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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Bush’s plan to destroy America

By DOUG THOMPSON The absolute and unrelenting takeover of the government of the United States by George W. Bush continues - right under the noses of the new Democratic leadership of Congress and in outright defiance of the wishes of the American voters who sent a clear mandate for change in last year's elections.


The absolute and unrelenting takeover of the government of the United States by George W. Bush continues – right under the noses of the new Democratic leadership of Congress and in outright defiance of the wishes of the American voters who sent a clear mandate for change in last year’s elections.

President George W. Bush(Reuters)

Bush recently made more moves to consolidate power in the executive branch, signing an order that requires key government agencies to place his political appointees in positions to control policy on health, environmental issues, civil rights and privacy.

These political hacks, appointed without review or approval of Congress, can now “interpret” the laws as they – or their President – see fit without regulatory oversight or a requirement to report to anyone.

Even worse, my White House sources tell me that Bush is putting into place a carefully-crafted plan to extend his power and influence over government policy long after he leaves office on January 20, 2009.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, at Bush’s direction, is advising cabinet secretaries to convert these political appointees to Senior Executive Service (SES) positions before Bush’s second term ends, giving hand-picked policy makers absolute authority even after the President leaves office.

SES positions are protected by federal civil service, so the policy makers could not be replaced by an incoming President – Democrat or Republican — who follows Bush.

Bush plans to place his loyalists throughout federal agencies, give them authority to control policy for as long as they hold their jobs, and then convert those appointees to civil service positions that will continue to enforce his wishes for years to come.

Far-fetched? Not at all. Cabinet secretaries have long had the power to convert some key appointees to SES positions although – until Bush signed his executive order granting broad policy making powers to such appointees – they did not have the ability to continue a President’s programs long after he leaves office.

Bush is still hoping for at least one more vacancy on the Supreme Court before his second term ends, giving him a chance to control judicial rulings well into the next decade.

Such is the pattern of a man determined to control all phases of government without any checks and balances.

“The White House has been gaming the system for six years,” says Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University and an acknowledged national expert on Constitutional law. “He has shut down Congress and slowed down the courts.”

Some hoped the Democratic takeover of Congress would stop Bush’s power grabs but he continues and the overly-cautious and gun shy leadership on Capitol Hill appears powerless to stop him.

While they consider “non-binding” resolutions on withdrawing troops from Iraq, Democratic leaders of Congress have asked for a “legal interpretation” on what power, if any, it has to stop Bush.

And who did it ask for this “interpretation?” The Attorney General of the United States, Alberto Gonzales, a Bush appointee who believes the President’s power is absolute and the one crafting the program to extend that power and influence far beyond his Constitutionally-limited two terms in office.

“If you listen to the president and some Democratic leaders, Congress can do little to stop the hemorrhaging of lives in Iraq,” Turley says.

In a recent op-ed for USA Today, Turley wrote:

The truth is that there is a lot that Congress could do. Among other things, it could stop the war. But neither the president nor many Democrats want to publicly entertain such a possibility. Indeed, the president has insisted, again, that he alone makes such decisions. When asked about what Congress can do if it opposes his build-up, Bush was dismissive and said, “Frankly, that’s not their responsibility.” Of course, the president acknowledged, “They could try to stop me from doing it…but I made my decision, and we’re going forward.”

Democratic leaders seem to be encouraging the same view of an unchecked executive. The new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., and other members suggested last week that it may be unconstitutional for Congress to cut funds for an escalation.

All of this would have come as a great surprise to the framers. Far from being some type of constitutional eunuchs, legislators hold the very power that determines whether a war will continue, expand or end: the power of the purse. The framers specifically justified this congressional power as a check on the president’s ability to entangle the nation in disastrous foreign adventures.

But the Democrats, to date, seem too politically timid to make the hard decisions to curb the reign of terror by Bush and his legions. They tiptoe around problems that demand quick and firm actions.

While they keep talking and debating and holding hearings and considering “non-binding” resolutions, Bush consolidates his power base and expands his unchecked authority.

The Democrats may have fiddled too long already. It may be too late. For six years, George W. Bush has worked diligently to dismantle the Constitution, rip away the freedoms that provided the foundation for this country and destroy a once-great nation called the United States of America.

And, unlike his war in Iraq or his many other failed programs, this may be the one mission he might actually accomplish.

