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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Lies, damn lies and George W. Bush

By DOUG THOMPSON One word will define forever the sad and despicable legacy of George W. Bush. Liar. Most politicians lie. They call it "spin" or "positioning" or "situation analysis" but evasion of truth becomes part of political life. Yet lying is so ingrained into the Bush Administration that it now is impossible to accept, on face value, anything the President or his appointees say.


One word will define forever the sad and despicable legacy of George W. Bush.


Most politicians lie. They call it “spin” or “positioning” or “situation analysis” but evasion of truth becomes part of political life.

Yet lying is so ingrained into the Bush Administration that it now is impossible to accept, on face value, anything the President or his appointees say.

A Congressional Budget Report issued Thursday says the President gave the nation inaccurate figures on both the cost and size of his planned troop surge in Iraq. It will cost at least three times more and perhaps more, the CBO said, and require as many as 48,000 troops when you factor in support personnel.

Bush knew this when he went before the cameras in January but he low balled the numbers and cost. That’s his style: Evade the truth, shade the numbers and cook the books.

The President lied outright in his rationale for invading Iraq. As testimony unfolds in the perjury trial of Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, we learn that Cheney orchestrated a campaign of lies to discredit former Ambassador Joseph Wilson because Wilson had the audacity to tell the truth about the administration’s fabricated tales of Iraqi attempts to buy uranium to build a non-existent nuclear weapon.

We know now that, shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Bush administration ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to lie to residents of New York City about the air quality hazards from the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. This past week, we learned that the administration forced federal scientists to alter reports to present a false impression minimizing the effects of global warming.

Bush promised to fire any White House staff member involved in leaking the name of Ambassador Wilson’s wife, a covert CIA operative. Testimony in the Libby trial shows Cheney and Bush’s political guru, Karl Rove, played key roles in the campaign to discredit Wilson and revealed his wife’s name to several reporters. Bush can’t fire Cheney, although he could demand his resignation. He hasn’t. He can fire Rove. He won’t.

After the November midterm election where voters tossed out the corrupt Republican leadership of Congress and sent Bush a clear message that they wanted change in Iraq, Bush promised to work with the new Congress and “consider all options” before announcing any new Iraqi initiatives.

Two months later, he went before the American public and announced his “troop surge,” a plan crafted without any consultation with the new leadership on Capitol Hill and one that completely ignored the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group.

Once again, Bush lied. And just about every time this man has lied, too many Americans have died.

Mark Twain once wrote that there are three kinds of lies: Lies, damn lies and statistics.

In these troubled times, we should amend Twain’s writing to read: Lies, damn lies and any statements by the President of the United States.

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  1. Kent thanks for your input. But, here is my Philosophy on life. Ever since the PNAC crazies insist on constantly telling Americans “be afraid, be very afraid”, I as a patriot, refuse to be afraid. Heck, I should have been dead in another war years ago. But, I was lucky. I didn’t go. Friends did, and died. This war on terror is total b/s. There is no reason to ever be afraid. It’s all just a scam.

  2. This deranged closet-case lies and lies and lies and lies and lies…

    And now, apparently nuclear war is just weeks away. Just so this deranged closet-case liar can continue to lie, lie, lie. And then lie some more.

    Attention those in D.C: Continuing to be groveling sycophants to this whacko because you’re worried about your career and pension? Well, guess what? When the nukes start popping, you’re not going to have a career. If you manage to survive, you’re going to be out rooting through rubble looking for cans of food, just like the rest of us who manage to survive. THAT will be your “career”. Your pension? What pension? Where exactly are you expecting your pension checks to come from? Government offices are now charred ruins. There is no longer a postal system. The american dollar is absolutely worthless except maybe as something to burn to help keep you warm during nuclear winter. You better start doing a reality check instead of worrying about your pension check.

    Have FUN, everyone!

    “Nuke ’em high, nuke ’em low. Nuke ’em until they glow, glow, glow!”

  3. Doug,

    The amazing thing about Bush’s lies is that his hard-core supporters, to this day, continue to say he has not lied at all!

    Day after day, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager, and Michael Medved (along with dozens of lesser hangers-on) maintain that Bush did not “lie” about Iraq, but was just “mistaken,” and that he was just following “the best intelligence available at the time.”

    A “mistake”, Prager constantly says, is not the same as a “lie.”

    Can 30 percent of the American electorate (those who, in polls, still maintain that Bush is doing a good job) really be this delusional?

    Look at it this way: if my next door neighbor tells me the guy down the street is planning to break into my house, should I get all the facts before I go and beat up the guy down the street in a “pre-emptive” action? Or should I just act on the “best intelligence available?”

    If I whip up a lynch mob to go beat up the guy down the street, am I “lying” or am I just “mistaken?”

