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Friday, December 1, 2023

New day, Old story

A flash from academia sheds light on an unsolved mystery. Well maybe not a mystery. How 'bout more of a conspiracy? Well maybe not that either. Crime? Fantasy? Political subterfuge? Heck, I don't know... But I really want to. Title: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

A flash from academia sheds light on an unsolved mystery. Well maybe not a mystery. How ’bout more of a conspiracy? Well maybe not that either. Crime? Fantasy? Political subterfuge? Heck, I don’t know… But I really want to.

Title: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

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  1. Hatfill was the original fall guy. Ivins was secondary. I have heard to look at Philip Zack, but who really knows?

    It seems the security at Fort Detrick was possibly the worst I’ve ever heard of. I worked one season at Sea World and their security was better than Fort Detrick. Nice to know trained aquatic animals are more important to protect than letting out killer diseases and bio-weapons.

  2. Woody and others please study
    It is pretty extensive in it’s documentation.

    But a question no one asks is how could a person with such serious mental problems be allowed so close to extremely dangerous material.

    One possibility is that Ivins was set up from the beginning to be a fall guy if anything went wrong.

    Being that this planet is a Three Stooges flick there may be other reasons that a highly skilled man who is nuts is able to keep his job. It’s possible that he was surrounded with people who wanted to work with him without fall back motives.

    I think him being a fall guy in advance is slightly more likely.

    But make on mistake about it, the evidence against him is pretty overwhelming.

    Please everyone let the words “I don’t know” enter your vocabulary now and then.


  3. I remember Ivins allegedly killing himself after they harassed Hatfill for years. There was something out of place concerning his death. Like they claimed he shot himself but his friends and family claimed he hated guns. (Don’t quote me here and I need sleep, but there is something like that wrong with this instance, something out of place.) Also the FBI pinned it all him and closed the case pretty quickly after the alleged suicide.

    Of note it was not well reported that the Senators that were sent anthrax were hold outs against the PATRIOT Act.

  4. My gut feeling is to support conspiracy theory when it comes to the anthrax attacks,noting there were no critical articles concerning Bush Jr’s children after a criticizing National Inquirer writer was killed. However, goggling to make sure I spelled everything right I came across the following link. Perhaps Woody could tell me what is wrong with it, and such a discussion could lead us to having more common conclusions.


    Afterthought, for starters this is what I found, but I have to go to sleep rather than dig further for now,×469252

  5. If there was only the US and al Qaeda, bin Laden being framed would be logical speculation, but there were the Madrid Backpack Bombings and a new government in Spain, a top Northern Alliance leader assassinated by a phony camera documentary crew, and hundreds of other amazingly clever and deadly incidents. In 2003 US troops withdrew from Saudi Arabia bin Laden’s major obsession, the circumstances preventing bin Laden marching home to a cheering crowd.

    It benefited al Qaeda that the US at first threw them out of power rather than the Northern Alliance by itself. Remember the Afghans back then were getting more and more disgusted.

    If it will benefit al Qaeda again, I suspect terror attacks on the US, or like the failed attempts to assassinate Musharraf, a rash of failed attempts.

    For the time being waiting for and encouraging the US to bankrupt itself seems to be al Qaeda’s policy, which makes sense from their point of view. But if we suddenly stop wasting a lot of money on war, al Qaeda will need a direct attack.

    To make a long story short, fear of peace is bin Laden’s major dread. Obama is walking a tightrope.

    Back to my first point if the US seized 9/11 Pentagon pictures that showed construction secrets, then returning the photos or a partly cut out version would be a step forward at the American people being in danger of not believing the real threats.


  6. I would like to remind people of my Aug 20 5pm link,

    This link is about among other things prominent people in the 911 conspiracy movement having ties to such groups as Lyndon LaRouche.

    Unfortunately in the earlier comment I suggested that the 911 commission listed few deaths at the Pentagon. However that commission doesn’t actually list any names of victims anywhere that I could find.

    Michael Shaw’s article is well worth reading as is the comments that follow.


  7. By the way, for those of you who slept through high-school chemistry, I thought I would remind you that the free-air ignition temperature of a substance is NOT the highest temperature that can be developed by burning that substance. By concentrating and controlling heat flow, much higher temperatures can be developed. In the case of an enclosed building there are many variables which would determine the maximum temperature, including amount of thermite used, airflow and presence of other combustible materials.

  8. Griff is absolutely right; the most convoluted and insane ‘conspiracy theories’ are the ones issued by our government on a near-daily basis. Richard Clark’s insider’s account of the hysteria in the White House is a perfect example. Clark had spent years hunting Al Qaeda in the Clinton WH and had been retained by GWB as the WH ‘counter-terrorism’ czar. He was naturally quite biased and was convinced that Al Qaeda was responsible for everything bad, evil and inconvenient. After the attacks the WH was obviously under huge pressure to convince the public that they were in control; they NEEDED someone to blame, and FAST. Clark had the entire staff and cabinet convinced that Al Qaeda was the culprit literally before the smoke had even cleared. No evidence, no dust, no videos, no ransom notes, NOTHING except one inept bureaucrat’s opinion. IF THIS AIN’T A G*&$^MN CONSPIRACY THEORY, can someone please tell me what is??

    Thanks for the link to the paper which very clearly indicates the presence of both the residue from an explosion and the material which could have caused it. Well done.

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