54 thoughts on “Bush’s plan to destroy America”

  1. Does this make any sense?

    THE RANT…….”The absolute and unrelenting takeover of the government of the United States by a despot named George W. Bush continues – right under the noses of the new Democratic leadership of Congress and in outright defiance of the wishes of the American voters who sent a clear mandate for change in last year’s elections’.

    As this story has appeared just about everywhere, does anyone really believe that the new Democratic Congress isn’t awhere of this? Common people, not matter which side of the isle you voted for last November doesn’t make a damn difference.

    If the Democrats were truely against this, it would have been killed before it got this far.

  2. Sandy Price: “The only solution that I can find is to downsize the government influence over the corporations and the tax payers. Corporations are not gaining by Bush’s Administration and many are leaving to manufacture their products without government interference. We must separate the influence if D.C. over the issuance of corporation’s contracts.”

    Sandy, you have made similar comments in the past. I would respectfully ask that you consider the following article. While I agree with much of what you say most of the time, we part ways here. I feel that there is way too much corporate influence over the U.S. government, bordering on fascism. Mussolini said that fascism might more accurately be called corporatism as it is a combination of corporate and government interests (paraphrased here). I would also suggest “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins. It is not my intention to antagonize and I like to think I have an open mind. I am willing to read other sources that you might suggest to support your own point of view.

    – Kent

    US Military Kept Hostage to Political Abuse of Power

    By Charles Mercieca, Ph.D.

    “The American nation is built on a capitalistic system where the big corporations control the entire economy, including the US government. Big corporations finance the political campaigns of every elected public official who in turn tends to protect corporate interests first and foremost.”

    Complete article at:

  3. Yea, Bush is destroying America. But (1) he’s just continuing the work of previous administrations, and doing it better, and (2) the Democrats aren’t stopping him because they are part of the problem. Unlike the political propaganda that passes for “civics” and “history” in American schools, America has long had a one-party political system: it is ruled by the American War Party, which has Dem and GOP branches. And the American War Party is in turn ruled by the corporations, the financiers, and the Zionist lobby. The elites at the top revel in riches and power, and the rest of us get a few crumbs now and then. Unfortunately, the Great American Experiment just turned out to be another empire that had its heyday and is now crumbling.

  4. Bush appointing conservative zealots? Why would he do that? Bush is not and has never been a conservative. Conservatives revere the rule of law and the Bill of Rights, two things that Bush detests. When one of the first sentences is this wrong, it makes me wonder about the rest.

  5. Bob Short, you refer to p 15 of the opm. That refers to presidential NOMINEES. P. 11 refers to APPOINTEES. there is a diffference.

  6. Want another scary thought? OK, chew on this:

    Clinton didn’t beat Bush sr., HW quit. Then Clinton ran things for 2 terms so W could step in and make his bucks and set things up for the new dynasty. Don’t worry–it won’t be Obama, he is too new, too black, too untested. Gotta be a ‘good ole boy or maybe gal. Plenty of them around. Hillary knows the game and would work out fine. So would Rudy. Biden would and is clean appearing, McCane is really a slime ball and if anyone sees him in person his game is over. Plus he is an old man and won’t last his term, same with Rudy. Looks like Hillary or Biden unless some new star comes up–

    like King George W Bush, our Imperial Emperor who declares the pending elections unnecessary, unwanted, and unconscionable according to Dick Cheney.

  7. John Hanks

    corporate power is very much in our administration. They are the favored over the commons, us. All these new trade agreements that have been and are being put in place are proof. They allow corporations to manufacture and sell anywhere worldwide without tariffs. The corporations left this country because they can hire workers for peanuts and therefore realize mega profits. The trade agreements are a sell out of this nation. This is why our manufacturing base is practically nothing anymore. The neocons have been selling us out for quite some time. Clinton, a Democrat, sold us out to China when he was in power, amongst other national crimes. It makes little difference which party is in office.

    What Brett says is true. Research why the american flag that is displayed in federal courts or in DC has gold fringe. It is because those courts rule under maritime law. Has nothing to do with constitutional law. That is one of the little secrets that average joe sixpack is never told.

