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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Civil war or unity?

By SANDY PRICE It is bad enough that our American soldiers are thrown into a terrible sectarian fight in Iraq but is it possible our own American people may be witnessing a civil war within the Republican Party? I've never understood how or why any major political party would change their platform in mid stream.


It is bad enough that our American soldiers are thrown into a terrible sectarian fight in Iraq but is it possible our own American people may be witnessing a civil war within the Republican Party? I’ve never understood how or why any major political party would change their platform in mid stream.

I remember when President Bush 41 changed from his Republican roots of sizing down the federal government and came blasting out with a new agenda of one world order global governance. This was such an awful plan that it woke H. Ross Perot up to take action! Was this to be the end of the Republican Party as we knew it? It knocked me out along with millions of others and we saw Bush 41 lose his reelection. Was this the end of the Republican Party, or just for me? Why would a political party change their agenda to such an extreme? Did they not realize this change eliminated many of their core base?

The Republican Congress did stand up to the Democrats during the years of President Clinton and a spark of the old GOP began to shine. Running Senator Dole against President Clinton along with a new agenda of social threats was devastating. It showed to half the GOP that the other half has taken on a plan for social changes that had no basis in the Constitution. Some of the nicest people I know were Republicans and even they could not understand this desire for prohibitions to be sought after by their party. I will not enter into a Civil War within the GOP. They aren’t worth it.

What basically are the difference between the Democrats and Republicans?

Republicans represent Capitalism making it possible for all Americans who are willing to work and save to develop their wealth through investments or starting up their own businesses. Democrats represent the working force in America with guarantees that all American workers are treated equally and with the same advantages. They worked toward all the benefits that our American workers now enjoy and helped to break the glass ceiling for women and minorities. In my point of view this seemed like a good balance and looking at growth of American industry and the working force, it seemed to work.

It was common in American homes to find one member who would cancel out the vote of another. It was a friendly mixed family and it seldom brought on a war in the family after the elections were over. Today, it is causing a war not just between the two parties but between the two factions of the GOP.

This division could destroy the GOP due to the loss of several Republican agendas that worked for the party since the end of the Civil War (the first one). I never feared having a Democrat in the white house but in the last 6 years of watching President Bush 43, I fear voting for another Republican as he seems to have done just about everything he could to destroy our nation and our Constitution.

President Bush does not represent the Republican Party and is working to change America into an Empire of such force that we don’t know what he is doing or what he represents. He is not team member and has intimidated his own Republican Congress into believing that he talks to God and his social programs must be included into the Constitution as prohibitions.

The only firm support President Bush has are the Social Conservatives and not the members of the Republican Party at all. We saw the results of this division in November when a great many Social Conservative legislators were voted out of office. So where did the Republican Party go? Have they simply lost their agenda of a limited government and individual freedoms?

Do they see what the Bush administration has brought to our government? Are we supposed to accept torture and prisoner abuse as simply a new way to fight war? Do we accept the corruption found in our Social Conservative legislators simply because they were elected? This exposure of corruption is too vast to accept as the norm. By 2008 will the voters look at the GOP and think “corruption” and throw the rest of them out of office? They should! Damnit they should! Can we even try to locate anyone from the old Republican Party and ask them to return and help us eliminate this new corrupt mess? I think it would be a waste of time.

The Democrats have remained the party of the working force. We could do worse. Our corporations are already heading out of America due to their own CEOs drinking the kool-aid corruption. We only have to look at the reconstruction of Baghdad to see where the abuse of tax money has been found. The smell of corruption is everywhere in our Administration and there is no hope to clean it up.

Do we then talk about a new political action group with an emphasis on clean and open discussions between our Federal Government and the people in America? I’ve been around this Capitol Hill Blue group long enough to have a deep trust in Doug Thompson and have read his RANTS for as long as he has written them. I do not necessarily agree with him on many subjects but my trust in him is boundless. His frustration with both sides of the aisle and focusing on the current administration has brought about another possible action. If we could drop our preconceived labels for each party, we could simply pick out the best of the best legislators and work with them for a new group. In order to open the dialog, Doug has suggested “THE CAMPAIGN FOR OUR AMERICA.” He has set up a thread in the “Reader Rant” part of this site and we can use it to debate and discuss what it is we want.

