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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Cheney’s fingerprints on Plame mess

The trial of former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby is revealing just many of the fingerprints on the illegal and unethical outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame belong to Libby's boss -- Vice President Dick Cheney. Testimony so far reveals Cheney's obsession with destroying the credibility of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose investigation into claims Iraq was attempting to buy enriched uranium from Niger proved false one of the primary rationales for President George W. Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq.

The trial of former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby is revealing just many of the fingerprints on the illegal and unethical outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame belong to Libby’s boss — Vice President Dick Cheney.

Testimony so far reveals Cheney’s obsession with destroying the credibility of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose investigation into claims Iraq was attempting to buy enriched uranium from Niger proved false one of the primary rationales for President George W. Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq.

Did Cheney orchestrate the Plame affair? Each new day of testimony in the trial certainly points that way and what we have heard to date provides valuable insight into the mind and motives of the man who many believe is the real power of the Bush presidency.

As R. Jeffrey Smith and Carol D. Leonnig report in today’s Washington Post:

After seven days of such courtroom testimony, the unanswered question hanging over Libby’s trial is, did the vice president’s former chief of staff decide to leak that disparaging information on his own?

No evidence has emerged that Cheney told him to do it. But Cheney’s dictated reply is one of many signs to emerge at the trial of the vice president’s unusual attentiveness to the controversy and his desire to blunt it. His efforts included the extraordinary disclosure of classified information, including one-sided synopses of Wilson’s report and a 2002 intelligence estimate on Iraq.

Under questioning from FBI agent Deborah S. Bond, Libby acknowledged that he and Cheney “may have talked” aboard the plane from Norfolk that day about whether to make public Plame’s CIA employment, Bond testified Thursday.

Her testimony brought Cheney closer than ever to the heart of the controversy surrounding the Bush administration’s efforts to discredit Wilson, who had accused the White House of twisting intelligence he had gathered as it sought to justify the invasion of Iraq.

White House officials testified that Cheney was irritated because he thought Wilson had alleged the vice president sent him on the fact-finding trip to Niger but rejected the investigation’s conclusions. Time after time at the height of the controversy, they said, Cheney directed the administration’s response to Wilson’s criticism and Libby carried it out.

Cheney personally dictated other talking points for use by the White House press office; helped negotiate the wording of a key statement by then-CIA Director George J. Tenet; instructed Libby to deal directly with selected reporters; told Libby to disclose selected passages from the national intelligence estimate and other classified reports; and held a luncheon for conservative columnists to discuss the controversy.

Throughout this period, Cheney kept a news clipping of Wilson’s criticisms on his desk, annotated with the question, “did his wife send him on a junket?” according to court statements. Libby told a grand jury that he and Cheney discussed it on multiple occasions each day.

Randall Eliason, a former chief of public corruption prosecutions for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, said, “There has been significant evidence of how deeply the vice president was involved. If Cheney is personally, deeply involved in it, it’s Libby’s job to be personally, deeply involved.”

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  1. I still believe in the human spirit, immortal, or otherwise. But we can’t depend on folks who owe their soul to a system they still believe in. B.Clinton is a likeable enough guy, most of the time, but he is hooked up through his Rhodes Scholarship status, which was designed to bring the dangerously ambitious into the fold. Be it Bilderberg, illuminata, CFR, the round table groups (also funded by Rhodes will) trilateral commission(subgroup of CFR), or James Baker’s so-called study group, the end goal is the same as always, right wing rule of the fittest, either the divine right of kings, or the Darwin’s rule of the ‘fittest’. Interesting, that it took schitzo John Nash to uncover the second pillar of evolution, ‘survival by cooperation’. It was clear to me, when I watched that movie, that most of our ‘stars’ in washington were plugged into this horrible matrix back at the program center of our major universities, that they were superior to average folks, and therefore suited to lead, and to have more than others, because of this superiority. In any case the matrix has their dumb asses, and they can be hung out to dry just as quickly as anyone else, as was demonstrated in Dallas, back in the early sixties.

    Samuel Crook

  2. […] Trial shows Cheney s fingerprints all over Plame affairCapitol Hill Blue – former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Lewis Scooter Libby is revealing just many of the fingerprints on the illegal and Cheney may have talked aboard the plane from Norfolk that day about whether to make public Plame s CIA employment […]

  3. RAY,

    OF COURSE I was just kidding !!!

    I feel as you do

    Look what we’ve gotten as a result of George W. Bush’s Presidency.

    Lied to

    Spied on

    Invasion of Privacy in our reading material, on our phones, our computers and e-mail.

    Laws quietly passed that if confronted we have no right to complain or challenge anything, talk to anyone about it, consult an attorney

    We had so many lower level agents tell their bossess almost from the DAY Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld / Wolfowitz and a dozen other PNAC Neocons took office that “something very strange was going on at many UNCONNECTED” flight schools. THAT WAS IGNORED.