    Woodrow Wilson, unknowingly at the time, sold us out to the elite banking families with the so called federal reserve act. From that time on ( 1913 ) those illuminati elite bankers have took control and are responsible for both world wars and other strifes and human misery since. They are the secret controllers of destiny. They print money with no backing and loan it at interest to the government. This basic action is the root of our bankrupt condition. They are the ones who play one nation against the other in order to control and create the profits for arms sales. The federal reserve is a private group of elites ie. Rothchild, Rockerfella, Warburg, Lobb, etc.

    JFK was killed because he tried to dismantle the CIA and return the gold standard ( government printed money that was backed with gold and silver in fort knox ). There is no gold or silver in fort knox now. There is no backing for the dollar.

    Its real value is approx 8 cents. They stopped showing the M3

    because they don’t want people to see how much money printing is going on. Your income tax goes totally to service the loan of thier fiat dollars. This will all come out very soon as this nation collapses to a third world status. The Bush cabal is in agreement with canada and mexico to eliminate the borders and form a union like europe has done. No talk has been done with congress or the american people about this latest sell-out, but it is happening. People just are ignorant of the reality that is choking this nation. Truth is suppressed. Media is owned and controlled absolute. All main stream media is spun or censored. The full truth of what has and is being done to americans by these elite powers is totally Orwellian and is a Conspiracy.


  8. Excellent journalism Mr. Thompson!

    NWO is in full effect boys and girls. Wake up your fellow Americans.

    Lil’ Bush is just following the orders that were passed to big Bush from his “higher ups”.

    Alex Jones is mostly correct!

  9. Does anyone in Congress remember James Madison’s Federalist #10? It clearly states that in this compound republic, the legislature, aka Congress, shall have supremacy over the other two branches of government. We as citizens must force Congress to assert its authority and responsibilities. If members of Congress prove unwilling or unable to follow both the letter and intent of the Constitution, they need to be replaced.

    Congress can easily end this war by eliminating funding for the conflict. In addition, Congress can eliminate SES appointments by not funding them. The power of the purse is the key authority that Congress possesses and must exercise in order to retain control over the executive branch of our government.

    Helping members of Congress develop a backbone is an obligation of all citizens of this republic. If we fail to act, tyranny is inevitable.

  10. When is everyone going to realize that the system has been highjacked? It is not happening, it has Happened. Bush is not smart enough to plan and execute all the moves that have taken the control away from the people and funneled to his corner. If it is not obvious that we are now governed by a fascist enity, then what more proof do we need? People ignore the truth of conspiracy when it is in our faces. You are seeing the fall of America as we knew it. You want a preview of things to come? Visit Alex Jones infowars website. Call me what you will, but I fear that the worst is yet to come. Just analyze with an open mind what has happened since 1913, especially since 1984 and finally 911 2001. There has been a plan and it has been executed patiently and precisely to dominate all men and wealth of the world. It is no coincedence that the mightiest military in history is being used to make the final push. Folks, we are not leaving Iraq. Don’t kid yourselves. Quite the opposite will happen and happen soon.

    There is only one way to stop the new world order and that is to not keep accepting the lies. They have no power that we don’t give them. We are the many, they are the few. Just say no more. They operate with your labor and your money. Taxes are illegal. Forced military sevice is illegal. Corporate media has been mind controlling the people in this country for a very long time. You just refuse to believe things that seem so bizaar and if not endorsed by your favorite talking head.

    Unfortunately these evil doers that write the script for Bush and his minions are very very dedicated and expert at fooling you. So stop thinking that the next election will change the direction or reclaim lost freedom, it won’t. Only total civil disobedience will change anything. You have to stop the co-operation and the flow of money that allows this crime to continue. Sound radical, you bet it does, but I challenge anyone to offer something that will work besides thinking that the political process actually has any teeth anymore. Have you not seen enough smoke and mirrors? Why do you think all the internment camps are being built? Not for illegal aliens, there for you and me friend. Microchip servant society is the plan and it seems very obvious that the plan is on schedule.


  11. I have been reading the Paulson/Cheney “Wanta-gate” story from Global Analysis. If true, this evil is so far-reaching. It makes Watergate look like a sandbox.

    You are talking trillions in hijacked funds belonging to the American people funnelled into accounts worldwide controlled by the Bushes, the Clintons, the CIA, Illuminati, etc. It makes Watergate look like a sandbox. Cheney is in charge, and it cites a definite tie-in with 9/11.