    As Ayn Rand once said, “mistakes of this size are not made innocently.”

    It seems our species has an infinite ability to evade the obvious fact that their leaders lie.

  4. I’ll tell you one thing, Wayne, and that is that you couldn’t pay me enough to go anywhere near the Super Bowl this weekend, speaking of false flag terror attacks. Nuke the Super Bowl, blame Iran, Nuke Iran, simple as that.

  5. Joe Wilson and wife were a two for one, by this deceitful PNAC gang in the Whitehouse. We are learning more daily as the trial of Libby progresses.

    One, they were attacking Joe for his honest work on Yellow Cake, because they were cooking all of the information to go to war in Iraq.

    Two, Joe’s wife was working on Iran for the CIA, to determine the extent of nuclear proliferation in Iran. So, with Joe out of the way they could fabricate a plan to attack Iraq and blind our CIA so they could cook the books and attack Iran next. Therefore, the Bush Clan has discredited all who speak truth to power in the Intelligence Community and those who serve honestly in the Pentagon.

    I fully expect to see another False Flag Operation soon as a pretext to attack Iran. The war on terror is really about the decline in the U.S. dollar. Countries have been leaving the dollar for Euros and Gold. This Administration has been a Bully consistently rather than working for negotiated peaceful solutions.

  6. All of this has happened because the American people have been gullible, divided, and passive.

    Every American should know what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the founding fathers said concerning the country and how matters should be handled.

    Instead, they watch sports, and TV.

    When you know more about Kobe’ Bryant than you do those who founded your country… ARE most certainly going to have BIG problems.

  7. This is the main reason why I avoid almost all of the mainstream media — even NPR/PBS. If they can take this stream of lies year in and year out without comment, always treating it as if it is one point of view on the truth, they have zero credibility with me.

  8. Right again.

    The pot this President is cooking keeps getting hotter. When it boils over, we’ll get burned real good and he’ll get a pension and a library.

  9. .

    Bohdan: “it is always someone elses fault with respect to the Katrina response,”


    I don’t understand all this constant carping about Katrina. After all, they got the casinos back up and running in record time.


    And “Impeach on principle and to avoid more disasterous decisions.”


    Never happen. Those pompous congressional windbags are worse than useless with their laughable non-binding resolutions. They, along with Moron and his cabinet, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Big Business War Profiteers, Inc. Miss Impeachment is off the table Nancy Pelosi is just one more member of the Billionaire Boys Club (regardless of her gender).


    David Williams: “…Mr.Commander in Chief,did you complete, in every way,your military obligations when you transferred from Texas to Alabama or did you desert during a time of war?”


    This one can be put to rest very simply. Just show us a copy of your DD214 discharge document. Either you have it or you don’t. If you don’t the ANG certainly can produce a copy. It will tell us the nature of your discharge and end the speculation.


  10. Our troops must be overjoyed with the proficiency of their Commander in Chief and government leadership. Facing constant danger they follow their Commander in Chief’s incompetent orders and policy, knowing that he is merely an inept manager functioning in an area he doesn’t understand.

  11. When you control the main stream media,

    you can control popular opinion. How do we know the poll statistics are true? Most sheeples only know what Fox tells them through lying Orielly or Hannity. You talk about scumballs, they take the cake. Ruppert Murdoch owns the press and the airwaves. He is a neocon zionist a$$*ole who orders his minions to spin it his way. If all tv sets would self destruct and folks would use the web, it would not be long before all would realize the lies they have been sold as truth. The tv is the main mind control tool used by the controllers. Sublimal messages encoded in advertisements are common practice and are effective in persuading viewers thought processing. It works. Just don’t watch that tv set for two weeks and then turn it on and you will instantly understand how great the influence it has over you. Conditioning through repeated statements, scenes, etc. An example is the new series about fighting terrorists and hints of police state rule. It is all to condition the sheeples to blindly allow it to happen. Why was there military drills concerning planes flown into buildings the same day as 911? The same was true at the time of the London Bombings. There was a pamphlet printed by a government agency ( Fema, I believe ) that shows the twin towers with a barrel site imposed over it. Gunsite on the towers pictured on front of a government printed pamphlet. How arrogantly obvious. Liars,muggers,and thieves now run the show. Too bad we let George change the rules so he cannot be taken out, even after his term is up. If people want to call me a conspiracy nut thats fine with me, cause I know that it is, and those who are so smug will soon eat the crow.


  12. nice to see someone is finally admitting the truth about Bush/Cheney and this administration in print….finally!

  13. Congress has the job of Oversight of the Executive Branch. Why have they not been performing said duty? Democracy is Dead in the Water with all of the secrets, lies, and half truth spin.

  14. First off calling him a liar will never affect him. He is living to his destiny and his legacy and, along with Cheney and the rest that are left in the inner circle, believe that nothing can hurt them….that they have it covered.

