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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Ripping through the facade of Barack Obama

The Teflon is wearing thin on a beleagured President Barack Obama as more and more people see through the facade. Even the fawning Washington press corps, no longer mesmerized by rhetoric, is taking a harder look.

Over on Capitol Hill, Democrats find themselves mired in an ethical mess surrounding Rep. John Murtha -- the Pennsylvania con artist that Nancy Pelosi tried to ram down her colleagues' throats as her second-in-command.


The Teflon is wearing thin on a beleagured President Barack Obama as more and more people see through the facade. Even the fawning Washington press corps, no longer mesmerized by rhetoric, is taking a harder look.

Over on Capitol Hill, Democrats find themselves mired in an ethical mess surrounding Rep. John Murtha — the Pennsylvania con artist that Nancy Pelosi tried to ram down her colleagues’ throats as her second-in-command.

The mafia calls it "new boss, same as the old boss." Others call it "more of the same." I call it some good old fashioned karma comin’ round.

Obama this week fired an Inspector General at AmeriCorps who had the gall to investigate a friend of the President. Didn’t this idiot IG know that friends of the administration are above the law? What’s wrong with him? Did he actually believe the hype that things would be different in an Obama administration?

The Washington Post is reporting that Obama is abandoning his controversial plan to relocate cleared Gitmo detainees to the U.S. The young President found that charm and rhetoric couldn’t sway widespread, bi-partisan opposition to the idea of letting possibly dangerous — and certainly angry — people into the country.

Like so many former Presidents, Obama’s increasing flip-flops on issues leave heads shaking and political opponents ready to pounce. First he opposes mandated health care, then he supports it. He opposed rendition and other questionable treatment of prisoners then he endorses such tactics.

Larry Margasak of The Associated Press says the continuing Democratic ethics problems on Capitol Hill are playing right into Republican hands as the party tries to regain lost seats in next year’s mid-term elections.

Writes Margasak:

The revelation that Democratic appropriations kingpins may face a House ethics investigation of their campaign receipts from lobbyists for recipients of government grants and contracts moves Republicans closer to gaining a corruption issue in 2010.

Republicans know well how lapses in ethical standards can sink a political party. They lost control of the House in the 2006 midterm election, succumbing in part to accusations from Democrats that the GOP had produced a "culture of corruption" in which lobbyists showered gifts on lawmakers in exchange for government contracts and other legislative favors.

The Democratic chairman and senior Republican on the House ethics committee dropped their political bomb Thursday night, announcing that the panel is reviewing the practice of lawmakers steering money and contracts to favored companies, and then receiving campaign contributions in return for the "earmarks."

Moderate Democrats, who thought Obama would be an ally, grow more and more concerned about the President’s big-government, big-spending policies and some are organizing to try and bring the administration under control.

Writes Politico:

A coalition of more than 100 moderate House Democrats is hoping to unify as they attempt to limit the size and scope of a government-sponsored health insurance option — a key sticking point as health reform enters a delicate phase of negotiations.

Members of the New Democrat Coalition have organized a meeting with their counterparts in the Blue Dog Coalition on Friday morning in a bid to show some strength in numbers as they haggle with party leaders and the three chairmen drafting the bill.

I suspect Obama and the Democrats are headed for a fall. Given the high expectations from both the 2006 mid-term elections — when Democrats seized control of Congress — and 2008 when Obama won the White House, the fall will be long and hard.

Based on what we’ve seen to date, that fall will be well-deserved.

41 thoughts on “Ripping through the facade of Barack Obama”

  1. Jefferson was very percertive. He not only had it right, he expected it to go wrong. He reccomended a revolution evern ten years just to keep the government honest.

  2. Of course, that’s why I suggested that it may be anecdotal, for there are many more reasons for this, but it does illustrate the persistent mythology of the Democrats’ mystical hold over the poor, and the poor’s insistence on continuing to believe in them.

    That’s not to say a Republican would be any better, but it appears that these cities simply won’t even entertain the idea.

    And let’s not get into how the Republicans are solely to blame for this economic mess. Our filthy financial system, as you so rightly called it, is the product of decades of catering to the banks by both parties.