    I am sure the MSM is hoping this one will go away. The site claims that there have been huge payments made to the MSM to keep quiet.

  12. You didn’t think that they are building those Concentration Camps for Iraqui dissidents, did you?

    Wait until they cancel the 2008 elections, and all of us who protest too much won’t because they won’t allow internet in the camps.

    They already have suspended some of our rights, like our right to move freely about the world on airplanes (The right to fly…)

    They are opening our mail, reading our emails, checking what we take out at the library, listening to our phone calls, and investigating our medical records.

    Next thing you know some Bush appointed flack is going to wake you up by sticking a proctoscope where the sun don’t shine.

    Just hope that they use enough K-Y to ease the pain.

  13. Doug: I have 2 complaints! 1. I CAN’T READ THE Tiny, tiny print that appears on my screen; And 2. Where – and/or how – can a friend of mine subscribe to CHB? There seems to be no “vehicle” on your CHB site that could accommodate him. In the meantime, I’m forwarding a copy, but he’d like a subscription of his own (and I don’t want to “be on the hook” for the rest of my life!). Elgee

  14. I want to know what the end game is? Why does Bush want authority after he is out of office? What is he working for? I see two agendas in this man and one is to demand that all Corporations be run under the auspices of the government. Think about it. He hovers over contracts, and no doubt makes money for his lobbyists by chosing one corporation over another whether we are deal with oil, or allowing the corporation to contaminate our environment. Giving the government control over the corporations will and is killing them to the point they are heading out of the country. Is it the quick profits his people make before the corporations take down the stock market? That doesn’t make any sense!

    The other agenda seems to be he wants America to declare herself for Christians only and then use the power of American troops to continue to destroy Islam. Is this some kind of “deal” he made when he was talking to God?

    The best way to knock Bush’s plans out from under the government is to locate his agenda. I think most Americans know right from wrong. But they have their hands tied by trying to point out to their legislators that Bush is wrong! These congressmen know that without support from the core of their political party they are out of a job. Nobody has the balls to stand up to the Religious Right as they put Bush into power with their votes.

    The only action we can take that makes any sense at all is to find a third party who runs on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and will return to restoring our individual freedoms from the government and the threats of terrorism.

    When I began to read about Bush 41 and his one world order agenda I was disgusted as no other Republican had ever considered fading out the American Sovereignty in place of the one world order. We knew Bush 41’s agenda and we found a way to knock it down in the eyes of the voters. We used the words of H.Ross Perot to trigger our dissatisfaction with the GOP and we got Bush 41 out of the running. We had little to fear from the Democrats as few had ever heard of Clinton. What became our greatest problem was the American voter who had no clue how the government is supposed to run.

    Those same voters wanted, and still want, a government who puts them on a leash and collar and will direct their lives from the crib to the grave. Schools, parents and the media have allowed the most ill-prepared voters to still have the power to tell us how our government should be run.

    Neither party has a clue what corrections must be made to keep our freedoms sacred. It is a battle for power more than a battle for freedom and we see daily from both sides of the aisle a deterioration of our American Sovereignty. Nobody on the hill gives a damn if our kids learn or understand our freedoms.

    Ardie, you are correct that sites like CHB can trigger a movement to made certain that the next generations are prepared with the information on how to keep freedoms in America.

    I’m gathering a lot of good men who want out of the two party system and are willing to support a third party if we can just come up with a platform to guide us. We do not have much time and we do not have money behind us after Perot quit.

  15. I can’t help but this of this Aesop’s Fable when I think of this administation. Bush isn’t smart enough to be the wolf. Perhaps Cheney is M. Wolf?

    WOLF, meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to find some plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf’s right to eat him. He thus addressed him: “Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me.” “Indeed,” bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of voice, “I was not then born.” Then said the Wolf, “You feed in my pasture.” “No, good sir,” replied the Lamb, “I have not yet tasted grass.” Again said the Wolf, “You drink of my well.” “No,” exclaimed the Lamb, “I never yet drank water, for as yet my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.” Upon which the Wolf seized him and ate him up, saying, “Well! I won’t remain supperless, even though you refute every one of my imputations.” The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

  16. ALL OF YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AND CHECK YOUR HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION. The federal government is an agent of the collective States,that is why D.C. has no voting rights for residents. D.C. is not a part of the compact between States,and is only supposed to act within the boundaries set by the collective states.Instead the fed has usurped the individual states authority and is acting as the sole authority without consent by the governed.Checks and balances went out with the 2 party system Washington warned against,the re-education of citizens started at the end of the war of Northern aggression,militias were forcefully destroyed or made illegal through the bastardized form of government that Madison warned against,and this communist form of government can be blamed on only us and our ancestors for allowing it to happen.I say it is time,nay,past time for the people of this country to say enough is enough!!!!!!!!