    Impeachment? Nixon got a library and praise for China so that doesn’t bother them.

    What would bother the group is confinement and loss of monetary funds…funds not able to be replaced by donations and confinement that takes away their personal freedoms….as they have done to countless innocents in error. Jail time…it’s already impacting the Libby trial…at least the fear of it is.

    Perhaps an organized move towards the Hague could be a start…started overseas and then spread domestically.

    Want to guess why Bush says never takes advice from Dad or brother? Because any good lawyer taking him down could take the family with that remark.

  15. Presidents should not be immune to prosecution when they behave like common criminals. The Republican party is no better than a common drug dealer tainted by crime.

  16. Impeach, try, convict, sentence, and execute. The murderous, incompetent, prevaricating Bush – Cheney – Rumsfeld cabal must be stopped!

  17. Apparently, it’s OK with the religious right to have a leader that lies to them ALL of the time. They and corporations are about all that’s left of his support base (oh, and the drunken idiot down my street).

    Makes you long for the days of only Clinton lies.

    In previous administrations, I figured a percent, maybe 25% were either stretches or outright lies. Now I have to assume 99% of what we hear from the Bu$h administration is fabrications. Does anyone ever remember leadership you trusted less?

  18. Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Ya, tell it to Pelosi. Congressman O’Conner has the paper work ready, Pelosi must be made to understand that Bush has trampled the Constitution and Lied to the American people. He writes his own laws and shreds the laws written by congress . Bush is 18 I.Q.points away from being a retard.

    The standard bearer of the Republican party, Lincoln, who was the first president to trash the constitution, so you can understand why the last four Republican President have lied about Americas business, it’s just that Bush is a hibitual liar. I still support impeachment.

  19. Unfortunately, you are all too correct.

    We really need to find another way to hire and fire presidents. The parlimentary system is looking better to me all the time.

  20. Thank you Doug for your ranting. I was introduced to your site shortly after the 2000 elections while ranting to a friend. I’ve been a faithful follower ever since. I am beside myself with frustration, anger, pessimism, and saddnes for the state our country and the world. I was at the anti-war march on the 27th and as empowering that it was to be with like minded people, I know that it means nothing to the powers that be. Americans have been such fools. We now have taxation without representation. I write my representatives only to get the standard canned text message in return, not even addressing my concerns/comments. Now the 2008 race has begun and there is no shining light to salvation for us. Well, we all get what we deserve in the end. How different it all could have been!! If only this was just a bad nightmare I could wake up from!

  21. President Johnson had a crediblity gap concerning Vietnam, it took the MSM the longest time to question Bush’s credibility and the liberal media could not use the simple word “lie” because it was not polite to call the Liar in Chief a LIAR.

    How can the government function if the world leaders don’t believe a word they say?

    When Powell made his presentation at the UN the German Ambassadore said they all knew he was lying.

    That is why France and Germany knew there was no reason to invade Iraq.

  22. Coddled by congress (both before and, apparently now, despite the change of control) and allowed to go along and do whatever he decides is the best course of action what do you expect the child to do?

    Bush lacks maturity, he lacks an understanding of consequence and responsibility. Apparently ethics is a subject he either never studied or, like the consitution, has decided to ignore.

    He couldn’t run a baseball team for Christs sake, how the hell can we expect him to run the greatest nation on earth?

    Georgie needs to learn about consequence and responsibility, he needs to be spanked by Congress (impeached) and then given time to consider his bad behavior by the world court (following his arrest and prosecution for crimes against humanity).

    And think of it – were that prosecution to take place Georgeie would STILL have it better than those he has decided to hold captive – he’d know the charges and would have a trial – he’d be given the due process which he seems to so enjoy taking away from others.



  23. The primary reason for impeachment is to show the rest of the world it was them and not us. That we are stopping them.

  24. What’s most amazing is that the American public seems to now accept as a matter of course that W lies every time he opens his mouth.No great outrage,just business as usual.The fact that a third of the people still approve of him is in itself,a damning indictment on our national intelligence,but even worse, he still polls in the mid 40% as an honest leader.

    What is it going to take to rid us of the assumption that W is full of shit but that’s all right because at heart,he’s one of us,just another likable good old boy

    He is nothing like us!His family is one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in this country and has been for close to a century.I sure as hell don’t want to sit down and share a beer and conversation with this silver spoon slacker!I don’t have much, but what I have,I earned as I’m sure most of CHB’s readers have.

    W has gotten a lot of mileage out of this carefully crafted image and its past time for that particular part of his persona to run totally out of gas.

    And speaking of lies,I still have one basic question,Mr.Commander in Chief,did you complete, in every way,your military obligations when you transferred from Texas to Alabama or did you desert during a time of war?

    David Williams

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