    Most of us know that already, but this perception is as flawed as the Democrats and their helping the poor, but that doesn’t stop anyone from advancing the myth when it seems appropriate.

    Perhaps if we stop repeating the lie, we can move forward.

    That’s why the the jobs are still being outsourced, new taxes are being levied and existing ones increased. The tentacles remain, and appear to be growing.

    Obama promised to hit the ground running, and he ran straight into the bosom of the Establishment, where it’s warm and safe. He’s smooth enough to pull it off…for a while.

  3. “Never stop questioning.” Einstein
    Terrific article on a president who had it all save courage, integrity and a sense of justice. So sad as we need a president who can take charge before it’s too late. Too bad the person we need is not Barack Obama.

  4. griff, I thought your examination of Democratic cities vs. the poor was interesting but misguided. All the cites you list are/were working-class and/or manufacturing towns. If anything, your hypothesis proves what most of us worker-bees have said for years: We’ve been voting Democratic to try (unsuccessfully) to protest our jobs. We’re still poor because our filthy financial system, led by Republicans, has taken everything it could get it’s fetid tentacles on, and outsourced our lobs, anyway.

  5. “I saw a man pursuing the horizon;
    Round and round they sped.
    I was disturbed at this;
    I accosted the man.
    “It is futile,” I said,
    “You can never -”

    “You lie,” he cried,
    And ran on.

    – Stephen Crane

  6. Obama was brought in to wage war on Muslims and Islam and act like he isn’t. He is to divide those countries so they can’t make a concerted effort to resist us in the region. The Cairo speech marks the beginning of US escalation in the Middle East leading to WWIII with Russia and China.

    Think this would be possible with Hillary or McCain driving?

    They needed a young, charismatic person of color that would appeal to those in the Middle East in an attempt to appear that we aren’t what we are. We are the useless eaters consuming the Earth and we won’t stop until we consume it all.

  7. My fears at the moment are not that our nation is ruled by an elite few, but that the world is ruled by an elite few, and the people of the planet Earth are screwed. The financial people don’t like to be bothered by something as insignificant as national sovereinty. Instead of our government controlling the financial community, the fininacial community is ruling our government. The Federal Reserve is wagging the dog.

  8. Far more than a dupe, I fear this guy to be a corporate leaning plant brought out to defeat Hillary, (not that she or McCain would be any better) and continue the M.I.C. mandated smirk junior policies of handing America off to foreign interests and the country club bandits.

    A Master Butt kisser as our representative leader, boy howdy how the Saudi’s loved him didn’t they.
    Our foreign policy manager of smoke and mirrors, and an economic retard.

    You don’t have to be a cynic or a pessimist, an Einstein, or an optimist to see we have been screwed by the so called party of the little guy, again.

    If it smells like shit from a distance rest assured it will be the same up close.

  9. We have a government comprised of two factions who can be compared to two mob families who have created a territory in which they both carry out their daily business…and who live with the constant fear of losing control over their resources that they’ve worked so diligently to establish.

    But oddly enough, each family’s resources are ill-gotten gains taken away from the community in which they both reside…because their estabhished resources are their bread and butter and actually considered as important as life and death. Those resources that they’ve taken by force are necessary for their very existence.

    I don’t see two factions in Washington fighting over the philosophical differences in how they would create and manage policies for the benefit of the their respective communities, but rather life in a daily power struggle over who controls the resources of the community that happen to be essential to their existence.

    Yet…the communities that they rape, rob, and pillage are fascinated with these two factions and constantly debate the ongoing events of the strategies and tactics used by these faction to carry out their ruthleless, rentlentless corrupt business.

    Amazing, simply amazing. The path of least resistence has apparently become genetically predisposed in every living person in America.

    By the way, Griff, I agree with much of what you’ve posted. Thanks. I guess I’m a hardcore cynic…what can I say?

  10. In order to have a healthy economy the money has to be in circulation. It has to be kept in the hands of people that spend it. What has Obama done to keep the powers that be from hoarding it? Give them more money? Until he takes on the Federal Reserve and the Banks, he is nothing but anouther dupe of the Establishment.

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