  17. Judy used my word for W. When a president doesn’t listen to the voters,the elected officials who represent the voters, or a bipartisan committee convened to advise him, he has crossed the line from president to DICTATOR. The newest phrase to add to your list of oxymorons is ‘democratic dictatorship’! And I believe impeachment-as distasteful and heart wrenching as it is on a national level- may be our only hope for survival,as a nation,as a people, and as an ideology.

  18. Having now a slight majority in the Senate is not, what I would call, a recipe for swift change being able to say no to the Deceiver and his wish to create a unitary executive. Thanks to our corporate press, ‘we the people’ have been greatly deceived; being filled with too many opinions and little truth. Yes, we are going to have to pay for our home entertainment slumbers as Bush, the Deceiver, will have to pay for his tyranny. I pray that ‘we the people’ will not suffer as much as he. But until we wake up and pay more attention to those whom we elect, we shall continue down this path, being deceived again and again. By the way, I am glad for the Internet and ‘Capitol Hill Blue’ (this new forum is really great). I believe that ‘we the people’ have a chance to take our country back from the tyrants, once and for all.

  19. I think spoiled, pinhead, inadequate W enjoys putting one over on the millions of people in our country, because it makes him feel like a bigger, more important man. And I think W is so shallow that he doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions, just that they make him feel powerful and bigger than his daddy every was.

    I agree that congress should enact a law to stop W from controlling with policy and law throughout the administration after he is gone. Unfortunately, I have come to the realization that when I contact my representatives, the “R” ones apparently throw my comments in the trashcan because they send an automated, senseless, self-aggrandizing “blah-blah-blah” in reply that isn’t even responsive to what I said. And reps from other districts don’t want mail from non-constituents. So who do we have to act on our concerns with W’s perfidy?

  20. Politicians come and go, but bureaucrats are eternal. Any bureaucracy is self-perpetuating and like a cesspool the big pieces rise to the top. Their bosses have awesome power and decide what congressman is investigated or not and what laws or creative interpretation of these laws are enforce or not. That’s a big deal. I have suspicions that some of the Honorables may be “in the pocket of these agencies.” The Democrats better wake up and move fast, because the “Decider” has decided what to do.

  21. Its no damned wonder that GWB has that “What me worry?” look on his face constantly..he has n o t h i n g to worry about.

    GWB,our appointed President(ie: Dictator) holds a magic wand and uses it..its called a presidential order. Of course, GWB himself don’t know or care about Constitutional laws, but, he has many people who are paid well to know it and tell him how and when to do so. It seems to me that he is using his “magic wand “much like a “dirty bomb” to kill and destroy our democracy!

  22. If what Doug is reporting is true, this country has real problems. Despite what you read in the papers or see on TV, the bureaucrats scare the heck out our congressmen. Remember, these bureaucrats and their ambitious flunkies don’t have to worry about being re-elected. As history has proven, it only takes one investigation or “leak” of an investigation to destroy a Congressman’s career. The hacks are going to say who’s investigated and who isn’t. Just the threat of an “investigation” will have a chilling effect on our representatives. This dwarfts the FBI files that were found in Hillary’s office. Kiss “checks and balances” goodbye.

  23. I think the nation is bonkers. For years we are watching the usurpation of power and we keep telling ourselves what we see Bush and Mr. Gravitas do is not happening. Why do the people believe what the liar says and not what they see with their very own eyes?

    During the election 2000 the pundits kept telling us he is a lightweight but he has Mr. Gravitas to give the ticket GRAVITAS. We knew he was not qualified, he never wanted to be a public servant, he always wanted to be Bully and the judges of the Supreme Court knew it. I don’t think they are stupid, therefore they are more responsible for this walking disaster called President.

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