrounded Michael chasing the more responsible people away, and valuables were missing after Michael died.

La Toya demanded three autopsies looking for a poison. However, I see the need instead for a private detective. I hope others will others will come forward with their own stories and help me reach Michael Jackson’s relatives with the following information.

La Toya’s accusations of a conspiracy to systematically put Michael at risk of early death was not about a conspiracy to poison him. The coroner, when it came to my friend, was willing to do an autopsy but I said no poisons would be found. In hindsight I would have asked for an autopsy only to check if the medicine he was supposed to be taking was missing from his system, to go along with why the curtains were drawn preventing me from seeing him sick on the floor, when he knew he might need for 911 help again very soon. And for the police to retrieve and examine the 9ll tapes where a conspirator was delaying 911 help right before I hysterically called for 911 help, maybe from my phone. He called on my phone to get a key. I had lengthened the cord on my phone with a 100 ft. phone extension cord because I didn’t want the shady character in my apartment. When he stayed on the phone I suddenly decided to go next door to see if they were home to look in the back window. Heading back, the conspirator was still on my phone so I ran the other way to the payphone. When I called again asking 911 why the police weren’t there, the person answering said another call came right before yours saying it probably wasn’t an emergency, and because it was first it took precedence.

If Dr. Conrad Murphy’s only purpose was to get as much money as possible from Michael Jackson, he would have wanted Michael to live as long as possible and probably would have attached him to medical alert alarms like hospitals do when they use propofol to put people to sleep before an operation. He might also have cut the dosage a little, but that might not have been what Michael Jackson wanted.

Also the emergency business phone call that Dr. Murray mentioned that distracted him from being at Michael’s side might have been part of a conspiracy, such as calling someone on a cell phone while they are driving with irritating information to try to cause an accident. There is nothing to indicate that the police are interested in a conspiracy, and would give Dr. Murray some benefit if he testified against others, and I doubt if Michael’s relatives will push unless they see this material.

A scenario I envision that may very possibly come true would be for Dr. Murray to testify to such things as confirming the claim of Michael’s relatives that they were chased away, and Michael wasn’t involved in doing this, and that he was offered a good job when Michael died, even better if Michael died soon, but would probably claim he ignored it, but admit that if he hadn’t had such an offer he would have probably suggested medical alert alarms when Michael Jackson was under anesthesia sleep. It is quite possible that others were pressuring Dr. Murray and he doesn’t want to talk about it because doing so under the present circumstances could make matters worse for him, or the police aren’t interested in anything vague that might subtract from the process of convicting Dr. Conrad of manslaughter.

Can a conspiracy to withdraw help and systematically chase away those would help lead to a murder conviction? I’m retired, but when I was young I remember hearing that there was nothing the police could do if a con-artist had stolen your money since you voluntarily handed it to the con artist. Conversations 50 years ago emphasized victims as a fool rather than con artists as evil. Somewhat similar, today people emphasize that Michael should not have urged doctors for more effective stuff rather than that the doctors should have particularly warned how drugs and even anesthesia can mix for more toxic results. Michael Jackson clearly wasn’t suicidal. I suspect the first time a prosecutor called for a murder conviction for messing with a car’s brakes and steering wheel to cause an accident, the prosecutor wasn’t sure the courts would consider it murder, especially first-degree-murder. Maybe some early prosecutor or judge involved in such murder convictions are still alive to talk about it. How many times are people convicted removing only the heart medicine pills from the morning pill try, or neglecting to get a refill on the heart medicine while always sending to the pharmacy all the medications at the same time to make it look like an accident? Pharmacy computers warn when medication prescriptions don’t mix, perhaps they can warn if an important pill is missing without a replacement program.

I was told by a lawyer that the cops wouldn’t touch my friend’s case because they don’t want to open up this kind of can of worms, but if Michael’s relatives push, and others come forward with the stories of their loved-ones demise, we might change that. Also the science of linguistics and commuters keep improving so with time more and more information can be gained by studying 911 taped conversation. It is possible that if La Toya Jackson asked some paparazzi to send in their secret recordings of the people around Michael getting in the way of visits by relatives, these tapes alone might only a few years from now indicate to the police whether wanting Michael to die quickly was on their minds.