    ON 9/11 Cheney “just happened” to be in New York. Now reason says that a VP would never be close to an area about to be “hit”

    But one must understand how these people reason. Cheney, far removed from the “target” served as the perfect excuse for the no prior knowledge, should it come up of course as this was such an agegious attack no one would ever suggest that…but you still have to cover the bases, don’t you.

    GWB tucked safely away among his peers (soory) but it’s true IMO waited a full SEVEN plus minutes before reacting. In those SEVEN MINUTES, had it been nuclear submarines over 200 miles off the coast, ADIZ, of the United States, every single east coast city could have been incinerated. THAT IS SCARY.

    Then the bullhorn moment “happens” and we invade a soverign country AFTER we are told who did it and that WHO is thousands of miles away.

    Then the “Mission Accomplished Moment”

    Disgusting !!

    Then the Patriot Act. Can anyone tell me what other freedoms we have lost should someone now decide any one of us has lost them, other than the major ones I mentioned

    Then we have Katrina. A total disaster and FUBAR beyond all recognition and it still is. But there is Homeland Security with Certoff and BILLIONS of dollars to do what??

    The border NOT SECURE Yet the “troops” sent as a show of force …unless confronted.

    About 5% of containers at every single seaport inspected…. BUT don’t you DARE take a bottle of water on an airplane or a can of shaving creme or a old bottle of cologne. It will be confiscated and then sold by your government on E-Bay

    What I see here is a clear Patterns of Deception and slight of hand with the likes of FOX News doing everything they can to keep the BUSH Numbers close to 30%. FORGET TRUTH, RIGHT, OR WRONG:

    Finally we have this Army Lieutenant, protesting having to be sent to Iraq as he believes in concience that this was an illegal war.

    Sure as hell it was, but under the LAW this guy has NO DEFENSE. Give it any fancy name you want but.

    Under the rightful laws this guy will go to jail for disobeying a (presumed) lawful order.

    BUSH on the other hand will retire from the White House in almost two years, get a library, a staff a pension and secret service protection and will leave the unholy mess to the next President

    …and the sheepole sleep and their Congress says that’s OK.

  4. Sandy Price & Ray, as usual you are both brilliant!! I had forgotten so much, that I knew as facts & you reminded me. We live in troubled times, with so much to worry, think about…bills, etc. I remember in Nov.2001, that Bush gave our National Parks to NATO and they could fly all over, checking us all out. Gray uniforms, the state park people are wearing them, the army in Campbell Co. Kentucky are wearing them…they are calling us all “citizens” and with right arm, hand in fists saying “Hail to the Republic”, saw that 2x in one day on CNN in Nov.2001.

    On Sept 9th, I felt a sense of saddness, an Indian came here and asked how I was and I said, just sad. On 9/11, I was on the phone to John McCallister, who ran against DeWine in Ohio and lost. My daughter beeped me from school and told me that WTC had been hit. I told John on the phone and he said”I guess I’d better come see you” and I said, “yeah, you’d better”. Friends came by that day and said what do you think, I don’t have TV, and didn’t see it…I said, “We did it”. I just knew!

    Oh, so many things bombarding us NOW, IT OVERWHELMS ME, as I’m sure it does most of you….how can one win against PNAC, NWO, NATO, government survellance everywhere, etc…….prayer, combinded it is stronger than an nuclear bomb. Actually, that is a scientific fact, that prayer changes things!

    We can win, through all their lies, their evil corruption of everything that is good. I’m an old American Indian woman, called Wisdomkeeper, I believe in the Great Spirit and our ancestors protecting us all from evil, got pictures and prophecy to prove lies ever.

    We win this coming hell, with our mouths…we pray and speak TRUTH. I swear to you all it will/does work.

    Think, we’re awake, most aren’t thank to the media & Bush.

    I had forgotten what Sandy & Ray said as truth, which it is. Please in these troubling times ahead also remeber what I have just said.

    My prayers & peace be with you,


  5. Well if Cheney gets negative circumstances he’ll have to endure as a result of this, it couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow.

    Bring it on! Let’s watch him squirm.

  6. No thanks, Truth 101. I know your just joking. But let me express my choice of joining them or not.

    ARE YOU FU*^#ing NUTS! I would rather crawl through miles of bear shit than to be associated or become one of the lying deceiving pieces of crap that claim to be the voice of the people.

    I am not one of the sheeple who will give up my constitutional rights and freedoms for some phoney fabricated lie of security from a fabricated terror threat. How utterly disgraceful and unamerican that would be. By the way, who is securing our southern border and fighting back all those terrorists who are threatening our fredoms, George? Homeland security is too busy spying on and harrasing americans to be expected to actually perform a useful function. And besides, they only get a zillion dollars to coerce our destruction.