If I can drop the GOP from my political brain, anyone can. We do not have the time to develop a new agenda plan but if we work together as a think tank team we could be ready for action in 2012! I think we all recognize that there is no overwhelming partisan movement in America at this time. We need to get out of Iraq and start focusing on the academic education of the next generation. We need to build a voter base in 2012 which means we start now! That gives us 6 years to get our kids/grandkids ready for an open election for their own advantage. Our target should be the kids from 13 on up.

We should skip the party affiliations and go for the honesty and freedoms that should not be overlooked in our candidates. Let’s put our heads together and discuss what our major problems are at this time.

(Sandy Price began her political activism after finally getting cable in her area of the central California coast. She watched two hours of C-SPAN and realized she needed to get involved immediately. That was in 1993 and once she found the internet, it was just the beginning. She is now retired from working as a technical writer and costume designer and lives in Sun City, AZ.)

15 thoughts on “Civil war or unity?”

  1. Way to go Sandy. More Republicans need to speak out about the theft of the Republican Party by Bush and the Fascist neocons. I became so upset with the direction that, America has taken; I quit the Republicans and joined the Democratic Party in July 2006.

    Heck I even became the Chair of the Finance Committee for a Democrat running for Congress! I found out a lot about the system as this big change caused me to take a serious look at the status quo. The problem is that Republicans need new blood to return to their historic roots. If Barry Goldwater were alive today, he would be a Democrat. Today the Republicans want to live in everyone’s bedroom, they spy, they think the Constitution is a piece of paper, they torture people, they are racist because their leader is, they have destroyed Christianity, and America under Republican rule has gone to a dark place from witch I believe we may never recover.

    Having said that, we live in the era of the new military complex, and we are not told the truth by the Press or our leaders. Lies have become commonplace in the Media. I have Fox blocked on TV and ABC (911 lies) and CNN is about to be next. I figure I can vote with my pocket book, because I am not listening to their sponsors.

    The other problem is with the establishment Democrats. They block the progressives by withholding money for their campaigns. This is one huge reason the Democrats lack guts today. The Progressive Democrats would have impeached Bush and Cheney by now if sufficient numbers were elected. Gore Vidal is right; we live in a two party system of property owners. Since 911 the President and both political parties have given us a steady diet of lies and deceit. We need to do some serious house cleaning. 6 Years of lies.

  2. Nice one, girl. Nice one indeed.

    Can’t wait to read more.

    blessings from the Church of Ineffable Stupidity

  3. Steps of reclaimation of America: 1. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and return to the gold standard and issue our own money. 2. Re-enforce the standards of performance to abide by the laws of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights by the elected representitives. Remove all special interest lobby from the halls of congress. Set term limits. Set pay rates that reflect level of performance.

    Remove signing order options. Disallow porck projects being attached to unrelated bills. Require legislature to actually read all bills they vote on. Outlaw foriegn intervention. Stop Illegal Immigration absolute and deport all Illegals. Replace all supreme court judges and all people of government who are now affiliated with replican or democratic parties. Appoint Ron Paul as president and all the readers of CHB to ffill the cabinet. Wouldn’t that be a lovely reality?

  4. Kudos to you Sandy. As a life long Republican I am disgusted by what has happened to my Party. I have encouraged all of my friends that it is time we retake the ideals upon which the Republican Party was founded and stop pandering to the far right wing. I believe that America can recover from the abuses she has suffered over the past decades and that a new era, dedicated to firming up the lofty ideals of our Constitution, can begin if we all work together to make it happen. We have come to far in a short historical time to let it fall apart now. Let us all do our part to reclaim the America of our forefathers.

  5. Way to go, Sandy. I always read your comments and agree with you almost all of the time.

    Good for you in becoming a contributer to CHB.

  6. Mike Nelson, you round it up very well. I am very concerned about runaway immigration for many reasons. Primarily it costs Arizona 43 million dollars a year just in health costs.

    I would love to return to the two-party system that evolved naturally so all Americans had a place to hang their political hats. We let them both get away from the people. What would you think of firming up of the separation of church and state? I may try a commentary on this very sensitive subject.

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