I have an important hypothetical question. What if the police or others suspected someone who lived six hours away of murder. But when they went to question him, he systematically handed them out of his pocket a typed alibi covering all his whereabouts, store receipts and middle of the night long distant phone calls to show he could not have possibly been near the body, would the police go away thinking they have no case? I ask this because the conspirator and my friend’s new girlfriend went around the neighborhood pharmacy and other stores crying that the victim died of pneumonia, if so he must have got the pneumonia three days before died. The conspirator’s modus operandi was that of a homeless handyman with three dogs so he couldn’t stay in a shelter, doing odd jobs cheaper than others would while engaging in high finance at the same time I suspect he had assets officially in the name of someone else. He cleaned up several front lawns and cleaned up in front of a local coffee shop as with my landlord for far less pay then one would expect. Then he talked the executor into letting him stay and clean up the place, then into getting his welfare and/or food stamps at that address. Then he refused to move crowding the huge apartment to look as cluttered as mine. Two thirds of the estate went to animal causes similar to the SPCA, the rest to his new girlfriend. The executor and the executor’s lawyer were animal advocates similar to the victim. Had the new girlfriend got all of the inheritance, the brand-new will might have been contested.

The executor’s lawyer had told me I could stay, knowing I was a good friend of the landlord, but a potential buyer, a shady international company from abroad, said they would buy the place at an inflated price but pay no money unless we moved by a certain date. If the conspirator wasn’t making the landlord’s apartment look like mine, the executor’s lawyer knowing I saved my landlord’s life five times before, never would have agreed to the sales agreement. Then the conspirator put up an eight foot canvass or cloth sign with the potential buyers 800 number on it tied to the tree and to the house. That he put it up maybe can’t be proven except by grilling the shady employees at that company. I will speculate getting property from elderly people who had died would be frequent. And so would be the buying at an inflated price offers, but with no money down. The conspirator refused to move even though he was running errands for the potential owner who supposedly wanted him out. Someone else, probably the realtor’s friend, bought the place at a slightly lower than the expected price.

Everyone who lost a loved one to some crafty conspirator, let’s get together and change how the police deal with murder. I suspect that just as lynchings that couldn’t lead to convictions under Southern Justice led to convictions 40 years later some of these conspirators 40 years from now and the institutions they represent won’t be getting away with it after all. That is if they are around long enough. But let’s make that day come sooner

Now for a cautionary note. A thrift store who was fighting recycling had bricks thrown the chimney causing the fuel oil to fill the basement. The officer taking the police report refused to write it down as attempted arson, instead labeling it malicious mischief meaning that even if the culprit had slipped and fell, as malicious mischief there would be no attempt to make him state who hired him. The Governor of California who conspires to take government checks away from the helpless, can’t possible be charged with murder until long after he leaves office even if there is an entirely new political climate. We have a long uphill battle ahead of us, before professionals will stop routinely trying to find legal ways to get away with their crimes. However by speaking up and networking with each other, we can save some elderly people and perhaps stop one or two black entertainers from being murdered in the future the way Michael Jackson and Jimmy Hendrix were. Dr. John Bannister who saw Jimmi Hendrix in the emergency room agrees with the murder theory 39 years later, but the murder rumors were out from the beginning. Someone could have interviewed that doctor years ago. Publicity made the difference,…
So spreading the information in this blog might lead to murder convictions far sooner then 40 years from now.

Despite my contentions, I admit it is very possible that the idle thoughts that Michael would be more valuable dead was never discussed, and no one offered Dr. Murray a better job only after Michael Jackson died, and that Michael just wanted to avoid relatives, and anyone who might make negative comments.

Even if the above is so, however it is still possible that someone persisted on calling Dr. Murray on his cell phone about important future business while he was supposed to be attending to Michael Jackson, like someone persisting in calling someone in a car with heavy or irritating information hoping to encourage a auto accident. If so it might be the kind of murder someone could get away with even 40 years from now, unless by then we could read people’s minds. Any tapes of Dr Conrad’s conversations should be studied in case they reveal something, and if what Conrad was being offered made no financial sense, for the offer giver, a little like the wheeling and dealing in my situation where a manipulator engaging in high inheritance finance also earning a little money as a handyman. But the chances are if it was murder by distracting Conrad Murray as much as possible. while making him not worry about lose of income if Michael died, it will be a murderer who got away with the crime.

I have what I believe is an exciting thought I hope Michael’s relatives don’t think otherwise. With conceivably eventual murder convictions hanging over executives’ heads, and their companies, perhaps they will plead to a small charge quickly like the cigarette manufactures did, to prevent murder charges in the far off future.

At the second half of the following links is detailed information on the murder of my friend.……

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