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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Main Stream Media Hypocrisy?

At the tender age of 19, Newt Gingrich married Jackie Battley (26), his former high school geometry teacher. One wonders what Mary Kay Letourneau would think. The angle of the dangle? Newt allegedly served Jackie with divorce papers while she struggled with illness in a hospital in 1981, a clear indication of the strength of his family values.


At the tender age of 19, Newt Gingrich married Jackie Battley (26), his former high school geometry teacher. One wonders what Mary Kay Letourneau would think. The angle of the dangle? Newt allegedly served Jackie with divorce papers while she struggled with illness in a hospital in 1981, a clear indication of the strength of his family values.

Six months later, Gingrich married Marianne Ginther, with whom he strayed until 2000. His straying fuck partner, Callista Bisek, eventually ended up as #3 wife. At the same time, Newt led the Congressional inquisition about Bill Clinton’s blow job from Monica Lewinsky, stating the blow job constituted "a level of disrespect and decadence that should appall every American."

This year, Gingrich converted to Catholicism, in essence telling the Main Steam Media that all of his sins are forgiven. They seem to have accepted his story. Again. Divorced? Catholic? OK.

Compare the deafening silence one hears about Newt’s hypocrisy and questionable family values to the feeding frenzy surrounding John Edwards.

In late 2007, The National Enquirer reported that then presidential candidate Edwards began an adulterous affair with a campaign worker, Rielle Hunter. By July 2008, the rumors grew, and suggested that he fathered a child with Hunter. Edwards admitted the affair in August.

Every news organization has been going crazy over Elizabeth Edwards’ book, (which spends only a handful of pages on the affair), badgering her and confirming almost daily, that Edwards’ political future is dead meat.

On one hand you have a self-proclaimed conservative, a leader in the family values movement, having affairs, and proving to be the ultimate in hypocrites. Newt now appears ready to replace Rush Limbaugh as the head of the Shrinking Regional GOP, appearing on cable, news, and talks shows repeatedly. In terms of Regional GOP opinions, he is the "go to guy."

On the other hand, Edwards is repeatedly lambasted, attacked and insulted, even though he and Elizabeth remain married. (Their FIRST marriage, Newt. Just saying.)

The question is why? Why can GOP sinners, creeps, pederasts, adulterers, cheats, and liars be greeted with standing ovations in Regional GOP meetings, (even in the halls of Congress) while Democrats are attacked by the media?

After reviewing how today’s Media treats the Democrats in general, and Obama/Biden in specific, it would be a mistake to call MSM a bunch of hypocrites. Hypocrisy implies that those taking certain positions are phonies, sanctimonious deceivers, and liars, because they say one thing, yet do another. I disagreeabout MSM being hypocritical. They are not. They are far worse. Today’s corporate media are simply doing what Newt Gingrich did with his high school teacher before they made it legal. In other words, the MSM is sleeping with the Shrinking Regional GOP.

Is it hypocritical to be such a strong fan of one party, and against your opponent? Is it hypocritical to do everything within your power to further the goals and aims, even in subtle In terms of sports, a great example is feeling that every flag or whistle against your team is uncalled for and unfair? And why do they get away with it? The answer is Bill Clinton and his deregulation. With the passage of his horrific Telecommunications Act of 1996, Bill said, "we will support removal of judicial and legislative restrictions on all types of telecommunications companies: cable, telephone, utilities, television and satellite. Market forces replace regulations and judicial models that are no longer appropriate." While some changes were clearly called for, given the advent of the intertubes and portable technology, the mergers and buyouts are leading to the eventual destruction of our news industry.

When ownership rules for radio changed, media bastards like Clear Channel came into their own. Clear currently mishandles the majority of radio outlets in Chicago. By destroying creativity, banning Dixie Chicks, replacing it with pro-Regional GOP opinionators and boring elevator music, Clear has turned its best Chicago assets into shit, the only glimmer of light in this whole mess.

Other changes have been even more destructive. Just five companies – count them, FIVE – Viacom (CBS), Disney (ABC, News Corp, NBC) and AOL (Time Warner), now control 75 percent of all prime-time viewing. Cable costs have exploded. And now, after corporations squeezed 16% rates of return from newspapers, radio and TV, they find themselves with a product so beaten up, so damaged, that the very future of news seems to be in question.

There are other examples of the MSM’s pro-Regional GOP tilt. Nancy Pelosi stated her belief that the CIA misled her on the issue of torture. The resulting firestorm, stoked equally by the MSM and the Regional GOP, has taken over the airways. Yet, the very same Regional GOP members who attack Pelosi, have themselves previously accused the CIA of lying, if not worse. The willingness to excuse and ignore high crimes and misdemeanors on the part of the Regional GOP would be astounding, but for the fact that they are so consistent about it. Except for a very few, brave, and probably short-lived media reports, no one is considering just why Dick Cheney ordered the CIA and DOD to torture folks into admitting that Saddam Hussien and Al Qaida were working together. The Iraq quagmire, with its million dead, 4 million homeless, and its trillion dollar price tag, is the real issue. Except for the MSM, which is doing its best to studiously ignore it. And god forbid that they investigate who profited from the war!

The MSM is not hypocritical. Because of mergers and corporate take overs, it is now a corporate cheerleader, and therefore, pro-Regional GOP. It should be treated no differently than the collapsing support for the nation’s #2 political party. They created their own mess. Let them perish in it. News is a valuable commodity. Others will pick up the slack, and figure how to make a profit on it, while delivering real news. (for a welcome change)

In honor of our MSM, let’s give Newt the final word and recall how he justified investigating Clinton’s Blow job: "This is not about politics. I don’t know — and I don’t care — how this ‘strategy’ polls. This has nothing to do with vendettas or witch-hunts or partisan advantage. This is very simply about the rule of law, and the survival of the American system of justice. This is what the Constitution demands, and what Richard Nixon had to resign over."

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