    Can anyone honestly explain and provide actual documentation and evidence that links osama bin laudin or suddam hussien to the atrocity of 911? The FBI does not have enough evidence to issue a warrant for them. Doesn’t that speak some doubt about the real motivations of that day. The tried and proven best way to identify a guilty party is to investigate in detail the parties who gained the most from the event and/or crime. It was just a matter of a few hours before osamas picture was plastered on the tv screens and kept there for days during the mass mind control mechanisms that burned that image deep into the viewers mind. The bush crowd repeatedly claims of no prior knowledge of any threat from airplanes flying into buildings but yet within hours it has the culprit and the minions identified and accused without a doubt. Ha Ha Ha. I guess the real proof was the passport that miraculously survived the steel melting inferno that engulfed every passenger aboard and floated unscathed to rest neatly on a pile of human tradgedy obviously guided by the hand of God to give us proof of who these radical killers were. Hey, are you interested in some florida swamp land, cheap?


    You as well have had it right on the money for a lot longer than I have and you are completely correct that while writing and talking about it may relieve a little tension and stress, we both most likely are considered so OUT THERE simply for telling it like it REALL IS and not like MANY WOULD LIKE IT TO BE:

    I look at this list in both parties of Guess Who’s Running For President.

    Ego’s are a strange thing that rather than either party, quietly and honestly throwing their support behind say two people that have a chance, 9 or 10 decide they WILL WIN

    Then they can raise money and hire staff…which in reality means that if they are careful, they can travel and talk…forget them doing what we are paying many of them to do BE IN CONGRESS and if they are REALLY CAREFUL when the road comes to a dead end they will have lot’s of the people’s money to keep for their very own.

    I’m thinking of declaring…how about you. Hell, if you can’t beat em, join em !!

  8. Cheneys’ fingerprints ??? It contains the DNA of Bush/Cheney/Rove..the Dictator, his brain and his idea man.

    As I have said more times than I care to remember..BUSH HAS THE INTEGRITY OF A TAPEWORM, THE BRAINS OF A PISS ANT, AND THE MORALS OF A CRACK WHORE…and for the record,his aides & advisors are the same with the exception being that they can read ! (No offense intended toward tapeworms, piss ants, and crack whores)

  9. ROUTE 66

    I’d like to think he might get a backbone too, but I think we are BOTH smart enough to know that after we spend a few million prosecuting the WRONG individual who was and is paid to take the fall for Cheney, BUSH will pardon him.

    The 28% of Americans who still support this administration, and the 99% of the people who will not DEMAND under EXISTING laws that their duly elected Congress DO SOMETHING about all this lawbreaking, erosion of most American liberties (if you dare challenge them) and spying on Americans in their postal mail, electronic mail, and telephone conversations in the name of “terrorist threats” that has been going on via the impeachment routes. I fear we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  10. Hello All,

    Finally the computer works again.

    Nearly a year ago I predicted that Dick Cheney’s fingers were all over and in the pie. Certainly he has all these assistants and people top cover. but it looks like this time he will fail as too many people will NOT give up their freedom to secure his.

    I also have said forever that Cheney always has been the real power in the White House and it looks as though that is FINALLY being realized as well.

    Still however it appears that BOTH parties have so many skeletons in various closets they will not dare challenge this law-breaking administration no matter what it does or who in the administration does it.

    Sandy Price says we are screwed. Yes we are until someone from somewhere in this government in either party will have the guts to stand tall, adopt a take no prizoners attitude and clean up this mess.

    What we have now is basically a worthless dollar (except in the USA) which keeps those that never travel minions in line. We have lost respect from every country on the planet just that some are more vocal about it thamn others, but again it keeps this 30% “flag wavers” who believes that this is all that’s required to be right or even great.

    NOW, do we all see the problem here.

  11. The only thing that will stop them is the same thing that stopped Johnson and McNamera. Take to the streets and riot. Something has to get the young people mad enough to rebel. My son and his friends who are turning 18 say they will not register for the selective service. They know what is coming.

    The 18 to 25 age group is ready to rebel. They need some incident to set them off.

  12. I have the perfect movie role for Dick Cheney. He should be in a sci-fi pic where he plays one of those hideous aliens who live inside human bodies. Then, in the climactic scene, Dick Cheney’s skin melts off, revealing a hideous, insect-like alien that’s been running the government for eight years.

    Heck, he wouldn’t even have to ACT! He could just be himself!

  13. President Bush said that if anyone in his Administration purposely outed Valarie Plane, then they would be fired.

    Will Bush fire anyone, or will he have lied to us Americans once again?

    Time will tell…

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