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Saturday, July 20, 2024

We MUST release the torture photos, but for a whole different reason.

The idea that we  Americans -  WE AMERICANS, mind you -  can even consider discussing whether to release evidence that we committed torture, still stuns the conscience. How far have we fallen from our goals, our aspirations, our integrity and our dreams? Under Cheney/Bush, too far.


The idea that we  Americans –  WE AMERICANS, mind you –  can even consider discussing whether to release evidence that we committed torture, still stuns the conscience. How far have we fallen from our goals, our aspirations, our integrity and our dreams? Under Cheney/Bush, too far.

On the issue of torture, we are dealing with complete, utter, and limitless evil on one side. Only a powerful tool will fix this huge problem. And time is limited. The whole world is watching. I admit being seriously disappointed when Obama adopted the inane arguments and lame excuses used by Cheney/Bush (and completely rejected by the Federal Court of Appeals) to keep Americans from seeing the evidence of torture committed by our troops. Bush tried these arguments and lost. I hope that the new DOJ and our neophyte president suffers the same result. Not because I am some Rushbot, hoping that Obama fails, but because what is right is right, and what is wrong must be exposed and fixed.

The only people who remain ignorant about the fact that we tortured, even killed people during illegal interrogations, are Americans. Can anyone seriously believe that the widows, parents, orphans, or siblings in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan, who place flowers on the graves of those we tortured to death, or who care for those family members we drove insane


Of course they do. So does the rest of the world.  Only we Americans remain conveniently ignorant. 

So, what happens when the torture photos come out now? Americans will sit down post dinner, turn on their idiot boxes, and WHAM! The inhumane, inhuman, disgusting photos of torture and abuse caused by US troops, CIA agents and some (unidentified) Independent Contractors (Xi? Blackwater?). Every sane, rational, and responsible person will react the same way. With disgust. Horror. Anger. And, perhaps, determination to fix the problem and never let this happen again.

Yes, I know some very smart people here may disagree, fearing that the photos may anger Iraqis and expose our troops to more risk,  but there is a reason behind this position. Ignore the fact that exposure is the only way to find the truth, and the only way to prevent these crimes in the future. Ignore the fact that  the world is watching us closely, wondering whether Obama’s promises are worth anything, and whether America will return to its pre-Cheney glory and position of respect. 

Ignore all of that, and realize why the disclosure of these photos is so critical right here and now. That reason is Dick Cheney. 

The Dick has been on a whirlwind tour, attacking Obama, lying about torture, and lying about the "results" they got from illegally abusing hundreds.  We finally found out that his sole purpose is to muck up the waters, in an effort to hide the worst of his crimes. 

Jay Bybee, the filthy court of appeals justice who provided cover on the issue of torture, wrote that in emergency situations, enhanced procedures could be used as a last resort, as  a matter of national security. Even the ethically challenged Bybee limited the use of torture to very risky and dangerous situations. (As an aside, if you have one particle of integrity left, sir, resign now and make yourself extremely scarce.) 

When the CIA briefed and lied to Nancy Pelosi about torture, she was told that:

a) they did not use it

b) they had legal support approving it, in an emergency situation. (Bybee memos) 

Pelosi’s battles will be discussed in the future, but let’s concentrate on Cheney.

 The US captured some high ranking Iraqis and Al Qaida. At first, they all cooperated. They told us the truth. They said that there was no connection between Al Qaida’s 9/11 and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

This was a very inconvenient truth. It prevented Cheney from invading Iraq, (allowing his company to make hundreds of billions, & his friends steal billions due to this war) and that simply could not be allowed to stand. So Cheney, or someone high in his office, ordered that these Iraqis and other prisoners,  be tortured until they gave the "right story".  He wanted them to admit and confess to the non-existent link between  Iraq and Al Qaida’s 9/11. 

Even though they (or more accurately, a collective we?)  tortured people to death, they never managed to make that connection. Simply because it was never true. Iraq’s invasion was based on a lie. Iraq’s invasion was the personal brainchild and the extremely  profitable venture of one dick Cheney. 

That is why the torture photos and videos (sodomy of teenaged Iraqi boys? WHAT ELSE DID WE DO?)  must be released. We need to generate more heat and more light. We need to connect this madness, this evil, this torture that was ordered by Dick Cheney solely to support his war plans. We need every American to realize that Dick Cheney is a war criminal, a liar, and probably the most vile person in America. If Americans see the evidence of torture, and they learn that Cheney ordered it simply to start an illegal war, justice will eventually prevail.

And if there is justice in this world,  Cheney will spend the rest of his life in jail. 

(By the way, Duncan Hunter (R-CA- nitwit)  is one of the biggest asses in Congress. He still denies that we ever tortured anyone in Iraq, Gitmo, or through illegal renditions and kidnappings. Hunter deserves the cell next to Cheney. )

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